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Topic: Monte Titano

In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  MeteoTitano - Le nostre stazioni meteo (1)
L'osservatorio meteorologico di Meteo Titano raccoglie i dati di diverse stazioni di misura situate sul territorio della Repubblica di San Marino e anche nei vicini comuni italiani.
Dista 850 metri dalla vetta del Titano (Guaita, quota 750 m), 4.7 km da Verucchio, 7.5 da Sassofeltrio, 8 da Montescudo, 9.9 da San Leo, 16.1 da Rimini centro e 17.1 km dal mare Adriatico, 3.72 km dalla stazione meteo di Serravalle.
La stazione si trova sulla parte settentrionale del crinale del monte Titano a 705 metri di quota, salendo dalla Basilica del Santo (690 metri s.l.m.) verso la Prima Torre (740 m s.l.m.).
www.meteotitano.net /stazioni.php   (1466 words)

 San Marino
The territory extends over seven hills, on the highest of which, Il Titano, the city of San Marino is built.
Monte Titano belonged to Felicissima, a Riminese lady, who at her death bequeathed it to the mountaineers, recommending them to remain always united.
San Marino, however, in the Lombard age, belonged to the Duchy of Spoleto; in the tenth century the abbots of the monastery were under the civil government, but they soon freed themselves and formed a free commune.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/s/san_marino.html   (388 words)

 MM2003. MM and Tourism. San Marino   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
During the years the small Community of Titano Mountain, mindful of the legendary figure of Marino, was called "Terra di San Marino" then "Commune of San Marino" and finally "Republic of San Marino".
On the peak of Monte Titano are the three Fortresses or Towers.
Park Zone Ca' Centino (Murata) extends from the slopes of Monte Titano (zona Fonte dell'Ovo), crosses the natural Park of Montecchio, passes through Canepa (Ditch of Montevecchio, zona Mulini) where the head office of the Group Speleologico Sammarinese is situated and goes up to the Gorgascura (Acquaviva) towards Caladino (Chiesanuova).
www.millemiglia.it /v_eng/9_6.htm   (442 words)

 Borgo Maggiore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It lies at the foot of Monte Titano and has a population of 5916 (at the end of 2002), making it the second largest city of San Marino.
The area was previsouly called Mercatale ("marketplace") and remains today as one of the most important market towns of San Marino.
A funicular allows Monte Titano to be scaled up to the town of San Marino.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Borgo_Maggiore   (109 words)

 San Marino
Das Weiß steht für den Schnee auf dem Monte Titano und die Wolken, das Blau steht für den Himmel.
The white stands for the snow on the Monte Titano and the clouds, the blue stands for the heaven.
Die drei Türme stehen für die drei Burgen (Guaita, Cesta und Montale) auf den drei Gipfeln des Monte Titano.
www.flaggenlexikon.de /fsanmar.htm   (1164 words)

 Patron Saints Index: Saint Marinus
Stonemason who worked at Monte Titano in modern San Marino.
Though he belonged to no order that required it, he was a confirmed, life-long bachelor.
Falsely accused by an insane woman of Rimini of being her estranged husband, he fled to a cave on Monte Titano, and lived there as a hermit.
www.catholic-forum.com /saints/saintm65.htm   (133 words)

 Eurocamp   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In the Romagna turning up the eyes is enough to see the top of it and especially by night, the spectacle is remarkable because of a beam of lights that rise to the heaven.
From the height of the Monte Titano, the Republic of San Marino guard the last edge of the Padana Plane with authority and wisdom.
Seventeen centuries of history have formed the Monte Titano, making of the city of San Marino a delicious place, rich of monuments, palaces and churches, the all invigorated of a typical medieval atmosphere.
www.eurocamp.it /en/campi-scuola.asp?id_gita=10   (162 words)

 MeteoTitano - Osservatorio meteo della Repubblica di San Marino
Aggiunta l'immagine radar di monte Rasu (Sassari, Servizio Agrometeorologico Regionale Sardegna) alla mappa delle precipitazioni in atto sull'Italia.
Aggiunte le immagini radar di monte Macaion (Trento, Meteotrentino), di Monte Settepani (Savona, ARPA Liguria) - Bric della Croce (Torino, ARPA Piemonte), di monte Midia (Aquila, CETEMPS Abruzzo), della rete radar svizzera (Meteosvizzera) e di Bilogora (DHMZ, Servizio Meteorologico e Idrologico della Croazia) alla mappa delle precipitazioni in atto sull'Italia.
Le mappe di precipitazione in atto sono visualizzabili anche alla consueta pagina di analisi della situazione in atto sulla penisola italiana, dove possono essere attivate/disattivate a piacere dall'utente tramite checkbox.
www.meteotitano.net   (2809 words)

 Appianline - Roma
San Marino is both the oldest the smallest republics in the world, entirely surrounded by Italian territory, wedged between the Italian regions of Romagna and Marche, only a few kilometres from the Adriatic Riviera, the Republic of San Marino covers a total area of just 61 sq km.
In 1085 A.D., the Monastery at Mt. Titano canonized Marino and changed his name to San, which means Saint, hence Saint or San Marino.
The country is stunningly picturesque, with the majestic Mount Titano culminating in three peaks, each crowned by one of the defensive forts that have made independence possible, and with spectacular cliffs facing the Adriatic sea.
www.appianline.it /smarino.htm   (487 words)

 Hotels in San Marino > List of hotels in San Marino > San Marino hotel booking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Grand Hotel San Marino rises on the peak of Monte Titano, close to the Rocche and the Old Town Center.
The Titano Hotel was built in 1894, the same day that the Government House was unveiled.
The hotel Cesare is situated in the heart of the historical centre in the Republic of San Marino, an ideal location close to all major attractions of the Republic like the Palazzo Pubblico and the famous church...
www.eutravelservice.com /eu/hotels-san-marino.php?serad=region   (365 words)

 City of San Marino, CA - About Our City
The San Marino Republic was named after a Dalmatian stone-cutter, by the name of Marino, who fled nearly sixteen hundred years ago from his home on the Dalmatian coast at the time of a Turkish invasion, and took refuge among the rocky crags of Monte Titano, which commanded a view of the Adriatic Sea.
In 1903, the Shorb Estate was purchased by Henry E. Huntington and in 1913 the three primary Ranchos of Wilson, Patton, and Huntington, together with the subdivided areas from those and smaller Ranchos, such as Stoneman, White, Rose and others, were incorporated as the city of San Marino.
The San Marino Seal contains the three summits of Mt. Titano, upon each of which reposes a tower, fortified with walls built from native rock and capped with a bronze plume, all surrounded by a heart-shaped scroll with two roundels and a lozenge (of unknown significance) at the top.
www.ci.san-marino.ca.us /about.htm   (458 words)

 San Marino informazioni sulla Repubblica più antica del mondo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Altitudine: massima 750 mt. sul Monte Titano; 650 mt. Borgo Maggiore; 350 mt. Domagnano; 100 mt. Serravalle.
Il monte Titano fu abitato fin dall'epoca preistorica, ma è solo nella prima fase del periodo medievale che abbiamo con certezza documenti che attestano l'esistenza di una vera e propria organizzazione sociale.
Il Titano fu inserito a pieno titolo nelle vicende risorgimentali italiane grazie alla salvezza procurata a Garibaldi.
www.sanmarinokey.com   (1180 words)

 Today's Saint
He loved to preach as a layperson, and spent his time ministering to Christians who had been sent to work in the quarry as a punishment for defending their faith.
He was a confirmed bachelor, and became a member of the clergy, being ordained a deacon by St. Gaudentius.
A cave became his home in Monte Titano, to which he fled and where he lived as a hermit after being falsely accused by an insane woman of being her estranged husband.
www.catholicexchange.com /church_today/message.asp?message_id=913&sec_id=4   (137 words)

 Monte Titano- San Marino - VirtualTourist.com
The main feature of this tiny country is Monte Titano, upon which early inhabitants built protective ramparts around the capital city of San Marino.
The streets in the capital are cobbled and crooked due to the steep terrain.
The Piazza della Libertà at the summit of Monte Titano offers a panoramic view of the entire country, as well as the hills and cultivated fields of nearby Italy.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/San_Marino/Things_To_Do-San_Marino-Monte_Titano-BR-1.html   (332 words)

 monte - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Monte Carlo, city, Monaco, on the Mediterranean Sea, adjacent to the city of Monaco.
Famous for its gambling casino, Monte Carlo is one of Europe's...
See all search results in Photos and more (7)
ca.encarta.msn.com /monte.html   (120 words)

 San Marino   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
After ascending Monte Titano by cable car from Borgo Maggiore, we climbed the rest of the way up to the Old Town on foot.
Because Monte Titano is easily defended, legend has it that Marinus established a Christian community there which over the passage of time came to be known as San Marino (Marinus was canonized some time later by the Roman Catholic Church).
During the Middle Ages, when the crossbow was developed as a weapon of war, Sammarinese quickly adopted it as their preferred weapon.
www.deutsche-rundschau.com /archiv/06_06_99/SanMarino.htm   (879 words)

 San Marino Hotels : San Marino - BootsnAll Cheap Hotels
Indeed, the very origins of the oldest Repubblic in the world are shrouded in mistery, to the extent that you must turn to the legends passed down by the local inhabitants to discover its origins.
According to traditional mythology Monte Titano, upon which San Marino rises, is in fact one of the peaks that the giants, the Titans that is, used for climbing up to heaven to dethrone Jupiter.
You don't need to read books for the more recent history, you find in in the monuments, the rocks, the palaces and in the old houses that face the narrow and twisty streets, which confirms other times and tradition.
www.bootsnall.com /hotels/cyv/2450/San-Marino-Hotels   (304 words)

 [No title]
From the crest of Monte Titano, the peak at the hearth of the world's oldest republic, the view stretches west over folded mountain ranges to the borders of the Tuscany; east over Romagna's coastal plain to the Adriatic; north and south the Apennines, Italy's spine, stretch out of sight.
The great castle that for centuries guarded the liberty of this tiny land tower around you, and below the steep cobbled streets of its capital wind away, ending at cliffside ramparts.
The hearth of the civil governement of San Marino is the Palazzo Pubblico, a white stone tower rearing over the cliffs of Monte Titano.
www.hotelsearch.it /en/hotel/20105100-entourism.htm   (284 words)

 Daily Peloton - Pro Cycling News
The race was first marked by some attempts by "serial escapee" Elio Aggiano (Ita - Formaggi Pinzolo Fiavé), once more one of the most combative guys in the pack, this time along with Saeco's Fabio Sacchi.
As the peloton hit the Monte Titano, more skirmishes came featuring, among others, stagiaire Alessandro Vanotti, former U23 World Champion Leonardo Giordani (De Nardi-Colpack), veteran Gianni Faresin (Gerolsteiner) and Caldirola's neopro Andrea Masciarelli (whose younger brother Simone has won Saturday's stage at Giro della Lunigiana in the Junior Category, report later).
Such that the "Clash of Titans" on the Titano ended with Di Luca's superb sprint (which started with 200m to go), and the other ones just able to see him take an important win.
www.dailypeloton.com /displayarticle.asp?pk=4693   (466 words)

 San Marino Travel Guide, Tourist Attractions, Travel Information and Grand Prix
San Marino is unique because of its medieval characteristics and because, in spite of its size, it has managed to stay independent through most of its history.
The country is located mostly on the slopes of Monte Titano in the northern Apennines of Italy, and its impressive walls of the fortress on the hill is looked at from the Adriatic coast like an off-colour crown in a clear-glass case in the east.
Traces of 14th, 15th and 16th century walls surround the three peaks of Monte Titano.
www.ultimateitaly.com /italy-places/san-marino.html   (673 words)

 Rocche Rimini Castelli Romagna
Oltre che un segnacolo caratteristico ("l'azzurra vision di San Marino" di pascoliana memoria) il Monte Titano è una presenza ben concreta e massiccia, una sorta di scolta avanzata degli Appennini, che a sud movimentano e frastagliano l'orizzonte e ad oriente lambiscono il mare col promontorio di Gabicce.
Numerosi corsi d'acqua di carattere torrentizio, con i loro letti larghi e ghiaiosi, contribuiscono a rendere vario questo territorio ricco di rilievi.
Le valli e le conoidi di questi due fiumi, separati e anzi divaricati dal Monte Titano, formano il territorio riminese che da una parte sfuma lentamente nella Val Padana e dall'altra s'incunea fra l'Adriatico e l'Appennino, a contatto con le Marche e ilMontefeltro.
www.hotel-rimini.com /rimini-cose-da-fare/visitare-rocche-e-castelli-a-rimini   (1169 words)

 Thomas's Glassware Tour --- San Marino (RSM)
According to a legend, Marino, a stonemason from the island of Arbe in Dalmatia (today Rab, HR), fled from the persecution by the Roman Emperor Diocletianus (245—313) and took refuge here on Monte Titano where he founded a community of christians.
Archeological finds show that the area already had been inhabited in prehistoric times, while the first proofs for organized communities date from the Middle Ages.
, called La Cesta or Fratta was built in the 13th century on the summit of Monte Titano (776 m).
www.thomasgraz.net /glass/gl-304.htm   (323 words)

 Monte Titano - San Marino Travel Guide - VirtualTourist.com
For this reason, we had to queue to walk along the wall and to climb in the towers.
Monte Titano: Mt. Titano and the three towers
Monte Titano: visit the castle on the top of...
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/San_Marino/General_Tips-San_Marino-Monte_Titano-BR-1.html   (454 words)

 Protected Areas Programme -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Systems Reviews An enclave within Italy, the Republic of San Marino is located in the hills of Rimini on the eastern side of the Italian peninsula, 20km from the Adriatic.
The republic is dominated by the 750m high limestone slopes of Monte Titano, where the capital city, Cita, is situated.
Although there are no recorded globally threatened species, the territory is of regional importance for the limestone Monte plant and animal communities that remain in isolation surrounded by the low Italian plains of the region.
sea.unep-wcmc.org /sites/country/smr.html   (787 words)

 How To Reach Us
You need to turn left after 500 meters of the last round about and our factory is located at this turn on the left hand side.
On the left side of the railway station there is a tunnel which will permit you to cross the railroads and achieve Piazza Monte Titano.
In case you do miss it the only way to reach the Thermo Electron factory is by taxi (approx costs is 40 Euro).
www.ceinstruments.com /howtoreachus.htm   (196 words)

 I&C sas
Take A4 Highway to Milan and continue in A51, exit at Lambrate, then in Milan continue in via Rombon, piazza Monte Titano and at least in via Ronchi.
Take A14 Highway and continue in A51, exit at Lambrate, then in Milan continue in via Rombon, piazza Monte Titano and at least in via Ronchi.
Exit at Lambrate and continue, in Milan, in via Rombon, piazza Monte Titano and at least in via Ronchi.
www.iec-italy.com /where_we_are.htm?lang=2   (108 words)

S.p.A, con sede in Piazza Monte Titano, 10 20132 Milano, in qualità di titolare del Line Insurance S.p.a., Piazza Monte Titano, 10 20132 Milano) con lettera raccomandata
In Piazza Monte Titano si trova la fermata della navetta Colombo per Milano Oltre Monzese, fermata Lambrate.
www.stradario.milano.it /PIAZZA_MONTE_TITANO.php   (130 words)

 San Marino webcam,veduta del Monte Titano, su cui sorge San Marino,capitale della Repubblica
Veduta del Monte Titano dal versante di Rimini
Sul ciglio del Monte Titano si vedono le Tre Torri, le fortificazioni della Città di San Marino, Capitale della Repubblica di San Marino.
del Monte Titano, del paesaggio, dei monumenti vai a
www.libertas.sm /San_Marino_webcam.htm   (97 words)

 San Marino Europe - Pictures, Travel Guide, Economy and Map
9 municipalities (castelli, singular - castello); Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Chiesanuova, Domagnano, Faetano, Fiorentino, Monte Giardino, San Marino, Serravalle
Mount Titano (bottom), the highest of the seven hills of San Marino (755 meters high).
On the top, the First Tower (Guaita), built between the 11th and 16th centuries as a watch post and shelter (photo Ufficio Stampa Turismo).
sanmarino.europe-countries.com   (703 words)

 Cosmos Tourama :
From here travel on to the tiny Republic of San Marino, one of the world’s most ancient states, perched on Monte Titano.
Venice area: Poppi at Mira 4*; San Marino: Titano 3*; Assisi area: Holiday Inn Express at Foligno 3*; Rome: Pineta Palace 4*; Sorrento: Tirrenia 3*; Siena: Moderno 3*; Florence area: Europa at Signa 3*; Verona: Maxim 3*; Venice area: Lugano at Marghera 4*.
Prices: Due to continued fluctuations in the price of oil, a fuel supplement may be levied.
www.cosmostourama.co.uk /search_detail.php?product_code=6450T®ion=1&product_type=touring&cid=15&year=5&subsection=tour_hol_copy   (992 words)

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