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Topic: Montenegro

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  Montenegro - MSN Encarta
Montenegro is bounded on the north by Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the east by Serbia, on the south by Albania, and on the southwest by the Adriatic Sea.
Montenegro is mostly mountainous, with elevations ranging from 800 to 2,400 m (2,500 to 8,000 ft).
Montenegro’s few regions suitable for farming are in river valleys, mainly the one along the Zeta River; on the plain around Lake Scutari in the southwest; and near the town of Cetinje.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761555558/Mont%C3%A9n%C3%A9gro.html   (562 words)

 Montenegro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Montenegro's native name, Crna Gora, was first mentioned in a charter of St. Nicholas Monastery (Vranjina) issued by the Rascia's/Serbian King Milutin, in 1296 and translates literally to "fl mountain", a reference to the dark forests that once covered the slopes of the Dinaric Alps as seen from the coast.
Montenegro began the process of seeking international recognition as well as a seat at international organizations, and on June 28, 2006, it became the 192nd member state of the United Nations.
Montenegro borders Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Montenegro   (4075 words)

 Montenegro - LoveToKnow 1911
the similarly-named Tzrna Planina in eastern Montenegro, Tcherni Vrkh, the culminating summit of Mount Vitosh in Bulgaria, and Mavro Vouno in the island of Salamis.
The population is densest in the fertile eastern districts; Montenegro proper is sparsely inhabited.
The capital of Montenegro is Cettigne (3200 inhabitants in 1900, 5138 in 1907).
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Montenegro   (8948 words)

 History of Montenegro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The history of Montenegro begins in the early Middle Ages, after the arrival of the Slavs into that part of the former Roman province of Dalmatia that forms present-day Montenegro.
Montenegro also suffered invasion (January 1916), and for the remainder of the war remained in the possession of the Central Powers.
Tito's Partisans won the war of liberation and acknowledged Montenegro's massive contribution to the war against the Axis Powers and its desire for a renewed status by establishing it as one of the six republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/History_of_Montenegro   (3060 words)

 Serbia and Montenegro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Serbia and Montenegro (Serbian: Србија и Црна Гора / Srbija i Crna Gora, abbreviated as СЦГ/SCG), State Union [of] Serbia and Montenegro), was a confederated union of Serbia and Montenegro, which existed between 2003 and 2006.
In 2002, Serbia and Montenegro came to a new agreement regarding continued co-operation, which, among other changes, promised the end of the name Yugoslavia, since they were part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
The large Albanian population was chiefly concentrated in Kosovo, with smaller populations in the Preševo and Bujanovac municipalities in Central Serbia, and in the south-east of Montenegro (Ulcinj municipality).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Serbia_and_Montenegro   (1497 words)

 USAID: Montenegro
Montenegro’s neutrality, and its willingness to host refugees during the bombing campaign is the crux of Montenegro's troubles with the Milosevic government.
Montenegro ‘s ability to advance a reform agenda is hampered also by the lack of experienced and trained personnel to develop and carry out democratic and economic reforms.
Montenegro’s leadership is committed to continuing reform efforts; but, will require significant support from the international community to overcome challenges to its successful transition to a democratic, market economy.
www.usaid.gov /pubs/bj2001/ee/yu/montenegro_index.html   (1475 words)

 Discover Montenegro " Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean" History
Montenegro was again victorious and the Treaty of London brought more territorial gains on the Albanian border, but the Montenegrins paid a high price in casualties.
Montenegro's relatively isolated position and mountainouos interior together with the strenght of the local Communist Party and the country's warlike traditions, made it ideal operating zone for the Partisans.
In 2006, Montenegro will be constitutionally able to hold a referendum on seceding from the Union, and proceeding with a view to joining the EU independently.
www.discover-montenegro.com /History.htm   (3847 words)

 Discover Montenegro
Montenegro for it’s size is a country of quit a amazing diversity.
Located in montenegro’s south at the border with Albania, skadarsko Jezero is europe’s biggest bird reservation with a count of 270 bird species, for birdwatchers a true heaven.
Other things in Montenegro that have to be mentioned are the except the not yet described wonderfull monuments like the Ostrog Monastery, a orthodox pelgrim place, the Isle of Mamula, is the still true exiscting of the Balkan hospitaly.
www.discover-montenegro.com   (1723 words)

At a national assembly held at Cetinje on 21 March, 1852, the separation of the spiritual and secular powers of the vladika was decreed, and the supreme ecclesiastical authority entrusted to the archimandrite of the monastery of Ostrog.
In 1858, when the Turks attacked Montenegro without any declaration of hostilities, the European Great Powers, especially France and Russia, came forward as its protectors, and a commission of the Powers fixed the frontiers of the country, whose territory was increased by a few districts.
Montenegro's participation in the insurrection of Herzegovina led in 1862 to a war with Turkey, during which the Turks invaded the land and occupied Cetinje.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10529c.htm   (1638 words)

 Cultural Heritage of Montenegro
Montenegro, a country of contrasts - of mild Mediterranean and a severe mountainous climate, fruitful plains and river valleys, and high and arid mountains - on its rather small surface area of 13.812 km
Each of these presented particles of monument heritage of Montenegro is at the same time a part of its history created through centuries lasting struggle of man for freedom and improvement of his spirit.
Since this is a presentation of only a tiny part of extraordinary wealthy and valuable cultural heritage of Montenegro, its preservers will do their best in order to present to you also its other parts on regular basis.
www.heritage.cg.yu /index_e.htm   (234 words)

 Serbia and Montenegro: Unhappy Couple on the Way of Divorce?
On the 29th of November 1918, National Assembly of Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) voted for the union with Serbia under the roof of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
In 1945, Tito acknowledged Montenegro’s brave fighting against the Nazi occupiers, and granted the land the status of one of the six republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
In Montenegro, where the people have no contradiction to feel themselves both Montenegrin and Serb, there has never been overwhelming support for independence in the same way as there was in Slovenia and Croatia or amongst Muslim and Croat populations in Bosnia.
www.axisglobe.com /article.asp?article=595   (2172 words)

 King Nikola I of Montenegro
The territory of Montenegro was doubled and consolidated under Nikola's central authority in Cetinje.
In 1910, the parliament proclaimed Montenegro a constitutional monarchy with Nikola as king.
Particularly costly was the Montenegro's capture of the Turkish stronghold in the Albanian town of Scutari.
www.montenegro.org /kingnik1.html   (1082 words)

 NDI - National Democratic Institute
As the rhetoric on both sides intensifies, the roles of political parties in government and opposition, civic organizations, and the media are very important in building public confidence in a voting process that needs to merit their trust.
Montenegro's civic organizations need to hold the government and politicians accountable and support the development of democratic institutions.
Montenegro's parliament is weak compared to the executive and judicial branches.
www.ndi.org /worldwide/cee/montenegro/montenegro.asp   (948 words)

Montenegro (eine ursprünglich rein serbische Staatsgründung) verwendete als einziger freier jugoslawischer Staat zunächst eine rote Flagge mit einem silbernen Adler darin.
Montenegro (an initially pure Serbian state`s foundation) uses as the only free Yugoslav state first of all a red flag with a silvery eagle on it.
In April 1992 joined the both remaining countries Serbia and Montenegro to the "Federative Republic of Yugoslavia", and on the 27th of April in 1992 the red star was removed without replacement from the national flag.
www.flaggenlexikon.de /fmnteneg.htm   (2128 words)

 Montenegro’s Referendum on Independence - Council on Foreign Relations
Montenegro is part of a federal union with Serbia named "Serbia and Montenegro," which was formed in February 2003.
Though most agree that significant outbreaks of violence in Montenegro are unlikely, a "gray zone" vote would undermine the mandate of the federal union between Serbia and Montenegro.
Montenegro does not have an independent military or foreign service, so it could face a scenario where its federal union is weakened but it has no legal authority to establish independent national systems.
cfr.org /publication/10725/montenegros_referendum_on_independence.html   (1432 words)

 International Crisis Group - Montenegro_ Don t Oppose Indep   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Montenegro and Serbia have, for all intents and purposes, come to operate as separate states.
Opposition parties in Montenegro also show no indication that they will act outside legal, political structures.” ICG also assesses that fears of a domino-effect in Kosovo, Macedonia or Bosnia and Herzegovina are overstated.
By focusing first on such important “details”, Serbia and Montenegro should be able to redefine their relationship on mutually acceptable terms.
www.crisisgroup.org /home/index.cfm?id=1978&l=1   (304 words)

 Visit Montenegro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Discover a part of the mystical formula, on which the unique seductiveness of Montenegro rests, when conquering the irresistible peaks of Durmitor mountain.
Experience the special dimension found in the particular combination of ethics and aesthetics which are the soul of Montenegro.
Montenegro is one of the last undiscovered secrets, the country whose vast natural and spiritual assets refuse to fit into any commercial pattern.
www.visit-montenegro.cg.yu /english/default.htm   (261 words)

 Home Page :: Destination-Montenegro
Montenegro – the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in many ways, and situated in the south of the Adriatic.
Montenegro is a place that cannot leave you indifferent.
Budva is the metropolis of the Montenegrin tourism, due to the numerous beaches that attract the tourists with their beauty...
www.destination-montenegro.com   (218 words)

The reign of Nicholas I saw the doubling of Montenegro's territory and international recognition of her independence (1878), the country's first constitution, the ruler's elevation to the rank of King, and further territorial gains following the Balkan Wars.
That were overprinted stamps of Montenegro province (example).
The status of the union between Montenegro and Serbia was decided by a referendum on May 21, 2006.
www14.brinkster.com /philayu/CG/montenegro.htm   (713 words)

 The Government of the Republic of Montenegro
In the context of implementing Montenegro’s development plans, Russian partners were commended for their interest in making investment in capital facilities, particularly in the sectors of energy, road infrastructure, maritime and tourism industry...
Republic of Montenegro and the Kingdom of Belgium established diplomatic relations through the exchange of diplomatic notes between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium on 25th July,2006.
On the occasion of Montenegro’s admission to the United Nations, at today’s Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, the Government noted that accelerated procedure of international recognition was the best confirmation of Montenegro’s democratic maturity.
www.vlada.cg.yu /eng   (2884 words)

 BBC NEWS | Europe | Montenegro declares independence
Montenegro has formally declared independence from its union with Serbia in a special session of parliament in the capital, Podgorica.
But correspondents say Montenegro is a divided society, with a significant minority backing the union with Serbia.
Earlier this week, the Montenegro Referendum Commission formally confirmed the result of the referendum, in which 55.5% of the people voted to secede from Serbia, just above the necessary threshold of 55%.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/europe/5043462.stm   (310 words)

 Visit Montenegro || Montenegro - breathtaking beauty || Montenegro pearl of The Mediterranean || Best Montenegro Travel ...
The turbulent life of Montenegro was spiced up by many people, but its permanent strive for freedom remained dominant throughout its history.
Montenegro is connected with the world through road, railway, maritime and air transportation.
In recent years, Montenegro has invested significantly into the road infrastructure, in order to enable faster, safer and more pleasant arrival to the country for as many tourists as possible...
www.visit-montenegro.com   (1128 words)

 Publius Pundit - Blogging the democratic revolution
With Montenegro’s vote for independence, Serbia’s perceived reluctance to cooperate with the CTFY, and lack of control over the military and the security services there will now be great pressure on Belgrade to solve the Kosovo situation.
Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo—and the Balkans in general– are areas to watch in the coming year.
On Nov. 2, 1999, he boldly announced that Montenegro was dumping the Yugoslav dinar and officially adopting the deutsche mark as its national currency (the DM was subsequently replaced by the euro in January 2002).
www.publiuspundit.com /?cat=120   (1437 words)

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