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Topic: Montreux

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  Montreux - LoveToKnow 1911
MONTREUX, the general name applied to the villages situated along the shore at the east of the Lake of Geneva in Switzerland, from Clarens to Veytaux: sometimes the name is specially given to Vernex only.
As the delights of clear, cold weather in winter and of tobogganing (here called "luging") and skiing became appreciated, the higher hotels (such as Les Avants, Caux, Glion) were frequented at that season, as well as at other times.
Montreux was not a Roman settlement, but otherwise its history is similar to that of Vevey.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Montreux   (226 words)

  Montreux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Montreux is a resort town in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, on Lake Geneva with a population of 22,897.
Montreux lies on the north shore of Lake Geneva at the fork in the Roman road from Italy over the Simplon Pass, where the roads to the Roman capital of Aventicum and the road into Gaul through Besançon separated.
In the 12th century, viticulture was introduced to the region, and the sunny slopes of the lake from Lavaux to Montreux became an important wine-growing region.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Montreux   (652 words)

 Montreux | Switzerland Destination
Montreux is found on the north-east shore of the Lake Geneva, of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.
Montreux not only offers exquisite, historic architecture, historical sights and a wonderful shopping experience, it also boasts numerous international festivals.
But the visit to Montreux is never complete without a visit to the stunning Chillon Castle, built on a rock, on the shores of Lake Geneva.
www.switzerlanddestination.com /montreux/montreux   (432 words)

 Montreux Jazz Festival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is held annually in early July in Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva.
The festival was originally held at the old Montreux Casino, which burned down in December 1971 during Frank Zappa's performance.
The number of visitors rose from 75,000 in 1980 to 120,000 in 1994, and an "Off-festival" developed on the lakeshore promenades and in the cafés of Montreux.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Montreux_Jazz_Festival   (629 words)

 About Montreux Counselling Centres
Montreux was founded to promote and implement the experiential knowledge and philosophies of its founder and director, Peggy Claude-Pierre; Montreux continues to play a major role in expanding the understanding and treatment of disordered eating.
Montreux also offers an art expression program where the patient is provided the opportunity to explore their creative self as part of the healing process.
Montreux Counselling Training Centers: This program would offer individuals the opportunity to learn the methods of treatment that are implemented at Montreux and to use them in their professional or personal practices, or perhaps in conjunction with Montreux Counselling.
www.montreux.org /about-montreux.html   (1077 words)

 Montreux travel guide - Wikitravel
The mountains around Hauts de Montreux are threaded with forest trails, suddenly isolated villages, caves, grottos, and wildlife.
Montreux is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland.
Montreux Palace, 100 Grand Rue +41 21 962 12 12, A Belle Epoque built in 1906, with an atmosphere that combines tradition and elegance.
wikitravel.org /en/Montreux   (1247 words)

 Montreux Travel and Vacation Guide - Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Montreux is the most frequented resort on Lake Geneva and famous for its beautiful location in the southwestern part of Switzerland.
The city of Montreux stretches along the shores of a large bay facing south and rises in tiers to heights covered with woods and vineyards which shelter it from the north and east winds.
It is pleasant to go up thought old Montreux to the terrace of the church and see the district of Clarens-Montreux-Territet, the lake with the Chateau de Chillon on its rocky islet, the mountains of the Savoy Chablais and the sparkling Dents du Midi.
www.magicswitzerland.com /montreux.htm   (435 words)

 Montreux Switzerland montreux Suisse
Up until the 1960s, the name Montreux referred to just one village in a loose affiliation of some 24 vineyard-communes spread around the neighbouring hills, including picturesque Clarens to the west, and Territet to the east.
The main reasons to visit Montreux are to absorb the spectacular panorama of the Dents-du-Midi peaks across the lake, and to visit Chillon – the latter perhaps Romandie’s only genuinely unmissable sightseeing excursion.
In a gleeful case of truth being stranger than fiction, a century ago Montreux’s hoteliers were casting about for a logo they could attach to the advertisements they placed in the English press each season.
switzerland.isyours.com /e/guide/lake_geneva/montreux.html   (372 words)

 Hotel Villa Toscane Hotel Montreux | venere.com
Montreux is called "The Pearl of the Swiss Riviera" for its beautiful location at the north-east shore of Lake Geneva in the Canton of Vaud in the south-western part of Switzerland.
The hotel is on the main road in Montreux and because of that it is unbearable to sleep well at night time and you are woken up by car noise very early in the morning.
We had a second floor front room with a nice terrace and a partial view overlooking the lake (the hotel is across the main street from the lake shore and walking path, so one had to look past the dumpster of the competing hotel on the other side of the street).
www.venere.com /hotel/?lg=en&htid=133449   (1207 words)

 Bed and Breakfast Switzerland - Montreux - AVIOLAT - Hélène - Swiss B&B - Private vacation
Montreux est une ville renommée de la région lémanique qui offre de nombreuses possibilités d'excursions en toutes saisons.
Montreux è una rinomata città in riva al lago Lemano che offre numerose possibilità per escursioni in tutte le stagioni.
Montreux is a renowned city on Lake Geneva, with many excursion possibilities.
www.bnb.ch /index.php?p=page&id=31   (318 words)

 Study French abroad Montreux switzerland | french language courses schools in Switzerland
Montreux is situated next to Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) in the French speaking part of Switzerland and is known as the "Pearl of the Swiss Riviera".
To the west and east of Montreux, vineyards dot the lakeside terraces and reflect a gentle "joie de vivre" blessed by Bacchus, the god of wine.
Montreux is a charming cosmopolitan city and home to many famous people who have made this city their home.
www.languagesabroad.com /countries/montreux.html   (921 words)

 Montreux 5 And 4 Star Hotel - Deluxe Accomodations - Lake Genva   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Montreux, 5 km from Vevey, is more touristically oriented, but the promenade on the lake side, with the Castle of Chillon, is a must.
Montreux give you the opportunity to enjoy at a glance the lake, the mountain and the vineyards.
The Hotel Villa Toscane is a deluxe hotel ideally situated in Montreux, right near the lakeshore and the congress center.This "art nouveau" villa was built at the turn-of-the-century and completely renovated in the same style.
hotelsdeluxe.net /Montreux   (568 words)

 Montreux - Switzerland for Visitors
The grande dame of local hotels is Raffles Le Montreux Palace, which was built in 1906.
The annual Montreux Jazz Festival is world-renowned, with more than 100,000 visitors buying tickets for 16 days of concerts in the month of July.
Montreux is on the main railway line that runs from Geneva to Lausanne and the Simplon Tunnel.
europeforvisitors.com /switzaustria/vaud/montreux   (640 words)

 AskOxford: Montreux Jazz Festival
The history of the Montreux Jazz Festival is closely linked to one man, Claude Nobs, a local of the Swiss Riviera and the creator of this major event, who over the last 35 years has managed to bring to his native town some of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century.
Mr Nobs, the son of a nurse and a baker, was born in 1936 very near Montreux in the little town of Territet.
The diversification of musical genres present in Montreux is nowadays such that one might wonder why the word 'jazz' is kept in the festival's name.
www.askoxford.com /languages/culturevulture/france/montreux   (508 words)

 Montreux Switzerland
Now in its 39th year, the Montreux Jazz Festival is Switzerland’s oldest festival and the highlight of the country’s summer concert calendar.
Situated in downtown Montreux, along the shore of Lake Geneva, Montreux Palace is a jewel of classical Belle Époque architecture.
The Montreux project was also a fantastic opportunity for TIR to further its movement into the European market and to showcase the Destiny® Series in a perfect ‘architainment’ setting.
www.tirsys.com /resource-center/case_studies/montreux.htm   (908 words)

 Hotel Bristol in Montreux, Switzerland - Minotel online hotel reservation
World-famous for its Jazz Festival, Montreux is known as the Pearl of the Swiss Riviera.
Montreux Jazz Festival welcomes the greatest music artists at the beginning of July.
The castle is by the lake at the foot of a hill, and the attraction is therefore twofold has a double interest: it is a lakeside fortress on one side and a royal residence on the other.
www.minotel.com /Switzerland-Hotels/Montreux-Hotels/Bristol-Hotel   (844 words)

 Montreux : Attractions | Frommers.com
But for many the most enthralling way to reach Chillon from Montreux is to walk along the scenery-studded 3km (2-mile) lake path.
The train departs from the railway station of Montreux every hour during the day, beginning at 7:30am, with the last departure between 5:30 and 7pm, depending on the season.
Montreux Jazz Festival--One of the biggest musical bashes in Europe occurs at the internationally known Montreux Jazz Festival (tel.
www.frommers.com /destinations/montreux/2591010029.html   (705 words)

 Montreux - Switzerland Tourism
The town of Montreux nestles in a sheltered Lake Geneva bay, surrounded by vineyards and against the breathtaking backdrop of snow-covered Alps.
Because of the exceptionally mild climate Montreux is called the capital of the Vaud Riviera.
The Montreux - Berner Oberland - Bahn MOB (Montreux-Bernese Oberland-Railway) among other things takes its passengers to the vineyards above the town with their walking and cycling trails, the Vaud mountains of the Pays-d'Enhaut and on to the Bernese Oberland, i.e.
www.myswitzerland.com /en.cfm/destinations/resorts/offer-Destinations_Resorts-General-83505.html   (662 words)

 Above Montreux Switzerland
Montreux’s train station is served by three different gauges of track.
A little above Montreux on this route is CHAMBY, one end of the Chemin de Fer-Musée (Museum Railway; May–Oct Sat & Sun 9am–6pm; Fr.12; SMP), which has steam trains running on a 3km stretch of track to and from Blonay, on the Vevey–Les Pléiades line as well as a depot full of old rolling stock.
The MOB trains from Montreux continue through the village of LES AVANTS – starting point of a number of beautiful walks – to Montbovon, access point for trains north into the gorgeous countryside around Gruyères.
switzerland.isyours.com /e/guide/lake_geneva/above.montreux.html   (595 words)

 Montreux, Swizerland: Pearl of the Swiss Riviera, trip, special, vacation travel offer | Summer Europe for your next ...
Montreux, the "Pearl of the Riviera", enjoys a pleasant climate thanks to its privileged location on the shores of Lake Geneva and the foot of the Swiss Alps.
Montreux makes the perfect hub to explore all that Switzerland has to offer.
Hotel Royal Plaza Montreux is located directly on the shores of Lake Geneva in the heart of Montreux.
www.summereurope.com /trips/51595.html   (567 words)

 Activities and Attractions in Montreux on Lake Geneva Switzerland
Montreux's location in the heart of West Switzerland makes it an ideal base from where to explore other places of interest.
A number of local trains leaving from Montreux station will take you to the nearby summits, offering panoramic views to Geneva, the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn: the two most famous are the Montreux-Oberland Bernois (MOB) and the Montreux Crystal Panoramic Express.
Montreux's other big events include April's Choral Festival and the Classical Festival de Musique "Septembre Musical" which runs in August and September at venues in Montreux and Vevey.
www.magicswitzerland.com /activities/montreux.htm   (1041 words)

 French course Switzerland. French language school Montreux.
Montreux is a vibrant and attractive town in an area known as the "Swiss Riviera".
Students intending to learn French in Montreux may also be interested in the area's special microclimate, where you can relax on a beach in the morning and then hit the ski slopes in the afternoon.
Students attending our French language school in Montreux can take advantage of the wonderful skiing in the Winter and mountain scenery in the Summer.Our French language school in Montreux is open throughout the year.
www.languagesabroad.co.uk /montreux.html   (528 words)

 claudenobs.com: DVD releases
Few bands are more closely associated with Montreux than Deep Purple and there was simply no other contender when it came to choosing the act to headline the closing night of the 40th Montreux Festival in 2006.
Weather Report "Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 1976" to be released on DVD (April 17,2007)...
This concert at Montreux in 2001 was one of the last they performed before the tragic death of Jam Master Jay in 2002.
montreux.typepad.com /claudenobs/dvd_releases/index.html   (1485 words)

 Hotel Villa Toscane Swiss Quality Hotel Montreux - Venere.com
Montreux is called "The Pearl of the Swiss Riviera" for its beautiful location at the north-east shore of Lake Geneva in the Canton of Vaud in the south-western part of Switzerland.
Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate the spa town Montreux is regarded to be one of noblest resorts in Switzerland.
Besides the historic architecture, the picturesque lanes, historical sights and exclusive shopping facilities Montreux's attractiveness has grown by its numerous international festivals such as the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, the Comedy Felim Festival and the Classical Music Festival, which follow each other throughout the year.
en.venere.com /hotels_montreux/hotel_villa_toscane_swiss_quality_hotel.html?ref=0   (258 words)

 Montreux Accommodation
The Hotel Splendid is located in the heart of the bay of Montreux, in front of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman).
It was built at the end of the 19th century and its opening was in 1904.
The third generation of this family started to renovate the building in the year 2000, getting the inspiration from the documents dated at the beginning of the 20th century in order to bring back the charm of that time and at the same time integrating more..
www.world66.com /europe/switzerland/montreux/accommodation   (267 words)

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