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Topic: Moonwalk (dance)

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Moonwalk: Moonwalk - The dance form that Michael Jackson popularized
The purpose of the moonwalk is to give the illusion that the dance is walking forward while mysteriously moving backward.
The actual Moonwalk as it is known in dance is a four corner illusion dance, which makes it seem as if the dance is sliding around in a square shape on the floor.
The Moonwalk is a graceful blend of floating, gliding and sliding.
worlddance.suite101.com /article.cfm/moonwalk   (384 words)

  Moonwalk (dance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The moonwalk or backslide is a popping move that gained widespread popularity after being performed by Michael Jackson on the 1983 television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, and has since become his signature move.
Although he did not invent the mechanics of the move, his variation of the moonwalk is his trademark and one of the most recognizable dance moves in history.
The purpose of the moonwalk is to give the illusion that the dancer is walking forward while mysteriously moving backward.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Moonwalk_(dance)   (442 words)

 MikesMoves - Learn Moonwalk
Info: The moonwalk is one of those things that once you get it you can really feel it.
I suggest practicing in near perfect conditions for the moonwalk; just wearing socks, on a smooth wood or marble floor if there is one, basketball courts work well.
The smoother it is the smoother the moonwalk is.
mikesmoves.com /moonwalk.html   (166 words)

 Social Dance Instructional Videos
Dances demonstrated are the the 15th Century Balli; the 16th Century So Ben Mi Chi Ha Bon Tempo, La Volta and Galliard; the 18th Century Contradances and Folies d’Espagne; the Early 19th Century Country Dances; the Mid 19th Century Quadrilles and Durang’s Hornpipe; and the Late 19th Century Polka, Mazurka, Gallop and Cotillion.
These dances are performed, in parts and as a whole, with the appropriate 19th century music and fashions.
This dance retrospective spans the panorama from average Americans dancing in newsreels to top quality performers who have left a legacy of graceful dance moves across the ballroom floor.
www.securesearch.org /social_dance   (2352 words)

 Learn how to do the infamous Moonwalk -/- micheal jackson, videos, pictures, steps, tutorials
The moonwalk is a well known breakdance move that gained widespread popularity after being performed by Michael Jackson, first on the 1983 television special rental Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, and has since become his signature move.
While moonwalking sounds easy in theory, it is a dance move that is incredibly difficult to master, as even when one can do the correct movements, one still may lack the subtle movements that actually give the effect, with the type of shoes the dancer is wearing making a big difference on the effect.
The Moonwalk was a factor in what set Michael apart and clearly in a league of his own in the realm of superstardom.
www.hiphopjamz.com /breakdance_moonwalk.php   (893 words)

 2-Breakdance: break dance moves, power moves and basic moves
You are in the right place if you are looking for breakdance clothing, breaking music, break dance information, pics of bkids, bboys and bgirls or video series that teaches you the most popular moves done by breakdancers today.
After performing a 6-step to begin the dance, and then performing a power move, the breakdancer will usually end the dance with a "freeze" which is when he contorts his body to a strange position and literally freezes, stopping all dance motion.
The 6-step is the building block for the rest of the dance, and is heavily "teched" or modified to allow for variation and style.
www.2-breakdance.com /break-dance-moves.html   (811 words)

 Web Content   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Moonwalk, the signature dance step of Michael Jackson, was not invented by the pop star, his older sister said in an interview in Britain.
Jackson, currently facing child molestation and other charges in Los Angeles, is closely associated with the dance step, which he used to name his 1988 autobiography Moonwalk, reported MSNBC Tuesday.
LaToya said that in the 1970s the dance step was called the backslide, but she said her brother changed the name.
content.clearchannel.com /script/headline_newsmanager.php?id=357724&...   (142 words)

 Moonwalk Dance Step found Swiftly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Find dance apparel for a performance and all the practice leading up to it.
until 1955, jazz dance meant tap dance, because jazz was the music and tap was the main
Dance and activity holidays for children aged 10-16 years, book online today.
www.movefm.co.uk /moveinfo/moonwalk_dance_step.html   (340 words)

 Michael Jackson's House - Michael Jackson Fan Page - www.mjshouse.com
The moonwalk is surely the "most wanted" move of Michael that people ask for.
There is his sidewalk, his moonwalk without going back or the combination of moonwalk and turnig around.
The sidewalk is basically the same as the normal moonwalk, but Michael added some elements to it so that it is also very special.
www.mjshouse.com /dance.html   (472 words)

 How to dance like Michael Jackson - Online Dance Lessons - Dance Moves
I thought that the dancing was INCREDIBLE because of the way Michael Jackson moved to certain hooks in the music.
The dance teachers where I took dance classes did not have the slightest clue how to do or teach these kinds of moves so I resorted to books on breaking and mime.
Simone, you have just helped millions of people, around the world, who either know how to dance and want to learn the newest dance, or even those who are not as confident in dance, learn it in the privacy of their own home.
www.movesngrooves.com   (3793 words)

 The MoonWalk
Okay, let's start by saying that this dance movement was first performed by Michael Jackson on the Motown 35 anniversary show.
If you didn't know that, all rights to learn how to do this dance movement have been taking away by global law enforcements.
First of all, I would say that no matter how fool you look at the beginning, there's always a first time, and the practice makes perfection, so, don't forget to keep practicing.
www.geocities.com /xicedivax/moonwalk.html   (497 words)

 CompFused.com Videos - Moonwalk
Say what you will about Michael Jackson the fact is this guy could dance.
When Michael Jackson did the moon walk it looked like he was doing something humans should not be able to do.
This video is a compilation of some of his amazing moonwalks.
www.compfused.com /directlink/525   (46 words)

 Can you moonwalk, sidewalk, do the Smooth Criminal lean etc? [Archive] - Michael Jackson Discussion
I tried the moonwalk, and I can never be as good as Michael, though on that Dangerous tour, there's this dancer who can dance exactly like him...
10th August 2005, 02:05 AM I'm preety good at moonwalking, suck and side moonwalking and the smooth criminal lean is impossible you have to have specail shoes atched to to groung watch munich 97 concert one of the dancers gets cot on the rod and almost falls.
I let michael dance for me, but i really would LOVE to be able to dance like him, just a little bit would do...
www.mjnewsonline.com /board/archive/index.php/t-5545.html   (3751 words)

 Party Rentals and Supplies for the Chicago area | We have everything for your next fundraiser including carnival games ...
We have everything to make your event a resounding success-- from moonwalk rentals, carnival games, and dunk tanks to hot dog and cotton candy machines to stages and audiovisual equipment.
Moonwalk rentals are a surefire way to bring in a crowd.
In cases such as our Moonwalk rentals and select other party rentals, professional installation is required and we are happy to be of service.
www.abbottpartyrental.com /festival.html   (333 words)

 Dance Off- MJ, Usher, JT, Omarion
MJ set the standard for dancing stage presence.
Wiggles is doing the moonwalk on his knee's.
there are other types of dance's that people don't regarde such as Tutting, Robotics, Waving, Gliding, Ticking (or Strobing)..
www.clubvibes.com /forum/topic.asp?topic_id=355724   (484 words)

 Dance Downloads: DANCE, Harvey Wallbanger, 3D Arctic Bear Advanced, ...
DANCE is a windows program to learn ballrom dance patterns.
Use your Mouse, Keyboard, Joypad or PC Dance Mat to keep as many of the randomly spawning Blobs on the world map for as long as you can.
Brighten your day with these lively creatures as they dance to music and then roll, slide, and body surf down your screen and end with a splash.
www.fileedge.com /get/dance   (557 words)

 Moonwalk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apollo moon landing hoax accusations, did we really go to the moon?
Moonwalk (dance), a breakdancing move, Michael Jackson's signature dance move
Moon Walk (New Orleans), a scenic boardwalk along the Mississippi River in the French Quarter
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Moonwalk   (133 words)

 Learn to moonwalk on 43 Things
OK, this was the first thing I ever put on my list, and it is at the top of my most cheered list… time to put my nose to the grindstone.
I have figured out how to get the moonwalk effect, but still can’t do it smoothly or fast.
Worked more on it today, got some good feedback from my sister and have definitely progressed, though am still a bit shuffly and not smooth at all, but I think it will eventually all come together.
www.43things.com /things/view/17678   (394 words)

 Dance Moves - Hip Hop Dancing - Virtual Dance Instructor
I'm from Portugal and I dance in a hip hop/dance group.
Learn how to dance in the comfort and privacy of your home and get dance lessons brimming with JAM PACKED information.
More than a season's worth of dance lessons, and private dance lessons at that, that is JAM PACKED and brimming with useful, effective information.
www.simonemaurice.com   (3552 words)

 » Bird does a Michael Jackson moonwalk dance! - wowozanga.com
The moonwalk or backslide is a dance move that gained widespread popularity after being performed by Michael Jackson on the 1983 television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, and has since become his signature move.
The purpose of the moonwalk is to give the illusion that the dancer is walking forward while mysteriously moving backward.
The move is a part of floating, gliding and sliding, a set of techniques and styles closely related to popping.
www.wowozanga.com /2006/09/26/bird-does-a-michael-jackson-moonwalk-dance.htm   (263 words)

 dance.net - MICHAEL JACKSON is such an amazing dancer (460907) - Read article: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap, ...
to do the moonwalk you start off with one foot on it's toe and the other foot flat (both feet side by side) then you push the flat foot back while the other one is still on its toe.
the moonwalk is all about timeing and being smooth.
In the video "Smooth Criminal" what is the name of that slide, similar to the moonwalk, but he does it in a box, kind of around himself.
www.dance.net /read.html?postid=460907&replies=205&page=4   (946 words)

 Michael Jackson Discussion - Can you moonwalk, sidewalk, do the Smooth Criminal lean etc?
I am trying so hard to moonwalk and then the sidewalk, if I EVER get the moonwalk, but if I ever could there is no way it would be as good as Michael Jackson's!
I'm also trying to learn all the dances in his music videos, I'm still trying to learn the "Thriller" dance, I have a lot of it, but not memorized yet, I can do it with the video though.
26th July 2004 06:22 PM im not saying nobody can dance like michael.perhaps with years of pratise u might.but michael watch different people for years,and he took a bit off them and made them his own.people like fed astaire,james brown,jackie wilson.there arnt those sort of dancers around any more.
www.mjnewsonline.com /board/printthread.php?t=5545   (869 words)

 Moonwalk The Robot Dance Moves Top Resources and Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Moonwalk Dance Mother Son Dance Naperville, Il Salsa Dance...
Michael Jackson invented his own dance move, and what guy hasn't secretly tried the Moonwalk in front...
After the sun has done its daily dance into the Pacific and the moon has begun its nocturnal climb high above the twinkling lights of the Riviera, downtown Santa Barbara transforms itself...
www.mover-online.info /moonwalk-the-robot-dance-moves.php   (722 words)

 Dance Software: DANCE, Harvey Wallbanger, SuperSaver, ...
DANCE - the dance pattern database is a windows program to learn ballrom dance patterns.
There are more than 180 files with dance patterns and 60 videos and picture sequences available.
Use your Mouse, Keyboard, Joypad or PC Dance Mat to keep as many of the randomly spawning Blobs on the world map for as long as you can and at the fastest speed.
www.criticalfiles.com /free/dance   (654 words)

 Excite España - Búsqueda De Mp3 - Resultados con: Dance And Moonwalk
B P does a fuckin moonwalk- Yeah, bring Michaeljackson here to molest the dead kids- Yeah, we have been warned, it's a classic sign.
A family of shepherds with 5 kids hearding the goats stops in the street between the mosque and the empty marketplace.
I dont think we started to dance exactly but it was like we were dancing in our blood streams, primitive- live.
www.excite.es /search/mp3/results?q=Dance+And+Moonwalk   (1363 words)

 dance.net - Choregraphy: How To Moonwalk In 10 Steps (2039765) - Read article: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap, ...
For those of you who don’t know what the Moonwalk is, it is a dance move, under the break dancing category of ‘floats’.
I've been attempting to moonwalk for so long, but now I think I'll get it if I practice like you said.
I learned how to moonwalk like yesterday and that tip about getting gum off your shoe really helps, i was also wondering if you or anyone else can help me find out how to glide sideways thanks,
www.dance.net /read.html?postid=2039765   (923 words)

 YouTube - moonwalk
Well, all the dudes on the stage has these hooks on the heel, you can lean SHIT much with it on, look at 2:47, the guy furtest to the right's hook gets stuck!:P
i used to think he was guilty, but now that i see this i say let him touch little boys, look at the dancing hahahaha
Bill Bailey from 1955 -- Is the Moonwalk this old?
www.youtube.com /watch?v=_vFVlvi-P9w&search=moonwalk   (342 words)

 moonwalk - OneLook Dictionary Search
Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "moonwalk" is defined.
moonwalk : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
noun: a kind of dance step in which the dancer seems to be sliding on the spot (
www.onelook.com /?w=moonwalk&ls=a   (160 words)

 Michael Jackson @ Famous.y2u.co.uk
His distinctive dance moves, music videos, and pop appeal have inspired and influenced many of today's singers, such as Janet Jackson, Usher, Beyoncé, and Justin Timberlake.
In the fall of 1969, The Jackson 5 were presented to the public by Diana Ross, and were officially launched as the next big Motown act.
The video for "Jam", directed by David Kellogg, showed Jackson and Michael Jordan playing basketball and dancing together, while "Remember the Time" was set in an ancient Egyptian palace, and starred Eddie Murphy and Iman as the pharaoh and his queen.
famous.y2u.co.uk /F01_Michael_Jackson.htm   (5161 words)

 Dance Software: DANCE, Polymorphic Live!, Dance Sisters, Liverdance Parody, Harvey Wallbanger, ...
Dance Software: DANCE, Polymorphic Live!, Dance Sisters, Liverdance Parody, Harvey Wallbanger,...
DANCE is a windows program to learn ballrom dance patterns You can also design your own dance patterns and print all patte...
A virtual underground dance party, with IRC chat and live audio streams.
www.windfile.com /find/dance   (437 words)

 Learn Dance Videos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Dance Books Ltd: Learn Salsa 2 with Elder Sanchez.
Modern Jive dance classes and events in the UK Boogienights : Friday Welcome Dance - Quality Hotel Venue Music, Videos and DVDs Learn Salsa LearnMore modern jive music & videos.
Learn with Simon's analyticalmethod Flamenco dance training videos Simon el RubioRubio presents his flamenco dance training video.
www.the-big-search.co.uk /Learn-Dance-Videos.html   (312 words)

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