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Topic: Morality play

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Morality play - The Boston Globe
Rather, Hauser and other morality researchers are working to tease apart "the system that allows us to intuitively, unconsciously make moral judgments about what's right or wrong," he said.
So for example: One ingrained moral principle that seems to span across ages and cultures is that doing something bad is worse than letting something bad happen, even though the ultimate effect is the same.
The study concluded, in part, that "how people's moral values influence their decisions is subject to where their attention is directed," Bartels said.
www.boston.com /news/globe/health_science/articles/2007/02/05/morality_play   (1092 words)

  CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Moralities (Morality Plays)
Moralities are a development or an offshoot of the Miracle Plays and together with these form the greater part of Medieval drama.
In the Miracle Play the subject-matter is concerned with Bible narrative, Lives of Saints, the Apocryphal Gospels, and pious legends, a certain historical or traditional foundation underlies the plot, and the object was to teach and enforce truths of the CathoIic faith.
The intention of both Miracle Plays and Moralities, as we have said, was religious; in the one it aimed at faith, the teaching of dogma, in the other morals, the application of Christian doctrine to conduct.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10557b.htm   (1209 words)

 Untitled   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A morality play, unlike the mystery play which is concerned with specific Biblical stories, may be defined as dramatized allegory with didactic intent.
Indeed, the morality play fastened upon the homily or sermon (the actors were clergy, not guilds) with their ethical and didactic purposes as sources of inspiration and utilized entertaining anecdote and dramatic dialogue.
The writers of the moralities devised plays in which characters were no longer scriptural personages like the mysteries, sheer abstractions, and the action took in one way or another the form of a struggle of Good and Evil for the possession of Man, who is himself, under one name or another, the central figure.
www.montreat.edu /dking/MiddleEnglishLit/Moralityplays.htm   (595 words)

 Morality play
Morality plays (15th-16th c.): a type of theatrical allegory where the characters, in the form of personified moral attributes, must validate the virtues of Godly life by prompting the protagonist to choose such life over evil.
However, the plays still offered moral instruction and together with mystery and miracle plays constituted the theater of the Middle Ages.
Examples of morality plays include the French Condemnation des banquets by Nicolas de Chesnaye and the English The Castle of Perseverance and Everyman, which is today considered the best of the morality plays.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/mo/Morality_play.html   (111 words)

 morality - Information from Reference.com
Morality refers to the concept of human ethics which pertains to matters of good and evil —also referred to as "right or wrong", used within three contexts: individual conscience; systems of principles and judgments — sometimes called moral values —shared within a cultural, religious, secular, Humanist, or philosophical community; and codes of behavior or conduct.
Examples of moral codes include the Golden Rule; Wiccan Rede; the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism; the ancient Egyptian code of Ma'at ;the ten commandments of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; the yamas and niyama of the Hindu scriptures; the ten Indian commandments; and the principle of the Dessek.
A moral core is presumed to be formed by experience, including especially parental moral examples, and the slow growth via cognition of a set of conditionings, inhibitions, and concepts of beauty through his or her entire lifetime.
www.reference.com /browse/morality   (2341 words)

 Morality play - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Morality plays are a type of theatrical allegory in which the protagonist is met by personifications of various moral attributes who try to prompt him to choose a Godly life over one of evil.
The plays were most popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th century; having grown out of the religiously based mystery plays or miracle plays of the Middle Ages, they represented a shift towards a more secular base for European theatre.
Examples of morality plays include the French Condemnation des banquets by Nicolas de Chesnaye and the English The Castle of Perseverance, the earliest surviving complete morality play in English, and Everyman, sometimes considered the best of the morality plays.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Morality_play   (179 words)

 Cathedral: A Mystery Play - Morality Plays
Morality Plays are a medieval European verse drama which were designed to enlighten and discipline their audiences.
The plays replace human characters with personified virtues and vices with the humourous elements being provided by the Devil.
Morality Plays, such as 'Everyman', flourished in the 15th Century and it's influence is not only seen in Elizabethan dramas but also in today's theatre - as illustrated by the classic plot of 'Cathedral'.
freespace.virgin.net /numb.world/cathedral.morality.plays1.htm   (374 words)

 Reading Group Guide: Morality Play
Morality Play opens, "It was a death that began it all and another death that led us on." There are four deaths during the course of the book.
At the same time a totally new form of drama was being born, known as the Morality Play, which told the story of an individual Christian on the road of life, yielding to temptation, falling from grace, and eventually being redeemed.
These two types of play, the Mystery and the Morality, went on being performed side by side throughout the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, but it was the Morality, with its stress on psychology and argument, which was to survive as the stronger form, leading the way to the secular drama of the Renaissance.
www.wwnorton.com /rgguides/moralityrgg.htm   (1265 words)

 Morality Play: Free Encyclopedia Articles at Questia.com Online Library
MORALITY PLAY form of medieval drama that developed in the late 14th cent...moralities were called the Paternoster plays.
Played between the acts of a long play, the interlude, treating intellectual rather than moral topics, often contained elements of satire...
His most famous play, King John (written c.1535), shows the transition from the medieval morality play to the Renaissance historical drama by allegorical treatment of the fate of England rather than of the fate of mans...
www.questia.com /library/encyclopedia/morality_play.jsp   (1479 words)

 morality play - HighBeam Encyclopedia
morality play form of medieval drama that developed in the late 14th cent.
The characters in the morality were personifications of good and evil usually involved in a struggle for a man's soul.
Harvard Poll: Religion, Morality Play Key Roles in Politics of College Students; Potential Clinton, McCain Race Highlighted.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-morality.html   (212 words)

 Morality Play
Before starting Morality Play, it is important to bear the following in mind: At no time in the activity will your responses be judged to be 'correct' or 'incorrect'.
You should respond with what you think is the morally right thing to do, which may not be the same as what you would actually do.
When the moral obligation is 'strong', this means not doing what is obligated of you is a serious wrongdoing; when the obligation is 'weak', failing to do what is obligated of you is still a wrongdoing, but not a serious one.
www.philosophersnet.com /games/morality_play.htm   (264 words)

 South Coast Repertory Playgoers Guide - 'La Posada Magica'
In the first decades of the 15th century, secular plays concerning the conflict between good and evil in the individual soul began to be performed in France, and this type of play soon became popular all over Europe, including England.
A morality play is essentially an allegory in dramatic form that is intended to be understood on two or more levels.
Typically, the morality play dramatizes the age-old battle between the forces of good and evil in the human soul.
www.scr.org /season/02-03season/studyguides/posada/morality.html   (373 words)

 MORALITY PLAY   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Becky was a frequent and enthusiastic participant on list, talking about her experiences with her teacher, technical problems, interpretations of classical repertoire, etc. Her posts were full of enthusiasm, even if they were a little shy on grammatical perfection.
Then one member proposed that, on the day of Becky's funeral, everyone would play some of Becky's favorite pieces -- her tastes were well-known because of her posts.
Morality is concerned with the prevention of suffering.
charon.sfsu.edu /MORALITYPLAY.HTML   (1089 words)

 KtB - Sins of the City
Round the turn of the last millennium, popular entertainment of the day included "morality plays" staged in public squares, in which a hero faced the temptations of characters bearing the names of the seven deadlies.
Of course, a morality play wouldn't work with 97,000 villains, especially when the bad guy is sometimes you.
Operation Clean Sweep is intended to beckon virtuous Americans back to the Big Apple with a morality play in which the seven sins aren't personal temptations but the unseemly circumstances of others, a city where your virtue will never be called into question by a hungry man asking for a dollar.
www.killingthebuddha.com /dogma/morality_play.htm   (1009 words)

 Cathedral: A Mystery Play - Morality Plays
The plays as a whole and 'Mankind' in particular are known to have few special staging needs.
Specific locations with the plays (such as 'Everyman's House of Salvation) were either left to the imagination or shown through careful use of the 'place'.
The props mentioned in the play are a spade, a bag of grain, paper, a writing instrument and a rosary (for Mankind).
freespace.virgin.net /numb.world/cathedral.morality.plays3.htm   (333 words)

 The Chronicle: 8/4/2006: Morality Play
Her research has found that, on the whole, athletes have significantly lower moral-reasoning skills than the general student population — and she says that is a direct result of the competitive sports environment.
She discussed several core moral principles, including justice and fair play, and coaxed the burly coaches into discussing what behaviors were consistent with those principles.
Moral reasoning, they believe, is best instilled in children by adults who model and have them repeat proper behavior.
chronicle.com /free/v52/i48/48a03201.htm   (2679 words)

 Everyman Study Questions
In a typical morality play, the forces of Good and Evil are engaged in a struggle for the soul of an individual, a struggle called a psychomachia (Greek for "war over [or in] the soul").
Morality plays spoke to medieval man's anxiety about being prepared for death, or "dying well"; they offer their audience a sort of ars moriendi (Latin for "the art of dying [well]").
Note that in general, morality plays were most popular from the late 15th to mid-16th centuries.
cla.calpoly.edu /~dschwart/engl512/everyman.html   (641 words)

 Morality Play (John's Book Pages)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fourteenth century England does not seem to have been a nice place to live: the plague was in the process of decimating the population and power was wielded arbitrarily and bluntly by those who had it.
Morality Play is rooted in the desperate circumstances of a group of traveling players: facing the prospect of going hungry in winter, they follow their charismatic leader and perform a play based on the recent murder of a boy in a town they are traveling through.
Morality Play is well written and a pleasure to read.
books.regehr.org /reviews/moralityplay.html   (156 words)

 New English Readers - Morality Play
Though "Morality Play" is a short book it had been four years in the making before it was published in 1995.
The novel is set in the north-east of England in the second half of the 14th century, at a fictitious moment when the strictly religious purpose and plot of the medieval Morality Play was given up and substituted by secular subjects.
The novel is in essence a murder mystery in the form of a Morality Play which centres on a band of strolling players who decide to play the murder of Thomas Wells a twelve-year-old boy who has been murdered in the town they happen to pass through on their way.
www.new-english-readers.de /moralityplay/author.html   (1012 words)

 The morality plays
It is not surprising that another kind of play developed side by side with the mystery plays, and that these dramatized the most instructive part of the church service, the homily or sermon.
Like most morality plays, it takes a central figure who represents all of us, and confronts him (he is always a male) with a situation which involves a moral decision.
Two situations often encountered in morality plays are of particular interest in an understanding of the structure of Shakespeare's plays: temptation* and debate.*
ise.uvic.ca /Library/SLT/drama/moralities.html   (496 words)

 Amazon.com: Morality Play: Barry Unsworth: Books
Its narrator is Nicholas Barber, a young monk who has forsaken his calling and joined an itinerant troupe of players that gets caught up in the real-life drama of a small-town murder.
The crime presents Barber and his fellows with an opportunity to attract a larger-than-usual audience, and they turn sleuths, weaving the bits of information yielded by their investigation into an improvised play that eventually reveals the surprising, sordid truth.
sun mask, horned mask, true play, inn yard, playing space, poor players
www.amazon.com /Morality-Play-Barry-Unsworth/dp/0393315606   (644 words)

 A Morality Tale
And Morality Shift is the first in a while that does an outright inter-zone exchange, in the fine tradition of Living Death.
While Filth is okay in casual play (where at least one player always seems to be playing fl), the real gem is Genesis, which can put the creature of your choice in your hand each upkeep.
Since you may have a large number of creatures on the board (if you play with Balthor, or Living Death, or other zone-changing cards), Glory is also a consideration so that you can sweep in for the kill.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=mtgcom/daily/aa23   (796 words)

 Everyman (play) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Everyman is a 16th century English morality play, with possible origins in a late 15th century Flemish morality play called Elckerlijc.
Most of the arguments rely on the superiority of one play or another in quality, and thus the assumption goes, it must be the original since it is the better, and the translation the inferior, since most translations are never as good as the native versions.
Another argument is that the near-total absence of humour in the play is atypical of the English morality drama.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Everyman_(play)   (698 words)

 Open Source » Blog Archive » The Middle East is Not a Morality Play
The Middle East is Not a Morality Play
He’s right that this isn’t a morality play—but because nothing is. Where he’s wrong is the implicit contention that “friends” and “enemies” are fixed—over the past couple of weeks, the U.S. (and even Israel) have acquired a lot more enemies among the Lebanese, and it didn’t have to be this way, I think.
Morality was abandoned long ago in favor of the ends justifying the means.
www.radioopensource.org /the-middle-east-is-not-a-morality-play   (1941 words)

 [No title]
In examining the Buddhist perspective of morality it is apparent that the Vinaya Pitaka is allocated to the morality of the clergy or the Sangha.
The ethic of justice and the ethic of care appear to be diametrically opposed conceptions of morality and moral development.
The ethic of care, on the other hand, maintains that moral obligation is grounded in the particulars of the moral context.
www.lycos.com /info/morality--miscellaneous.html   (518 words)

 Patrick's Sr. Proj: Concept
Everyman is a Medieval morality play anonymously written in the mid-fifteenth century in England.
The premier of Jedermann, as the play is called in German, was December 1 at the Zirkus Schumann in Berlin.
Due to the fact the play is staged on a wagon-like structure only five foot six inches tall, any elevator built has to be small in size.
homepage.fcgnetworks.net /patrick/concept.html   (1646 words)

 Adam J. Thompson - | Morality Play - Creating Ethics in Video Games |
Morality is defined as "conformity to ideals of right human conduct" or "moral conduct: virtue" (Merriam-Webster).
Some video games attempt to "play" with human nature and appeal (or conflict) with the desire to preserve life, whether it is the life of the player's character, or those he or she is sworn to protect or avenge.
Without forcing a heavy-handed message of morality onto the player, the game subtly coerces the player into actually caring for the game's characters even though only a small amount of dialogue is spoken during the game and very little is known of the characters at its conclusion.
www.adamjthompson.com /thought/CreatingEthics.html   (6399 words)

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