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Topic: Morris (comics)

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  The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Versatility was comic's long suit
Morris, who had heart problems in recent years, died May 21 at his home in Hollywood, said his son, David, who was with him when he died.
Morris also was a regular on "Caesar's Hour," from 1954 to 1957, and he later co-starred in the "The Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris Special," which won two Emmys in 1967.
Morris was the son of a rubber-company executive who died of a heart attack soon after losing his job during the Depression.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/nationworld/2002292222_morrisobit29.html   (724 words)

  Morris (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Born in Kortrijk, Belgium, Morris started drawing in the Compagnie Belge d'Actualités (CBA) animations studios, a small and short-lived animation studios in Belgium where he met Peyo and André Franquin.
In 1948, Morris, Jijé and Franquin travel to the United States (Will was too young and had to stay in Belgium).
The years in the USA turn out to be crucial for Morris, not only because he met Goscinny, but also because he gathered tons of documentation for his later work, and because he got to know the Hollywood movies even better.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Morris_(comics)   (713 words)

 Morris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
William Morris (1834-1896) - one of the principal founders of the British Arts and Crafts Movement
Morris, one of the fourteen Tribes of Galway, Ireland
Morris Tribunal, Tribunal of Inquiry, Republic of Ireland
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Morris   (243 words)

 Morris code: Mix it up
The Mark Morris Dance Group brings four of the artist's famous dances to the Mesa Arts Center on Friday.
It's part of the variety that is one of the hallmarks of Morris' art.
Morris' dances sometimes require performers to drag themselves around on the floor, leaving trails of sweat.
www.azcentral.com /ent/arts/articles/0419morrismain.html   (532 words)

 Media Medium: Chris Morris
Morris fulfils perfectly the archetypal Gemini function of splitting, dividing and creating arguments.
With his own Saturn strong, Morris has a canny instinct of where the boundary lies and the programme stopped just short of the abyss, allowing him to successfully he blow the lid off the journalistic hypocrisy around this taboo subject.
Like all young-spirited, Mercurial funny-men, Morris may think he will always have another trick up his sleeve, but he is about to embark on his astrological mid-life crisis.
www.companyguide.co.uk /gm060801.htm   (647 words)

 History of Comics - Platinum Age   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The comic was done by Switzerland's Rudolphe Töpffer, who has been considered in Europe (and starting to become here in America) as the creator of the picture story.
Most of them were infected by the comic publishing bug after this issue and went on to continue with comics afterwards.
The third and final try at comics would be what Delacourte needed to become a successful publisher, in fact Dell Publishing Co. would be one of the most successful comic publishers of all time.
www.collectortimes.com /~comichistory/Platinum.html   (5155 words)

 Comics Page: Middletons
The cast of characters features Morris and Midge Middleton, the archetypical suburban family, and their next-door neighbors, The Wades.
Morris Middleton is a former athletic type, still Midge’s hero after all these years.
Morris is one baby boomer who won’t accept middle age without a fight.
www.comicspage.com /middletons/middletons_about.html   (131 words)

 Flak Magazine: Interview with Edmund Morris, 7-11-99
While Morris' defense against the "airhead" comment is as simple as explaining an out-of-context quotation, he has had a more difficult time answering detractors of his technique, including vaunted New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd — herself guilty of lifting "airhead" out of context.
Paul Rae, who Morris describes as the smallest projector "exists to provide humorous commentary." Mostly, Paul is delightful, especially in his oft-cited correspondence with the fictional Morris.
Morris says a character of Gavin's age was essential to properly portray then-governor Reagan.
www.flakmag.com /features/morrisftr.html   (1114 words)

 The Eagle comic
The phenomenal rise and rule of the comic in America, plus a study of the papers and publications that children were reading in this country, seemed to point an obvious moral-and hence came the idea of Eagle.
Many American comics were most skilfully and vividly drawn, but often their content was deplorable, nastily over-violent and obscene, often with undue emphasis on the supernatural and magical as a way of solving problems.
But it was clear to me that the strip cartoon was capable of development in a way not yet seen in England except in one or two of the daily and Sunday newspapers and that it was a new and important medium of communication, with its own laws and limitations.
www.dandare.org /eagle/morris/morris.htm   (4335 words)

 Salon Travel | Writers we love: Jan Morris   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
One of the qualities I love in Morris' work is how she plays with the conventions of travel writing, how she stands these conventions on their heads -- just as travel itself so often plays with our own preconceptions.
Morris starts us out "in medias res," in the middle of her own experience of the city, in the heart of the action.
Of course, the penal colony and the Opera House and all the other emblems of Sydney will eventually have their place in her tale, but Morris' art is to present us with an astonishingly fresh perspective on the city from the very beginning.
www.salon.com /travel/bag/1999/08/18/morris   (832 words)

 The Seattle Times: Arts & Entertainment: Dance with an attitude
Morris turns 50 this year, and his company, now housed in the luxurious multistory Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, New York, celebrates its 25th anniversary with revivals of his early work and performances around the world.
Morris as a choreographer is sometimes compared to Balanchine for the scale of his pieces and for his intense responsiveness to music.
That means Morris has two full-length premieres in the same year as a 25-year anniversary celebration that has put 30 to 35 dances back in the active repertoire.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/artsentertainment/2002959980_morris01.html   (951 words)

 Golden Age Comics Downloads
MLJ Comics, the forerunner of the Archie Series, was an outgrowth of the magazine publishing activities of Morris (sometimes spelled "Maurice") Coyne, Louis Silberkleit and John Goldwater, whose first-name initials gave the company its name.
Quality Comics was a U.S.-based company that operated from 1939 to 1956 and was an influential creative force in the Golden Age of comic books.
Comics uploaded to the system that have yet to be sorted into folders/publishers but can still be downloaded.
goldenagecomics.co.uk   (1738 words)

 Salon People | Author Willie Morris dies at 64   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Morris, who died Monday after suffering a heart attack, had nearly finished his latest work, a project with his son about his home state's history and future.
Morris, who developed what he called a "good ole boy" love for the South, grew up in Yazoo City, the small town that would become the focal point for many of his stories.
Morris became associate editor of Harper's Magazine in 1963, and in 1967, the 33-year-old Morris became the youngest editor in chief of the nation's oldest magazine.
www.salon.com /people/obit/1999/08/03/morris   (740 words)

 IGN: Comics in Context #98: Far From Serenity
The Comics Arts Conference is an academic conference on comics art, which is organized by scholars Randy Duncan and Peter Coogan and is held each year at the Comic-Con.
Hardly the stereotypically dry academic lecturer, Morris demonstrated at the panel's outset why he is a success speaking about philosophy to business organizations.
Comics, he said, are "not like a screenplay," which "goes through all these executives" and "gets watered down"; rather, comics can present "a purity of vision."
comics.ign.com /articles/643/643558p2.html   (993 words)

 IGN: Championship Gaming Invitational Interview: Morris "Dahlsim" Hunter
Morris Hunter: I was a manager here but since I also play some I'll say if I'm actually trying to train on DoA or other fighter I'd spend a couple hours in a day.
Morris Hunter: For Dead Or Alive it's a combination of technical skills like hand-eye coordination, reflexes in recognizing character movements, extensive knowledge of the strategies and tech aspects of the game itself along with a heavy dose of mind games in DoA that involves reading your opponent's tendencies and taking the best risks.
Morris Hunter: Better organization in general of gaming events and better connection between grass roots gaming communities and the sponsors and companies with the resources to expand the sport.
games.ign.com /articles/731/731361p1.html   (855 words)

In the comic world, much of the innovative work outside of mass market publishers like DC and Marvel is self-published and often hard to obtain.
One of the new audiences for comics is the academic community where the medium has been steadily gaining respect.
With no specific organization for the study of comics, it is really student interest and a willingness to pour through course descriptions.
www.idsnews.com /news/story.php?id=19894   (765 words)

 majonez.info. Info of majonez. services, major, austin, kia motors, daf, morris, steering, lister, mazda, rack and ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
There are also a number of places named Morrisville, Morriston, and Morristown, as well as Morris Plains, New Jersey and Mount Morris, New York.
* Lewis Morris (1833-1907) - poet of the Anglo-Welsh literature.
Lister is named for Samuel Lister (1815-1906), a United Kingdom inventor and industrialist, who played a key role in the development of Bradford's wool industry during the 19th century industrial revolution.
www.majonez.info /services.html   (947 words)

 Eagle Comic Page. Welcome to Comics UK, the online website of Border Bookshop. Seller of British Comics.
The Eagle was the brainchild of Reverend Marcus Morris, who created the title in response to what he saw as the growth in popularity of violent American comics.
Morris and local artist Frank Hampson took their idea of wholesome boy's comic including ‘Dan Dare – Pilot of the Future', to Hulton Press who knew a good thing when they saw one.
The comic introduced such characters as PC 49, Captain Pugwash, Skippy the Kangaroo and many more during its nineteen year run but it was Dan Dare that became synonymous with both the Eagle and British comics.
www.borderbookshop.co.uk /storefront/eagle.aspx   (1886 words)

 Comic creator: Morris
Morris started his career in 1945 in Le Moustique, creating various covers and illustrations.
In his early 'Lucky Luke' comics, Morris was greatly inspired by animated cartoons à la Disney.
In 1949, Jijé; took Morris and Franquin to the US, where Morris met Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman, whom he helped with their plans for Mad Magazine.
www.lambiek.net /artists/m/morris.htm   (253 words)

 Welcome to Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics!
WAHOO MORRIS Book 2 is over two thirds pencilled and pages are now being inked regularly, so the weekly updates should remain on track through the fall.
March 16, 2007 - Free Comic Book Day is coming soon, and WAHOO MORRIS is one of the participating comics.The WAHOO MORRIS FCBD edition 07 is a 32 page re-print of the original Wahoo Morris #1, and is the perfect teaser introduction to the WAHOO MORRIS tradepaperback series.
All comics, artwork, stories, designs and concepts are © and ™ their respective creators.
www.toohipgottagographics.com   (383 words)

 Pantheon Graphic Novels
Christmas time is here, and I can’t but get nostalgic for the comic strips of Charles M. Schulz.
Here are three delightful, bittersweet, especially-for-our-time adult stories of modern life as lived by men and women of a certain age: the baby boomer.
Hailed by The Comics Journal as one of Europe’s most important and innovative comics artists, David B. has created a masterpiece in Epileptic, his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother.
www.randomhouse.com /pantheon/graphicnovels/home.pperl   (379 words)

 jim morris, comedians, political humorists, satirists ,personal appearances, standup comedy, Jim Morris
The rubber-faced Morris has become famous as a living political cartoon, rendering his subjects with dead-on accuracy.
Morris sets his sights on today's most prominent personalities in politics and popular culture.
Jim Morris’ s ability to fully submerge himself within each character enables him to envelop their particular political beliefs, moral ideologies, and personality quirks.
www.comediansusa.com /political/morris_jim.html   (471 words)

 Toby Morris - Comics.org.nz
Comic creator and editor, currently focusing on his bass playing for the band Batrider over in Australia last I heard
He maintained an air of aloofness while not alienating anyone, promoted feeding people who were hungry, dyeing the hair of those who were unfortunately light brown or 'mousy', and headed the school committee of which teachers were in the draw to win a Clueless type makeover.
Eventually Toby's senseless and bitter mutterings found a more coherent voice in the form of comic illustration, which although is not taken seriously by anyone as it is actually quite easy, in fact anyone can do it, it remains quite a good hobby.
www.comics.org.nz /wiki/index.php/Toby_Morris   (265 words)

 Keenspot.com: Keenspot Comics Page
Cresbard, SD October 10, 2004 - Keenspot Entertainment, the most popular publisher of exclusive online comics since its launch in 2000, has announced the debut of the Keenspot Comics Page, an advertising-supported page of family-friendly Keenspot comic strip features that is being offered free for any newspaper to run on a non-exclusive basis.
Comics are considered one of the few uniquely American artforms, not to mention one of the most popular parts of a newspaper according to reader polls.
And our comics appeal to a younger audience, they're not the same strips that readers have been looking at in the paper for 50 years.
www.keenspot.com /comicspage   (993 words)

 d_morris: EC Comics essay
However one of the things that bug me about the EC horror comics is that, with the exception of Graham Ingles, very few of the artists drew interiors that generally looked horrific or had something that created a sense of terror.
These are comics that bore me more than scare me. I believe that the EC horror comics compared to horror comics by cartoonists such as Richard Corben, Kazuo Umezu, and Mike Mignola, pale in comparison.
The EC horror comics may have been cutting edge and considered frightening in their time but for me that is no longer the case.
d-morris.livejournal.com /605.html   (1568 words)

 Smallville at KryptonSite: Phil Morris Interview - January 2007
Morris also has many connections to the world of comic book media.
We think you'll agree that Morris is one of the most enthusiastic and humble actors one would meet, and it sounds like he is very excited about his new role.
MORRIS: I'm a fan of all the DC Universe characters, and Martian Manhunter, to me - it's weird to say this - but he's one of the most humane of all the DC Universe characters.
www.kryptonsite.com /philmorris.htm   (855 words)

 Salon.com People | What happens when you satirize hysteria?
It was always going to be a controversial program, but nobody, except perhaps Morris himself, could have predicted the deluge of recrimination, condemnation and spluttering indignation that greeted the latest installment of his scabrously funny satire.
Morris, a master of disguise and an expert exploiter of hubris, has made a career out of making the great and the good look stupid and vain.
After all, he was sacked from his first job as a radio announcer after he interrupted a live show to say that the Queen Mother was dead -- she wasn't, but his future at the radio station soon was.
archive.salon.com /people/feature/2001/08/20/morris   (777 words)

 Wahoo Morris
Going in, my goal for participating was to raise awareness about Wahoo Morris, with the hope that two or three hundred stores who hadn’t tried the book out might get a chance to see it and then bring in a copy of the trade paperback.
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is right around the corner, and on the day I will be setting up shop at THE COMIC BOOK SHOPPE 2 (228 Bank Street Ottawa, Ontario) from 11-5.
Wahoo Morris is TM and © 1998-2006 Craig A. Taillefer.
www.wahoomorristhecomic.blogspot.com   (1197 words)

 Weiss, Morris
Morris Weiss (born August 11, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States) is an American comic book and comic strip artist and sometime writer, active throughout the 1940s and 1950s.
He created the teen-comedy characte "Margie" for Timely Comics, and was the final cartoonist on the once-popular comic strip Mickey Finn.
This profile of a comics creator, writer, or artist is a stub.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Morris_Weiss.php   (266 words)

 Comic Book Resources - CBR News: The Indie Odyssey of "Wahoo Morris"
There are lots of comic book creators who actually dabble as musicians, and even a few musicians like My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way who, in turn, dabble as comics creators.
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have recently knocked one out of the park with their ode to Britpop, "Phonogram," and Chris Arrant and Daniel Warner are producing "One Way Ticket" as part of the Chemset web-comics collective.
That first comic had Cavemen, Dinosaurs, and Indians on the cover, three of my favorite things at the time, so that was the hook.
www.comicbookresources.com /news/newsitem.cgi?id=11001   (1574 words)

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