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Topic: Mortar (weapon)

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

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Combat Weapons Racks are available with all standard weapon storage system components including our deployable base.
www.gsaweaponstorage.com /weapons_racks.shtml   (283 words)

  Mortar (weapon)
A mortar is a military weapon into which is dropped a mortar shell, which is then fired in a high ballistic trajectory.
Modern mortars consists of a simple tube; however, early mortars were very short, very thick cannons, and some required transport on railroad cars.
Mortars are often portable by infantry and can be used as a small-scale substitute for artillery.
www.teachersparadise.com /ency/en/wikipedia/m/mo/mortar__weapon_.html   (0 words)

  First World War.com - Weapons of War - Trench Mortars
The chief advantage of the mortar was that it could be fired from the (relative) safety of the trench, avoiding exposure of the mortar crews to the enemy.
The German mortars at the start of the war - translated into German as 'minenwerfer' (literally 'mine-thrower') had been designed in 1908-09 and, at a monster-size 25 cm, were rifled mortars mounted upon field carriages (each mortar of this size weighed approximately 95 kg).
Mortars fired from this device had a maximum range of 1,500 yards and featured a built-in 25-second fuse, although this was soon changed to a percussion (impact) fuse.
www.firstworldwar.com /weaponry/mortars.htm   (1327 words)

 Mortar (weapon)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Typically a modern mortar consists of a tube into which is dropped a mortar shell (bomb) onto a firing pin resulting in the detonation of the propellant and the firing of the shell.
Smaller mortars (up to 81 mm) are commonly used and transported by infantry based mortar sections as a substitute for, or in addition to, artillery.
The largest mortars ever developed were the French "Monster Mortar" (developed by Henri-Joseph Paixhans in 1832), "Mallet's mortar" (developed by Woolwich Arsenal, London in 1857) and the "Little David" (developed in the USA for use in World War II).
www.guideofpills.com /Mortar_%28weapon%29.html   (0 words)

 M224 60mm Light Mortar
The M224 60mm mortar is a muzzle-loaded, smooth-bore, high-angle-of-fire weapon.
The baseplate allows the mortar to be fired 0800 mils left and 0800 mils right of the center of sector for a total sector coverage of 1600 mils.
The mortar is then traversed until a proper sight picture is seen (using the aiming posts as the aiming point) and cross-level bubble is level.
www.inetres.com /gp/military/infantry/mortar/M224.html   (0 words)

 Mortar information - Search.com
Mortar (weapon) fires shells at a much lower velocity and higher ballistic arc than other ordnance
Mortar (masonry), material used in masonry to fill the gaps between bricks and bind them together
Mortar and pestle, a vessel and implement used to crush or grind materials
webshots.search.com /reference/Mortar   (226 words)

 HIGH-ANGLE HELL: The Infantry Mortar
Mortars were once seen as the weapons of the small fry -- but recent developments have brought about improved mortars that can decimate an area of thousands of square meters in an instant -- at a fraction of the usual size and cost of traditional artillery.
With the introduction of precision-guided mortar munitions(PGMs), the mortar now has the ability to provide extremely accurate and immediate ground support fire in urban environments where the threat of collateral damage is high.
In these situations the mortar is superior to air delivered munitions, which require a great deal of planning and cross-service coordination to employ.
www.military.com /soldiertech/0,14632,Soldiertech_Mortars,,00.html   (1397 words)

  The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Typically a modern mortar consists of a tube into which is dropped a mortar shell onto a firing pin resulting in the detonation of the propellant and the firing of the shell.
Smaller mortars (up to 81 mm) are commonly used and transported by infantry based mortar sections as a substitute for, or in addition to, artillery.
Spigot Mortars are a particular type of mortar which use a (mostly) solid rod barrel or spigot, with a hollow tube in the projectile into which the spigot fits, inverting the normal tube mortar arrangement.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Mortar_(weapon)   (1618 words)

 Hocthkiss Brandt 81mm Long Barrel Light Mortar
A principal feature of the weapon is that it is in the hands of the infantry man. It is the personal support artillery of the battalion commander, directly under his control and therefore a swift response can be made to his calls for fire.
Mortar fire is particularly lethal to dismounted infantry in the open and is also useful for neutralising 'dug-in' strong points, or forcing enemy armour to close down while still some distance away, forcing him to rely on optics, such as sights or periscopes.
By radio, the MFC informs the mortar line (the mortar position) of the exact location of the target and when firing commences he then gives corrections to bring the fall of the bombs onto the target.
www.62infantry.com /Weapons_Equipment/81mm_Mortar.shtml   (813 words)

 Bruce N. Canfield: The Three Inch Stokes Mortar
Mortars were curved-trajectory weapons that could lob shells into trenches whose occupants would be unaffected by flat trajectory weapons but, compared to standard artillery, mortars had a relatively short range.
It is difficult to overstate the importance of the Stokes mortar.
When Colonel Donovan called for the Stokes Mortars to repel the threatened counter-attack on the morning of the 15th, the pieces were set up under the slight protection of the sloping ground, but from this point the gunners could not observe the accuracy of their own fire.
www.worldwar1.com /dbc/smortar.htm   (2424 words)

 Commando and Special Operations Mortars
Mortar fire can also be used to drive enemies from cover to create targeting opportunities for machine gunners.
A weapon that serves as either a Commando or Long range weapon would be intended for use by units that have to carry a lot of other equipment or supplies.
For long range firing the weapon can also be fitted with a baseplate, M252 style bipod and the barrel extension to convert the weapon into a long-range 60mm mortar along the lines of the M6.
www.angelfire.com /art/enchanter/mortars.html   (1537 words)

 armada international: 5/98-001b
The familiar mortar tube or barrel is only part of a total weapon system and to get rounds on target is a far from simple business, although it is considerably less complex than artillery gunnery.
Mortars are one the oldest forms of ordnance and can trace their ancestry back to breech-loaded medieval siege mortars.
As an indirect fire weapon, mortars do not use sights to aim at targets but are designed to keep the weapon aligned with a nominal aim point and ensure that the crew can compensate for the mortar bedding itself in to the ground after each successive round is fired.
www.armada.ch /98-5/001b.htm   (617 words)

 MORTARS-4 Years[and counting] of Mortar Thoughts
Arty was deploying to Bosnia as Inf Coys and as the Mortar Pl as early as 94.
As for the mortar platoon in the hip pocket - it was often disbanded entirely prior to deployment, as were Aslt Pnrs and AAP.
"mortar, in warfare, term originally applied to certain types of artillery with high trajectories, but later applied to an infantry weapon that consists of a tube supported by a bipod that fires a projectile at a very high trajectory.
forums.army.ca /forums/index.php?topic=22545.105   (0 words)

 IMI 52mm Mortar
This is a light mortar of the Commando type.
Operating a wheel on the base of the mortar fires the mortar.
Aiming is done by aligning a white line on the bore.
www.israeli-weapons.com /weapons/artillery/mortars/imi_52mm/Mortar_52mm.html   (46 words)

Mortars allow the maneuver commander to quickly place killing indirect fires on the enemy, independent of whether he has been allocated supporting artillery.
All mortar sections and platoons exist to provide immediate, organizationally responsive fires that can be used to meet the rapid changes in the tactical situation on the AirLand Battlefield.
Although heavy mortars require trucks or tracked mortar carriers to move them, they are still much lighter than field artillery pieces.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/land/mortars.htm   (477 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The mount consists of a bipod and a base plate which is provided with screw type elevating and traversing mechanisms to elevate/traverse the mortar.
Attached to the muzzle of the weapon is the Blast Attenuation Device (BAD), used to reduce the blast effects on the mortar crew.
It was adopted due to the extended range (from 4,500 meters to 5,650 meters) and lethality it provides in comparison to the previous 81 mm mortar (the M29).
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=M252   (601 words)

 Did I Ever Tell You...?
The aiming party would then go in and prepare firing lines, whilst the four mortar detachments waited a short distance away, in the vehicles and in whatever concealment was to be found.
The mortar men unloaded the three parts, barrel, baseplate and bipod, along with the boxes of mortar bombs and, whilst they got on with the business of assembling the weapon, aiming it and firing a given number of rounds, we would drive off at full tilt, back to our hiding place.
Men and mortar were scrambled aboard, and we "got the hell outa there", driving as fast as we could possibly manage, across whatever terrain we encountered.
homepage.mac.com /barrybloke/mlr.html   (426 words)

 URBAN PUNCH: 155mm mortars
Since these rounds are not rocket propelled like most mortars, bag charges would be tossed in the tube and the two men would use a special carrier to hoist up and drop a 90-pound 155mm munition, or it may be breech-loaded like the 160mm mortars used by Russia, Finland, and Israel.
Since the mortar crew would designate it's own targets with a laser, there would be no problem aligning the spot with the gun tube to ensure a Copperhead can see the target.
The only reluctance I have to not letting go with mortars is the economy and precision of single HE rounds and their plunging fire support so necessary to to ground maneuver.
www.g2mil.com /155mortars.htm   (1221 words)

The 81 mm mortar provides air assault, airborne, ranger, and light infantry rifle companies with an effective, efficient, and flexible weapon, typically found in the mortar platoon of an infantry battalion.
The 81mm mortar is a smooth-bore, muzzle-loaded, high-angle, indirect fire weapon consisting of a barrel, sight, bipod, and base plate.
Its components are the M253 Cannon (tube), M177 Mortar Mount, M3A1 Baseplate, and M64 or M64A1 Sight Unit shared with the M224 60mm mortar.
www.olive-drab.com /od_infweapons_mortars_81mm.php   (537 words)

 Special Operations.Com
Although exposed to the intense grenade attack, he then succeeded in reaching a 60mm mortar position despite sustaining a severe stomach wound as he was within 5 yards of the gun pit.
Although suffering from multiple wounds, he carried the abandoned 60mm mortar weapon to a new location 30 meters away where he found 3 wounded defenders.
He then moved to an eastern 60mm mortar position and upon determining that the vicious enemy assault had weakened, crawled back to the gun pit with the 60mm mortar, set it up for defensive operations, and turned it over to 2 defenders with minor wounds.
www.specialoperations.com /MOH/donlon.html   (659 words)

 Lone Sentry: TM-E 30-451 Handbook on German Military Forces: Mortars: Weapons
The mortar itself is located in the upper compartment of a large cylindrical emplacement and is completely enclosed except for a small firing aperture covered by a steel shutter.
The mortar tube is held in a cradle which may be raised and locked into firing position.
The mortar itself is of conventional construction and consists of a tube, a circular baseplate, and a bipod.
lonesentry.com /manuals/tme30/ch7sec3.html   (1177 words)

Although not available to counteract a German invasion in 1940 the mortar was certainly under test in early 1941 and further demonstrations at Bisley in April of that year showed, according to GHQ Home Forces, "that it fully justified its adoption as an anti-tank weapon both by regular formations and the Home Guard".
Mortar, and this restriction applied equally to the RAF Regiment formed in February 1942, and whose prime function was airfield defence!
Despite these reassurances however, rumblings (or grumblings) about the Spigot Mortar were already emanating from HQ Salisbury Plain District at Bulford to the effect that it was "highly unpopular" and that some battalion commanders were trying to "trade their allotment in exchange for Tommy Guns".
www.pillbox-study-group.org.uk /spigotmortarpage.htm   (806 words)

 Mortar - Wikinfo
A mortar is a vessel used to contain a substance which is then ground into a powder and/or mixed with a pestle.
Mortars have smooth, rounded bottoms and wide mouths.
Mortar is a material used in masonry to fill the gaps between blocks in construction and bind the blocks together
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Mortar   (520 words)

 Welcome to Messiah's Tribes 2 Tactics Page!
Luckily indirect fire weapons like the Mortar always have very large explosive range so you do not need to be quite as acurate as you would with a direct fire weapon.
Its not hard to hit them in the air, but to do so from the distance it would require for the mortar to actually explode would be difficult to say the least.
Since you must be in a heavy to wield this weapon, you are garunteed to have a better weapon on hand to take out a vehicle.
www.fragtopia.com /t2tactics/mortar.htm   (695 words)

 Smart mortar
The development of precision-guided mortar ammunition has been a chequered affair with many programmes falling by the wayside because of budgetary, technical and doctrinal problems.
Once a target is identified and recognised, the weapon’s targeting computer sends instructions to moveable fins or thrusters to steer it to its target.
The ATD is due to be concluded with a flight test to engage a laser-designated bunker during 2001.
www.global-defence.com /2000/pages/mortar.html   (891 words)

 [No title]
It seems to me the shape of the mortar shell is better suited for recoilless fire than the perforated RR casings.
I could be wrong, but the mortar expends its energy in the tube like a rifle, etc, just at low(er) velocities and pressures, giving it the arcing trajectory, but it still have a pretty strong recoil impulse.
Even if it did you have given me either a good bunkerbuster thats a POS mortar or a good mortar thats a crappy bunkerbuster vice the weapons we have that kick butt at what they were designed to do.
strategypage.com /militaryforums/1-4004.aspx   (2901 words)

 Print Page - MORTARS-4 Years[and counting] of Mortar Thoughts
Mortars are a farily simple weapon system and it would fit in with the limited training time most reserve units have.
Mortars have been relegated to a secondary role for the artillery, in effect, to be taken off the shelf when needed.
Remember the mortars are a residual skill set, that was thrown to the artillery because we have the ability to force generate mortarmen.
forums.army.ca /forums/index.php?action=printpage;topic=22545.0   (0 words)

 60mm Mortar M19 Cdn   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The mortar consists of a barrel, a base cap and a firing mechanism which is assembled into a single unit.
The breech end of the barrel is threaded to receive the base cap therby closing the breech end of the barrel.
The Mortar may be used for direct fire missions using the M1 Base Plate.
www.eme421.com /60mmMortar.html   (154 words)

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