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Topic: Mother of pearl

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  Mother of Pearl
Mother of pearl: The shining and playful reflected light of mother of pearl has attracted the attention of human beings since the beginning of the world.
Mother of pearl is the shell of mollusks (such as mussels and oysters) as well as of pseudo pods (such as snails).
Instead, the mother of pearl is made to adhere to the surface by means of auxiliary substances.
www.bazaarway.com /mother-of-pearl.asp   (720 words)

  Mother of Pearl - Emotional Fulfillment - Information and Online Ordering
Mother of Pearl stirs and awakens the primordial memory of your origin in the infinite ocean of divine love.
Mother of Pearl does not protect a child from the emotions that are important for him to experience.
Mother of Pearl is unusual, in that bleach empowers and has a brightening effect on its energy.
www.gemisphere.com /gemstoneMissions/mop_mission.htm   (1014 words)

  Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mother of pearl tesserae may be cut into artistic shapes and be laminated to ceramic tile and surrounded by numerous coats of colored lacquer to create an artistic design.
Instead of using a marble or tile base, the mother of pearl tesserae are glued to a fiberglass mesh.
Mother of pearl sheets may be used on interior floors, exterior and interior walls, countertops, doors and ceilings.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=mother-of-pearl   (722 words)

  Nacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mother of pearl tesserae may be cut into artistic shapes and be laminated to ceramic tile and surrounded by numerous coats of colored lacquer to create an artistic design.
Instead of using a marble or tile base, the mother of pearl tesserae are glued to a fiberglass mesh.
Mother of pearl sheets may be used on interior floors, exterior and interior walls, countertops, doors and ceilings.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mother-of-pearl   (757 words)

 Mother of pearl spoons, forks, plates, knives, and jewelry
Our mother of pearl and sterling handled spoons are ideal for serving caviar.
This spectacular lining together with its ability to be easily carved makes mother of pearl popular in the making of jewelry, ornaments and inlays [definition].
Mother of pearl spoons make great gifts, receive a 10% discount on all retail orders over $200.00 where payment is made using USPS COD, mention the discount in your order.
www.jordanas.com   (377 words)

 Pearls in Human History | American Museum of Natural History
Polynesian children are said at one time to have used pearls as marbles.
Abalone was also popular with many groups, including those in the Americas: people ate the flesh of the mollusks and used pieces of colorful abalone shell as inlay on carved objects made of wood, ivory and bone.
Shells such as this one, from the Silver-lipped Pearl Oyster, were probably carved for the Western export trade.
www.amnh.org /exhibitions/pearls/history/mother.html   (136 words)

 Mother Of Pearl Jewelry $1.39 @SilverShake.com Sterling Silver MOP Gem Jewellery. Introduction.
Reflecting the rainbows of the ocean beds, iridescent Mother of Pearl is the opal of the sea.
However the beauty of Mother of Pearl, associated birthstone of June, has been used in the decoration of precious jewels and ornaments as far back as 3000 years before the birth of Christ.
Mother of Pearl: Crystals of calcium carbonate and conchiolin, secreted by the living organism within a mollusk, which build up and solidify coating the inner surface of the shell.
www.silvershake.com /store/mother_of_pearl/mother_of_pearl_silver_jewelry_introduction.html   (180 words)

 Ataman Hotel - Mother of Pearl
The earliest example of Ottoman period mother of pearl inlay are the doors of the Mosque of Beyazit II in Edirne.
Over the centuries mother of pearl was used to embellish a wide variety of objects, from Koran cases to the canopied pavilions of royal barges, from janissary sword hilts to calligraphers' writing sets, and from turban stands to the wooden pattens of grand ladies.
Perhaps because working mother of pearl is an art requiring careful measuring and a sense of scale to show the material to best effect, a disproportionate number of the famous architects educated at the Ottoman palace were also mother of pearl craftsmen.
www.atamanhotel.com /sedefkar.html   (985 words)

 Worldly Treasures - Mother of pearl Jewelry
Mother of Pearl is the iridescent lining from the shell of mollusks such as mussels and oysters.
Among the chief sources are the pearl oyster found in the tropical waters of Asia; freshwater pearl mussels and various varieties of the abalone.
White Mother of Pearl: This is from pearl-bearing oysters.
www.worldlytreasures.biz /Motherofpearl.aspx   (303 words)

 Mother of pearl
Mother of pearl in a bleached 4mm bead.
Mother of pearl in a bleached 5.5mm to 5.754mm bead.
These smooth, side-drilled Mother of Pearl flat rectangle beads are of a white with subtly brilliant white flash that oozes an edgy class with its striking flash.
www.jewelweaver.com /MM003.ASP?pageno=90   (2065 words)

 Mother of Pearl (Abalone)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mother of pearl was a popular material used to aesthetically enhance the beauty of canes and walking sticks.
Mother of pearl refers to the iridescent substance forming the lining of the one-piece shells of certain fresh and salt water mollusks including mussels, oysters, and snails.
The names mother of pearl and abalone are often used interchangeably, when in actuality abalone is a variety of gastropod mollusk (also called ear shells or sea ears) that inhabits the shell which is lined with mother of pearl.
www.canequest.com /mother_pearl.asp   (278 words)

 Pearls and mother-of-pearl
On the other hand, pearls were not held in high esteem, no doubt because of the difficulty of piercing holes in them.
Pearl fishing used to be organized at special times or diving seasons.
As pearl production has meant that more and more living pearl oysters ready for grafting are needed, the Territory's natural stocks have been subject to intense harvesting and most of the lagoons have come close to total depletion.
www.tahiti1.com /en/indentity/pearls.htm   (556 words)

 Egypt: Tricks of the Trade: Buying Egyptain Mother of Pearl
One may normally tell the difference between plastic and real mother of pearl because the plastic is less shiny and does not catch the light as does the real item.
For example, an inlayed game board may have real mother of pearl used in the game pattern, but on the side of the box, the inlays may be plastic, or mixed with real mother of pearl.
For those items that are pure mother of pearl, the critical issues are the size of the individual pieces and the precision of their fit within the pattern.
www.touregypt.net /featurestories/mop.htm   (813 words)

 Mother of Pearl Pendants Wholesale Mother of Pearl Pendants Wholesale Silver Mother of Pearl Pendants Manufacturers ...
Mother of Pearl Pendants Wholesale Mother of Pearl Pendants Wholesale Silver Mother of Pearl Pendants Manufacturers Mother of Pearl Pendants
Mother of Pearl Pendants have plain silver setting around Mother of Pearl.
The Mother of Pearl used are carefully hand picked by experts.
www.essentialsjewelry.com /pendants/wholesale_mother_of_pearl_pendants.htm   (52 words)

 mother-of-pearl - Definitions from Dictionary.com
Pearl City, IL (village, FIPS 58369) Location: 42.26767 N, 89.82554 W
Pearl River County, MS (county, FIPS 109) Location: 30.77042 N, 89.59246 W
Pearl, IL (village, FIPS 58343) Location: 39.45856 N, 90.62431 W
dictionary.reference.com /search?q=mother-of-pearl&r=67   (778 words)

 Mother of Pearl - Shell Crafts and Art Gallery
was to inlay the mother of pearl designs onto the pieces then glaze them with lacquer.
mother of pearl designs included flowers, particularly chrysanthemums and peonies, and exotic plants, such as the
with mother of pearl significantly increased the means of artistic expression for Goryeo artisans.
www.antiquealive.com /masters/Mother_of_Pearl/shells.html   (709 words)

 14K 19 Onyx, Cultured Freshwater Pearl & Mother-of-Pearl Necklace at ShopNBC.com
Crafted in polished 14K gold, this necklace features one pear shaped 16 x 11mm fl onyx in a peg setting.
It also features seven round cut cultured freshwater pearls in peg settings and one rectangle shaped 27 x 18mm mother-of-pearl in a rectangle setting.
There are also various disk shaped cultured freshwater pearls strung to make up four strands on each side of the necklace.
www.shopnbc.com /product/?familyid=J180532&storeid=1&page=LIST&prop=Necklaces|174&prop=Multi-Gem|543&prop=Mother-of-Pearl|542&itemsperpage=99&catprop=542&track=542&cm_re=SearchList-_-N-_-J180532   (781 words)

 [No title]
large square mother of pearl sterling silver ring
fish eaters sterling silver with mother of pearl,
mother of pearl carved rose pendant - 45mm
www.trademe.co.nz /searchstring-~~Mother+of+Pearl+and+SILVER~~.htm   (257 words)

 Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl & Iolite Ring (Indonesia) : Jewelry from Overstock.com
Long associated with the powers of wealth and protection, mother of pearl is a favored jewelry material in many cultures.
One bezel-set oval iolite gemstone sits atop the mother of pearl.
Associated with Libra and Taurus, iolite is believed to bring harmony to oneself and awaken inner knowledge.
www.overstock.com /cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=PRODUCT&PROD_ID=707541&cid=27532&fp=F   (346 words)

 Mother of Pearl - Alaska Jewelry
We are proud to be the authorized dealer of Kabana Mother of Pearl jewelry.
Fine craftsmanship and the use of cutting edge technology are the hallmarks of Kabana jewelry, and the application of these two ideals is evidenced in every flawless detail and breathtaking design.
Pink and White Mother of Pearl Kabana Bracelet with Diamonds
www.alaskajewelry.com /mother-pearl-c-246.html?infoBox=0   (147 words)

 Mother of Pearl Furniture Rosewood Furniture by WoodCiti® Furniture
Mother of Pearl Furniture Rosewood Furniture by WoodCiti® Furniture
The Mother-of-Pearl is the nacreous inner layer of the shell of some mollusks, including oysters.
As with pearls, the luster is from the translucency of the thin lining, while the play of colors is caused by optical interference.
www.thailandtradenet.com /mother-of-pearl-furniture.htm   (242 words)

Mother of Pearl Shell Necklace with Resin and Wood.
Pearls come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and lusters can be found.
Pearls are judged by their size, shape, color, freedom from blemishes and lustre.
www.batiksarong.com /sea-shells-pearl-jewelry-company-bali-indonesia-6.html   (404 words)

We produce beads jewellery or beads jewellery with various natural and organic materials such as sea shells, mother of pearl shells, oyster shells, coconut wood, wooden beads etc. Some of beads accessories and jewelry displayed here.
Jewelry such as mother of pearl shell necklaces, paua shell necklaces and beaded jewelry from Bali.
Bali jewelry made of sea shells, pearl shells and abalone shells combined with all kind of beads such as glass beads, Bali silver beads, bone beads, coconut wood and other organic natural beads.
www.jewelryindonesia.com /4-mother-of-pearl-shell-necklaces/mother-of-pearl-shell-necklaces.html   (709 words)

 SEA SHELL NECKLACES COMPANY BALI INDONESIA Fashion Accessories Mother Pearl Jewelry
Beads ands Mother Pearl Shell Necklaces from Indonesia Sea Shell Necklaces.
Our fashion accessory and costume jewellery made of beads, mother of pearl shell (MOP shells), abalone shell or paua shell, cowrie shells or (also spelled cowry shells).
We're manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, supplier and producer company of sea shell necklaces, beads mother of pearl shell necklaces and seashell chokers, bangle, bracelets, earrings and other body jewelry.
batiksarong.com /bali-sea-shells-necklaces-jewelry-fashion-accessories.html   (118 words)

 Travel To Myanmar .com
Mother of Pearl, gems and variety of oyster shell in different colours are used for certain places to set a picture.
Depend on design and colours to be used in painting that mother of pearl will be seen in its natural colour of green and brown in some painting that you may not notice it.
Thus, the characteristics of mother of pearl painting are;
www.traveltomyanmar.com /mother_of_pearl_painting.htm   (645 words)

Mother of Pearl have been active for the last couple of years, gigging intensely in the UK and Ireland.
Mother of Pearl gig regularly in Britain and Ireland and are on a steadfast route towards major success.
Mother of Pearl will have to forgive me as I wanted to enjoy their set as much as write about it as they are fast becoming favourites of mine.
www.cdbaby.com /motherofpearl   (1006 words)

 Mother of pearl pendants
These are super large for mother of pearl, had to be an extra large shell to make these.
These are mother of pearl carved cameo pendant measuring about 30mm tall by 22mm wide, thickness varies from about 4-4.5mm and with about a 1mm hole on top.
Pearl shell occurs naturally in many colors; most of what I've obtained is in the white, off-white, brown or pink range.
www.jewelweaver.com /MM003.ASP?pageno=503   (2135 words)

 mother-of-pearl - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Mother-of-Pearl, hard, iridescent inner layer of certain shells, such as that of the abalone, pearl oyster, and mussel.
Pearl (gem), lustrous concretion produced by certain bivalve mollusks (Mollusk) and valued as a gem.
Pearl River Community College - Pearl River County Center
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=mother-of-pearl   (139 words)

 Mother Pearl
Mother of Pearl first received a workshop as part of the Eudora Welty Series at New Stage in Jackson, Mississippi.
Mother of Pearl spans the thirty-year relationship between struggling songwriter Velma Grass and her daughter Pearl.
Mother of Pearl was written with a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission.
www.chambersstevens.com /mother_pearl.php   (296 words)

 Dave's Down To Earth Rock Shop Mother of Pearl!!!
Mother of pearl is composed of alternate layers of the aragonite form of calcium carbonate and conchiolin.
The mother of pearl of abalone is called sea opal because of its similarity to the effects seen in opal.
Mother of pearl appears in many forms and is the home of many small creatures of the sea.
www.davesdowntoearthrockshop.com /mop.htm   (915 words)

 Vietnam Hand
You can quickly and elegantly change the accent of any room in your home by placing these fine mothers of pearl inlaid art pieces that have their origin, both in meaning and craftsmanship, from Asia.
You may have guessed that the name “mother of pearl” refers to shells of pearl-producing oysters found near the shores of warm seas particularly Southeast Asia.
Pictures are drawn on a piece of paper, transferred to flat portions of mother of pearl shells, and are cut out with precision.
www.ankhoaagency.com /vietnam_motherpearl.htm   (386 words)

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