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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Motif ES Home Page
Following on two years after the original Motif, a new chip delivering 128-note polyphony was central to the ES specification.
Although the Motif ES remains an outstanding instrument, widely used in hip hop, and almost omnipotent as the go-to touring keyboard, the currently looming Motif XS will replace it as the flagship Motif in April 2007.
If you already use a Motif ES you won't need telling how excellent it is. If a new, or even pre-owned Motif ES is coming into your sights, these instruments are built like tanks, offer commendable compatibility with models up and down the food chain, and sound terrific.
www.motifator.com /motifes/motifes.php   (437 words)

If you are a Motif 2.1 Support customer you should have already gotten access to the code.
This is the latest patch release to Motif 2.1 and includes over 100 Motif defect fixes.
Motif is also the base graphical user interface toolkit for the
www.opengroup.org /motif   (158 words)

  Motifator.com - Official website for the Yamaha Motif Family
Motif XS is the latest and greatest instrument in the Motif Series.
The Motif XS was released in April 2007 so this is still very early days in terms of understanding what the XS can do and what else people might need in terms of help, media, software, or accessories.
Motif sound design guru, Dave Polich from DCP, is presently recreating his groundbreaking voice libraries for the new waveROM and functionality of the XS.
www.motifator.com   (559 words)

 O'Reilly Media -- Bookstore: Motif Programming Manual, Vol 6A, Second Edition
In addition to information on Motif, the book is full of tips about programming in general and about user- interface design.
An introduction to the Motif programming model, how it is based on the X Toolkit Intrinsics, and how it differs from them.
The Motif Programming Manual is not only the most comprehensive guide to writing applications with Motif, it is an integral part of the most widely used series of books on X as a whole.
www.oreilly.com /catalog/v6a   (472 words)

 DNB - Motif Writing/Description
Motif Description is a method of recording movement that is closely related to Labanotation.
In contrast, Motif Description depicts just core elements and leitmotifs; it highlights what stands out, is most important, or is most impressive.
A motif score might convey the overall structure of a dance improvisation, what one should focus on when learning how to swing a golf club, the primary movement features of a character in a play, or the intent of a person’s movement in a therapy session.
dancenotation.org /DNB/lnbasics/motif.html   (311 words)

 X WIndow/Motif Programming
Motif 1.0 is now quite old and should probably be avoided as there has been significant upgrades to Motif and the underlying X system in later Motif versions.
Motif 1.1 was the next major release but this releases does not support some useful later features, such as drag and drop.
Motif is built on other toolkits in the X System: Xt Intrinsics , an intermediate level toolkit, and the low level X Library (Xlib) .
www.cm.cf.ac.uk /Dave/X_lecture/X_book_caller/index.html   (15107 words)

 The Motif License - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Their announcement says they have released Motif to "the open source community", but this is true only in an unnatural interpretation of the words.
They have not made Motif available within the free software community; instead, they have invited the people in the free software community to leave the community by using Motif.
Motif still cannot be part of a free operating system, and combining or linking someone else's GPL-covered code with Motif is still a violation of the GPL except in very special circumstances.
www.gnu.org /philosophy/motif.html   (486 words)

 Motifs and Tale Types
By understanding the motif classfication, we can see, for example, that the motif of the cruel stepmother is but one variation among a number of possibilities of unnatural cruelty.
Knowledge of motifs can be very important as a practical matter in the study of folk tales, since it allows one to identify similarities based on distinctive events, characters, and situations.
He found motifs to fall generally into seven categories: a supernatural opponent, a supernatural spouse, a supernatural task, a supernatural helper, a magic object, supernatural power or knowledge, and other supernatural motifs.
www.northern.edu /hastingw/motif.htm   (724 words)

 Motif (Linktionary term)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Motif provides application developers, end users, and system vendors with an environment for building applications with a standardized presentation on a wide range of platforms.
Motif provides application portability across a variety of platforms, allowing application developers to leverage their development work and customers to make valuable software investments.
Motif is also the base graphical user interface toolkit for the CDE (Common Desktop Environment).
www.linktionary.com /m/motif.html   (182 words)

 Motif Backgammon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Motif is a Java applet that plays the game of backgammon.
If Motif goes first, you will see a message saying "Motif is thinking.
Motif is a new program, so it may still be a little rough around the edges.
www.bkgm.com /motif/go.html   (392 words)

 Yamaha Corporation of America - MOTIF6   (Site not responding. Last check: )
MOTIF comes standard with 4MB of sampling memory and can be increased up to 64MB using affordable PC SIMMs for a maximum total sampling time of 6 minutes and 20 seconds (stereo, 44.1kHz).
MOTIF sports four physical sliders and four physical knobs on its front panel, which work as 16 virtual knobs and 16 virtual sliders when used with the keyboard's expanded real-time control functions.
MOTIF is ready to connect to your iMac™, G4 or newer G3 Macintosh® computer as well as any USB-equipped Windows® PC (Windows® 98 or later).
www.yamaha.com /yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/ModelSeriesDetail/0,6373,CNTID=2310&CTID=206400,00.html   (1544 words)

 X/Motif Programming | Linux Journal
Motif is a widely accepted set of user interface guidelines developed by the Open Software Foundation and its member companies around 1989, and supported since.
Motif also prescribes certain other actions that should, whenever possible, be adhered to.
Motif also provides widgets whose only function is to control the layout of other widgets, enabling fairly advanced GUIs to be easily designed and assembled.
www.linuxjournal.com /article/3666   (2818 words)

 Yamaha Motif 8 Music Productions Synthesizer Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Motif 8's construction quality is very good; the bulk of the case is made of metal, and the bottom is composed of thick pressboard.
The Motif 6 and 7 — the light Motifs, as it were — have sheet-metal undersides.
The Motif's preset phrases are handy, but they hardly compare with the Karma's “complicated” algorithms, which evolve as you play and respond in inspiring ways to numerous performance gestures.
emusician.com /elecinstruments/emusic_yamaha_motif_music/index.html   (4341 words)

 Open Motif -- OpenMotif -- Portal
Open Motif, is a source code version of Motif®, available under a public license, the effect of which allows Open Motif to be distributed, royalty free, when the platform upon which it is shipped is Open Source.
The existing commercial release of Motif continues to be available for non-Open Source distribution, full details of the license and pricing information is at: http://www.opengroup.org/motif
Motif® is a registered trademark of The Open Group
www.opengroup.org /openmotif   (133 words)

 Motif Backgammon
Motif is a Java applet that plays backgammon.
Be assured that all dice rolls in Motif are fair and random and that over the long run the luck will even out.
Motif plays a reasonably good game and some people have written to ask about Motif's inner workings and how it learned to play.
www.bkgm.com /motif.html   (320 words)

 X/Motif Programming | Linux Journal
Motif is a widely accepted set of user interface guidelines developed by the Open Software Foundation and its member companies around 1989, and supported since.
Motif also includes the Motif Style Guide document which details how a Motif user interface should look and behave to be ``Motif compliant''.
Motif also provides widgets whose only function is to control the layout of other widgets, enabling fairly advanced GUIs to be easily designed and assembled.
www2.linuxjournal.com /lj-issues/issue73/3666.html   (2818 words)

 Motif FAQ (Part 1 of 9)
Motif includes the Motif Toolkit (also called "Xm" or the "Motif widgets"), which enforce a policy on top of the X Toolkit Intrinsics ("Xt").
Motif 1.2.5 was released June 15, 1995 ONLY to OSF Motif Support Licensees as part of their maintenance agreement.
Traits are a new feature with Motif 2.0 which essentially allow a given behaviour to be associated to a widget irrespective of the widget hierarchial relationships.
www.faqs.org /faqs/motif-faq/part1   (6470 words)

 An Introduction to GUI Programming with UIL and Motif
Motif was designed by the Open Software Foundation for a consortium of dozens of companies, including HP, Digital and IBM.
However, not all Motif programs will run on any UNIX system, unless the window manager, which is that part of the operating system that creates and manages the display, and allows interaction with the user, is compatible.
The only thing a Motif program has to do to make the balancing act work is to register the callbacks, and call the event loop function.
www.cs.nmsu.edu /~rth/cs/cs177/s98/IntroUIL2.html   (1270 words)

 Yamaha Motif ES6 | Sweetwater.com
Not only do the new MOTIF ES Music Production Synthesizers feature the largest wave ROM of any workstation keyboard available (175 MB in 16-bit linear format), but that Extensive Sonic library is at the heart of the most expressive, most musical synthesis system on the planet, bar none.
The MOTIF ES gives you four rotary controllers and four faders that can be assigned to control filters, volume, effects, envelops...
The MOTIF ES synthesizers feature a USB "TO DEVICE" port that can be connected to a USB storage device such as hard disks, flash disks, or card memory readers for convenient, safe external storage of your samples, sequences, and other production data.
www.sweetwater.com /store/detail/MotifES6   (976 words)

 motifdeveloper.com - the leading resource for Motif
It is for discussion of all aspects of the use, deployment and development of Motif.
The Board will be visited regularly by IST's Motif experts who will contribute news and views and will respond to users' questions.
As well as Motif, related topics such as cross-platform techniques with Windows and Java are covered.
www.motifdeveloper.com   (535 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Motif was developed by the X Consortium and Open Software Foundation.
Until I get round to writing some stuff here, try Kenton Lee's Motif Home Page which is an excellent source of advice on all areas of X and Motif programming.
You might also want to look at The Motif Developer which has some of the articles from the old X Advisor and many new ones.
www.pottsoft.com /home/motif/motif.html   (230 words)

 Definition of motif - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Etymology: French, motive, motif, from Middle French -- more at
Learn more about "motif" and related topics at Britannica.com
See a map of "motif" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=motif   (65 words)

 Motif Blog
Jointly-built with Macromedia, DART Motif is the only fully-integrated solution for developing, deploying, and reporting on Flash rich media advertising.
ClickZ is reporting that AMPP Media, a new cross-platform ad network is using Motif and DART for ad serving.
Until a year ago, over 90 percent of the video Klipmart ran in ad units was repurposed TV fare, he said, but that has begun to change as more advertisers shoot specifically for the Web and seek to create their own compelling content.
www.dartmotif.com /blog/blog.asp   (714 words)

 Aspen Country - Animal Print Decorations, African Safari Motif, Leopard, Decor Accents
An exotic addition to any room, this safari motif lamp is 11" x 11" x 30" high.
Framed in a decorative carved border, this giraffe motif wall decoration plaque exudes the essence of wild Africa and the excitement of an African safari.
A fine addition to your jungle motif, this candle holder is done up in dazzling animal print safari patchwork.
www.aspencountry.com /aspen/assets/product_images/safari_motif.html   (1449 words)

 Motif - AOL Music
In literature, a motif or motive is a recurring element that has symbolic significance in the story.
Motive or motif are terms that turn up in many different forms in literature...
A motif may be a recurring fragment, theme or pattern in a creative work:...
music.aol.com /artist/motif/143190/main   (100 words)

 Yamaha Motif XS6 - Motif XS 6 Synthesizer - Yamaha Keyboard - Motif Synthesizers
The new Motif XS6 synthesizer workstation features high-quality sounds to inspire you, intelligent arpeggiators to fuel your creativity, recording features to capture every idea, built-in sampling to create full audio/MIDI arrangements, rhythmic patterns to compose with, studio-style mixing controls and versatile effect processing to master your final productions.
The Yamaha MOTIF XS6 also has a full complement of effects; both insert (Insertion) and send (System), and includes a special set of VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) effects that authentically model the elements in analog circuitry, realistically recreating the uniquely warm characteristics of vintage processing gear.
Despite all the advanced technology and features packed into the MOTIF XS6 synthesizer, it is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use.
www.andysmusiconline.com /products/yamaha-motif-xs6.html   (987 words)

 Wall Stencils Decorative Paints Designs Buy Online
Please note: We are not looking to employ more decorators, specialist painters or apprentices at this time and are not able to respond to requests for work, CV's, letters, phonecalls and such.
Henny Donovan/Henny Donovan Motif is the sole copyright owner of all stencil designs, photographs and text published in this website and as such are protected by copyright.
No design, stencil, photograph, text or part therein, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any way or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or re-used, or sold by any person without the prior written agreement or permission of the copyright owner.
www.hennydonovanmotif.co.uk /services.htm   (251 words)

 Integrated Computer Solutions Incorporated - Motif Main
Motif, OpenMotif, Premier Motif, or ViewKit, these toolkits are the standard in mission-critical and business-critical GUI development.
ICS has helped thousands of organizations with all aspects of Motif development - from GUI Builders and widgets to testing tools to hands-on training and consulting.
If you are developing or supporting a Motif application, chances are that ICS has a solution for you.
www.ics.com /products/motif   (177 words)

 Yamaha Motif ES6 - Motif ES 6 - Yamaha Motif
The Yamaha Motif ES6 has an enhanced sound set of 1,859 waveforms that provide the foundation for 1,024 outstanding normal voices plus 65 drum kits.
The range of sounds it produces is stunning — from the Emulative Sounds of acoustic piano and orchestra to the Extreme Synthesis of cutting-edge hip hop and electronica.
The MOTIF ES6 gives you four rotary controllers and four faders that can be assigned to control filters, volume, effects, envelops … any of an extensive range of voice parameters.
www.andysmusiconline.com /products/yamaha-motifes6/yamaha_motif_es6.html   (1264 words)

 MOTIF ES - Products - Yamahasynth.com
The Enhanced Sound set of the ES 1,859 waveforms – the majority of them newly sampled specifically for the MOTIF ES series – provide the foundation for 1,024 outstanding normal voices plus 65 drum kits.
There are even Mix Voices so you can edit and create your own Voices will listening to your songs and store them right along with the song data.
You only have to hear the ES once to know this is the best sounding, most Evolved Synthesizer Yamaha has ever made.
www.yamahasynth.com /products/motifes/index.html   (233 words)

 The MotifZone
OpenMotif is the publicly licensed version of Motif, the industry standard user interface toolkit for UNIX systems provided on more than 200 hardware and software platforms including HP, IBM, Sun, SGI, and Linux (Red Hat and Novell SUSE).
Motif is the industry standard toolkit for UNIX systems and OpenMotif, based on the Motif source code, provides a freely available version for open source developers.
Whether you have been developing under Motif for years, or have just started to use it, there will be something here to help your development along!
www.motifzone.net   (204 words)

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