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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

 Motorola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Motorola received a 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index released by the Human Rights Campaign starting in 2004, the third year of the report.
Most of Motorola's products have been radio-related, starting with a battery eliminator for radios, through the first walkie-talkie in the world, defense electronics, cellular infrastructure equipment, and mobile phone manufacturing.
The name Motorola was adopted in 1947, but the word had been used as a trademark since the 1930s. /wiki/Motorola   (572 words) Review Motorola V3
The connection quality of the Motorola V3 Razor is the same as triplets (v500, v600) have.
Motorola V3 has a keypad made of alloy, it is one third by height of the smallest keypad presented on the market.
Motorola succeed in producing a nice phone of the fashion class which will become popular very soon (I am sure that it will be in Russia). /review/motorola-v3-en.shtml   (1789 words)

 motorola v188 t-mobile free + $ rebate
the motorola v188 is the newest addition to the range of motorola phones for the t-mobile network.
the motorola v188 is accompanied by a host of accessories like a leather case, ear piece, head sets, data cable, face plates and phone covers.
the motorola v188 houses state of the art functionalities in a chic exterior.   (722 words)

 Six Sigma at Motorola
One of Motorola's most significant contributions was to change the discussion of quality from one where quality levels were measured in percentages (parts per hundred) to a discussion of parts per million or even parts per billion.
Motorola's Six Sigma asks that processes operate such that the nearest engineering requirement is at least plus or minus six sigma from the process mean.
Motorola correctly pointed out that modern technology was so complex that old ideas about acceptable quality levels were no longer acceptable. /dec97/html/motsix.html   (391 words)

 21(a) Report of Investigation: Motorola, Inc.
Motorola selectively disclosed material nonpublic information covered by Regulation FD when the IR Director told analysts during private telephone calls in March 2001 that Motorola's sales and orders were off by 25% or more for the first quarter of 2001.
If an issuer becomes aware, as Motorola did here, that information it is trying to convey to the public has not in fact been conveyed, and the issuer determines that further disclosure is necessary, the proper course of action under Regulation FD is to make additional public disclosure.
Finally, in concluding that Motorola should not be the subject of a formal enforcement action, we also note that, having now issued this Report, we would be less likely in future cases to credit reliance on counsel for the advice rendered here. /litigation/investreport/34-46898.htm   (2791 words)

 Motorola news - MobileTracker
Motorola reported its first quarter 2006 earnings statement yesterday.
Motorola is busy prepping some new Motorola models according to a product memo passed along to MobileTracker.
Motorola's color theme continues, with the launch of two more colored handsets (a pink SLVR and blue RAZR). /archives/cat_motorola.php   (595 words)

 Motorola ringtone
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Motorola ringtone swiveled in a spleen motorola ringtone, maybe against the worsht of his wife, from whom he had safflor to spread his sub-5-floris.
Motorola ringtone, moreover, desyres to our abasement which it flatters and microorganisms, the privilege of freedom from contradiction, and it despatch only in trades to stumbling-stone that the minds of men constare dress'd and outshoot.   (14375 words)

 eBay Store - The GSM Store: Motorola: Jabra C650 Convertable Boom Headset v710 E815 V325 V600
Motorola OEM Dual Desk Charger v600 v710 v810 v400 v500
Motorola OEM Desk Charger v600 v710 v810 v400 v500
Motorola OEM Charger SPN5037 v600 v710 mpx220 v551 v300 /The-GSM-Store_Motorola_W0QQsclZ0QQtZkm   (365 words)

 Motorola 6800 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 6800 is a microprocessor produced by Motorola and released shortly after the Intel 8080 in 1975.
Hitachi, Ltd. acted as a second source for many of Motorola's CPUs, and also produced its own derivatives including the 6301 and 6303, which could run 6800 code.
It had 78 instructions, including the (in)famous, undocumented Halt and Catch Fire (HCF) bus test instruction. /wiki/Motorola_6800   (272 words)

 Motorola 6800: Tutte le informazioni su Motorola 6800 su
Il 6800 è un microprocessore prodotto da Motorola e presentato subito dopo l'Intel 8080 nel 1975.
Motorola 6800: Tutte le informazioni su Motorola 6800 su
Questo articolo si basa su materiale disponibile sulla Free On-line Dictionary of Computing e il suo utilizzo è regolamentato dalla licenza GFDL. /m/mo/motorola_6800.html   (185 words)

 comp.sys.m68k Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
As an example, the Motorola syntax is move.l xxx and the MIT syntax is movel xxx.
Motorola Internet ftp and WWW sites: or (Motorola BBS) (AESOP and DR. BUB) There are many links between each of these sites.
The name "Motorola" came from the fact that Motorola was once a major player in automobile radios hence the "motor". /faqs/motorola/68k-chips-faq   (11076 words)

 Motorola Q, pink Razr for the holidays Tech News on ZDNet
Speaking to reporters at the Churchill Club at the Computer History Museum here, Zander said sales of the Motorola Q and a pink version of the Razr cell phone are now expected to begin in December instead of in January or later in the first quarter, as originally projected.
Analysts are expecting Verizon and Sprint to carry the Motorola handsets using EV-DO wireless networks, while EDGE wireless technologies are expected to power the Motorola Q and pink Razr phones offered by Cingular, which helped launch the Rokr iTunes phone.
Motorola spokesperson Alan Buddendeck said the company is working on other colors besides the original brushed chrome and black for the Razr device but declined to say which colors are in development and when they might be sold. /2100-1040_22-5879274.html   (610 words)

 SPECIAL REPORT: Motorola adopts Linux for future mobile phones
Motorola selects Qt/Embedded for the A760 Linux smartphone -- [Oct. 31, 2002] -- Trolltech has announced that Motorola's much anticipated A760 smartphone will be based on Trolltech's Qt/Embedded application development framework.
Motorola, currently the world's #2 maker of mobile phones ("handsets") with an estimated worldwide market share of 19%, unveiled a major shift in its embedded software strategy in Feb. of 2003, when it announced that its future handset designs would be based on an embedded Linux operating system and Java-based middleware.
Motorola expects two percent growth in the smartphone market before 2005, when smartphones will represent 10 percent of the total market, the article says. /news/NS4504156025.html   (2272 words)

 Motorola Product Portfolio
The Motorola A760 incorporates a hands-free speakerphone and Bluetooth wireless technology, which gives you the option to chat with friends either via speaker or a Bluetooth hands-free device while keeping your hands on the wheel.
The Motorola A760 is truly an office in your pocket keeping you connected with corporate and personal e-mail accounts and business databases.
MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office. /motoinfo/products.asp?product=A760&y=2003   (502 words)

 Motorola - Hellomoto - AU - Mobile Phones
Motorola's smallest and most stylish 3G mobile let's you see who you're talking to, shoot a video, download an MP3 (to name a few) at lightening speed on massive internal and external colour screens.
The Motorola C975 merges the latest multi-media technology with cutting-edge 3G capabilities to keep you in touch and in style.
Check out the fantastic range of Motorola phones, including the latest 3G (third-generation) models. /pcs/phones.ASP   (640 words)

 Cell Phones - Motorola Cell Phones - Motorola Phones
Motorola today introduced the RAZR V3i which is the next generation RAZR (not called the RAZR 2), newest of the Motorola phones.
Motorola has stated that the technology will help solve the ever going problem of 'noiseless' alerts, which is that they still make noise.
The Motorola Razr v3x is the next generation Razr and should prove to be one of the best selling Mot cell phone ever.   (465 words)

 Buy Motorola Mobile Phone and Accessories, Motorola V3 MPx220 V635 V620 V220 Phones
Motorola V3 The Motorola V3 is a Bluetooth quad-band with 262k colour display, built-in speakerphone, digital camera and so much more…
Motorola V600 phone comes with a 65K colour screen, Bluetooth and works on Quad Band (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900).
The Motorola L6 SIM Free Mobile Phone is designed with speed and functionality in mind, its one of the thinnest and lightest phones as well as being very affordable. /motorola   (598 words)

 motorola ringtones
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Motorola ringtones sophistications this-a-way not uniform and it takes a spiral-staircase reconciliation-scheme, much assaguay and iconoclast fees to meet and darkness up with these motorola ringtones.
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Download the Motorola Q Developer Guide today and discover everything you need to create and test applications for Motorola Q. Put your coding skills to the test for a chance to win great prizes.
Built on the Windows Mobile(R) 5.0 software platform, the Motorola Q offers familiar features and a cutting edge design that opens up a world of opportunities for developer innovation.
Integrating the Motorola SDK with the NetBeans IDE, image conversion for Symbian developers and sharing data among different MIDlets are all covered in this month's installment. /motorola/pcsHome.jsp   (481 words)

 Technorati Tag: motorola
Motorola's slider RAZR adopts Capri moniker Categories: motorola Motorola's slider RAZR is dubbed the Capri.
Motorola Capri, nuevo nombre para el RAZR Z
Motorola Radio Dealer At Maryland Radio, we sell Motorola radios at 30% off the list price. /tag/motorola   (432 words)

 Motorola Canada Ltd.
Motorola's most full-featured mobile analog radio is compact and lightweight - the smallest Motorola radio in its class - yet packed with power and performance.
The mobile's advanced features are packaged in a sleek, under-dash unit bearing the trusted Motorola name.
The high-performing Motorola CDM1550-LS two-way mobile radio offers everything you need to take your business communication to a whole new level. /asp/english/products/radios/mobiles.asp   (806 words)

 Motorola A840 Verizon wireless
The quad-mode Motorola A840 combines 800/1900 CDMA, CDMA 1X and 900/1800 GSM, GPRS modes with seamless network switching to give users the peace of mind that they will find the best available signal for both voice and data services**.
The revolutionary Motorola A840 underscores conventional thinking with a compact size and elegant design coupled with intuitive state of the art features such as global roaming capability**, voice dialing without prerecorded voice tags, digital imaging, messaging, and enhanced multimedia applications that make life on-the-go convenient and hassle-free.
Among the first mobile phones to combine both CDMA and GSM technologies for global roaming, the Motorola A840 allows you to move through life — whether its Bangkok for work or Paris for play**— and never lose clean, crisp, connectivity.   (353 words)

 Motorola and Skype Form Broad Seamless Mobility Alliance
Motorola is a Fortune 100 global communications leader that provides seamless mobility products and solutions across broadband, embedded systems and wireless networks.
Motorola ‘Skype Ready’ companion products are expected to be available in the first half of 2005.
Motorola had sales of US $31.3 billion in 2004. /company/news/2005/motorola.html   (565 words)

 Motorola V220 Ringtones Motorola V220 Review ◄
Motorola v220 is made for every day people who demend a sophisticated design with an unbeatable price tag.
The VGA camera phone comes with some cool ringtones, but if you want more like I did, you should take a look around the site use the side navigation to look for Motorola V220 ringtones, accessories, kits.
The v220 has great battery life for those who like to use the phone for more then just quick calls.   (152 words)

 Motorola News
Motorola kept its edge in mobile phones in the first quarter, posting its sixth consecutive quarter of market-share gains.
If you were making a movie about Motorola's first-quarter earnings report, you might be reminded of a famous spaghetti Western: "The Good, the Bad and The Ugly." The good news: Revenues surged to $10 billion...
Motorola, Inc. today announced that Sentivision, an innovative provider of cutting edge media technologies and products for digital entertainment, has selected the Motorola VIP series IPTV set-top platform for... /com/mot   (658 words)

 Motorola V635 Cingular Wireless Reviews
Thanks to EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) technology, the Motorola V635 is prepared to surf the Web, as well as download and share photos, files and music with new speed.
The newly released Motorola v635 is the latest improvement on this basic premise.
Motorola has been the world leader in cellular technology.   (462 words)

 Apple - iTunes for your Mobile Phone
Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Motorola SLVR.
The handy iTunes menu interface on your ultra-sleek Motorola SLVR lets you scroll through your playlists, select a song and play it — complete with any accompanying album art.
And putting your music on the Motorola SLVR is as easy as syncing to iTunes, the world’s best digital jukebox. /itunes/mobile   (297 words)

 Cell Phones - Motorola Corp. - CNET Reviews
Though it lacks an external display, the functional Motorola C290 is a quality Sprint phone for making calls.
The Motorola Razr V3c matches the original Razr in almost every way but adds 3G capability and improved call quality.
Motorola's Slvr L7 puts a prettier face on the iTunes phone, but its midrange features, its sluggish music-player performance, and the limitations on the iTunes usability are big distractions. /4566-6454_7-0.html?filter=1000036_5245188_   (716 words)

 BW Online March 30, 2004 A Linux "Ecosystem" for Cell Phones?
Q: Motorola is one of few companies that has tried every one of the three major operating systems on the market.
Motorola has already narrowed its bets on which operating system will win: It created a stir last August by selling its 19% stake in Symbian and deciding to go with Windows Mobile and Linux.
Motorola's handset manager explains why his company is developing an open-source platform, even as it sticks with Microsoft /technology/content/mar2004/tc20040330_9487_tc167.htm   (1376 words)

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