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Topic: Mount Everest

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  Mount Everest,Everest Mountain,Mount Everest Information,Mount Everest Trek in Nepal
Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
Mount Everest was named for Sir George Everest (1790-1866), a British surveyor-general of India.
Mount Everest is just one of over 30 peaks in the Himalayas that are over 24,000 feet high.
himalayas.indiantravelportal.com /mount-everest.html   (622 words)

  Mount Everest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth, as measured by the height of its summit above sea level.
The Mount Everest region, and the Himalayas in general, are thought to be suffering ice-melt due to global warming.
The aftermath of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster further intensified the debate.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mount_Everest   (4781 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Mount Everest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Mount Everest is a mountain in the Himalayas.
Mount Everest is situated at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau (Qing Zang Gaoyuan), on the border of Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.
Mount Everest is the point of highest elevation on Earth, measured by the height of its summit above sea level.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Mount-Everest   (646 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth.
The summit of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador is 2,150 m further from the Earth's centre than that of Everest, because the Earth bulges at the Equator.
Everest can be climbed without oxygen tanks, but this requires special fitness training and increases the risk to the climber: humans do not think clearly with low oxygen, and the weather, low temperatures and the slopes often require quick, accurate decisions.
wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/m/mo/mount_everest.html   (1352 words)

 Mount Everest - MSN Encarta
Mount Everest, mountain peak in the Himalayas of southern Asia, considered the highest mountain in the world.
Mount Everest was known as Peak XV until 1856, when it was named for Sir George Everest, the surveyor general of India from 1830 to 1843.
Mount Everest is covered with huge glaciers that descend from the main peak and its nearby satellite peaks.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761571675/Mount_Everest.html   (1944 words)

 Mount Everest - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth above mean sea level.
The deepest spot in the ocean is deeper than Everest is high: the Challenger Deep, located in the Mariana Trench, is so deep that if Everest were to be placed into it it would have more than 2 km (1.25 mi) of water covering it.
May 10 of that year was the deadliest day in Everest history, when a storm stranded many climbers near the summit, killing eight.
voyager.in /Mount_Everest   (4946 words)

 China: Dim Sum: Mount Everest Lessons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In this four part activity, students learn information about Mount Everest, participate in a critical thinking, cooperative learning exercise, work on a mapping activity and color in the flag of Nepal.
Mount Everest is the highest peak in the
Best and Worst Years on Everest: in 1993, 129 summitted the mountain and eight of them died (a ratio of 16:1); in 1996, 98 summitted and 15 died (a ratio of 6:1).
www.newton.mec.edu /Angier/DimSum/Mt.%20Everest%20Lesson.html   (902 words)

 Everest News, Where Everest Climbers Come for News
Everest 2007: SummitClimb Nepal Everest / Lhotse: Summits on Lhotse
Everest 2007: Pavel Bem Summits Everest with 2 Sherpas
Everest 2007: Tashi Tenzing, grandson of Tenzing Norgay: Summits Everest !!
www.everestnews.com   (2716 words)

 Mount Everest - Peakware World Mountain Encyclcopedia
The first disabled person to attempt Everest was American Tom Whittaker, who climbed with a prosthetic leg to 24,000 feet in 1989, 28,000 feet in 1995, and finally reached the summit in 1998.
Treks to Everest base camp, minus the summit attempt, are becoming increasingly popular on both the north and south sides of the mountain.
Mount Everest is also known by the Tibetan name Chomolangma (Goddess Mother of the Snows), and by the Nepali name Sagarmatha (Mother of the Universe).
www.peakware.com /peaks.html?pk=80   (575 words)

 Everest @ National Geographic Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
One of only two Kiwis on the 1953 Everest expedition—his pal George Lowe was the other—he may have lacked the social graces of his eight English climbing partners.
When you hear that someone has reached the top of Mount Everest, you may assume that he or she climbed the southern route used by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.
A few years ago, PBS produced some television specials about Mount Everest, including one about the discovery of George Mallory's body and another about effects of altitude on the human body.
magma.nationalgeographic.com /ngm/0305/feature1/index.html   (1916 words)

 500 Mount Everest Links
MOUNT EVEREST is the highest mountain in the world.
Surveyors agree that Mount Everest is over 29,000 feet tall, but disagree on its exact height.
Mount Everest was named for Sir George Everest (1790-1866), a British surveyor-general of India.
www.mysteries-megasite.com /everest/everest.html   (347 words)

 Mount Everest
Mount Everest is part of the Sagarmatha (‘‘Mother Universe’’) National Park, Nepal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Sagarmatha is an exceptional area with dramatic mountains, glaciers and steep valleys, dominated by Mount Everest.
What seemed to the pilots of the 1933 Mount Everest flight a novel technology—aerial photogrammetry, then only occasionally used—has grown in the meantime to a formidable standard procedure as a first step in topographical mapping.
www.photogrammetry.ethz.ch /research/mounteverest/html/intro.htm   (428 words)

 Mount Everest - Uncyclopedia
"Mount Everest" is a British army instruction to cavalry troops that dates back to 1863.
The command should not be confused with "Mount Earnest" which was first used by the Royal Mounted Noel Cowards Batallion.
The command should not be confused with "Mount Have A Rest" which was first used when the Royal Mounted Narcoleptic Batallion was formed.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Mount_Everest   (639 words)

 300 Mount Everest Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
http://www.oakridger.com/stories/032798/int_everest.html Friday, March 27, 1998 The Everest expedition team treks for the base c accompanied by heavily laden yaks that are used to haul gear and supplies through the higher elevations of the Himalayas.
The peak of Mount Everest, the highest elevation on Earth at 8,848 meters (29,028 feet), can be seen near the center of each image.
http://www.alpine-club.org.uk/mef/mef.htm Mount Everest Foundation Patron: H.R.H. The Duke Of Edinburgh, K.G., K.T. Founded after the successful ascent of Everest in 1953, and initially financed from the surplus funds and subsequent royalties of the 1953 expedition, the Mount Everest Foundation exists to encourage and support the...
www.mysteries-megasite.com /main/bigsearch/everest-1.html   (3195 words)

 EO Newsroom: New Images - Mount Everest (Chomolungma, Goddess Mother of the World)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Everest is the highest (29,035 feet, 8850 meters) mountain in the world.
This detailed look at Mt. Everest and Lhotse is part of a more extensive photograph of the central Himalaya taken in October 1993 that is one of the best views of the mountain captured by astronauts to date.
Everest holds a powerful fascination for climbers and trekkers from around the world.
earthobservatory.nasa.gov /Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3?img_id=4594   (347 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Mount Everest
The southern face of Mount Everest soars above the monsoon clouds, August 26, 2000, at the border of Nepal and Tibet.
The special status of Mount Everest was confirmed back in 1852, when the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India determined that Everest (or Peak XV, as it was known then) was indeed the highest mountain in the world.
The Everest 2000 Expedition receives extensive media coverage – in part because of the partnership with the official expedition broadcaster, CBC Newsworld, which receives daily live satellite updates from the team during its trek up the mountain.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/mount_everest   (1217 words)

 Lesson Plans - Climbing Mount Everest: Then and Now   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Explain to students that climbing Everest is now an option for anyone who can afford the trip (over US $60,000), although they need to be in very good shape and understand that the mountain carries a lot of risk.
Davo Karnicar recently skied from the summit of Mount Everest to base camp.
Ask students to research what it would have been like to climb Mount Everest in the 1920s when George Mallory made a summit attempt, what it was like in 1953 when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to reach the summit, and what it is like today.
www.nationalgeographic.org /xpeditions/lessons/04/g68/climbeverest.html   (980 words)

 NovoLog :: Peaks and Poles Challenge
Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 29,035 feet(8,850 meters).
The difficulties of climbing Mount Everest are extreme and legendary.
Climbing Everest is a very strictly regulated process by both the Chinese and Nepalese governments.
www.peaksandpoles.com /current.asp   (471 words)

 NOVA Online | Lost on Everest
Everest, including "Lost on Everest" and "Everest: The Death Zone," originally broadcast in 1998.
This section chronicles the unexpected discovery, during a 1999 NOVA expedition to investigate the mysterious disappearance of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine high on Everest in 1924, of Mallory's body, still intact after 75 years.
Follow the storied and often tragic history of climbing on Mt. Everest, from the early years to the present day.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/nova/everest   (299 words)

 Mt Everest History and facts
Sir George Everest in 1865,the British surveyor-general of India.
Sir George Everest was the first person to record the height and location of Mt. Everest, this is where Mt."Everest" got its name from(In american language)
Eleven, 24th May 2000 Appa Sherpa became the first person to climb Everest 11 times-Ten, Ang Rita Sherpa, Babu Chiri Sherpa all ascents were oxygen-less.
www.mnteverest.net /history.html   (354 words)

 APOD: 2003 August 31 - The View from Everest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
Visible are snow peaked mountains near and far, tremendous cliffs, distant plateaus, the tops of clouds, and a dark blue sky.
Everest stands 8.85 kilometers above sea level, roughly the maximum height reached by international airplane flights, but much less than the 300 kilometers achieved by a space shuttle.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap030831.html   (145 words)

 RiderMagazine.com: Motorcycle reviews, news and features from the editors of Rider, Cruising Rider and Woman Rider.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Hiroyuki Okouchi flew a Harley-Davidson flag at the top of Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, to commemorate the Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary and the 50th Anniversary of the first conquest of Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.
During Okouchi's five-day climb of Mount Everest, he adapted his body to the elevation by stopping at the base camps at 5,000m and 7,000m.
He flew the flag to show special thanks to Harley-Davidson Parco for supporting his dream to climb Mount Everest because it allowed him to combine his skills and work while accomplishing his dreams.
www.riderreport.com /output.cfm?id=762643   (161 words)

 Mount Everest 2002
On the summit of Mount Everest, 17 May 2002
What is on this website - Please use the navigation bar on top to find information about us, the route, our schedule, new stuff, some background information about Mount Everest history and statistics, and the copyright information.
That's where the Mount Everest Anniversary Expedition 2003 will go to.
www.everest-2002.de /home_e.html   (186 words)

 Everest and the high Himalayas on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Everest, in the middle, Lhotse on the right and a Tibetan peak on the left.
I had been a climber for 16 years and have always wanted to see the Himalayan Range and the highest mountain on Earth.
This picture was taken from the summit of Kala Patar: a trekking peak located across from Everest.
www.flickr.com /photos/14293239@N00/108208182   (374 words)

 Climbing Mount Everest, photos, live cybercast, interviews, daily updates, multimedia and tons of feature stories. ...
Climbing Mount Everest, photos, live cybercast, interviews, daily updates, multimedia and tons of feature stories.
This page is a directory of all the stories related to Mount Everest, from live cybercasts of the '97, '98 and '99 climbs, to interviews and profiles of climbers, scientific information, an array of features, and all related books and products.
Data collected on the '98 Everest Expedition suggests there may be no 29,000 foot peaks.
classic.mountainzone.com /everest   (603 words)

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