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Topic: Mount Rainier

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Mount Rainier National Park Information Page
Mount Rainier, the highest (4392 m) volcano in the Cascade Range, towers over a population of more than 2.5 million in the Seattle Tacoma metropolitan area, and its drainage system via the Columbia River potentially impacts another 500,000 residents of southwestern Washington and northwestern Oregon.
Mount Rainier is the most hazardous volcano in the Cascades in terms of its potential for magma water interaction and sector collapse, and major eruptions or debris flows even without eruption.
Mount Rainier was chosen to be studied because it is representative of one or more volcanic hazards: it is geologically active as evidenced by surface manifestation of heat (geothermal activity), it has had recent volcanic events (last eruption was about 150 yrs.
www.mount.rainier.national-park.com /info.htm   (2829 words)

 Historic Mount Rainier, Maryland - History
Mount Rainier is primarily a residential community with 1,100 single family homes and three large apartment developments (Kaywood Gardens, Queens Manor, and Queenstown) constructed in the 1940s.
Mount Rainier is proud to be a part of the economic revitalization efforts of the County.
Mount Rainier is within the Gateway Arts District, an area designated by the state and county for revitalization through development of arts and entertainment oriented businesses.
www.mountrainiermd.org /history   (1169 words)

 GORP - Mount Rainier National Park
And in winter, Rainier draws crowds nearly equivalent to those in summer—the cross-country skiing and snowshoeing around Longmire and Paradise are that good.
Even the briefest visit to Mount Rainier demands a walk through the subalpine and alpine meadows of Paradise or Sunrise, filled with wild asters, daisies, orchids, cinquefoil, and heather.
Mount Rainier is one of the snowiest places on earth.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_national_park/wa_mount.htm   (1121 words)

 Mount Rainier National Park : Introduction | Frommers.com
Today, Mount Rainier is a symbol of the wild Northwest, providing constant reassurance of the beauty that lies beyond the sprawl of suburbia.
Although most of the mountains in the West were seen as obstacles by the early pioneers, 14,410-foot Mount Rainier so captivated early settlers that as early as the 1850s, less than a decade after Seattle was founded, aspiring mountaineers were heading for its snowcapped slopes.
In 1899, Mount Rainier became the nation's fifth national park, and by 1916, the trail system now known as the Wonderland Trail was completed, forming a loop nearly 100 miles long around the mountain.
www.frommers.com /destinations/mountrainiernationalpark/2286010001.html   (622 words)

 Mount Rainier National Park travel guide - Wikitravel
Mount Rainier National Park [1] is a United States National Park located in the American state of Washington, some 54 miles (87 km) south-east of Seattle.
Mount Rainier, at 14,410 feet tall, is the highest and most prominent peak in the Cascade Range.
Mount Rainier can be seen by taking a short half-mile hike beyond the third lake and emerging from the forest into an open area.
wikitravel.org /en/Mount_Rainier_National_Park   (4900 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rainier
Rainier beer was originally a product of the old Seattle Brewing and Malting Company in Georgetown, who brewed the beer until the state of Washington went dry in 1916 (four years before a consitutional amendment made the whole country dry).
As Emil Sick's Rainier Brewery prospered in the post-Prohibition 1930s, a rumor began to circulate among angry Tacoma citizens that Sick had paid off a Washington committee (with free beer) to influence them into designating Mount Rainier as the official name of the nearby majestic 14,000-ft peak over the locally favored choice of Mount Tacoma.
Mount Rainier was so designated in 1792 by British Captain George Vancouver, who named it after a friend, Rear Admiral Peter Rainier, and published that designation in his journal six years later.
www.snopes.com /business/names/rainier.asp   (500 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Nation -- Mount Rainier shakes with quake under crater
SEATTLE –; Mount Rainier shook with a 3.2-magnitude earthquake, but scientists said Tuesday the quake was not related to recent rumblings at Mount St. Helens, its sister volcano 50 miles to the south.
Mount Rainier, which has been volcanically active for between a million and a half years, last erupted about 150 years ago and scientists say it's likely to erupt again at some point.
Despite Mount St. Helens' notoriety, Rainier is considered the most hazardous of all Cascade Range volcanoes because it is closer to more populated communities, Steele said.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/nation/20041109-1835-mountrainierquake.html   (404 words)

 Travel USA Travel - Mount Rainier National Park Travel Guide - USA Tourist
Mount Rainier is a large volcanic peak located 85 miles (140 km) southeast of Seattle Washington.
Mount Rainier National Park encompasses 235,625 acres (95,354 hectares) of forests, meadows and mountains.
Mount Saint Helens is located 50 miles south of Mount Rainier.
www.usatourist.com /english/places/washington/rainier.html   (1001 words)

 Mount Rainier, Maryland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mount Rainier’s greatest asset—the source of its vibrant community life—is its ability to nurture and sustain a variety of interests.
With most of its buildings built prior to 1939 and in good enough shape to be considered, in preservationist terminology, “contributing resources,” Mount Rainier was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.
Mount Rainier’s enduring embrace of its institutions and its people is only enhanced by the passage of time.
www.mdmunicipal.org /cities/index.cfm?townname=MountRainier&page=home   (234 words)

 Mount Rainier Travel: Tourism Directory & Vacation Guide for Mount Rainier, Washington State
Although Mount Rainier is an active volcano, there are a variety of recreational activities that can be enjoyed in this part of Washington.
Mount Rainier National Park makes up nearly 240,000 acres (97,123 ha), providing space for visitors to enjoy all that the Washington wilds have to offer.
During the winter months, Mount Rainier is a choice destination for cross-country skiers and snowshoe enthusiasts, offering many miles of trails for visitor use.
www.mountrainier.worldweb.com   (250 words)

 Mount Rainier
By contrast the mountains of the Cascade Range that Mount Rainier looks down upon are at least 12 million years old, created by the folding, buckling and uplifting of the Earth’s surface.
Rainier is known to have erupted in the 1840’s and large eruptions occured 1000 to 2300 years ago.
The flanks of Mount Rainier are drained by five major rivers and their tributaries.
www.scsc.k12.ar.us /2001Outwest/PacificEcology/Projects/HendersonC/Default.htm   (479 words)

 Mount Rainier Guide Monopoly to End - GreatOutdoors.com
Mount Rainier may be the most lucrative guide concession in the United States.
Rainier Mountaineering Inc, which has held a virtual monopoly on Rainier since the 1970s, will now share the mountain with Alpine Ascents and International Mountain Guides.
Washington's Mount Rainier is one of the premier climbing destinations in North America.
www.greatoutdoors.com /published/climb/news/mountrainierguidemonopolytoend/?rssfeed   (835 words)

 Mount Rainier - Peakware World Mountain Encyclcopedia
Mount Rainier is a huge dormant volcano, towering in isolation above the surrounding forested highlands.
Rainier's two ice-filled summit craters each support a network of ice caverns, carved by heat and volcanic emissions from inside the mountain.
Mount Baker and Mount Wrangell are the only other peaks in North America who are known to support such phenomena.
www.peakware.com /peaks.html?pk=213   (250 words)

 Travel Channel :: America's National Parks: Mount Rainier
The landscape of Mount Rainier National Park is easily overshadowed by the enormity of Mount Rainier itself — a 14,000-foot-tall volcano looming over surrounding forests and meadows.
Mount Rainier is the resting ground for at least 25 glaciers that cover over 35 square miles of the volcano, and have carved its slopes and ridges over time.
At Mount Rainier National Park, it's possible to view the largest glacier on the continental United States from Emmons Vista, or trek to Gobbler's Knob for views of Mount Rainier, the highest peak in the Pacific Northwest, dominating the landscape.
travel.discovery.com /convergence/majesticamerica/interactives/parks/mountrainier.html   (756 words)

 SummitPost - Mount Rainier -- Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering
Mount Rainier, the most heavily glaciated peak in the contiguous United States, offers an exciting challenge to the mountaineer.
Mount Rainier National Park has great road access from all directions in the summer, however many of the roads are closed in the winter.
Note that all access to Mount Rainier from the east is closed in the winter and early spring.
www.summitpost.org /mountain/rock/150291/mount-rainier.html   (2047 words)

 Mount Rainier National Park - Areaparks.com
Includes Mount Rainier (14,410'), an active volcano encased in over 35 square miles of snow and ice.
Whether hiking on its flanks, climbing its summit, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on its slopes, camping along its glacier-fed rivers, photographing wildflower displays in subalpine meadows, or just admiring the view, nearly two million people come to enjoy the grandeur and beauty of Mount Rainier each year.
Mount Rainier National Park is open all year, but access is limited in winter.
mountrainier.areaparks.com   (210 words)

 The Hazards of Mount Rainier
Early lava flows of the present Mount Rainier formed a small shield on a dissected surface of the basement rock, which has as much as 700 meters of relief.
A thick pumice layer northeast, east, and southeast of the volcano is interpreted to have erupted from Rainier between 70,000 and 30,000 years ago.
Mount Rainier has 5 major river valleys for lahars to navigate.
www.emporia.edu /earthsci/student/zellers1/rainier.htm   (1188 words)

 Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier, Washington - Debris Flows, Mudflows, and Lahars From the USGS CVO
Mount Rainier: Decade Volcano Info about regional seismicity and tectonics near Mount Rainier.
Seismic Detection of Rockfalls at Mount Rainier and elsewhere.
www.geophys.washington.edu /SEIS/PNSN/RAINIER   (540 words)

 No full access to Mount Rainier until at least March | KOMO 1000 News Radio - News, Weather and Sports - Seattle, WA ...
ASHFORD, Wash. (AP) - Officials at Mount Rainier National Park say there should be limited access to Rainier in time for the Christmas holidays, but damage from last month's floods will bar vehicle access to Paradise until at least March.
The shutdown marks the longest closure at Mount Rainier since all national parks were closed during World War II.
Jeremy Foust, president of the Mount Rainier Visitor Association, said those affected the most will be employees.
www.komoradio.com /news/local/4864126.html   (636 words)

 Mt. Rainier Summit Climbs with International Mountain Guides
Please check the Rainier Climbs schedule, or call the IMG office (360-569-2609) to check availability before sending your application and deposit.
Mount Rainier is the highest glaciated peak in the Lower 48 States and a "must do" challenge for all mountaineers, from novice to seasoned veteran.
Rainier is our home, and we look forward to sharing our love of The Mountain with you.
www.mountainguides.com /rainier.shtml   (627 words)

 CNET's quick guide to Mount Rainier technology - CNET reviews
(It is an active volcano, after all.) But in CD and DVD circles, Mount Rainier is a new packet-writing standard designed to make rewritable optical discs as easy to use as the venerable floppy.
The Mount Rainier Group, which is promoting the technology, includes Microsoft, as well as storage heavyweights Compaq, Philips, and Sony.
Mount Rainier calls for seamless drag-and-drop functionality natively supported within your PC's operating system, and so far, Microsoft has yet to comply.
reviews.cnet.com /4520-3000_7-1019058-1.html   (262 words)

 Mount Rainier Guided Summit Climb with Alpine Ascents International
I cannot describe how good of a time we had on the mountain, not only was the weather terrific, the guides were fantastic, exceptional in their knowledge of Mount Rainier as well as climbing in general.
They were all outspoken, easy to get along with and went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable for all the climbers.
Mount Rainier (14,410 ft), is the highest volcano and largest glaciated mountain in the contiguous U.S. This alpine giant is famous for its superior climbing as well as its pristine wilderness.
www.alpineascents.com /rainier.asp   (1081 words)

 Mount Rainier National Park -- History
On the trip, Longmire's horse wanders from camp to a mineral spring on Mount Rainier's south side.
As visitation rises, a campaign is led to protect Mount Rainier by establishing it as a national park.
Mount Rainier is the training ground for the successful American expedition to Mount Everest.
www.americanparknetwork.com /parkinfo/ra/history/index.html   (610 words)

 Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier, Washington - Debris Flows, Mudflows, and Lahars From the USGS CVO
Mount Rainier: Decade Volcano Info about regional seismicity and tectonics near Mount Rainier.
Seismic Detection of Rockfalls at Mount Rainier and elsewhere.
www.ess.washington.edu /SEIS/PNSN/RAINIER   (540 words)

 Mount Rainier Photo Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mount Rainier - the center piece of the Pacific Northwest.
The central feature is Mount Rainier (4392 m/14,411 ft), a dormant volcano and the highest peak of the Cascade Range.
Mount Rainier was named in 1792 by the English explorer George Vancouver after British Rear Admiral Peter Rainier.
www.eskimo.com /~bpentium/rainier/rainier.html   (211 words)

 Mount Rainier : Things to See and Do, Lodging, Fees, Permits, Maps   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At 14,411 feet, Mount Rainier is the tallest volcano in the 48 contiguous states and the highest mountain in Washington.
Mount Rainier is crowned by the largest, single-peak glacier system outside of Alaska.
Its location in the “rain shadow” of Mount Rainier makes it much drier than Paradise.
www.traveltacoma.com /sitelink/index.cfm?contentID=124   (387 words)

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