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Topic: Mount Rundle

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  East End of Mount Rundle - Canadian Rockies - Canada's Mountains
East End of Mount Rundle - Canadian Rockies - Canada's Mountains
The Goat Range is at the center with Mount Nestor at it's most southerly point.
I could improve this but I think that is fairly fast.
www.canadasmountains.com /east_rundle.htm   (297 words)

  Mount Rundle
Mount Rundle is a mountain in Banff National Park overlooking the town of Banff.
Rundle is one of the most popular scrambles in the area and is relatively straightforward for experienced hikers.
Rundle could actually be considered a small mountain range as the mountain extends for over 12 kilometres, with many high points along the way, ending at Whiteman's gap above the town of Canmore.
encyclopedia.codeboy.net /wikipedia/m/mo/mount_rundle.html   (238 words)

 Mount Rundle - Mountain Nature Network - Mountain Geology
The Mount Rundle Thrust Fault, found at the base of Rundle’s steep eastern slope, allowed massive layers to be pushed eastward several kilometres.
Were the hard limestone summit of Mount Rundle to erode away, these shales would quickly follow.
The sheer summit of Mount Rundle is composed largely of ancient marine shell fragments now stranded more than 3,000 m above the nearest ocean.
www.mountainnature.com /Geology/LandformResult.asp?ID=64&CommonName=Mount+Rundle   (294 words)

 Peaks of the Canadian Rockies
Mount Rundle is really a small mountain range, stretching southeast for some twelve kilometres from the town of Banff to White Man Gap above the town of Canmore.
James Hector originally chose a descriptive name for the peak, "Terrace Mountain." But John Palliser, who had noted the influences of Rundle's work in the behaviour of the natives, was so impressed with the missionary that he decided to name the mountain in honour of Reverend Rundle.
Mount Rundle is possibly the most popular scramble around Banff, if not in all of the park.
www.peakfinder.com /showpeakbyid.asp?MtnId=763   (748 words)

 Calgary Board of Education - Schools and Areas
Rundle Elementary School is located in the northeast community of Rundle, serving students from the Rundle community.
Rundle School is located within walking distance of the Rundle Light Rail Transit station which provides direct access to downtown and all areas of Calgary.
Rundle School has a large well stocked library with the support of many specific literacy resources, and ongoing support from both a teacher librarian and a library assistant.
www.cbe.ab.ca /schools/view.asp?id=122   (427 words)

 Rundle, Mount - Peakware World Mountain Encyclcopedia
Mount Rundle as viewed from Vermillion Lakes to the north, Banff National Park, 2005.
East Mount Rundle’s (EEOR) summit is located on the border of Banff National Park and Kananaskis Provincial Park.
There is also a traverse of the entire Mount Rundle massif that is typically performed east to west but is not a typical objective by any means.
www.peakware.com /peaks.html?pk=956   (636 words)

 Searching for Robert Rundle
In 1950 I discovered, to my amazement, that Robert Rundle had initiated a mission on the north shore of Pigeon lake, in the area now identified as Mission Beach.
The prominence of Mount Rundle in Banff, and the prevalence of his name elsewhere in that region, left me with the casual assumption that his work and influence were centred there.
In 1914, the Banff Chapter of the IODE wanted to name its chapter after Robert Rundle and were able to correspond with Rundle's daughter, who provided them with "extracts from Father's jottings." This information was not widely known, but fortunately was preserved in the Legislative Library.
www.albertasource.ca /aspenland/eng/society/article_searching_for_rundle.html   (749 words)

 Banff Townsite, Tunnel Mountain and Mount Rundle, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Caption: The morning sun shines on Rundle's east face while Banff townsite sleeps in the shadow of Tunnel Mountain.
Mount Rundle's signature tilted strata are brought out by the remains of the winter's snow.
Story: The original plans for the Canadian Pacific Railway called for a tunnel to pierce the mountain; it was later found to be unnecessary.
www.bivouac.com /PhotoPg.asp?PhotoId=379   (194 words)

 Scramble Rundle Mountain in Banff National Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Rundle, Reverend Robert (Rev. Rundle was a missionary who visited the Banff area during the 1840's.) Official name.
A panorama to the west from part way down Rundle.
Speaking of tourists, I met quite a few people on Rundle compared to most of my scrambles but it did make for some interesting conversation.
www.fresho2.com /vern/scrambles/rundle/rundle.html   (325 words)

 Mount Rundle in a smoky sunrise - Landscapes Photo By: Arthur Sevestre
Mount Rundle in a smoky sunrise by Arthur Sevestre
Mount Rundle reflected in the Vermilion Lakes just before sunrise in August 2003.
Mount Rundle, mountain, Vermillion Lakes, lake, sunrise, reflection, tree, purple, pink
www.naturescapes.net /portfolios/displayimage.php?pos=-3885   (81 words)

 Mount Rundle (East End), Canmore, Alberta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This is not the true summit of Mount Rundle, but the eastern edge of the 12 km long stretch from Canmore to Banff.
On July 17/99 I went up the east end of Mount Rundle, a fairly easy peak, mostly uphill hiking, and later a bit of scree.
You can either head right along the east edge of Rundle, or head left and up beyond a pile of rubble on which a cairn has been built.
www.travelsoftheorangeshirt.com /RundleEast.html   (252 words)

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