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Topic: Mountain (band)

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  Mountain (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mountain played their fourth live gig at the Woodstock Festival but the band did not appear in the film of the event nor was it included on the first album.
The band were inspired by the power trio Cream, of which Pappalardi was an "unofficial" member: he featured heavily on Cream's third album, Wheels of Fire, contributing organ, viola, trumpet and handbells as well as producing.
In 1974 West and Pappalardi reformed Mountain with Allan Schwartzberg on drums and Robert Mann on keyboards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mountain_(band)   (554 words)

 Black Mountain (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The band is closely influenced by many past artists, and criticisms often walk the line between praising adept imitation and blasting blatant re-use of old ideas.
The band is a psychedelic amalgamation of Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, the Velvet Underground, and Black Sabbath.
Black Mountain, which hails from Vancouver, has released one self-titled LP; an EP titled 'Druganaut' was released in October, 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Black_Mountain_(band)   (236 words)

 10th Mountain Division (LI) Band History
The diversity and ability of the musicians allows the band to provide a wide range of musical services to the soldiers of one of the Army’s most actively deployed combat divisions, as well as bringing their unique sound to the citizens of our neighboring communities.
The band earned World War II campaign credit for service in Italy, was deployed to Florida for Hurricane Andrew Relief (1993), to Haiti for Operation Uphold Democracy (1994-1995), supported Ice Crisis ’98, performing for ice storm victims and relief volunteers throughout Northern New York.
In February 2002 the band deployed to Kosovo in support of Operation KFOR performing for troops and civilians in the towns of Cernica and Ponces, Kovoso.
www.drum.army.mil /sites/tenants/division/CMDGRP/band/UnitHistory.htm   (312 words)

 Little Mountain Brass Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The majority of the members of the new band comprised members and alumni of the Summer Pops Youth Orchestra of Vancouver.
Sufficient numbers permitted the operation of two band divisions, the "regular" one, and one for less experienced members.
Operation of the development band was suspended in September, 2004, due to insufficient demand.
lmbb.vabbs.org /index.php   (255 words)

 The Mountain Times
The band members of Mountain of Venus, however, have found that it is a perfect place to lay one’s head when not on the road.
Now that the band has four years of touring under its belt and has a built up a loyal fanbase, it is setting its sites on the recording studio.
The band has a nice blend of country and soul influences and Shylock is one of the more talented female vocalists on the jam-band scene, alternately gritty and tough a la Joplin and clear and soaring—sort of like Michelle Shocked without the twang.
www.mountaintimes.com /mtweekly/2003/0911/mountain_venus.php3   (438 words)

 Oak Mountain Middle School Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
There are four different bands that meet as a class at OMMS as well as several extracurricular band activities that you can be involved in.
The Beginner Band is for students who have never had any formal band training and the Concert, Symphonic and Advanced Symphonic Bands are for student who show knowledge and understanding music as well a competency in playing their instrument.
Band, like the other elective options, is as an academic class just like English, Math or Science that meets every day during school.
www.shelbyed.k12.al.us /schools/omms/organizations/band/FAQ/FAQ.htm   (942 words)

 Furnace Mountain-About Us
The band was formed in 1992, as the Furnace Mountain Boys.
The intention at the heart of the Furnace Mountain still remains, which is the sharing of music as a celebration of life between friends and loved ones alike.
The Furnace Mountain Band consists of Morgan Morrison on Bouzouki and Vocals, Aimee Curl on Bass and Vocals, David VanDeventer on Fiddle, Zach Lester on Bodran, and/or Danny Knicely on Mandolin/Guitar.
www.furnacemountain.com /aboutus.htm   (673 words)

 MUSICREVIEW Yonder Mountain String Band - Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Yonder Mountain String Band undoubtedly is talented - as are most bluegrass bands - but it isn't doing anything that sets this live album apart from the many others.
Show taping is at the center of the jam band scene, and listeners really have to wonder why bands release live albums with frequency.
Bands like Yonder Mountain String Band should stick to quality studio albums and let fans make their own mixtapes.
www.dailytarheel.com /home/news/2006/01/26/Arts/Musicreview.Yonder.Mountain.String.Band-1505492.shtml   (438 words)

 Smiley Mountain Band _ Bluegrass Music
The Smiley Mountain Band was born in the winter of 2001 on the outskirts of California’s Yosemite National Park.
Although the band has seen many changes since its inception, two key elements have risen as a defining aspect of the band; bluegrass and originality.
The current members of Smiley Mountain are like family and are intent on expanding the culture of music in their small mountain community.
smileymountain.com /index.htm   (162 words)

 Bent Mountain Band
The Bent Mountain Band first came together more than twenty years ago, when Paul Brown, Andy Cahan, and Mike Seeger decided to formalize the joy they regularly shared while playing at the Mount Airy home of the renowned master fiddler, Tommy Jarrell.
Twenty years later,in Fall of 2001, the band reunited for a one-time performance at Virginia's Rockbridge Mountain Music Festival, as part of a special tribute to Mike Seeger.
Cahan was eventually invited to join one of these bands, and played banjo with them for fifteen years before moving east to the Triangle area, where he currently works as a cabinet- builder.
www.unc.edu /depts/folklore/bent_mountain_release.html   (881 words)

 YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Galloway's songs on Old Hands, Yonder Mountain's fifth album, are delicately colored folk tales about people in transit and in love, at work and at play, living the extraordinary everyday life that is the backstory of all Americana.
Kaufmann, the son of a big band jazz musician, began playing piano at age three, and took up bass at 12, sitting in with his dad's group and playing in rock bands through high school.
Now Yonder Mountain has brought that unique style to the songs of Benny Galloway on Old Hands, and all parties are enjoying the fruits of the partnership.
www.irvingplaza.com /bands/bio.php?ID=1788   (860 words)

 Mountain Laurel Bluegrass band members
His clear, sweet tenor voice is the centerpiece of the band's rich vocal sound.
Pete is an accomplished songwriter; MOUNTAIN LAUREL performs several of his songs on the band's two CDs, It's About Time and Trouble At The Mine.
The newest member of MOUNTAIN LAUREL is Sacramento native Kathy Barwick, who plays resonator guitar and sings tenor harmonies on the trios.
www.mountainlaurel.us /members.htm   (372 words)

 Mountain - Leslie West Mystic Fire
Mountain is currently recording the new tribute album of Bob Dylan tunes with special guest musicians.
Mountain is working hard on the new Bob Dylan Tribute Album with Warren Haynes and other special guest musicians.It's going to be a must have for Mountain and Dylan fans alike.
The band hopes to be releasing it's new album of Bob Dylan covers in the very near future.
www.mountaintheband.com /index2.htm   (835 words)

 Constitution and Bylaws of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, Belcourt, North Dakota
The jurisdiction of this organization shall extend to all land on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in the State of North Dakota and to such other lands as may be acquired by or in behalf of said Tribe and be added thereto under the laws of the United States.
The Tribal Council of the Band shall prepare annual budget requests for advancement to the control of the Band such money as now or may hereafter be deposited to the credit of the Band in the United States Treasury or which may hereafter be appropriated for the use of the Band.
District lay members shall be enrolled members of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, residents of the districts they represent (See also Section 6(a) above) and shall be elected by majority vote of eligible voters of each district at the regularly scheduled general election.
www.tribalresourcecenter.org /ccfolder/TMconst.html   (3829 words)

 Mountain Laurel Bluegrass Band
MOUNTAIN LAUREL, an exciting five-person bluegrass band based in the Grass Valley-Nevada City area, has entertained audiences at festivals, clubs and concerts throughout northern California for more than ten years.
MOUNTAIN LAUREL made its recording debut in 1999 with the aptly-titled CD, It's About Time.
The band's second album, Trouble At The Mine, was released in September 2003.
www.mountainlaurel.us   (113 words)

 The Lone Mountain Band - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
In this band she and Bobby traveled the world playing music and honing their skills.
In addition to her skills on the bass fiddle, Diana is an excellent singer and songwriter, and several of her songs have been featured on Lone Mountain Band recordings, as well as recordings done by other artists.
Before the Lone Mountain Band, Bobby played with the Chicago based “Special Consensus”,and was featured on their album Strong Enough To Bend.
music.download.com /lonemountainband/3600-8239_32-100355725.html   (601 words)

 Jambands.com | Features | Yonder Mountain String Band and its Vision of Sustainable Success | 2001-12-19
Yonder Mountain String Band, the high country bluegrass quartet from Nederland, Colorado, is changing the face of bluegrass.
YMSB is a multidimensional band and its strengths, in part, stem from a decentralized approach.
Whether playing a modest venue or rocking one of the many kick-ass festivals where they are bound to perform over the course of a year, the boys love to treat the crowd with the depth and texture of its single-mic style whenever possible.
www.jambands.com /Features/content_2001_12_19.04.phtml   (2140 words)

 Yonder Mountain String Band - Yonder Mountain String Band (Album Review)
Those looking for a clue as to the direction that Yonder Mountain String Band has taken with its new, self-titled effort need look no further than the label on which it was released.
Elsewhere, the group submerses itself within the southern-fried textures of the Charlie Daniels Band (Angel), and frequently throughout the self-titled endeavor, it imbues its folk rock with a mixture of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and New Grass Revival.
There’s no question that beneath the surface of its material, Yonder Mountain String Band’s bluegrass heart still beats with a vengeance, but while its rebirth as a pop-oriented outfit isn’t always successful, its growth and maturity are readily apparent.
www.musicbox-online.com /reviews-2006/yondermountainstringband.html   (272 words)

 Turtle Mountain Community College
The Turtle Mountain Appellate Court denied a Request for Permission to Appeal in an automobile negligence action finding the Appellant lacked standing to appeal because the stipulated settlement was between the two other parties and provided no injury to the Appellant.
The Turtle Mountain Court of Appeals dismissed this request for review because the appellants lack standing to bring this suit and were not parties to the original lawsuit filed in Turtle Mountain tribal court.
The Turtle Mountain Court of Appeals granted the request for reconsideration and granted the request for a stay of judgment.
www.turtle-mountain.cc.nd.us /cases.htm   (3812 words)

 Amazon.com: Yonder Mountain String Band: Music: Yonder Mountain String Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Long a concert powerhouse and popular jam band, with a combination of traditional bluegrass instrumentation, eclectic material, and organic improvisation dubbed "jamgrass," the quartet here demonstrates the difference between the demands of the recording studio and the liberation of live performance.
Yonder Mountain String Band's rapid rise to fame, and their success in delivering bluegrass music to a mainstream audience has been impressive.
You can either love or hate a band for expanding on their sound, or simply rate the album on merit alone.
www.amazon.com /Yonder-Mountain-String-Band/dp/B000F3UABQ   (1731 words)

 Amazon.com: Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3: Music: Yonder Mountain String Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Regular band members Jeff Austin (mandolin), Dave Johnston (banjo), Adam Aijala (guitar), and Ben Kaufmann (bass) all contribute original material to the band's spirited repertoire.
"Mountain Tracks: Volume 3" is a testament to their ability to incite a crowd to riotous support of acoustic jamgrass music.
YMSB isn't a band that takes itself too seriously and throughout the cd they joke around and are hilarious.
www.amazon.com /Mountain-Tracks-Yonder-String-Band/dp/B0002VGQN2   (1412 words)

 New England Country Bluegrass Reggae Folk Irish Cajun original funny music
Born in New York City, Dick Solberg was trained classically on the piano and the violin, but when he encountered "fiddling" in styles like old-timey, bluegrass, Celtic, and Cajun, he was hooked.
Solberg, whose Norwegian name means "sun mountain," has been entertaining for almost thirty years, playing every imaginable venue from college fraternities to public radio and television concerts, from waterfront bars to elementary schools, from burials at sea to a birthday party for six ladies over 100 years old.
He sings and plays fiddle, guitar, piano, and bass, and as a band leader has employed many musicians, working usually with a guitarist and a bassist but often adding banjo, mandolin, drums/percussion, or electric guitar.
www.sunmountainfiddler.com   (258 words)

 Mountain Strings Dulcimer Band on olnet.com
The Mountain Strings Dulcimer Band was formed in 1988, bringing together musicians who shared an interest in performing traditional old time music.
The tunes, many from the mountains and of the mountains, truly speak of the raw honesty and spirituality of the mountain folk, as the core of their existence was projected in their music.
Its roots are found in tunes and ballads emanating from the British Isles and Northern Europe and brought to the region by the original settlers in the early 1700's.
olnet.com /mountainstrings   (306 words)

 Mission Mountain Wood Band Private Stash   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The legendary MISSION MOUNTAIN WOOD BAND is back on tour, bringing their special brand of Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, and Good Time Montana party music to sold out venues from coast to coast, leaving audiences dancing in the aisles.
This is a band who refuses to be pigeon holed; whose credo is found in the joy of the moment, refusing to let anything get in the way of the music, the friendships and the audiences they draw their energy from.
M2WB is a band’s band, playing every musical instrument with strings and every type of music while featuring three lead singers and specializing in flawless four part harmony.
www.missionmountainwoodband.com /band.cfm   (487 words)

 Klezmer, klezmer bands, charm city klezmer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
KlezmerThe Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band, klezmer bands, charm city klezmer..
A typical klezmer band would be lead by the violin (known as a fidl), klezmer.
A classical training is a distinct advantage for a klezmer fiddle player,as use of.
www.musicwindows.com /klezmer.html   (272 words)

 Mountain Top Bluegrass Festival
Jay, a native of Kentucky, has been with the Mountain Top Band for three years singing lead and playing banjo and guitar.
Francine and husband, Ed are hosts of the annual Mountain Top Bluegrass Festival held every year on the first full weekend in July.
Francine and The Mountain Top Band welcome the opportunity to share their love for traditional bluegrass with you and your audiences.
www.mountaintopbluegrass.com /band_bio.htm   (239 words)

 The Mountain Times Online
Back in the hey-day of the big band era of the forties, every respectable dance band had a distinctive theme song.
The Glenn Miller Orchestra is the most sought after big band in the world today, for both concert and dance band engagements, with timeless and beloved classics such as Moonlight Serenade, Tuxedo Junction, In The Mood, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, and Stardust.
At the height of his band’s popularity in 1942, Glenn Miller disbanded the orchestra so that he could volunteer for the army.
www.mountaintimes.com /mtweekly/2005/0630/bigband.php3   (559 words)

 Turtle Mountain Chippewa - Constitution and Bylaws
Absentee ballots shall be furnished to eligible nonresident members upon their request to the Secretary-Treasurer provided that all such ballots shall be returned to the Secretary-Treasurer on or before the date of the election in order that the ballots my be counted.
To become a candidate for an elected position, a person must (1) be an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa lndians, (2) be twenty-five years of age or over, (3) have not been convicted of a felony, and (4) must reside within Rolette County.
Appellate Court Judges shall be appointed by the Judicial Branch of Government and ratified by the Tribal Council.
www.tribalresourcecenter.org /ccfolder/turtle_mountain_constandbylaws.htm   (3678 words)

 Mountain Monthly Newspaper, Cloudcroft, New Mexico
The Mountain Monthly is the newspaper for Cloudcroft and the surrounding area.
Visitors use our paper as a guide to the area, while locals and part-time residents subscribe to keep up with local news, and to see if their picture is in the paper!
The Cloudcroft Green Mountain Band took the field for the first time during the 2003 Homecoming Game on October 11th.
www.mountainmonthly.com /band.html   (91 words)

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