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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Mountain Dew - Uncyclopedia
Mountain Dew is also known as Blood Plasma, and is the key component on warheads fired by Rwandan plasma cannons.
Mountain Dew, a unique chemical, can also be used as a commercial grade lubricant, can be compressed into small cubical containers and used as a highly potent explosive, or be used as a highly potent spermacide, which is known by junior high kids all around the world, decreasing sperm counts of america's youth.
Mountain Dew incidentally was the brand worn by jeep driver Harrison Ford on his cap in the blockbuster movie Back to the Future, when Marty McFly took hold of the fl of his jeep.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Mountain_Dew   (925 words)

 Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew as we know it today had its beginnings with Hartman Beverages in Knoxville, Tennessee, Tri-City Beverages in Johnson City, Tennessee and the Tip Corporation of America, in Marion, Virginia.
Initially Gordon bottled Mountain Dew in two different bottles, an 8 3/4 oz returnable which sold for 5 cents and a 28 oz green glass, non-returnable bottle (which can be seen in the picture of Charles Gordon on Tri-Cities page) which was sold for 15 cents.
But since the New Mountain Dew flavor was not in direct competition with Pepsi's Teem, and since Pepsi did not have a lemonade flavored drink of its own to bottle, Jones finally had a market with Pepsi.
www.angelfire.com /tn/traderz/dew.html   (907 words)

 TechSpot Weblog » Mountain Dew X Preview
Mountain Dew is arguably one of the most popular drinks for computer geeks (especially for those long nights of gaming).
The most surprising aspect about Mountain Dew X is that the flavor hasn’t changed too much, even though it appears that it is supposed to be a bit more like an energy drink.
Mountain Dew was having a promo thing at my college… I ended up chugging 2 cans of Mountain Dew and 5 cans of MDX.
www.techspot.com /staff/22/mountain-dew-x   (867 words)

 CD Baby: MOUNTAIN DEW: Toss the Feathers
Mountain Dew started working together as a band in June 1992, and have during a 7-year period been doing almost 200 gigs each year.
A performance by Mountain Dew is always a night in high spirit and excellent musicianship.
Mountain Dew are very proud of their new CD "Toss the Feathers".
cdbaby.com /cd/mountaindew   (206 words)

 Mountain Dew Addicts - Devoted to Dew News and Rumors - Original Dew
Mountain Dew is often imitated but never duplicated.
Mountain Dew is the #1 beverage for the midwest united states.
I promise to learn at the feet of Dew drinkers that have gone before me, and to pass that knowledge on to a New Generation of Dew drinkers.
www.brinksmarket.com /dew/MountainDew.htm   (354 words)

 Mountain Dew Addicts - Devoted to Dew News and Rumors - Diet Dew
Diet Mountain Dew has been around since 1988.I have heard from many people that Diet Mountain Dew is the best tasting diet drink available.
Diet Mountain Dew is also made in a caffeine free version.
Is Diet Mountain Dew as much of a thrill as regular Dew.
www.brinksmarket.com /dew/dietdew.htm   (414 words)

 Mountain Dew
The storyline, set in the mountains of Alaska, incorporates the Mountain Dew brand in subtle ways in an effort to avoid the appearance of the film being one long advertisement for the beverage.
Mountain Dew was a founding partner of ESPN’s X-Games in 1994 and is the title sponsor of the Dew Action Sports Tour, the first-ever, season-long multi-sport professional tour in action sports that kicked off in June.
Mountain Dew is also the presenting sponsor of the Game Live on Xbox college tour, which hits 25 campuses with a pavilion of gaming stations and a suite of new games for students to sample.
promomagazine.com /news/mountaindewdoc-091405   (856 words)

 Mountain Dew Anonymous mt dew   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Dew, and if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are a Dewaholic.
Join Mountain Dew Anonymous (yes, it's free) by admitting your love and desire for Mountain Dew, sharing your favorite Mt. Dew recipes, and asking any questions you may have about Mountain Dew and the effects it has on your life.
Mountain Dew is a registered trademark of PepsiCo, and is not affiliated in any way with this web page or any of its extending links.
members.aol.com /seanborg/mtdew/mtdew1.htm   (585 words)

 Mountain Dew Addicts - Devoted to Dew News and Rumors
We are the authority on Dew news and rumors.
Mountain Dew Films First Descent is being released on DVD Thursday February 21st, 2006.
Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi Co. Mountain Dew has become the leading lemon lime drink in most markets.
www.brinksmarket.com /dew   (895 words)

 Mountain Dew Pro Nationals - Snowboarders Compete in First Stop of Vans Triple Crown   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Mountain Dew Pro Nationals will kick off the 2001-2002 Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding(R) series as the world's top riders will compete in Breckenridge, Colo., Dec. 6-9 at the Breckenridge Ski Resort.
This year's Mountain Dew Pro Nationals mark the fourth-consecutive year Breckenridge Ski Resort has hosted the Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding.
Last year's Mountain Dew Pro Nationals saw Todd Richards steal first place in the Half Pipe competition from Shaun White and JJ Thomas, while Josh Dirksen returns to defend his title in the Big Air.
www.mountainzone.com /html/indnews/2001/html/11_15_vans.html   (682 words)

 Mountain Dew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mountain Dew is not caffeinated in Canada due to Health Canada regulations (see Table VIII) that only allow caffeine in 'dark-coloured' varieties of soft drinks such as cola and root beer.
Dew Fuel was originally called “Mountain Dew Energy” until given its present name in 2006.
At the time of Mountain Dew's acquisition by Pepsi, there were 56 franchise agreements, only 16 of which were not held by a Pepsi bottler.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mountain_Dew   (2447 words)

 Mountain Dew®
Mountain Dew® seems to be helpful to many kids with FAS disorders and ADHD because it has a high caffiene content (in the U.S.), higher than colas but not as high as coffee.
Mountain Dew® has ingredients that are different from Colas, so it is not just the caffiene, it might be the unique blend of ingredients.
I usually suggest the Mountain Dew® test for parents of kids who may need meds when the parents have concerns about side effects.
www.come-over.to /FAS/MtnDew.htm   (691 words)

 Mountain Dew Page (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab5.csail.mit.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Mountain Dew is an essential ingredient for successful computer programming
Dinner the night before consisted of pasta, garlic bread and Dew.
Mountain Dew drinkers are concerned about the environment and always recycle.
www.acts.org.cob-web.org:8888 /roland/mt.dew   (190 words)

 Dante's Inferno | Look What They've Done to My Dew Mom!
We all knew that the Dew packed a wallop no other soft drink could match...17.4% more caffeine than any Coke product...40% more than Pepsi...Taco Bell was the only fast-food joint that served it...179 calories...44+ mg of sugar per 12 fluid ounces.
I knew that, yes, the Dew was a cruel mistress who was apt to turn on you and transform your insides into an anvil of flesh and blood that would churn for hours.
Second, and I can't stress this enough, 90% of those who drink the Dew just aren't interested in sports or any outdoors activity...that's what was so bogus about the whole ad campaign to begin with.
www.dantenet.com /er/Columns/inferno/dew.html   (828 words)

 Mountain Dew Pitch Black - The BevNET.com Review
It's Mountain Dew with a blast of fl grape, a cool metallic silver label, and a brand name that consumers love.
Mountain Dew Pitch Black is a novelty drink scheduled to hit stores shelves in late August of 2004.
Pitch Black combines grape flavor with Mountain Dew original for a taste that is surprisingly refreshing and a bit more mellow than straight-up Mountain Dew.
www.bevnet.com /reviews/mountain_dew_pitch_black   (351 words)

 Dew Action Sports Tour - The Pro Tour of Action Sports
Always pushing his skating to the limit, Bucky Lasek stakes his claim and rolls away with the Dew Cup.
Jamie Bestwick turns in the best vert runs of the year to take another Dew Cup.
With two Dew Cup titles now officially under his belt, Ryan Sheckler is truly a skateboarder who is sitting on top of the world.
www.dewactionsportstour.com   (102 words)

 Adrants » Diet Mountain Dew Says Don't Be Fooled By Name
Mountain Dew has launched a new campaign created by BBDO New York for its Diet Mountain Dew.
I've been drinking diet dew for the past 5 year and regular dew 10 years before that.
I first unknowing drank the "tuned up taste" Diet Dew when I had a cold and thought the horrible peppery, chemical, metalic off taste was me. When I got better, I thought it was temperature abuse.
www.adrants.com /2006/02/diet-mountain-dew-says-dont-be-fooled-by-.php   (1782 words)

 Mountain Dew Signs Snowboard And Skateboard Phenom Shaun White
As Mountain Dew proudly announces the signing of snowboard / skateboard superstar Shaun White, the world is about to find out.
According to USA Today, Shaun's achievements both on and off his board have positioned him to become "the next Tony Hawk." The future of action sports has arrived, and Mountain Dew is very excited to stand behind Shaun White as he pushes snowboarding and skateboarding to unforeseen levels.
Shaun will make his debut as a Mountain Dew athlete at the upcoming 2003 Summer X Games IX in Los Angeles, CA, as he goes for top honors in the Skateboard Vert and Skateboard Vert Best Trick competitions.
www.snowboardermag.com /news/mtdewssw   (476 words)

 Current TV // Make Video // Mountain Dew V-CAM
Mountain Dew is a brand that’s all about energy and exhilaration.
Your assignment: Show us how Dew is a part of things that you’re passionate about, and helps you do your thing.
Whatever you do, download the Mountain Dew graphics and images and remember you must put the Mountain Dew end-tag animated logo at the end of your spot to make it officially Dew.
www.current.tv /make/vc2/mountaindew   (235 words)

 Mountain Dew Collectibles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
I have several hundred different extra named hillbilly Mountain Dew bottles so I might have one that you are looking for.
The sign is the 10" X 11" diamond shaped "New Mountain Dew is Good" paper sign listed on page 81 of your book.
I am interested in all Mountain Dew wooden crates, hillbilly Mountain Dew cardboard carriers, hillbilly Mountain Dew dolls, as well as ALL vintage metal, plastic, light-up, and foil Mountain Dew signs from the 1950's to the 1980's.
www.dewcollector.com /DewTimes/cassifieds.shtml   (684 words)

 Mountain Dew LiveWire - The BevNET.com Review
Mountain Dew LiveWire is being released in May just for Summer 2003.
Mountain Dew LiveWire is an "orange ignited" flavor of Mountain Dew.
Aside from the Mountain Dew label and the use of caffeine, this product doesn't really feel or taste like a Mountain Dew product.
www.bevnet.com /reviews/mountaindewlivewire   (138 words)

 Mountain Dew Bottles
You are led through time covering the people and bottling companies involved in the creation and distribution of Mountain Dew.
Two of the featured sections in this chapter are the "Key Dates For Mountain Dew" and the "Key Bottles In The Mountain Dew History".
The Guide to Collecting Mountain Dew Bottles is a must for every collector.
www.mountaindewbottles.com /   (237 words)

 Method Studios
Mountain Dew "Spy vs. Spy Helicopter" - 480x360 Qt - 0:30 - 6.1 MBytes
Mountain Dew "Spy vs. Spy Hallway" - 480x360 Qt - 0:23 - 4.6 MBytes
Mountain Dew "Canopy" - 480x360 Qt - 0:30 - 6.1 MBytes
www.methodstudios.com /project/653.html   (60 words)

 Mountain Dew Collectibles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Today I found a Mountain Dew Bottle that looked pretty old, and is in nearly mint condition.
It has a picture of the hillbilly with a jug of Dew and the cork is flying through his hat.
It is a green 7 oz bottle with white writing on it and the label “by barney and ally” and is dated ’51.
www.dewcollector.com /DewTimes/april04.shtml   (1002 words)

 Mountain Dew MDX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mountain Dew MDX is an energy drink manufactured and distributed by PepsiCo under the Mountain Dew brand.
It was introduced in 2005 as PepsiCo's second attempt to market an energy soda.
MDX - Mello Yello - Mountain Breeze - Mountain Dew - Mountain Holler - Mountain Lightning - Orange Crush - Pakola - Pelmosoda - Rondo - Slice - Squirt - Sundrop - Sunkist - Surge - Urge - Vault
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mountain_Dew_MDX   (283 words)

 2005-06 Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge
Returning this year is the Mountain Dew Rail Jam taking place at select events on the Western Tour.
Some of the prizes include Mountain Dew Skis and Snowboards as well as t-shirts, skateboards, hoodies and so much more.
The Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge is a blast for all ages and abilities.
www.mountaindewvc.com /faqs.html   (380 words)

 Mountain Dew UK
Mountain Dew UK Welcome to the Mountain Dew UK website.
This website was created to raise public awareness of Mountain Dew, and for for fans of the drink to find out about what they can do to get Mountain Dew relaunched in the UK.
I have also provided an email address so you can email "Britvic" (the company who made Mountain Dew when it was available here) so you can tell them that you want it back in the UK.
www.hodgson.trelader.btinternet.co.uk   (234 words)

 ¤ c i r c l e m a k e r s ¤
Towards the end on 2000 circlemakers John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson and Wil Russel were flown out to Washington State to create a crop circle to be used in an advert for Mountain Dew, a high caffeine soft drink produced by Pepsi Inc.
We're usually asked to create formation's in mature barley or wheat but this time we were presented with a field of short grass so we had to improvise, swapping our stalk stompers for lawn mowers.
The two images above show the formation as used in the Mountain Dew advert.
www.circlemakers.org /mountaindew.html   (187 words)

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