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Topic: Mountain range

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  Summer at Nevis Range Mountain experience, Fort William :: summer visitor attractions and winter ski resort
Mountain Gondola and Restaurant is OPEN DAILY 10am – 5pm.
Whether you are looking for the chance to spot unusual wildlife, lunch in a mountain restaurant, or the more adrenalin fuelled thrill of a world class downhill mountain bike track, Nevis Range has something to suit all ages and abilities.
In September 2007 the global mountain biking community arrives at Nevis Range.
www.nevisrange.co.uk   (214 words)

  Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Mountain range
Individual mountains within the same mountain range do not necessarily have the same geology; they may be a mix of different orogeny, for example volcanoes, uplifted mountains or fold mountains and may, therefore, be of different rock.
Singular mountains are often the result of volcanic processes but, in some instances such as the Hawaiian Islands, these processes can result in a chain of mountains that might be considered a mountain range.
Mountain ranges can support different terrestrial biomes, at varying altitudes: at the bottom, they may have grassland, then a coniferous forest or boreal forest, then tundra at the top.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Mountain_chain   (385 words)

  Mountain - MSN Encarta
Except for certain mountains that occur singly, the smallest unit pertaining to mountains is the range, comprising either a single complex ridge or a series of ridges generally alike in origin, age, and form.
The dome structure is typified by the Henry and Abajo Mountains in Utah, and by the Adirondack Mountains in New York.
Mountains resulting from this erosive sculpturing of the land may be linear in appearance if the resistant rock is the upturned edge of a sedimentary rock unit, flat-topped buttes or mesas if the harder rock is a flat-lying unit, or complex and irregular ranges if the resistant rocks are an uncovered intrusive igneous mass.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761577470   (786 words)

  Mountain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mountains are not generally favored for human habitation; the weather is harsher, less food is available, and there is little level ground suitable for farming.
Most mountains of the world have been left in their natural state, and are today primarily used for recreation.
A mountain is usually produced by the movement of lithospheric plates, either orogenic movement or epeirogenic movement.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mountain   (1180 words)

 Mountain range - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A mountain range (Sierra in the Spanish language) is a group of mountains bordered by lowlands or separated from other mountain ranges by passes or rivers.
Mountains of the same mountain range do not necessarily have the same geology; they may be a mix of volcanoes and uplifted mountains.
Mountain ranges can have different terrestrial biomes: at the bottom, they may have grasslands, then a coniferous forest or boreal forest, then a tundra at the top.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mountain_range   (276 words)

 Mountain range   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Range of the mountain of mountains To of San Bernardino of southern California in the south of ranges of coast of the desert of mojave.
Ranges Of the Mountain - Rocky Mountains, the Himalayas, The $andes
synonymous of the range of the mountain, range of the mountain...
range.ziportal.com /mountain-range.htm   (3688 words)

 Image of the Day : Cassini Spies Mountain Range on Titan
The range of mountains, which are the tallest found on Titan to date, runs about 93 miles (150 kilometers) long and 19 miles (30 kilometers) wide with peaks reaching altitudes of nearly one mile (1.5 kilometers), Cassini researchers said.
The Cassini spacecraft found the Titan-ic mountain range during an Oct. 25 flyby past the Saturnian moon using its Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer to pierce the satellite’s shroud of clouds.
A closer look at the terrain yields not only mountains, but dunes, a deposit of material that resembles volcanic flow and mountain peaks coated in what appears to be a “snow” of methane or other organic material.
www.space.com /imageoftheday/image_of_day_061213.html   (320 words)

 Jura (mountain range) - MSN Encarta
Jura (mountain range), mountain range, straddling the border between France and Switzerland.
The range finally passes wholly into Switzerland and terminates on the southern bank of the Rhine west of its confluence with the Aare.
The range thus defined is the Jura proper, but many geographers apply the name also to the mountains north of the Rhine and south of the Rhône, considering that these rivers merely make two breaks in an otherwise continuous chain.
uk.encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761569422/Jura_(mountain_range).html   (351 words)

 Mountain range on Titan - The Planetary Society Blog | The Planetary Society
The mountain range runs from northwest to southeast across the image and is made visible by the subtle effects of topographic shading on this cloudy world.
Mountains and other topographic features are easy to spot elsewhere because the Sun usually lights up one side of a mountain, while shadows are cast on the opposite side.
I believe that the patterns you are describing [the most prominent bright and dark markings] drape over the mountain ranges and are probably due to thin coatings of different hydrocarbon materials as well as the removal of the same.
www.planetary.org /blog/article/00000808   (704 words)

 Mountain Range   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The main mountain range is 70 kilometres wide at the south of Diamante river and it diminishes northwards, to around 30 kilometres wide, in the park area.
Landscape is determined by the structure, with a pile of different rocks (in terms of geology, the mountain range area is considered as a folded and moved strip, since this is the process suffered by the different levels: they have been folded and moved from their original position).
The magnitude and the relatively recent raising of the mountain range have given place to a remarkable enhancing of the relief.
www.serac-andinismo.com.ar /eng/aconcagua/info.htm   (1812 words)

 Mountain Range   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Sierra Madre is a mountain range in the Philippines.
The Siskiyou Mountains are a coastal mountain range in the northern Klamath Mountains in northwestern...
Mountain Range Nursery is situated in the city of Wollongong, 80kms south of Sydney, Australia and specializes in the...
glassmountains.maudmountains.com /mountainrangeete   (1008 words)

The Range forms the Eastern 'shoulder' or flank of the rift and whereas the Western shoulder is less obvious due to its complex form as a series of separate 'blocks'.
The mountain range reflects the tectonic activity and uplift that has occurred along the Pacific margin during the rifting and break up of Gondwana and also the activity occurring at the present.
The anomalously high uplift of the Transantarctic mountains is therefore explained by the high rigidty of the Precambrian craton of East Antarctica, and contrastingly the low uplift of the western (younger crust) flank.
home.freeuk.com /gtlloyd/tam/formtn.htm   (728 words)

 Himalaya Mountain Ranges,Himalayas Mountains Range,Mountain Ranges in Himalayan Mountain Range
This is the principal mountain range dividing the Indian subcontinent from Nanga Parbat in the west, the range stretches for over 2,000-km to the mountains bordering Sikkim and Bhutan in the east.
Further east it is defined by the snow capped range North of the Gangotri glacier and by the huge peaks in the vicinity of Nanda Devi, the highest mountain in the Indian Himalaya.
The ladakh range lies to the North of Leh and is an integral part of the Trans-Himalayan range that merges with the Kailash range in Tibet.
www.visit-himalaya.com /himalayas/himalaya-mountain-ranges.html   (1094 words)

 Mountain Ranges
A mountain range is a group of mountains, bordered by lowlands or passes.
The boundaries of a mountain range are sometimes somewhat fuzzy.
Mountain ranges are not regions either, because they are not exhaustive.
www.bivouac.com /PgxPg.asp?PgxId=276   (730 words)

 The Nature Conservancy in China - Northern Gaoligong Mountain Range
The mountains form a divide between two major rivers in Asia, with the Salween, known to the Chinese as the Nu River to the east and the Irrawaddy to the west.
Remote and rugged, the Gaoligong Mountains are recognized as a global biodiversity hotspot and the epicenter of plant endemism in northwest Yunnan.
Unfortunately, the Northern Gaoligong Mountain Range project area is under increasing pressure from incompatible development and human use.
www.nature.org /wherewework/asiapacific/china/work/art13268.html   (519 words)

 Global Derivatives v3.0 - Mountain Range Options
Mountain range options are essentially a combination of basket options and range options, two types of exotic derivatives which have particular characteristics which make them useful hedging tools.
With mountain ranges which have a greater number of dimensions such as Everest options, the difficulties in rapid and efficient convergence of simulation techniques becomes noticeable.
In the case of mountain range options, the correction is likely to have a larger effect, as the number of time periods being simulated can be reduced by 1 and this will likely reduce additional errors.
www.global-derivatives.com /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=49   (1750 words)

 Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge
Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge is situated within the Southern Appalachian Mountain Range between Atlanta, Georgia (90 miles) and Birmingham, Alabama (60 miles).
Mountain Longleaf NWR became the 542nd refuge in the country.
The primary objective in establishing the refuge was the protection and management of the last remaining old growth stands and the best remaining mountain longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) forests in the Southeast.
www.fws.gov /southeast/mountainlongleaf   (95 words)

 Cassini-Huygens: News
This mountain range is continuous and is nearly 100 miles long," said Dr. Bob Brown, team leader of the Cassini visual and infrared mapping spectrometer at the University of Arizona, Tucson.
Near the wrinkled, mountainous terrain are clouds in Titan's southern mid latitudes whose source continues to elude scientists.
Two views of an area riddled by mountain ranges that were probably produced by tectonic forces.
saturn.jpl.nasa.gov /news/press-release-details.cfm?newsID=709   (794 words)

 Mountain range Summary
Mountain chains are elongate, elevated areas of the earth's surface comprising several sub-parallel mountain ranges.
In the Barisan Mountains of Sumatra, Indonesia, oceanic lithosphere of the Indo-Australian Plate is obliquely subducted beneath continental crust of the Sunda Plate.
Mountain chains formed by extensional faulting occur in areas of widely distributed extension, such as the Basin and Range Province of Utah and Wyoming.
www.bookrags.com /Mountain_range   (1045 words)

 The mountains in Bulgaria: The Balkan Mountain Range
The mountains in Bulgaria: The Balkan Mountain Range
The mountain spreads from the Timok River to cape Emine on the Black sea Coast and is 555 km long.
It is a mountain range which offers everything: even green meadows, venerable oak forests, tender fir threes, 1000 metres deep abyss, numerous waterfalls, bears, goats, studs of pasturing stallions and etc. The highest point in the mountain is Botev peak 2376 m.
www.visitbulgaria.net /en/articles/balkan_mountain_range.html   (972 words)

 Mountain bike tour Ecuador Chimborazo mountain downhill- Ecuador adventure travel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Carrel refuge by the parking lot which is located 4.800 mts.
The views are impresive as you will gaze upon the Riobamba valley, the Colta lagoon and the Andean corridor with its snow capped mountains.
The highest mountain in Ecuador and the closest point to the sun on earth.
www.latintrails.com /destinations/Ecuador/Ecuador-mountain-bike-tour-Chimborazo-downhill.htm   (646 words)

 Poland ski holiday. Skiing holidays in Poland. Best place to book Poland ski hotels.
The heart of the Polish Mountains lies at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, which constitute the highest part of the Carpathian mountain range.
The surrounding Beskidy Mountain range, with the peaks of Skrzyczne (1,257 metres) and Klimczok (1,117 metres), are fairly easily accessible and perfect for taking first steps in skiing or snowboarding.
The Karkonosze Mountain range is also home to the town of Karpacz, which is probably the best-known ski resort in the area.
poland.europe-mountains.com   (855 words)

 History of the world's tallest mountain range revealed - 04 October 2003 - New Scientist
THE discovery of rocks in Nepal that are nearly 10 times as old as the Himalayas themselves suggests that today's mountains formed on the site of a much more ancient mountain range.
He thinks erosion pared down the ancestral mountains around 450 million years ago and the site was blanketed by sediment until 55 million years ago.
Other mountain ranges, such as the Alps, are thought to have formed above ancestral mountains, but the older range is not usually exactly on top of the younger one.
www.newscientist.com /article/mg18024152.300.html   (324 words)

 Gros Ventre Mountain Range
The Gros Ventre Mountains of western Wyoming is another fine example of western Wyomings embarrassment of riches in the natural wonders department.
The range is composed of high craggy peaks, glacier scoured valleys, and rolling sagebrush foothills.
The ranges many tributaries are spawning areas for the Snake River trout but many stay behind.
www.free-press.biz /Jackson-Hole-WY/Gros-Ventre-Mountains.html   (1038 words)

 USGS Geology in the Parks
Along these roughly north-south-trending faults mountains were uplifted and valleys down-dropped, producing the distinctive alternating pattern of linear mountain ranges and valleys of the Basin and Range province.
Although there are other types of faults in the Basin and Range province, the extension and crustal stretching that have shaped the present landscape produce mostly normal faults.
As the rocky ranges rise, they are immediately subject to weathering and erosion.
wrgis.wr.usgs.gov /docs/parks/province/basinrange.html   (648 words)

 Himalayan Mountain Range,Himalaya Mountain Ranges,Himalayas Mountains Range,Mountain Range of Himalaya
For the ancient geographer, the complexities of this vast mountain range were a constant source of speculation.
The major passes over the main Himalaya range include the Zoji la, at the head of the Sindh valley; the Boktol pass, at the head of the Warvan valley; the Umasi la in the Kishtwar region; and Thekang la and the Shingo la between Lahaul and the Zanskar region of Ladakh.
Trekking possibilities are at present confined to the vicinity of the Singali ridge, an impressive range that exxtends south from the main Himalaya and forms the border between India and Nepal.
www.travel-himalayas.com /about-himalayas/himalayan-mountain-range.html   (1756 words)

 CVO Menu - America's Volcanic Past - Cascade Range
The Pacific Mountain System straddles the boundaries between several of Earth's moving plates -- the source of the monumental forces required to build the sweeping arc of mountains that extends from Alaska to the southern reaches of South America.
This province includes the active and sometimes deadly volcanoes of the Cascade Range and the young, steep mountains of the Pacific Border and the Sierra Nevada.
The Cascade Range made its first appearance 36 million years ago, but the major peaks that rise up from today's volcanic centers were born within the last 1.6 million years (Pleistocene).
vulcan.wr.usgs.gov /LivingWith/VolcanicPast/Places/volcanic_past_cascade_range.html   (1083 words)

 Newsvine - Tall Mountain Range Found on Titan
The mountains, which stretch for nearly 100 miles, surprised researchers who re-analyzed the images to double-check that they were real and not shadows of other surface features.
The mountains are the tallest ever seen on Titan and probably formed from the same process that occurs in the Earth's mid-ocean ridge.
Cassini found the summit of the range capped with brilliant white layers that are likely deposits of methane or another organic material.
www.newsvine.com /_news/2006/12/12/479587-tall-mountain-range-found-on-titan   (318 words)

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