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Topic: Mousetrap

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Mousetrap Race Cars
The mousetrap spring and the portion of the trap board to which the spring is attached may not be altered in any way.
The mousetrap must be contained in the vehicle and must propel the vehicle by means of a wheel or wheels in contact with the ground.
The vehicle must be started from a standstill by releasing the mousetrap spring in a manner that imparts no additional energy to the vehicle; i.e., the vehicle may not be given a push start.
ex.susd.org /jpeterson/mousetrap_race_cars.htm   (431 words)

 A Mousetrap Defended:Response to Critics: Behe, Michael
The usefulness of the mousetrap example was that it captured the essence of the problem I saw for gradualistic evolution at a level that could be understood by people who were unfamiliar with the fine points of protein structure and function--that is, nearly everyone.
Although it may seem silly to argue over a mousetrap, it is actually critical to allowing people who are not professional scientists to understand the issues involved.
Mousetrap rebuttals have popped up in a variety of situations including national television, but most recently (June 2000) was at a conference I attended at Concordia University in Wisconsin where Kenneth Miller, professor of biology at Brown University, spent several minutes during his presentation attacking the mousetrap.
www.arn.org /docs/behe/mb_mousetrapdefended.htm   (3552 words)

 A reducibly complex mousetrap
Because the mousetrap is necessarily composed of several parts, it is irreducibly complex." (Behe, 1996).
The mousetrap illustrates one of the fundamental flaws in the intelligent design argument: the fact that one person can't imagine something doesn't mean it is impossible, it may just mean that the person has a limited imagination.
In addition to demonstrating that a mousetrap is not irreducibly complex, I also illustrate the most important objection to "irreducible complexity" as evidence for "intelligent design": a part which may be optional at one stage of complexity may later become necessary due to modifications of some of the other parts.
udel.edu /~mcdonald/mousetrap.html   (1378 words)

 humatic - MouseTrap: 2way MIDI / OSC Controller
MouseTrap is a little gadget application that nevertheless may come in very handy at times.
Two instances of MouseTrap networked together, one in control, one in remote control mode form a perfect, highly responsive VNC alternative for situations, where the controlled machines videooutput can be seen on large scale projections or the like.
Besides that, MouseTrap may be used as a two-way Midi to OSC converter.
www.humatic.de /htools/MouseTrap.htm   (359 words)

 Mousetrap - Background, History, Raw Materials, Design, The Snap Trap, The Manufacturing
Scientists describe the mousetrap as a device that is "irreducibly complex." The mousetrap cannot be made more simply and still function, and, at the same time, it is so simple and does its job so well that it gives the illusion of being a profound achievement.
The traditional snap mousetrap is a primitive device made of a combination of simple machines.
Electric mousetraps that dispatch victims with a shock, and various shapes and sizes of plastic and metal traps that conceal the mouse remains have been created but have not achieved commercial success.
www.madehow.com /Volume-5/Mousetrap.html   (1789 words)

 Mousetrap Car and Vehicle Propulsion Therory
In this method one end of a string is attached or tied to the arm on the mousetrap and the other end of the string is wound around an axle.
As the mousetrap car is released the mouse trap pulls the string off of the axle causing the wheels to turn and off the vehicle goes.
Do not push on the mousetrap's lever arm during this process, you want the string to be tight and to pull the lever arm over.
www.mousetrap-cars.com /how_work.htm   (522 words)

 Mouse Trap Car and Racer Propulsion Therory
A mousetrap powered car, racer, or boat is a vehicle that uses a mouse trap for an energy source.
As the mousetrap car is released the mousetrap pulls the string off of the axle causing the wheels to turn and off the vehicle goes.
If the mousetrap is located too far from the drive axle there will not be enough pulling force to propel the racer to the finish.
www.mousetrap-cars.com /vehicle-propulsion.htm   (562 words)

 Mousetrap - EvoWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The mousetrap is the quintessential example of an "irreducibly complex" system, and is a central analogy in Behe's Darwin's Black Box.
A Critique of Behe's Mousetrap Illustration, and a Critique of Behe's Critics - Creationist Don Stoner takes on the mousetrap analogy, but concludes "irreducible complexity" and Behe's central argument could still be valid.
A Mousetrap Defended - Behe's response to his critics on the mousetrap analogy.
wiki.cotch.net /wiki.phtml?title=Mousetrap   (302 words)

 No. 1163: A Better Mousetrap
That leaves me to wonder whether mousetraps really promise a fast track to inventive success, or if they're simply born of some morbid fascination with killing mice.
Actually, the mousetrap problem was solved in 1899 by one John Mast of Lititz, Pennsylvania.
So while the mousetrap has become an icon for inventive creativity, the public eventually stipulates what's acceptable and what is not -- in the grisly business of holding a competing species at bay.
www.uh.edu /engines/epi1163.htm   (512 words)

 Stephanie's Mousetrap Car
The purpose of this lab experiment was to build a mousetrap car that travels in a straight line, having a long-distance range of travel.
The materials needed to build my mousetrap car; 4 cds, 3 yard sticks, 1 mousetrap, 1 spool of thread, 2 pieces of balsa wood, 4 brass pipes, 4 washers, 4 grommets, a piece of thread, can all be found at a local hardware store.
An addition, the wheels were also wobbly and dysfunctional, causing the mousetrap car not to be able to perform at its maximum potential.
www.expage.com /stephaniemousetrap   (511 words)

 The Mousetrap System Functional Test Solution to Functional Test Needs
All adjustments to the Mousetrap may be made using a set of hex-key wrenches.
The Mousetrap will accomodate PC boards up to 13.5" x 13.5" (slightly larger than an ATX motherboard form factor), or multiple boards that will fit in an 13.5" x 13.5" area.
The Mousetrap in the photo is shown, with a customized Cartridge installed, in the closed position (about 3" between upper and lower frames).
www.mousetrap-solutions.com /mousetrap_system.html   (494 words)

 Alley Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Her name on a theatre marquee has always interested audiences, but there seems to be a bit of a dismissive attitude evidenced when one mentions Christie to most theatre professionals.
As the late Queen Mary's 80th birthday was approaching in 1947, the BBC was creating a radio tribute for her.
Alley audiences have enthusiastically embraced the Christie plays we have mounted in the past, and one of the chief pleasures of the summer season is to watch audience members-young and old-lean forward in their seats as they match wits with a writer who takes her amusing entertainments seriously.
alleytheatre.org /Alley/History_of_The_Mousetrap_EN.asp?SnID=4177089   (474 words)

The car works when one end of a string is tied to the arm on the mousetrap and the other end is wound around an axle.
By winding the string around the axle the mousetrap's spring is stretched providing stored energy.
As the mousetrap is released it pulls the string off of the axle causing the wheels to turn and making the car move.
cpphysics.homestead.com /mousetrapg.html   (149 words)

 IPS Mousetrap
To create a car that is powered only by a single common mousetrap that is designed either for speed or for distance.
The mousetrap is "set" with the free end of the string wrapped around the axle.
These are the due dates for each stage of the Mousetrap Car Project, which is the final project for 1st Semester of Introductory Physical Science.
powayusd.sdcoe.k12.ca.us /teachers/psamaras/Website/mousetrap.htm   (902 words)

 Hamlet Haven: The Mousetrap
Historically, mouse is also connected with “the devil’s entrapment of human lust with the mousetrap” (80); hence, Hamlet’s diction suggests that he perceives Gertrude “at once as the snare that catches the devil Claudius (and the son Hamlet?) in lust, and snared herself in the same devil’s mousetrap” (82).
The mousetrap trope becomes “part of a pattern of images in Hamlet that poises the clarity of poetic justice against a universe of dark of unknowing,” as “the trapper must himself die to purify a diseased kingdom” (91).
Staging The Mousetrap “with Claudius outwardly calm and unmoved throughout both the dumb-show and the spoken play, reacting only after his unmasking,” seems “preferable” and “most faithful to the text” (369).
www.hamlethaven.com /mousetrap.html   (2291 words)

 Mousetrap Backpackers - Paihia, Bay of Islands, NZ
Mousetrap Backpackers - Paihia, Bay of Islands, NZ The Mousetrap backpackers hostel is located in Paihia, the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
Paihia is the ideal location to base yourself while exploring the magnificent bays, beaches or any one of the 144 islands.
The hostel accommodates 34 guests and is only 70 meters from the beach, 5 minutes walk to the town centre and bus stops, even closer to local restaurants and bars.
mousetrap.co.nz   (180 words)

 Foothill College Physics Olympics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
To build a mousetrap car, according to specific guidelines, that will pull a weighted trailer (mass: 500 g) a distance of 1 m in the shortest amount of time, with the only source of energy coming from the spring of a standard Victor mousetrap.
Mousetrap cars are an excellent way for students to show their applications of science and mathematics in new and creative ways.
It must be powered by one mousetrap only — all the energy delivered to the car must come from the original components of the mousetrap.
www.foothill.edu /~cascarano/mousetrap06.php   (626 words)

 PBS - Scientific American Frontiers | Games Machines Play | Teaching Guide | Building a Better Mousetrap Car
The spring of a mousetrap can store a considerable amount of potential energy when it is pulled back and its tension is increased.
They should also be mindful of the "snap" of the mousetrap bar and use caution when opening, setting, and releasing the tension bar.
As the mousetrap spring shuts close, the movement of the controlled release is transferred to the spin of the axle.
www.pbs.org /saf/1208/teaching/teaching.htm   (1060 words)

 Mousetrap Mania
F(Force)=M(mass)*A(acceleration) therefore the mousetrap provides a standard unit of force (F=1) and if my design is heavier, the acceleration will decrease which equals lower speed.
My design objective will be to try to maximize the period of time that the spring force of the mousetrap acts upon the wheels.
I measured the mousetrap to make sure it was going to be in the centerline of the car.
kids.pxi.com /courtney/mousetrap/mousetrap.html   (1482 words)

 CNN.com - Christie's 'Mousetrap' marks 50 years - Nov. 26, 2002
Queen Elizabeth II and "The Mousetrap" got together for a double celebration -- both have enjoyed half a century at the top in Britain.
In her Golden Jubilee year, the British monarch was at the theatre on Monday to see the Agatha Christie whodunit as it marked its 50th anniversary with its 20,807th performance and the title of the world's longest-running play.
"The Mousetrap" was originally called "Three Blind Mice" and was written by Agatha Christie in 1947 as a 30-minute radio play to celebrate the then Queen Mary's 80th birthday.
edition.cnn.com /2002/SHOWBIZ/11/25/mousetrap   (579 words)

 The Mousetrap Fallacy
If nobody knows you exist and have built a mousetrap, no one will know that there is a path worth beating.
People who have mice, but are not aware of their existence, will not be interested in your mousetrap.
Someone who is style conscious may consider a mousetrap that is 10% more effective at catching mice, but 20% less attractive, to be inferior.
www.klebanoff.com /mousetrap.html   (832 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Showbiz | Jubilee celebration for Mousetrap
Murder mystery The Mousetrap, written by Agatha Christie, was attended by The Queen, who is marking her own 50 years on the throne, and the Duke of Edinburgh.
The Mousetrap started out as a 30-minute play called Three Blind Mice, written by Christie for Queen Mary's 80th birthday in 1947, before it was made a full-length show.
In 1958 The Mousetrap became the longest running British show before breaking the world record in the mid-1970s.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/showbiz/2508435.stm   (444 words)

 Mousetrap Cars
Building a car powered only by the spring of a mousetrap is a favorite challenge for American students of all ages.
There are so many varieties of mousetrap cars that it is hardly possible to provide a "correct" solution.
If you have built a great mousetrap car, send a photo of it by e-mail to editor@hypography.com and we will put together a gallery.
www.hypography.com /topics/mousetrapcar.cfm   (492 words)

 The mousetrap
A key supporter likens the "irreducible complexity" of such phenomena to the irreducible complexity of a mousetrap.
The implicit suggestion is that all the parts of a mousetrap would have had to come into being at once, an impossibility unless there were an intelligent designer.
Design proponents argue that what's true for the mousetrap is all the more true for complex biological phenomena.
www.csicop.org /intelligentdesignwatch/mousetrap.html   (707 words)

 Mousetrap Internet, web design Canberra, web hosting, internet business results
Many website owners complain that once the site is complete, their website designer is hard to contact or disappears altogether and as a result the site often fails due to a lack of regular updates and maintenance.
Mousetrap Internet strongly believes that building the site is only the first step in establishing and maintaining a successful web strategy.
Mousetrap is constantly monitoring your web site and always available to fine tune your internet strategy to suit changing conditions.
www.mousetrap.com.au /manage.html   (188 words)

 Mousetrap car and racer plans and instructions
Please are not very detailed but they make a very intresting mousetrap racer.
This is a set of basic instructions and tips on how to get started building a mousetrap car out of the materials at hand.
A great collection of mousetrap powerd racers made buy students across the pond in Prague.
www.docfizzix.com /design-help/free-links.shtml   (596 words)

four holes can be drilled only to mount the mousetrap to the frame and a mousetrap’s spring can be removed only to adjust the length of its lever arm.
The device cannot have any additional potential or kinetic energy at the start other than what can be stored in the mousetrap’s spring itself.
The spring from the mousetrap cannot be altered or heat-treated.
cpphysics.homestead.com /mousetrapgrules.html   (225 words)

 Mousetrap St Martins Theatre London West End Buy tickets online
Mousetrap is the world's longest-running play of any kind, Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is now in it's 52nd year, being in the West End for over 50 years.
The Mousetrap is the longest consistently running play in the history of British theatre.
The Mousetrap has been thrilling audiences from around the world for as long as Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne.
www.lastminutetheatretickets.com /Mousetrap.html   (345 words)

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