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Topic: Moveable type

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  movabletype.org : Movable Type 2.5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Our tool is used by some of the brightest minds on the Web, we've had the chance to speak and attend numerous technology conferences, we had the opportunity to appear on television and radio and co-author a book.
And probably, most importantly, Movable Type has given us the chance to not only meet many of the people who are shaping the Web, but also the new user who is learning that the Web is truly a two-way medium.
The type of commercial uses that are permitted under the Commercial Use License are limited, so please refer to the Commercial Use License of details.
www.movabletype.org /25   (2129 words)

 Matthew G. Kirschenbaum: Old School Moveable Type
Locking up (the type is transferred from the composing stick to the bed of the press and wedged in place by the small pieces of wood, called “furniture”).
You automatically felt for the nick as you picked each piece of type out of the case and you rolled it around between your fingers until the nick faced away from you as you put it into the stick, following your copy at all times.
According to the exhibit, and in accordance with what Stan writes above, the compositor does not look at the type as it is placed in the stick, but feels where the nick is in order to correctly orient the type while staying focused on the copy.
www.otal.umd.edu /~mgk/blog/archives/000423.html   (591 words)

 Harvard Gazette: 'No laptops allowed' at the Adams House printing press
This is moveable type in its original sense — little backward letters made from lead alloy, lying in wooden cases.
You move them, not with a keystroke or the tweak of a mouse, but by picking them up with your ink-stained fingers and fitting them into a compositor's stick.
The ink-stained fingers of work-study student Hagan (below) sort type as she minds her p's and q's — in the original sense, that is. P's face left and q's right, the opposite of the way they turn out on the page.
www.news.harvard.edu /gazette/2002/05.16/14-bowandarrow.html   (454 words)

 Blogging with MovableType
If you are not comfortable installing and configuring a Perl script on a web server, I suggest you sign up for MT's paid installation (see pricing options) or find a script-savvy friend or family member to install the software for you.
Movable Type is a "decentralized web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly-updated content." While there are other options such as Blogger and Livejournal, MT has many advantages such as its flexiblity and powerful features.
There are various types of blogs such as journal-style, photoblogs, community style with multiple authors (e.g.
www.tokyoshoes.com /blogclass   (631 words)

 Blogging Platforms for Small Businesses, Enterprises & Publishers at Movable Type
However, prior to Movable Type 3.34, FastCGI support could only be achieved by applying a number of patches to the MT source code.
Now Movable Type is capable of detecting when it is running under FastCGI automatically and take advantage of its unique performance benefits without the user or the system administrator needing to do a thing.
Because of the profound performance benefits of FastCGI and the security fixes made in Movable Type 3.34 we encourage all users to upgrade to the latest version of Movable Type as soon as possible.
www.sixapart.com /movabletype   (447 words)

 Radio Free Blogistan
Movable Type does not provide any hosting space and the assumption is that you are publishing directly to the same server (remote host) where you have installed the software.
Installing Movable Type is probably the greatest barrier to adoption (although they offer a fairly cheap paid service to help you get going and helpful troubleshooting tips), especially if one is relying on a paid remote host with restrictions on things like what sorts of CGI scripts can be run.
Movable Type also now features Track Back which enables you to ping a blog when you are commenting on it in your own blog and, likewise, enables you to show excerpts from blogs that have pinged you when commenting on your posts.
blogs.salon.com /0001111/2002/08/14.html   (2554 words)

 Allegheny Help Desk: Weblog - Moveable Type
Allegheny College has installed and setup the Movable Type system for the student body and faculty to use.
Please be aware that Movable Type uses very specific tags in order to build your weblog.
In fact, Movable Type has a list of free style sheets available in which you can simply cut and paste into your existing style sheet or you can manually change the style properties directly in the style sheet.
help.allegheny.edu /tutorials/mtype/weblog.php   (1642 words)

 blogdriverswaltz.com » Moveable Type
News that Six Apart is working towards the launch of a new release of MT, a version that adds significant spam bloking techniques as well as a series of features they hope that will propell MT forward as the enterprise blog tool of choice.
With Movable Type 3.2, Six Apart has added a centralized administration view called System Overview, which administrators can use to track activity across hundreds or thousands of blogs and manage feedback and trackbacks across all the blogs, Dash said.
I was happy to see Blogrolling.com take home an award, and even more pleased to see Moveable Type come out on top in the best blog application category.
blogdriverswaltz.com /?cat=16   (671 words)

 Moveable Type helps WordPress at Binary Bonsai
The new licensing plan for Movable Type 3.0 is the best thing to happen to WordPress since it forked from b2.
I’m a movable type user, and the new scheme is sad, because I really like MT, especially due to some of it’s plugins.
Ideally i’d like to move from the blog from http://www.baloolapalooza.com/main/ to flat out http://www.baloolapalooza.com but keep the archives sorted the same way (or at least individual old posts)
binarybonsai.com /archives/2004/05/15/moveable-type-helps-wordpress   (1489 words)

 Movable Type 3.0 and Eating. - O'Reilly XML Blog
More recently, Six Apart began talking about Movable Type Pro, and gave the impression that this would be a non-free upgrade for users whose needs exceed the features provided by the current Movable Type system.
Posts like your are the type that dishearten me and my profession because it shows a lack of appreciation for what I and others do.
Of course they can move in a different direction, but trying to justify the price is totally ridicilous.
www.oreillynet.com /xml/blog/2004/05/movable_type_30_and_eating.html   (3795 words)

 Akismet for Moveable Type
So when I heard about Akismet being released for Movable Type last week, I had to go check it out (even though I only own a sandbox Movable Type blog).
Excuse my ignorance of Movable Type, but I expected that the plugin would have to be activated at this point but apparently that is only a WordPress thing.
Because my Movable Type blog is a non-published blog, it was hard for me to determine how exactly Akismet sorts comments/trackbacks it believes is spam.
www.problogger.net /archives/2006/04/17/akismet-for-moveable-type   (1231 words)

 The Weblog Tool Roundup
At the end of 2001, another install-it-yourself weblog tool came along called Movable Type (also free, though a donation is requested).
Installing Greymatter and Movable Type was no walk in the park for me, despite the excellent documentation.
On the other hand, very active and supportive communities have formed around both Greymatter and Movable Type, and you can often find answers and suggestions through your fellow webloggers who, as we know, live to pass on information to others.
www.webmonkey.com /02/18/index3a_page4.html   (449 words)

 blogdriverswaltz.com » Blog Archive » Mena on Moveable Type 3.0
Users of Moveable Type will be interested in Mena Trott’s recent posting on the upcoming release of MT 3.0.
What we’ve learned in the past year is that every user wants a different set of features, and we need to create a product that is not just feature-packed, but robust, extensible and geared toward a specific audience.
Movable Type 3.0 and on will not be the solution for everyone, and that’s okay.
blogdriverswaltz.com /index.php/2004/04/29/mena-on-moveable-type-30   (288 words)

 Moveable Type - Published by the English Postgraduate Society at UCL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Moveable Type - Published by the English Postgraduate Society at UCL
Moveable Type is a publication of the Postgraduate Society of the Department of English Language and Literature at University College London.
Publishing critical work by postgraduate students worldwide, Moveable Type explores narrative in all its forms — print text, film, on-line/hypertext, graphic fiction — and from all nations and historical periods.
www.ucl.ac.uk /english/graduate/MThome.htm   (62 words)

 Movable Type Vulnerability Patched
Blogging giant Six Apart has released a new version of its Movable Type software and a plug-in for earlier versions, urging all users to update as soon as possible.
The new version plugs a recently discovered exploit that could allow a malicious user to send e-mail via Movable Type to any number of arbitrary users.
The Movable Type vulnerability was never reported to any major security firm or reporting agencies.
www.internetnews.com /security/article.php/3464161   (390 words)

 Moveable Type XSLT — Carey Evans
XSLT in response to Kevin Davis’s experiments with Movable Type at Alazanto.
Be warned that really understanding this document will required a good knowledge of XML and XSLT, although I have tried to make the explanation and examples as clear as possible.
Kevin has been experimenting with using XSLT to format simple XML output from Movable Type into a complete web page.
home.clear.net.nz /pages/c.evans/proto/MoveableTypeXSLT   (705 words)

 Movable Type 3.2 User Manual
These entries are task-oriented and present common desires held by or problems encountered by Movable Type users.
As always, we at Six Apart hope that your experience with Movable Type is an enjoyable and fruitful one.
If you are using a newer version, please see the documentation for Movable type 3.3x or Movable Type Enterprise.
www.sixapart.com /movabletype/docs/3.2/index.html   (159 words)

 The Epicenter: Moveable Type Archives
As demonstrated in a feature comparison which I posted back in November, Randy's tool is one of the best out there for Moveable Type bloggers who work on the Windows platform.
Just received an e-mail from the Movable Type users mailing list (you can also read about it on the MT home page.
In it, Benjamin outlines the plans for releasing the first beta of Movable Type 3.0 and a brief overview of some of the new functionality that we can expect.
epicenter.gregscher.com /moveable_type   (302 words)

 - Moveable Type / Kinetic Steam Works
Moveable Type: Steam Press, Art Tread, Tractor Tire Printing, Etc.
We've talked about making a tray system wherein the trays would be bolted to the wheel and individual elements could be slid into place, yup, movable type.
We're still figuring out a system (trays?) that would allow for swappable type or graphic elements.
kineticsteamworks.org /page1/page5/page5.html   (180 words)

 Blogging with Moveable Type
To create your blog, you first have to create the folders in your web area (H:\www) where the blog pages will go, and then start up the Moveable Type blogging system to generate the pages.
Type your username and password into the appropriate boxes.
This is what you type in to your Netscape browser to get to your blog.
www.earlham.edu /~markp/blog_dox/index.htm   (1301 words)

 Movable Type Installation Help: For Amy
This tutorial is only meant to be a side tutorial for those using Amy's tutorial to skin their site.
For use with a love-productions graphic set: You should unzip the zip file you downloaded onto your hard drive and upload all of the graphics files, stylesheet, and any scripts included into a subdirectory of your journal called images before beginning.
Log into Movable Type and click on the Templates for the blog you are configuring.
www.love-productions.com /graphics/help/mtskins.php   (1341 words)

 Software Licensing: Movable Type
Movable Type is a weblog publishing tool that offers extensible architecture, management tools, and the ability to create multiple static or dynamic sites or weblogs.
Those that aren't topical are often written in the style of a journal, helping the author to collect personal thoughts and web links.
A list of Movable Type's features and support documentation are available on the Movable Type web site.
www.stanford.edu /services/softwarelic/mt   (124 words)

 Moveable Type Tutorial ::install basics:: At Tisherself.org
This is my tutorial about how to install Moveable Type using MySQL as a database.
I am assuming you have all the requirements needed to install Moveable Type 2.64 on your server.
For example, if your site is http://www.your-site.com/, and you installed the Movable Type application into the /mt directory, you'd type http://www.your-site.com/mt/mt.cgi to access Movable Type.
www.tisherself.org /tutorials/MT/moveabletype.htm   (1730 words)

 90% Crud: Moveable Type Comment Spam
There's been a lot of talk recently about spammers posting comments in Moveable Type to attract people to their sites.
I believe that a plugin could be written for Moveable Type that could identify spam based on the content of the comment and the content of linked sites.
A score could be assigned to each comment and if the comment met a certain threshold it would be queued or deleted.
george.hotelling.net /90percent/geekery/moveable_type_comment_spam.php   (1237 words)

 Moveable Type Rumblings | alexking.org
I’ve read a lot of interesting posts/thoughts/criticisms of the Moveable Type licensing changes (Feedster search).
One complaint that I’ve seen repeatedly today from various people is that the announced licence tiers leave too big a gap, that “there isn’t a license for me.” I’ve never spoken to the folks at Six Apart, but I’m sure they thought long and hard about this and they probably have a reason for it.
I think it will be interesting to see how Six Apart, Moveable Type, TypePad and WordPress evolve as a result of these changes.
alexking.org /blog/2004/05/13/moveable-type-rumblings   (1107 words)

 Amazon.com: Sams Teach Yourself Movable Type in 24 Hours: Books: Porter Glendinning,Molly Holzschlag   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Movable Type, a low-cost, distributed publishing software solution is helping thousands of Web site developers organize and automate the Web content management process.
See, Movable Type is a combination of web-standards HTML and CSS combined with its own proprietary tab system.
Moveable Type (MT) is a blogging tool that I've been using on my site for several years.
www.amazon.com /Sams-Teach-Yourself-Movable-Hours/dp/067232590X   (1318 words)

 Slapnose: Moveable Type 3
As many have probably read, Moveable Type has released the much anticipated version 3.0, to a whole hell of a lot of not-so-much-anticipated rage in the blog world.
The first version of their new pricing scheme was met with such...
The first version of their new pricing scheme was met with such immediate and widespread acrimony that they changed major aspects of it in less than 2 days.
slapnose.com /archives/2004/05/16/moveable_type_3   (434 words)

 Learning Movable Type: Tutorials and Tips for Beginners
So after picking up some good ideas from Mike Industries, I decided to toss it to the curb and show our commenters just exactly what their comment will look like as they type.
Movable Type 3.3 Comes with a powerful new tagging feature, the details of which Jay Allen outlines in Everyone Loves Tags.
If you have implemented MT's tagging system on your blog, and you click on a tag on an entry, it takes you to a tag search result page with a list of the entries tagged with that tag (and their excerpts), which is what you would expect.
www.learningmovabletype.com   (810 words)

 Moveable Type to get a face lift at The Blog Herald
Movable Type 3.2 is set to be released next week and the new version is said to include more features for administration, ease of use, and community management.
According to Infoworld, Version 3.2 will include a new section of the application that provides a system overview and the abillity to automatically filter comment or trackback spam and delete spam after a set period of time.
Six Apart tampoco se queda con los brazos cruzados: la próxima semana lanzará su Movable Type 3.2.
www.blogherald.com /2005/08/20/moveable-type-to-get-a-face-lift   (316 words)

 Versatile Moveable Type   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Matt Haughey writes about using Movable Type as more than just a weblog tool.
At Buckman Elementary School we use Movable Type to power the teacher pages and the main school web page.
For the most part the teacher pages are just blogs, but a few teachers have tweaked their templates and they have more of a look of a traditional page.
www.free-conversant.com /novel-d/95   (141 words)

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