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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

 Spock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spock was promoted to Captain and assigned as the Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise as Kirk had reverted to his former rank of Admiral in Starfleet Command.
Spock is often misnamed Dr. Spock and is confused with the real-life physician Dr. Benjamin Spock.
Spock is the son of the Vulcan ambassador Sarek and his human wife Amanda Grayson. /wiki/Spock   (3922 words) Spock
Spock was the People's Party candidate in the 1972 United States presidential election with a platform that called for free medical care, the legalization of abortion and marijuana, a guaranteed minimum income for families and the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from foreign countries.
Spock advocated ideas about parenting that were, at the time, considered out of the mainstream, and over time, his books helped to bring about a drastic change in the opinions of those who considered themselves to be the experts.
Spock was politically outspoken and active in the movement to end the Vietnam War. /browse/wiki/Benjamin_Spock   (780 words)

 Spock - Memory Alpha
Spock was speculated to have briefly reactivated his Starfleet commission, with the rank of Captain, during the Dominion War, according to the non-canon "Spectre," a novel by William Shatner (with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens).
Spock was commissioned as a Starfleet officer in the early 2250s with the serial number S 179-276 SP, and held an A7 computer expert classification.
Spock was later involved in initiating and facilitating peace talks between the Klingon Empire and the Federation at the Khitomer Conference. /en/index.php/Spock   (4901 words)

 Spock's Bio
Spock was born in Shi'Kahr on Vulcan at the Science Academy to a human mother and a Vulcan father on November 12, 2231.
Spock was on Romulus at the time and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, of the USS Enterprise D, disguised as a Romulan, went to Romulus and informed Spock of his father's death.
Spock's cousin Selek (who turned out to be the older Spock) also helped and Spock was returned home safely. /~tpring/bio.html   (469 words)

 MSN Encarta - Benjamin Spock
Spock encouraged parents to be flexible with their children and to show them greater affection.
Spock’s guidebook on child rearing broke dramatically from accepted practices that favored rigid feeding habits and considered hugging children inappropriate.
Spock became a leading figure in demonstrations against U.S. participation in the Vietnam War (1959-1975). /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761562207   (406 words)

 Gold Key STAR TREK Comics - No. 37 "The Ghost Planet"
Spock tells the security guards to empty the water from their canteens at the feet of the robots, and then he uses the battery charges of his "transistor" to electrocute the robots.
Spock says it may be possible for the Enterprise to magnetically pull the rings away from the planet and into deep space, but he will need time for calculations.
Spock directs "electronic rifles" at the magnetic fields of the two orbiting space stations in order to draw in their magnetic power as well. /St37.html   (1066 words)

 In Memoriam, Dr. Benjamin Spock 1903-1998 Mar 27, 1998
Benjamin Spock is survived by his second wife of 22 years, Mary Morgan, and Michael and John, the sons from his marriage to the late Jane Cheney.
Nevertheless, Spock had a huge impact on the way that most of the Baby Boom generation was raised.
Spock became a campus figure when James Stillman Rockefeller, Class of 1924, spotted the 6'4" freshman and asked him to row. /archive/xxv/3.27.98/sports/spock.html   (421 words)

 BBC Online - Cult - Star Trek - Spock
Spock was half-human, the child of Sarek, a Vulcan diploman, and Amanda Grayson, a human schoolteacher.
Spock's final Trek television appearance was on the Next Generation episodes Unification parts one and two, in which he finally discovered the love of his father, Sarek.
Spock was the first ever Vulcan to join Starfleet, and had the Starfleet service number S179-276. /cult/st/original/spock.shtml   (337 words)

 CNN - Famed pediatrician Dr. Spock dies at age 94 - Mar. 16, 1998
Spock, who described his own parents as strict but loving, reflected that he was probably too stern in raising his sons.
Spock first moved into the political limelight in 1962, warning of the possible hazards posed to children and nursing mothers by atmospheric nuclear testing.
Spock spent two years as a psychiatrist in the U.S. Naval Reserve Medical Corps and was discharged in 1946 as a lieutenant commander. /US/9803/16/obit.dr.spock   (1326 words)

 Animated STAR TREK - Mr. Spock
Spock was born on the planet Vulcan in 2230, the only child of Ambassador Sarek and his human wife Amanda Grayson.
As a Vulcan, Spock was immune to the Dramian Auroral plague that affected the rest of the crew on stardate 5275.6.
Spock was able to convince the being that when it consumed inhabited planets millions of small but significant lives were lost. /AnimatedSeries/Spock.html   (717 words)

 RW ONLINE:Benjamin Spock and the Unruly Generation
Spock explained, "I always assumed that the parent taking the greater share of young children (and of the home) would be the mother, whether or not she wanted an outside career.
Spock got his medical degree at Columbia University in 1929, did internships in medicine and pediatrics and a residency in psychiatry and psychoanalytic training, and then Spock opened a private pediatric practice in New York in 1933.
In 1972 Spock was the Presidential candidate of the People's Party and got more than 75,000 votes with a platform that called for free medical care, the legalization of abortion and marijuana, a guaranteed minimum income for families and the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from foreign countries. /a/v19/950-59/951/spock.htm   (1866 words)

 The Search for Spock Encyclopedia Article @ (Launch Base)
Spock's memories must still be restored, but, nevertheless, the Vulcan is now alive and well.
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Paramount Pictures, 1984) is the third feature film based on the popular Star Trek science fiction television series.
In the opening scenes when the crew discover life signs in Spock's quarters, Kirk leaves the bridge to investigate. /encyclopedia/Star_Trek_III:_The_Search_for_Spock   (1068 words)

 The spock homepage
Spock has been designed from the ground up to be powerful, flexible and most of all, easy to use.
Spock has the features users have come to expect from molecular graphics software including several bond and atom rendering types, and a complete array of backbone "worm" representations.
Spock also exports views to VRML (both 1.0 and 2.0) for posting models on web pages, and Raster3D for photorealistic rendering.   (647 words)

 Online NewsHour Forum: Forum Title-- March 30, 1998
Spock gave me confidence in every area, from enlightened self-interest in taking my own needs and limitations into consideration, through disciplinary standards, to when to go to the hospital emergency room in a panic.
Dr. Spock's book helped us enjoy our kid and our life together as she grew and changed into the joy she is today, coping with her own exploring toddler.
Important enough that the demographic he influenced-- the baby boomers-- is sometimes referred to as the "Spock generation." And what you think of this generation-- healthy and influential, or spoiled and self-indulgent-- often determines what you think of the pediatrician who reared them through the pages of his books. /newshour/forum/march98/spock.html   (1324 words)

 Dr. Benjamin Spock
Spock's ideas have become such a part and parcel of the parenting landscape that it's easy to forget how revolutionary they were.
As the eldest of six children, Benjamin McLane Spock was immersed in the world of childcare at an early age, helping to change diapers, babysit, feed, and otherwise attend to his siblings.
Throughout his life, Spock remained a tireless and courageous advocate for children and families, and his legacy will remain a source of knowledge and inspiration for parents for generations to come. /about/drbenjaminspock/0,1781,,00.html   (878 words)

Spock was critically wounded on Tyree's planet in 2267 with an ancient weapon known as a flintlock.
Spock's contact on Romulus was Senator Pardek, who was believed to have met Spock during the Khitomer conference in 2293.
Spock and his father had not spoken as father and son for 18 years until a medical emergency drew them together. /tattooine/constantine/157/tos/spock.html   (885 words)

 Gamin Davis' Spock Treks
Spock is kidnapped by Kor to be used as a test-subject for a new type of mind-sifter intended to be effective on Vulcans and others with mental shielding ability.
Spock is blinded in an accident on the Bridge and must face the possibility of leaving behind his home and his friends on the Enterprise forever.
Spock becomes involved with the half-Human/half-Romulan creator of the new mind-sifter--who also happens to be the daughter of the Romulan Kirk once defeated in battle ("Balance of Terror").   (1738 words) Dr. Spock's Baby and Childcare : Seventh Edition: Books: Benjamin, M.D. Spock
More importantly, as Spock demonstrates, in the period we call the "terrible twos" and also for children approaching the age of 3 and a half, disobedience is usually an attempt by children to discover the boundaries of their own autonomy.
Spock was considered the baby care guru in the 1950's and many parents took his advice as the word of the Lord.
Spock simply asserts that girls learn to be women by imitating their mothers and flirting with their fathers and vice versa. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0671537628?v=glance   (1996 words)

Spock: The birds and the bees are not Vulcans, Captain.
Spock: Judging by the pollution content of the atmosphere, I believe we have arrived at the late twentieth century.
Spock: It is difficult to be precise, Captain. /oh/quotations/startrek/originalstartrek/spock.html   (1164 words)

 Spock's Greatest Hits-The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy
Spock's mother was a human and everybody knows that beneath the frigid exterior, Mr.
Spock has superhuman endurance, but in three days of interviews and autograph signing, it was clear Leonard Nimoy did not.
Spock, first officer of the star ship Enterprise and super-cool, pixie-eared, intellectual giant from the planet Vulcan. /Hollywood/Set/1931/2-sides.html   (1835 words)

 Spock, Benjamin definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
Spock was the first pediatrician to study psychoanalysis to try to understand children's needs and family dynamics.
Spock, Benjamin: (1903-1998) American pediatrician whose book on "Baby and Child Care" which first appeared in 1946 was one of the biggest best-sellers of all time.
(The Spocks were descended from early Dutch settlers in the Hudson Valley; the family name was originally Spaak.) Dr. Spock attended Yale and won a gold medal as a member of the crew that won the Olympics in 1924. /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=31316   (412 words)

 Salon Mothers Who Think: The Spock touch
Benjamin McLane Spock died last week at the ripe old age of 94, and it's hard to argue with his new biographer when he writes that Spock "reflected as much of America in the twentieth century as any individual." His was a remarkable life, by any measure.
Spock pushed aside the dubious "science" in earlier child-rearing texts and gave parents simple, intuitive (and highly Freudian) advice in folksy, everyday language.
Without getting all gushy about it, Spock's words nearly made this new father weep with gratitude and relief, particularly after I'd tried to memorize the fine print in a handful of other texts. /mwt/feature/1998/03/23feature.html   (865 words)

 Memorable Quotes from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
Spock: I was not attempting to evaluate its moral implications, Doctor.
Spock: If I may be so bold, it was a mistake for you to accept promotion.
Kirk: Captain Spock, if you don't hear from us within one hour, your orders are to restore what power you can, take the Enterprise to the nearest star base, and alert Starfleet Command as soon as you're out of jamming range. /Quotes?0084726   (1912 words)

Spock also is a powerful search engine allowing users to search through a directory of PDB files for proteins which have specific characteristics.
Spock provides the typical molecular visualization views (ribbons of several types, line and rod bonds, etc.) as well as molecular and accessible surfacing routines.
Spock also provides interfaces to DSSP for reading in secondary structure information and a near-WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface for Molscript for producing publication-quality printouts. /userguides/graphics/spock/manual/node2.html   (489 words)

 Spock's Brain
Spock's body can be kept alive for a short while because of Vulcan physiology, but his brain must be restored to his body within 24 hours or else he will die.
Spock (speaking to Kirk for the first time since the theft of his brain): "Captain, there is a definite pleasurable experience connected with the hearing of your voice."
Led by the voice of Spock (via Kirk's communicator), they discover that Spock's brain is being used as the subterranean complex's control center. /m5comp/trekbits/trekpics/brain   (876 words)

 Spock's Brain
While the Eymorgs live in a highly technological society, they don't understand that technology and are trained to perform various tasks--like the operation enabling them to steal Spock's brain--by what is known as "The Great Teacher." This "teacher" was left behind by ancient technologists who once lived on the planet.
Spock's body lays on a diagnostic table, on full life support.
She moves around the bridge until finally she comes to Spock. /tos/tos3/spocks_brain.htm   (468 words)

 Spock's dramatic end scene in Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of Khan
This may not be melodramatic but it would have been consistent with Spock's character, and the heroism of the scene.
But as any fans of Star Trek know Spock is subject to scriptwriters not to genuine logic and so after this brilliant plot turn, and in the midst of Spock's moving expression of his value for Kirk's friendship he utters this fallacy:
More over Spock recognised that he did not have the right to demand that another to die for him, or for any other. /town/street/pl38/spock.htm   (595 words)

 Spock Misses The Point
Spock Misses The Point is © Wing Poon.
Uploaded to Flickr in January, this photograph belongs to the last roll of 2005, which was taken between Christmas and new years.  A man is sitting on a broken bench in Pitt Street, staring into the distance.  I don’t think he was expecting anybody.  Of course, I could be wrong.
Not all drivers are bad.  In my experience, most drivers in Sydney are quite reasonable.  It’s the occasional aggressive drivers that one needs to keep an eye out for, whether we are in a car or on a bike.  There’s just less protection when you’re on a bike.   (1207 words)

 FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code
Respondents Spock and Hobson's initial letter to the Fort Dix commander indicating their intent to campaign on the base also indicated in unequivocal terms their willingness to confine the rally to such times and places as might reasonably be designated by petitioners.
[424 U.S. In 1972, the respondents Benjamin Spock and Julius Hobson were the candidates of the People's Party for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States, and Linda Jenness and Andrew Pulley were the candidates of the Socialist Workers Party for the same offices.
5 Pursuant to this judgment the respondent Spock conducted a campaign rally at a Fort Dix parking lot on November 4, 1972. /scripts/   (11426 words)

This was followed by numerous movie and television roles until he was cast as Spock in the television series, Star Trek.
The Spock Carved Emu Egg can become a personalized gift with an inscription on the back and comes with a hand turned hardwood egg stand.
Not wanting to be drenched with water (so he would appear sweaty) for a fight scene - he talked the producers into the idea that Vulcan's did not sweat. /spock.htm   (446 words)

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