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 Almohad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Abd al-Mu'min al-Kumi, another Berber, from Algeria, who was undoubtedly a soldier and statesman of a high order.
When Ibn Tumart died in 1128 at the monastery or ribat which he had founded in the Atlas at Tinmal, after suffering a severe defeat by the Almoravids, Abd al-Mu'min kept his death secret for two years, till his own influence was established.
Yusuf II or "Abu Ya'qub" (1163-1184), and Ya'qub I or "al-Mansur" (1184-1199), the successors of Abd al-Mumin, were both able men. /wiki/Almohades

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Abd al-Hamid II
Abd al-Hamid II (1842-1918), sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1876-1909), son of Abd al-Madjid I. He succeeded his brother Murad V, who had been...
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In the face of continued European dangers, however, Abd al-Hamid suspended the parliament and installed a highly autocratic government in 1878.... /Abd_al-Hamid_II.html

 Encyclopedia: Rise of Islam in Algeria
Abd al Mumin forced the submission of the amirs and reestablished the caliphate of C rdoba, giving the Almohad sultan supreme religious as well as political authority within his domains.
Upon Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Tumart's death in 1130, his successor Abd al Mumin took the title of caliph and placed members of his own family in power, converting the system into a traditional monarchy.
Abd Allah ibn Yasin also became known as one of the marabouts, or holy persons (from al murabitun, "those who have made a religious retreat"). /encyclopedia/Rise-of-Islam-in-Algeria

 Almoravid and Almohad Dynasties in Maghreb
Abd al-Mumin succeeded Muhammad Ibn Tumart al-Mahdi in Ifriqiya. /library/history/maghreb.html

 Islamset-Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar)-Anatomy of Liver, Spleen, and Abdomen, their Diseases and Treatment in the Kitab Al-Taysir By Ibn Zuhr
Afterwards, with the victory of the almohads, he served them as physician in their court, and wrote for Abu Muhammad Abd al-Mumin ibn Ali a "Kitab al-Agdhiya wal-adwiya"5.
Abd al-Malik ibn Zuhr was going to the palace of prince of Faithful in Seville, and on his way, at Abul-Khayr bath, near Ibn Mu'amil's house, found an ill man who had a great tumor, his belly was swollen and his complexion became pale.
The most famous of this generation of physicians, both in the skill of Medicine and in writing medical works, were abul-ala, Zuhr b.Abi Marwan Abd al-Malik b.Muhammad b.Marwan b.Zuhr, Known by his kunya Abul-Ala, and especially his son Abd al-Malik b.Zuhr the author of the kitab al-Taysir. /isc/zuhr/main.html - CORDOVA:
In Cordova, where, in 1117, a false Messiah had appeared, there remained but a comparatively small Jewish community; and this was soon subjected to new persecutions at the hands of the fanatical Almohades, whose leader, 'Abd al-Mumin, in 1148, compelled the Jews to choose between Islam and death.
The Jews were not behind the Moors in their efforts to promote education and culture; and at the Academy of Cordova, founded by the califs, Jews and Moors together received instruction in philosophy, grammar, mathematics, botany, and even in music.
It was he who brought about the visit to Cordova of the proud queen Toda of Navarra with a large retinue, for the purpose of making an appeal to 'Abd al-Raḥman for protection and assistance. /view.jsp?artid=771&letter=C

 High Middle Ages
The al-Mohads under their ruler Abd al-Mumin (1145-1163) defeated the al-Moravids and took over much of northern Morocco including Marrakesh.
Between 1147 and 1157, Christians under Alfonso VII tried to exploit the confusion in the south ( al-Andalus) created by the change in Muslim ruling dynasties, but al-Mumin moved in to secure Muslim rule there which lasted until 1212.
At the French abbey of Cluny, under the leadership of its abbot, Peter the Venerable, work was completed on a Latin translation of the Qur'an. /tthornton/mehistorydatabase/high_middle_ages.htm

 Historia, Vida y Civilización de Almorávides y Almohades. El Legado Andalusí
Abd al-Mumin is recognised as sovereign in certain parts of al-Andalus.
1146 The Almohad caliph Abd al-Mumin begins to be recognised as part of al-Andalus' new sovereign, thus initiating a new historical period with the Almohads.
1145 The first Almohad troops land in the Iberian Peninsula in response to the plea for help received by Abd al-Mumin from some Andalusis to counteract the Christian advance and the Almoravid weakness in certain areas. /itinerarios/eng/historia.htm

 ME3201 - Cronology
Muhammad ben Tumart (1121-1128), Abu Muhammad Abd al-Mumin (1128-1163) and three more in Spain.
Abd al-Rahman I (756-788), Hisham I (788-796), al-Hakam I (796-822), Abd al-Rahman II (822-852), Muhammad I (852-886), al-Mundhir (886-888), Abd al-Rahman III (912-961).
Tarik ben-Ziyad, Muza ben Nusayr, Abd al-Aziz ben Muza, and 20 more. /~histweb/medhist/pascua/spain/chronol.html

 Pre-colonial African History
His successor the Berber Abd al-Mumin, conquered Morocco (1140-1147) and other parts of North Africa putting an end to the Almoravids.
In 1121, Muhammad ibn Tumart, an Arab reformer was proclaimed Al Mahdi ("The Rightly Guided") in Morocco by a large following of disciples calling themselves "al-muwahhid" (those who proclaim the unity of God, hence the name Almohads).
These few notes aim to provide some historical background to better understand the events that have shaped the people I have met in the countries I visited in Africa. /page99/99en-afr-notes.html

 Restatement of History of Islam and Muslims
The next three rulers also, of whom the most important was Abd al-Mumin's grandson, Yaqub al-Mansur (1184-1199) mounted the throne without having to put down any rebellion, a dynastic stability almost without parallel in the Dar al-Islam.
Abu Yaqub Yusuf, the son of Abd al-Mumin (Almohads), took over power without incident.
He fell in the holy war before Santarem (Spain) in 1184. /html/eng/books/restatment/74.htm

 ...::: Al Koutoubia :::...
The minaret, like the mosque, is one of the jewels of Almohad art, built for Abd al-Mumin and finished by Yakub al-Mansur (between 1184 and 1189).
What we see today, also built for Abd elMumin, and is considered a real pearl of Almohad art.
In the heart of the historical medina (with the mosque of the same name by its side), it is the symbol of Marrakesh, together with the immense area of Place Djemaa el-Fnajust around the corner. /Islam/Mosques%20around%20the%20world/Al%20Koutoubia.htm

 abd al-mumin - OneLook Dictionary Search
Abd al-Mumin : [ home, info ]
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Abd al-Mumin : Columbia Encyclopedia, Six Edition [ home, info ] /?w=abd+al-mumin - Almoravids (Spanish And Portuguese History, Biographies) - Encyclopedia
The real founder was Abd Allah ibn Yasin, who by military force converted a number of Saharan tribes to his own reformed religion and then advanced on Morocco.
The Almoravids may have originated in what is now Mauritania.
After his death (c.1059), Yusuf ibn Tashfin and his brother Abu Bakr came to power. /encyclopedia/A/Almoravi.html

 ayatollah - In the Shiite branch of Islam, a high-ranking religious authority regarded by his followers as the most learned pe
Marrakech was captured in 1147 under the leadership of his successor Abd al- Mumin.
It was named after al- Abbas (566-c.633), uncle of Muhammad, from whom all its caliphs were descended.
By the 1170s all of the Maghrib was under unified control for the only time in its history, and the Almohads also controlled Muslim Spain. /socsci/ehancock/BULLI/Islam-terms.htm

 Paradox Entertainment Forums - Sultanate Court of the Zayyanid Caliphate [Algeria]
Based on a Zenata tribe, the Bani Abd el Wad, which had been settled in the region by Abd al Mumin, the Zayanids quickly established supremacy due to their natural strength, good looks, faith in Allah, and rightiousness in their claim on the Almohad throne.
Rose wasnt Sia's only wife but she was clearly his favourite, and when her son Abd was elected Sultan, Rose became an influential power in Algiers and she built the first Christian Catholic Church in Algiers, sadly she never did find a priest.
At the behest of his Uncle Sultan Hasan bin Mohammed he served as an escort on a pilgrimedge to Mecca, which took two years and in which Baghdad and Cairo were visited extensively. /forum/showthread.php?s=17a5c02084eafe3340f4c71703da3f48&t=123246

 Abd al-Mumin Biography / Profile of Abd al-Mumin Biographies
For 13 years Abd al-Mumin was one of the principal supporters of lbn Tumart, accompanying him into banishment in the Atlas Mountains, where he served on the council of advisers to Ibn Tumart and took part in Almohad military expeditions.
Little is known of the background of Abd al-Mumin except that he was born about 1094 in a village close to Tlemcen (in present-day Algeria) and was a member of the Berber Zenata confederation.
Abd al-Mumin Biography / Profile of Abd al-Mumin Biographies /biography/abd-al-mumin

Abd al-Rahman Parwaz Ilahi, Makhdum Ali Mahaimi: hayat, athar wa afkar, (Bombay: Naqsh-I Kokan Trust Publications, 1976) Aftab-I Kokan by Fakhr al-din Munshi, (Bombay: Matba'a Karimi, n.d.) which the present writer has not seen, is probably related to a Konkani saint.
See Abd al-Hayyi al-Hasani, Nuzhat al-khawatir bahjat al-masami wa al nawazir, (Hyderabad: Dairat al-Maarif al-Uthmaniya, 1947-68, and reissued as al-Ilam bi man fi tarikh al-Hind min al-ilam, (Lucknow: Majlis-I Tahqiqat was Nashariyat-I Islam, 1995.
See the profile of " Dr. Abd al-Karim Muhammad Naik," by Sharaf Kamali in Naqsh-I Kokan (August 1996): 23-26. /kmabhistory14.html Great Books Online -- Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus and hundreds more
Hugo, V.M. Irving, W. James, H. Jewett, S.O. Jonson, B. Keller, G. Kielland, A.L. Lamb, C. and M. Lessing, G.E. Lewis, S. Malory, Sir T. Manzoni, A. Marlowe, C. Massinger, P. Maupassant, G. de /aol/65/ab/AbdalMum.html

The city itself was founded by Abd al-Mumin as a camp for his campaign against Spain and later when trying to invade North Africa.
The history of the city goes back to 2500 years during the time of Phoenician exploration. /morocco.html

  kafi 139 english text
Muhammad ibn Yahya (-) Muhammad ibn al-Husayn (-) Muhammad ibn 'Isa (-) Abu Abdillah al-Mumin that Abd al-A'la Mawla Al Sam said: /publications/al-kafi/4-173e.htm

See studies by Abd al-Wahid al Marrakushi 1881, repr.
In Morocco they lost power to the Merinid dynasty, which took Marrakech in 1269. /ce6/history/A0803445.html

 The Pocket Guide to World History - Aarau to Abd al-Mumin
The Pocket Guide to World History - Aarau to Abd al-Mumin /history/contents.html

 Encyclopedia - Yahooligans! Reference -
Abd ar-Rahman III, emir and caliph of Córdoba
Enter a word or phrase to look up (e.g., Edison /reference/encyclopedia/entry_index?letter=A - Travel Center
One of Morocco's four imperial cities, it was founded in the 12th century by Almohad ruler Abd al-Mumin as a ribat (camp) quartering troops for his repeated forays into southern Spain.
After the Muslim conquest of Iberia in 711, the Umayyad amirs made Cordoba the capital of al-Andalus.
By the 10th century, Cordoba had become one of the greatest cities in the world, thanks to the efforts of the powerful and wise caliph Abd al-Rahman III. /Travel/spain/cities.asp - Abd al-Mumin (North African History, Biographies) - Encyclopedia - Abd al-Mumin (North African History, Biographies) - Encyclopedia
More articles from AllRefer Reference on Abd al-Mumin
You are here : > Reference > Encyclopedia > North African History, Biographies > Abd al-Mumin /encyclopedia/A/AbdalMum.html

His successors, Abd al-Mumin, Yusuf II, and Yakub I, succ...
Research paper, homework assignment or just an interest? /searchpool.asp?target=%22Abd+al-Mumin%22

 Progressive Dawoodi Bohras: Fatimid Literature
a mumin) to have fash for any action of his.
The 47th Dai Abd al-Qadir Najmuddin succeeded him without a nass.
His pupil Abd al-Rasul al-Majdu, also a great scholar was, however, associated with the Hibtiyya dissident movement. /issues/fatimid_lit.htm

 Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani Guestbook Archives (2002)
Your guardian can be only Allah; and His messenger and those who believe, who establish worship and pay the poordue, and bow down" The above verse (MAIDA) emphasizes US, THE MUMINS, to choose Awliya Allah as the guardian or the guide to reach ALLAH THE ONE.
Must thank and pray to all of you for having a website for the followers,since we are from nun muslim country we can study a lot from these web sites.
So brothers these are very few of the many reasons [more u can read in my previous article] due to which many old sunni and shia and other muslim authorities [including a huge number of syeds] have rejected the claims of many people who think sheikh abdul qadir jilani was syed. /guestbook/archives_2002.html

Incidentally Umar made some other changes to Islam : including the most common incident wherein he forbade the saying of "Haya al alFalah " ("Hasten towards success ") in the Azan ( Call For Prayer) and *changed* it to "Assalatu khairu minalNaum" ( Prayers are better than Sleep).
"'Abd al-Malik ibn Quraib al-Asmai (739-831) was a pious Arab who wrote some valuable books on human anatomy.
White slaves were normally called mamluk, an Arabic word meaning "owned," while black slaves were called abd. /~dwarph/v1n3/v1N3.html

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