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Topic: Mulan

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  Mulan: Special Edition DVD Review
Mulan has to pass herself off as a man to be a soldier in the army.
Though she's depicted as much as a ordinary, down-to-earth girl as she is a warrior heroine, Mulan distinguishes herself as a kind of antithesis to the princess passivity that some have lamented in the films from Disney's yesteryear.
Mulan is housed in a standard-width fl dual keepcase, and housed in a cardboard slipcover which doesn't open up or serve any purpose other than decoratively duplicating all of the artwork and text from the case.
www.ultimatedisney.com /mulan.html   (4831 words)

Mulan, the daughter of a military hero now crippled from old wounds, has been told all her life that a woman's honor depends on her role as a dutiful, modest daughter and wife.
Mulan's commander Shang has a lot to live up to as well, being the son of the general.
Mulan is far more complex -- the most complex of the Disney heroines; she has personal flaws, like outspokenness and hubris, which could not only cost her life but the honor and future of her family, given the restraints of her culture.
www.greenmanreview.com /film/film_mulan.html   (827 words)

 Mulan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Mulan herself (drawn to resemble The Joy Luck Club's Ming-Na Wen, her speaking voice) is a winner, and the story is designed to appeal to both boys (lots of action) and girls (a woman in the middle of all that action, plus a little romance): few summer movies will surpass it.
So Mulan cuts her hair, grabs his commission, and rides out to take his place, aided by a feckless jive-talking red dragon (he's sent, sort of, by her Ancestors) named Mushu (Eddie Murphy) and a good-luck cricket named Cri-Kee.
The best thing about Mulan is Mulan herself: the "Gotta be me/Gotta find out who I am" formula may be rote, but she has her own style, as when, on her way to the Matchmaker, she finds the move that unlocks a café game of Go (this is one smart fortune cookie).
www.bostonphoenix.com /archive/movies/98/06/18/MULAN.html   (1035 words)

 Mulan (1998)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Mulan, in fact, has more in common with male Disney leads than the female Disney leads.
When Mulan told them she had an idea to help the emperor faster, they were the first to her side, even when Shang was still reluctant to do so.
I would also like to point out that Mulan is really not "historical," like Joan of Arc, but rather she is a legend, much like Hercules and Aladdin, who also come from the realm of myth, stories and legends.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0120762   (1103 words)

 Amazon.com: Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection): DVD: Tony Bancroft,Barry Cook,Miguel Ferrer,Harvey Fierstein,Freda ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The opening "brush painting" of the Great Wall; Mulan's song (Reflections) and the ensuing scene of loving encouragement from her father; the scene where she decides to leave home; her heart-to-heart talk with Mushu at the abandoned camp in the mountains; the Imperial Palace where she is honored by the Emperor before all China...
Mulan's father, the only man in her family and very tied to traditions, accepts his duty without a doubt.
This is the wonderful story of Fa Mulan, based on the ancient Chinese story of the girl who disguised herself as a man to go to war to save her aging, crippled father from having to go as representative of the Fa family.
www.amazon.com /Mulan-Disney-Gold-Classic-Collection/dp/B00001QEBQ   (2501 words)

MULAN is a free-spirited woman who doesn't fit into the traditional and cultural mold of being a Chinese wife.
Mulan has just a tiny bit of a bloody gash on her stomach and some blood on her hand after a combat-induced wound.
Mulan writes "cheat notes" on her arm to be able to answer the Matchmaker's questions.
www.screenit.com /movies/1998/mulan.html   (2607 words)

 "Mulan" / a review from Christian Spotlight on the Movies
Mulan is based on a Chinese folktale about a young woman who, after the country of China is in danger of take over by a Hun invasion, disguises herself as a male to enter into the Chinese army.
Mulan's "disobedience" of her father is completely different; she takes her father's place to preserve her family's honor and to save her father from injury.
Mulan clearly was not a "feminist" but a feminine woman out to protect her family and prove to herself she can do something right.
www.christiananswers.net /spotlight/movies/pre2000/i-mulan.html   (4072 words)

When her aged father is called to certain death in war, Mulan's bold spirit compels her to save his life by disguising herself as a man and joining the Chinese army in his place.
Mulan is leaving home to take the place of her father in the battle against the evil Huns.
Mulan returns home and was honored by her father who had know idea that her daughter was capable of such being a soldier.
www2.hawaii.edu /~epascual/mulan.htm   (343 words)

 Ballad of Mulan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The story of Mulan who went to war in her father's place.
Your browser does not recongize "frames." May I suggest that you upgrade the browser to Netscape version 3 or 4, or to Microsoft version 3 or 4.
In the meantime, you can view the story of Mulan from here.
www.chinapage.com /mulan.html   (51 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Mulan (Two Disc Special Edition) [1998]: DVD: Miguel Ferrer,Harvey Fierstein,Tony Bancroft,Barry ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
When tomboy Mulan is presented to the local matchmaker as prospective bride her attempt to appear as a demure young lady is a dismal failure.
Mulan struggles through the army training, and eventually wins the respect of her comrades, and is finally triumphant in doing her bit to save China from doom.
Her parents (unusually for a Disney film, Mulan has a mother as well as a father), are portrayed very humanly and convincingly, and she has a feisty grandmother, who has one of the best lines in the film, when she claps eyes on gorgeous Captain Shang and says "Sign me up for the next war!".
www.amazon.co.uk /Mulan-Disc-Special-Tony-Bancroft/dp/B00061RZBA   (1337 words)

 Mulan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mulan is the thirty-sixth animated feature in the Disney animated features canon, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, and first released on June 5, 1998 by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution.
Disney's Mulan casts the title in much the same way as the original legendary heroine, a rough-around-the-edges daughter of a respected veteran, somewhat troubled by being the "sophisticated lady" her society expects.
Although she is not officially a Princess, Mulan is often regarded as one of the Disney Princesses.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mulan   (1470 words)

 Instructions :: Mulan :: MUltple sequence Local AligNment and visualization tool
Mulan does not requires the users to manually specify the phylogenetic relationships, but instead it predicts them at the first step of the alignment process, displays as a phylogenetic tree (Figure 3) and asks for a confirmation from the user.
Mulan conservation profiles can be dynamically replotted based on the selection of data display parameters as selected by the user using the top bar at the conservation profile display page (Figure 5).
Mulan was developed by Ivan Ovcharenko, Gabriela G. Loots, and Lisa Stubbs from LLNL in collaboration with Belinda M. Giardine, Minmei Hou, Jian Ma, Ross C. Hardison, and Webb Miller from Pennsylvania State University.
mulan.dcode.org /mulanInstructions.php   (1385 words)

 [No title]
Mulan takes one sorrowful glance back at her parents bedroom and rides Khan through the gate and off to camp.] [Cut to the face of a statue in the Fa Family Temple.
Mulan looks up with an evil grin on her face and Shan-Yu watches in horror as many of his troops begin to be swallowed up by the snow] Shan-Yu [recollecting himself and focusing in on Mulan]: Yrrrrrrraah.
Mulan looks up then turns around hardly believing what she sees as the entire Chinese population within the palace grounds fall prostrate on the ground in a wave like pattern, bowing to her.
www.scifiscripts.com /cartoon/mulan.txt   (13890 words)

Mulan, the story of a young woman who saves her country, is also the film that saves Disney’s tarnished animation reputation.
Rather than let her father go to a certain death, she steals his armor and pretends to be Ping, a teen eager to defend to his country.
Mulan learns to fight and uses her ingenuity to think her way around a challenge during training.
www.comicsutra.com /cs/comics/reprints/liv/mulan.htm   (592 words)

 Mulan (1998)
In a brave and selfless act, Mulan disguises herself as a man and takes her father's place in the Imperial Army, where she trains with a comical group of warriors, led by the handsome Captain Shang.
Mulan itself is interesting to examine in comparison with other Disney films, especially opposed to its immediate predecessor, Hercules.
Mulan herself was interesting in a spunky way but she didn't portray a whole lot of personality.
www.dvdmg.com /mulan.shtml   (2109 words)

Since Mulan is in the camp, she had to look more masculine in order to hid her true identity as a girl.
I realize that Mulan has to be injured near death, and then from there they have that scene where Liliang and JiLi are going to heaven to save her life and all.
Mulan is turned into a guy, and li liang, not to be outdone, is turned into a girl.
www.network54.com /Forum/79517/viewall-page-2   (6617 words)

 The Mulan FAQ
Mulan is the heroine of a famous Chinese poem written during the Northern Dynasties (AD 420-589).
Mulan was shown to test audiences and received high marks for an animated feature screening at that stage (reportedly the highest in the previous ten years).
We saw some of the battle sequences, the scene where Mulan makes it to the top of the pole that none of the other soldiers could climb, the bad guy, Mulan's parents and horse, the scene where she cuts off her hair before running away (that one is surprisingly powerful) and various other stuff.
www.geocities.com /Hollywood/5082/mulanfaq.html   (1613 words)

Mulan is the Disneyised version of an ancient Chinese legend about a young woman determined to be something different.
Fa Mulan (vocalized by Ming-Na Wen) is a young lady of marriageable age, who in the best Chinese tradition is supposed to go off and impress the matchmaker, so that she can find a good husband and bring honour to her family.
Mulan sees a chance to save her father from further service and to restore some honour to herself, so she disguises herself as a man and heads off to join the army.
www.michaeldvd.com.au /Reviews/Mulan.asp   (1581 words)

 Mulan mistakes, goofs and bloopers
Continuity: After Mulan is done singing "Reflections" she sits down on a bench and suddenly her lips are darker than in the shot when she takes off the lipstik, and it's not like she is going to go inside put some lipstick on and then come back outside when she is that upset.
Continuity: In the scene where Mulan is fighting over the cup of tea with the matchmaker, she falls backward and her scarf falls off, yet when the table breaks it's nowhere to be seen.
Continuity: When the matchmaker is fighting over the cup of tea with Mulan and Mulan loses grip, the tea splashes on the matchmaker's face and no ink on her face comes off yet when Mulan throws the tea from the tea pot on her face it all runs down her face.
www.moviemistakes.com /film1557   (994 words)

 100 Celebrated Chinese Women - Hua Mulan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
She is said by some to have come from the Wan County in Hebei, others believed she came from the Shangqiu province in Henan and a third opinion is that she was a native of the Liang prefecture in Gansu.
Hua Mulan knew it was out of the question for her father to go and her only brother was much too young.
Hua Mulan was summoned to the court by the emperor, who wished to appoint her to high office as a reward for her outstanding service.
stutzfamily.com /mrstutz/china/mulan.html   (420 words)

 Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre: Hua Mulan
Although she did not say which Mulan project it is, I think it should be the Weinsteins' one.
Mulan rides again - a SCMP article which talks about 4 versions of Mulan films in development: Michelle's Hua Mulan, Stanley Tong's The Legend of Mulan, Chinese-Korean co-produced Mulan (note that their using Mulan as the film title has been denied by Chinese authority.
Although all three scripts are based on the same Mulan legend, the portrayal of the characters and the angles of the story telling are very different.
michelleyeoh.info /Movie/huamulan.html   (4788 words)

 Mulan II DVD Reviewed on AudioVideoRevolution.com
Mulan broke tradition because women weren’t supposed to serve in the military forces, and along the way she found love, an inner peace, and glory.
Mulan is more at peace with herself and her world, but she still does not conform to the norm.
The scene where Mulan’s parents give her and Shang the necklaces is touching and again promotes the fact that different things in nature have to work together.
www.avrev.com /dvd/revs/mulan2.shtml   (1260 words)

Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) must go up not only against tradition but a bumbling bureaucrat (Chi Fu), a young captain (B.D. Wong) who will have to issue a death warrant for her if he learns the truth and a galloping horde of head-butting Huns who have more in common with professional wrestling than with history.
Without Murphy, Mulan would be a pretty bleak affair, brightened only occasionally by an inspired bit: Mulan practicing to act like a man before reporting to boot camp; three oddly built warriors dressing as concubines to distract the Huns.
Mulan had no trouble finding its audience, and it will surely find a place in the pantheon of animated films -- not at the very top, but far from the bottom.
www.rambles.net /mulan.html   (574 words)

 Mulan Movie Review by Anthony Leong
But because her father was old and ailing, Mulan took it upon herself to disguise herself as a man, don her father's armor, and take his place on the battlefield.
His daughter, Mulan (Ming-Na Wen, singing voice by Lea Salonga), who knows that his father is too ill to serve the Emperor, steals away in the night to take her father's place.
However, Mulan's actions are also driven by another desire-- to make her own mark in the world, and not be relegated to the traditional life of an obedient wife.
www.mediacircus.net /mulan.html   (886 words)

 Movie Info for Mulan on MSN Movies
Mulan's views on accepted marriage traditions prompt the ballad, "Reflection," as she hopes for a recognition of her true self.
It is time you learned yours." Mulan, however, cuts her hair, dresses as a man, and is ready for military camp, prompting the concern of her First Ancestor (George Takei), who converts an inanimate incense burner into the 18-inch high comedic dragon Mushu (Eddie Murphy).
Mulan was the first Disney feature from the company's 200,000-square-foot Orlando facility (now known as Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida).
entertainment.msn.com /movies/movie.aspx?m=164419   (276 words)

 Mulan, the Chinese Woman Warrior
Fa Mulan: The Story of a Woman Warrior, written by Robert San Souci, is the retelling of the original Chinese poem that inspired the Disney movie.
Mulan also became the heroine of a play by Xu Wei, who called her Hua Mulan.
Hua Mulan was from the region known as the Central Plains.
www.selu.edu /Academics/Faculty/elejeune/mulan.htm   (1370 words)

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