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Topic: Multi-instrumentalist

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 peter schaefer - keyboardist / multi-instrumentalist
peter schaefer is an accomplished synthesist and multi instrumentalist who travels the world in search of unique sounds. /~ambient/schaefer.html   (256 words)

 Johnny Butten Pro Multi-Instrumentalist
He is rated as one of the top bluegrass banjo players in the world and one of the best multi - instrumentalists in Europe.
In 1998, he was one of three nominees for European fiddle player of the year award - in Vienna.
In 1989 he put together the award winning country band 'Hard Cash' taking the BCMA award. /butten   (360 words)

 About Jerry Palmer, Acoustic Multi-Instrumentalist
One year after his performance with Michael Hedges, Jerry released his first Debut CD, Blue Guitar; this album features Jerry as a solo guitar instrumentalist.
Nevada Winds was released in 2002, which is a collection of 12 guitar-based instrumental pieces.
Ten years later, Jerry found himself on stage as the opening act for Michael Hedges and also had the opportunity to perform with Michael as well. /bio.htm   (272 words)

 Wanted: Diverse/Dynamic drummer or Multi-Instrumentalist
Bass, Lead Guitar, and me. So if you play any of the instruments needed, (even if you are not a multi player).
I think it would be fun to switch it around some. /muc/147506203.html   (322 words)

 David V. Gregoli - Producer/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist
David V. Gregoli (DVG) is a Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist. /DavidGregoli.html   (530 words)

 Francis Maxino Composer/Pianist - Singer/Multi - Instrumentalist Minstrel
Francis Maxino Composer/Pianist - Singer/Multi - Instrumentalist Minstrel
Composer/Pianist - Singer/Multi - Instrumentalist Minstrel for concerts, festivals and Mediaeval Banquets.
Sound tracks composed for dance, theatre, film, television, radio broadcast, file music for internet homepages, multi-media computer presentations. /ppfoenor.html   (245 words)

 Jivamukti Yoga Center - Boutique
Composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Uttal creates an exotic multi cultural fusion of rock, jazz and Indian chants
These recorded lectures are a humorous and honest take on Supreme Happiness and its obstacles. /boutq/cds/cd_search_4.html   (554 words)

Internationally renowned as an instrumentalist, Yiddish singer and teacher.
He is a member of the Strauss / Warschauer Duo, was a long-time member of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and is on the faculty of Columbia University. /site/faculty.php   (1642 words)

 Multi Instrumentalist XAVIER RUDD Returns To North America
Multi Instrumentalist XAVIER RUDD Returns To North America
Multi-instrumental solo musician Xavier Rudd is returning to North America to tour in support of his 2004 independent release, Solace.
Glide Magazine is a trademark of Glide Publishing LLC /events26.html   (424 words)

 Michael Guthrie - Singer / Songwriter and multi instrumentalist in Seattle Washington
Michael Guthrie - Singer / Songwriter and multi instrumentalist in Seattle Washington
In the year 2001, Moorafa Records emerged from a basement slab.
Our transporter logs indicate that you are life-form number   (780 words)

 Will Patton: multi-instrumentalist and composer
Welcome to the site of Will Patton, multi instrumentalist and composer.
Will has been playing all kinds of music for over 30 years now, including celtic, jazz, rock and roll, bluegrass and Brazilian choro.
Click here to download the latest version of Netscape Navigator.   (415 words)

 Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame (Festival Performance Hall - Events Calendar)
He has composed and performed taiko music for dance, theatre, film and radio and continues to collaborate with artists from all genres of music including traditional Japanese instrumentalists.
Now an instructor himself, he teaches a credit course in taiko at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music and at the Royal Conservatory’s newly established World Music Centre. /cwsc/events_all.php   (4260 words)

 Larry Chernicoff, Composer/Multi-instrumentalist
"Larry Chernicoff is a unusual instrumentalist and composer who combines a fresh but unusual mix of jazz, world, rock with classical elements and ´orchestral´ instruments."
It's also a top pick on web sites in Russia, Netherlands, and Germany.

 Wishing Chair - Roots Duo Wishing Chair-Songwriter Kiya Heartwood and Multi- Instrumentalist Miriam Davidson
Wishing Chair - Roots Duo Wishing Chair-Songwriter Kiya Heartwood and Multi- Instrumentalist Miriam Davidson   (14 words)

 Tom Duncan-composer, performer, recording artist, harper, multi instrumentalist
Tom Duncan-composer, performer, recording artist, harper, multi instrumentalist
Click here to go to the In Balance web site

 Nick Pynn :: CD Reviews
Multi - instrumentalist Nick Pynn composes contemporary instrumental music that draws its inspiration from folk, classical, and jazz.
Featuring multi-tracking guitar, fiddle, dulcimer, bouzouki, bass, piano, and percussion, with additional musicians providing sax, clarinet, and flute, Pynn weaves soundscapes that are at times forceful, and at other times melodic.
The recording ends with an interesting experimental piece commissioned for a multi - media dance performance. /html/Reviews.htm   (34 words)

Critters Buggin', the hardcore Seattle-based quartet featuring percussionist Mike Dillon and reedman/multi-instrumentalist Skerik (last heard together on Garage a Trois' '03 release Emphasizer), along with drummer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Chamberlain and bassist/multi-instrumentalist Brad Houser, were last seen five years ago on Amoeba, an album of loose grooves, ambient sounds and wild moments of risk.
The beauty of what Critters Buggin' do is that while there is some semblance of song structure that reveals itself best after multiple listens, there is also a sense of surprise that remains even after those repeated spins.
“Panang” features a variety of tuned percussion instruments and an almost Steve Reich-esque sense of minimalism, over which Chamberlain and Houser develop another sumptuous groove, with Skerik building a rhythmically-disjointed theme that alternates with a more lyrical passage featuring Kang tracking layers of strings. /php/review_print.php?id=14744   (514 words)

 BAND Services Page
Michael Johnson - Multi-Instrumentalist / Vocalist; Keyboard, Trumpet and Horn
Wendell Brooks - Multi-Instrumentalist / Vocalist; Piano, Saxophone (s) and Flute
PHANTASIA's capability includes a 4 to 7 Piece fully orchestrated band with Instrumentalist / Vocalist additions like........ /Services.htm   (514 words)

 New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock GA-GH
Gandalf is a multi-instrumentalist who composes, arranges, produces and plays his own music.
Austrian multi-instrumentalist Heinz Stobl (aka Gandalf) has been making some of the most visionary cosmic music around since the end of the seventies.
When combined with Gandalf's "symphonic landscapes" (as he defines them), the result is quite majestic symphonic instrumental rock. /ga.html   (15703 words)

 Jack Bruce: Willpower: A Twenty Year Retrospective - PopMatters Music Review
A child prodigy, Jack Bruce was a multi-instrumentalist with a strong background in jazz and classical music who, at age 17, had won a scholarship to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music for cello and composition.
This disc offers up the best of Jack Bruce, the brilliant multi-instrumentalist, profound vocalist, visionary songwriter and a musician who, 30 years after his greatest success, is still on a mission -- even if most aren't privy to it.
In the end, it was Bruce who felt that he had strayed too far from his roots, and that perhaps Cream had gone as far as it possibly could. /music/reviews/b/brucejack-willpower.shtml   (972 words)

 Brian Culbertson : Smooth Jazz Now
October 20, 2004 - Brian Culbertson knows how to keep it in the family his father Jim a long time music educator tours with his son and it's not surprising that the multi instrumentalist married a musician.
The multi-instrumentalist is back in the studio this time working with Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire on his next solo album.
Culbertson is also charting with "Say What" from his seventh album, "Come On Up." We also want to wish Brian a happy birthday, he turned 31 on January 12th. /artist_brian_culbertson.htm   (972 words)

 Glyn School. Glyn. Work Latest News. Subscribe The Newsletter
GLYN STYLER IS ALIVE AND WELL (and living in New Orleans) Photo by Karen Clements Glyn Styler is a New Orleans based singer/songwriter who served as a multi-instrumentalist for numerous Lou Reed, Bowie, Iggy Pop) Glyn Styler formulated an indelible vocal style.
The smooth stylings of New Orleans' crooner: Glyn Styler Glyn Styler is a New Orleans based singer/songwriter who served as a multi-instrumentalist for numerous Lou Reed, Bowie, Iggy Pop) Glyn Styler formulated an indelible vocal style.
Glyn Davies was born in 1919 in Aberbeeg, near Abertillery in Monmouthshire, in South Wales he was more commonly known as "Glyn". /names1942.html   (972 words)

 Google Search: sufjan stevens Young songwriter
Young songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens visits to share his CD “Michigan.” The album is an affecting and impressive blend of...
Young songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens visits to share his CD "Michigan.
Sufjan Stevens, the singer-songwriter behind the endeavor, is an earnest and whimsical young man who aims to record an album based on every state in the... /search.php?searchwords=sufjan%20stevens+Young+songwriter&fwwords=Young+songwriter   (266 words) Music: Alif: Love Supreme (Turkey)
On Alif: Love Supreme, multi-instrumentalist Omar Faruk Tekbilek, producer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Shehan, and an international cast of musicians--including a Spanish guitarist and singers from Persia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Israel--present traditional and contemporary renditions of songs from the Mediterranean.
Whether they are performing a medley of Sufi songs from Turkey, a love song from Azerbaijan, or a modern version of a popular Israeli song, the compositions' cross-cultural roots are apparent.
A note on the songs, by the way, is that they come from various sources. /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000060NUS   (266 words)

Multi-instrumentalist Eric Sterling and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Dean Blair use state of the art synthesizer technology, alternating melodic/heavy guitars, both live and programmed drums, and soaring vocals to create these highly cinematic songs.
Taken literally, they are "programmable matter." Like their namesake, The Quantum Dots of Portland, Oregon dynamically shift their musical moods, creating complex, orchestral compositions that range from subtle ambient soundscapes to crushing thrashfests.
In the world of science, quantum dots are a recent creation that use semiconductor material to dynamically change the properties of matter. /sinister/bands/thequantumdots.htm   (226 words)

 Shrubbers National Boulevard Story
R.L.S. grew up in Cincy with one Phil Cody, a talented singer-songwriter who also lives in L.A. played bass and sang on Cody's Interscope Records debut, The Sons Of Intemperance Offering (1996)--which featured Wallflower Rami Jaffee and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Bill Bonk, among others.
Shrubbers is led by singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/freelance journalist/film freak Roger Len Smith, who resides in the merry-go-round that is Los Angeles.
Cody's beautifully languid harmonica that one hears on the ballad "Vows," a song R.L.S. wrote when one of his brothers got married. /shrubbers/story.html   (738 words)

 Geddy Lee
You're revered as a bassist, a singer and a multi-instrumentalist 'deity' by many musicians all over the world.
Beyond being recognized by a prodigal singer/bassist, Geddy has evolved into a multi-talented musician and instrumentalist who just happens to make the bass guitar his primary instrument on record and on-stage.
RUSH is renowned for their complex, sprawling, and epic song arrangements, featuring intricate time, tempo and key changes and deeply philosophical, mystical, political and scientific lyrics and messages. /archives/dec2000/geddy_lee.htm   (5144 words)

 Erik Wollo
Erik Wollo is a multi-instrumentalist of dazzling virtuosity.
Norwegian guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Erik Wollo's second CD on Spotted Peccary is chock full of a large assortment of great music, varying in moods, tempos, and subgenres.
Wollo plays electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, electric bass, percussion and flute on this album. /erik_wollo.htm   (5144 words)

 Breakdown Michael Brook Black Rock
Though this album is credited to Gasparyan and Brook, in fact there is a third very important collaborator, the English multi-instrumentalist Richard Evans who plays guitar, bass, keyboards and programming on the disc as well as co-producting and mixing all the tracks with Brook.
Both instruments are displayed to best advantage against the varied arrangements drafted and performed by Brook, with help from the English engineer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Evans.
Brook is very much in support only on three tracks, "To The River," "Freedom," and "Dark Souls," where the Duduk and Djivan's vocals are brought to the fore. /brook/disc/black.shtml   (1024 words)

 Pop Music Portal! - Bjorn Lynne
Fantasy music, Sci-fi music, progressive rock and symphonic rock from multi instrumentalist Bjorn Lynne - download free songs and samples...
Fantasy music, Sci-fi music, progressive rock and symphonic rock from multi instrumentalist Bjorn Lynne - download free songs and samples
BJORN LYNNE - Composer of Fantasy and Sci-fi music... /links/bjornlynne.html   (1024 words)

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