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Topic: Multiplication

In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Interactive Games - www.multiplication.com
Unlock the paints by entering the correct answer to the multiplication fact.
Then use the paints to color the picture.
Click here to visit some multiplication games on other websites.
www.multiplication.com /interactive_games.htm   (252 words)

  Multiplication, Multiplication Worksheets, Multiplication Puzzles, Facts, and Multiplication Word Problems!
Multiplication with the number one - with number words (Fill-In Puzzle)
Multiplication with the number four - with number words (Fill-In Puzzle)
Multiplication with the number nine - with number words (Fill-In Puzzle)
www.edhelper.com /multiplication.htm   (1400 words)

  Multiplication | World of Mathematics
That is to say, multiplication was (and is) a kind of shorthand notation for the operation of addition.
Multiplication of fractions is encountered in the study of arithmetic.
The study of multiplication is taken to a deeper level in the branch of mathematics known as abstract algebra.
www.bookrags.com /research/multiplication-wom   (973 words)

  Multiplication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mathematics, multiplication is an elementary arithmetic operation.
Multiplication can be defined for real and complex numbers, polynomials, matrices and other mathematical quantities as well.
For example, multiplication is not, in general, commutative for matrices and quaternions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Multiplication   (1023 words)

 Multiplication algorithm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This has the advantage of being fairly accurate when performed by a skilled person, and the disadvantages that the method is complex, requires memorization of a multiplication table or in earlier times possession of a set of Napier's bones, neat penmanship and mental focus, not necessarily all present in young students.
During the multiplication phase, the lattice is filled in with two-digit products of the corresponding digits labelling each row and column: the tens digit goes in the top-left corner.
This algorithm is also known as Peasant multiplication, because it has been widely used among those who are unschooled and thus have not memorized the multiplication tables required by long multiplication.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Multiplication_algorithm   (1145 words)

multiplication facts - I start with the hardest while motivation is high after I give them a 1s and 0s quiz- which they love as they all know the rules to this one before we even begin to discuss multiplication.
Multiplication facts - We do Saxon and starting with the 7s is a good idea, I think.
Multiplication Families - I started out getting the kids to think of multiplication as a way of grouping- i.e.
www.proteacher.com /prosearch/search2.cgi?c=nil&s=multiplication&n=1   (578 words)

Learn the Multiplication Tables and much, much more
The multiplication facts are learned in a variety of ways - First the student studies the 1, 2, 5, and 10 multiplication facts by counting, then by multiples, then in multiplication tables.
The second group of multiplication facts are the 3 and 4 facts - with multiplication problems that point out the association between addition and multiplication.
Blank multiplication tables are printable from the multiplication worksheets for additional math practice.
www.mathmedia.com /multiplication.html   (265 words)

 Multiplication   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I will call the second type of cell multiplication the “mother-daughter approach.” This is when an existing cell group oversees the creation of a daughter group by providing people, leadership, and a measure of personal care (this is likened to mother-daughter church planting).
Although different in their method of multiplication, all of these churches were primarily concerned about cell group evangelism.
On the other hand, the statistics did show that there was significant correlation between cell multiplication and the number of assistants in the group, number of visitors in the group, and the cell leader’s devotional life, prayer life, visitation, and goal orientation.
comiskeypark.tripod.com /multiplication.htm   (5458 words)

 Addition and Multiplication Tables in Various Bases
For multiplication, the number in the lower right corner is always obtained from its "addition" counterpart by swapping the two digits.
The upside of the approach was that addition and multiplication tables (being symmetric with respect to primed and not primed digits) would require less effort to memorize.
Napier bones is another great tool to study multiplication (in various systems.) Addition is better handled with Abacus, or its Chinese (Suan pan) or Japanese (Soroban) variants.
www.cut-the-knot.org /blue/SysTable.shtml   (1272 words)

 Multiplication Summary
Multiplication can be defined for real and complex numbers, polynomials, matricies and other mathematical quantities as well.
Because of the commutative property of multiplication, there is generally no need to distinguish between the two numbers so they are more commonly referred to as the factors.
For example, multiplication is not, in general, commutative for matrices and quaternions.
www.bookrags.com /Multiplication   (1957 words)

 Multiplication Table Applet
To perform multiplication 3 times 5, click on the button "3" in the first column and on the button "5" in the first row of the table.
Consecutive numbers in the last column show the total numbers of yellow squares in one, two and three rows of the particular yellow rectangle related to the multiplication three times five.
All of it visualizes the structure of multiplication and its relation to the operation of addition showing that 3 x 5 equals 5 + 5 + 5 or 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3.
www.netrover.com /~kingskid/MulTab/Applet.html   (217 words)

 algebra.help -- Simplifying Multiplication
Before actually walking through such multiplication problems, we will present a few concepts which are important to understand before learning the multiplication technique.
The Commutative Property of Multiplication is a statement or observation about multiplication which indicates that the product of a multiplication problem is the same, regardless of the order the terms were multiplied in.
In this lesson, we will continue to use * to represent multiplication because it is easily entered with the keyboard, and because this notation is consistent with our calculators and many handheld calculators.
www.algebrahelp.com /lessons/simplifying/multiplication   (379 words)

 Old Babylonian Multiplication Tables
There are the so-called single tables, listing multiples of a single number, called the principal number, and there are combined tables which have a number of single tables on one tablet.
Often, multiplication tables occur on the same tablet as other, unrelated, information and it is clear that many of the tablets we have were school practice copies made by students learning their multiplication tables.
Over 160 single multiplication tables are known; they come in a number of different forms, all of which are slight variants of each other.
it.stlawu.edu /~dmelvill/mesomath/multiply.html   (861 words)

 Multiplication of Matrices
Even if both multiplications do make sense (as in the case of square matrices with the same size), we still have to be very careful.
The matrix multiplication is not commutative, the order in which matrices are multiplied is important.
More on the multiplication of matrices, may be found in the next page.
www.sosmath.com /matrix/matrix1/matrix1.html   (469 words)

So, if you are weak in multiplication, you must try to attain a proficiency in the following 'times table'.
To multiply a large number with another number, we may use short multiplication or long multiplication.
To multiply a large number by a single digit number, write the numbers vertically with the larger number being multiplied by the smaller number.
www.mathsteacher.com.au /year7/ch01_whole/04_mult/mult.htm   (490 words)

Multiplication Virginia Muhammad John Hope Community Academy 9148 S. Justine 5515 S. Lowe Chicago IL 60620 Chicago IL 60621 (773) 779-2332 (773) 535-3160 Objective: Perform basic computations using the operation multiplication.
A basic review of multiplication of decimals would be helpful to the students.
If the students multiplication is correct the comparisons should be close.
www.iit.edu /~smile/ma9708.html   (303 words)

 Mental arithmetic: multiplication -- A complete course in arithmetic
More precisely, multiplication is the repeated addition of one number, called the multiplicand, as many times as there are 1's in another number, called the multiplier.
Since multiplication is repeated addition, we can often go from what we know to what we do not know.
Multiplication by 11 is particularly easy, because 11 = 10 + 1.
www.themathpage.com /ARITH/mental-arithmetic-multiplication.htm   (1093 words)

 SparkNotes: Operations: Properties of Multiplication
Similarly, it is sometimes necessary to multiply long strings of numbers without a calculator; this task is made easier by learning some of the properties of multiplication.
With the Commutative Property of Multiplication, when only multiplication is involved, numbers can move ("commute") to anywhere in the expression.
Because multiplication associates, this expression is equal to:
www.sparknotes.com /math/prealgebra/operations/section3.rhtml   (474 words)

 EnjoyMaths worksheet categories. School and thematic classification. Thematic classification
Multiplication of a two digit number by 2 decimal number (1.99 - 24)
Multiplication of two and three digit numbers by 0.1
Multiplication of two digit numbers by one digit numbers
www.enjoymaths.co.uk /worksheets/subject/multiplication   (402 words)

 Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Grade 3: Chapter 6: Using a Multiplication Table: What Is It?
The groundwork for multiplication was laid for students in Chapter 5 when they used objects, number lines, and arrays to multiply.
Students are now ready to use their understanding of multiplication to explore number patterns.
Following is one of the more dramatic multiplication patterns that you can help students discover by using a multiplication table.
www.eduplace.com /math/mhm/3/06/index.html   (505 words)

 Lattice Multiplication
The Lattice method of multiplication appears in the first printed arithmetic book, printed in Treviso in 1478.
Now that you see that there is more than one way of multiplying and you have learned that New Way, tell me which way you prefer.
Math when dose the lattice form of multiplication date back to and where it gets its name.
www.rblewis.net /technology/EDU506/WebQuests/lattice/multiply.html   (597 words)

 Complex numbers: multiplication
Complex multiplication is a more difficult operation to understand from either an algebraic or a geometric point of view.
You can think of multiplication by 2 as a transformation which stretches the complex plane C by a factor of 2 away from 0; and multiplication by 1/2 as a transformation which squeezes C toward 0.
Even though we've only done one case for multiplication, it's enough to suggest that the absolute value of zw (i.e., distance from 0 to zw) might be the absolute value of z times the absolute value of w.
www.clarku.edu /~djoyce/complex/mult.html   (1231 words)

 Illuminations: All About Multiplication
This model highlights the measurement aspect of multiplication and is a distinctly different representation of the operation.
This lesson encourages students to explore the array model of multiplication, a model that lays an important foundation for the later study of area.
This lesson encourages students to explore another model of multiplication, the balance beam, and another relationship, the inverse of multiplication.
illuminations.nctm.org /LessonDetail.aspx?ID=U109   (940 words)

 Multiplication tables
If it's correct, the number is displayed on a green background and a new multiplication appears.
If not, the numner and the multiplication as well are displayed on a red ackground.
You have to wait that the multiplication be displayed again on a white background before trying an other answer.
perso.orange.fr /jeux.lulu/html/anglais/tableM/tableM1A.htm   (119 words)

 Multiplication Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Multiplication Applet - This 'game' visualizes the structure of multiplication and its relation to the operation of addition.
Multiplication Tables - A site that has an interactive grid plus more multiplication links for games, teaching, and learning.
Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense - A discussion of patterns, trick to go along with those patterns, arithmetic progression, and commutative laws help students learn multiplication.
www.kn.pacbell.com /wired/fil/pages/listmultiplist.html   (379 words)

 The Math Forum - Math Library - Multiplication
Roman numerals were an improvement on older notation and useful for the abacus, but seemingly impractical for multiplication.
A lesson for grade 3 designed to teach students the fundamentals of multiplication: that multiplication is a quicker and neater form of addition; how numbers in multiplication are placed into groups (or sets); and how students can simulate the concept...more>>
Memorizing multiplication facts is made easy and fun for children by combining pictures, rhymes, rhythms, stories, and color.
mathforum.org /library/topics/multiplication   (1926 words)

 Multiplication For Kids - By KidsNumbers.com
Developed by experts to help students increase comprehension of multiplication vocabulary, symbols, and processes.
Multiplication Flash is a fun and interactive math tool that displays random adding problems to your students.
Multiplication Missing Number adds another level of difficulty to addition.
www.kidsnumbers.com /multiplication.php   (199 words)

 Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Archives: Elementary Multiplication
I understand the 'Russian peasant' method of multiplication, but not why it works.
The trick behind the technique of wrist-multiplying is explained by use of a standard algebraic multiplication formula.
The Math Forum is a research and educational enterprise of the Drexel School of Education.
mathforum.org /dr.math/tocs/multiplication.elem.html   (534 words)

 MathSteps: Grade 3: Multiplication: What Is It?
The easiest way to find the total number of items in equal groups is to use multiplication.
Multiplication allows you to do repeated addition quickly and efficiently.
You can write a multiplication sentence to show 100 groups of 3 pennies.
www.eduplace.com /math/mathsteps/3/c/index.html   (287 words)

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