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Topic: Muma Padurii

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  Muma Pădurii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Muma Pădurii is one of the many female monsters in the Romanian folklore (others being 'Zgripţuroaica', 'Scorpia') which together form a triumvirate similar to the Greek Gorgons.
Muma Pădurii literally means "the Mother of the Forest", though "mumă" is an archaic version of "mamă" (mother), which has a fairy-tale overtone for the Romanian reader (somewhat analogue to using the archaic pronouns like "thou" and "thy" in English).
Muma Pădurii is a spirit of the forest in a very ugly and old woman's body.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Muma_Padurii   (253 words)

Originally the Muma Padurii were peaceful beings who protected those who entered the forest, but as time passed on the Muma Padurii grew bitter and resentful towards any who entered their domain.
Unlike the Muma Padurii, the Wanderers did not spring up from the enchantment of the fairy folk for they themselves are of fairy blood.
Later when the Muma Padurii came into existence the Wanderer welcomed the help and both forest spirits worked together to ensure their survival.
www.sanctuaryshard.com /Comraich/Dyrling/hostiles.htm   (1854 words)

 Getica - Dacians
The legends say that the gods meant Muma Padurii ("the Mother of the Forest") to be the one who protects the forest and its creatures from the evil that men do, as well as men themselves from the dangers of the wilderness.
In time, Muma Padurii started hating men more and more, due to the devastation that they brought to the things she tried to protect.
Muma Padurii ignored the curse and killed again, so Bendis brought the victim back to life and forced Muma Padurii to marry him.
www.geticagame.com /index.php?loreart=paduroiul   (361 words)

 [No title]
Mindra matraguna, iarb-a padurii, floarea padurii, lasa-ma sa te culeg, Sub claru lunii, ‘n mijlocu padurii, din gradina Dinsalor.
Vilva padurii, glasu zmeilor, flacara tuna, Dupa cer ascuns da luna; plina luna.
Colo intre Alb si Negru Cris, Codru Muma sa inalta, Vajnice mioarele haladuiesc-l, peste vai da munti maiestri, Magura cea Vinata, intr-o clipa-o bintura.
www.zenial.nl /txt/ncrugubr.txt   (1768 words)

 III Lyrics Negura Bunget
Colo intre Alb si Negru Cris, Codru Muma sa inalta,
Between the Black and White Cris, Codru Muma stands tall
Brave sheep are rambling through valleys of majestic mountains,
heavylyrics.com /lyrics/negura_bunget_lyrics_1461/iii_lyrics_44071.html   (368 words)

 Muma Padurii - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Muma Padurii - Search Results - MSN Encarta
No results were found for your search in Encarta.
Could you get a free ride to college?
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=Muma+Padurii   (33 words)

Another prolific editor of folk tales was Petre Ispirescu, who, in the 19th century published an impressive number of volumes containing a large number of short novels and tales from popular mythology.
They are centered around popular characters like the prince Fãt-Frumos (the Romanian "Prince Charming"), the princess Ileana Cosânzeana, the villain or monster Zmeu or Cãpcãun, the dragon Balaur or fantastic superbeings like the good Zânã and the evil Muma Pãdurii.
Romanian spirituality is greatly influenced by its strong connections with the Eastern Christian world.
www.my-world-guide.com /country/201   (7775 words)

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