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Topic: Municipal incorporation

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incorporate as a charter township which shall be a municipal corporation subject to the provisions of Act No. 359 of the Public Acts of 1947, as amended, which act shall constitute the charter of such municipal corporation?
A police officer of a charter township or, if authorized by the township board, a constable of a charter township has the same authority within the charter township as a deputy sheriff to execute a bench warrant for arrest issued by a court of record or a municipal court.
Any eligible township shall become a charter township when the inhabitants thereof shall, by a majority vote of the electors thereof, voting on such proposition, declare in favor thereof at any general or special election at which the proposition to incorporate as a charter township shall be submitted to the electors of the township. /printdocument.asp?objName=mcl-Act-359-of-1947&version=txt

 Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Association and Municipal Associate Membership
The Borough was incorporated on March 9, 1893 and thirty of the thirty-seven landowners signed the applications for incorporation in order to separate from Darby Township.
Prior to its incorporation from Darby in 1893, the Borough of Yeadon evolved from the original occupation of the Lenni Lanape Native American group to the early colonial settlement of four different governments; first the Dutch, then the Swedes, then the English, and finally, into the control of the Colonial American government.
Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Association and Municipal Associate Membership /history.htm

 Lake and Peninsula Borough v. Local Boundary Commission, et al (12/2/94), 885 P 2d 1059
The standard for incorporation is found in AS 29.05.031(a)(2), which provides in part: [T]he boundaries of the proposed borough [must] conform generally to natural geography and include all areas necessary for full development of municipal services.
The Villages argue that the de facto doctrine should not apply because: (1) the Alaska Legislature abolished the de facto doctrine with respect to private corporations, AS 10.06.218; and (2) even if the doctrine has not been abolished for municipal corporations, there was no colorable compliance with the statutory requirements.
Villages contend that this orderly process was not followed and, as a result, the Borough's incorporation effort was defective.12 The superior court agreed with the Villages and concluded that notice was defective. /sp/html/sp-4152.htm

 Incorporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
incorporation (municipal government), a legal definition for a local governing body
Incorporation (Bill of Rights), law, is the process by which the United States Bill of Rights was applied to the laws of individual states
Look up Incorporation in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. /wiki/Incorporation   (126 words)

 Incorporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
incorporation (municipal government), a legal definition for a local governing body
Incorporation (Bill of Rights), law, is the process by which the United States Bill of Rights was applied to the laws of individual states
Incorporated (album), 2004, by the heavy metal band Grip Inc. /wiki/Incorporation   (126 words)

 Chp 03 Municipal - Year Book of British Columbia (1901)
created a municipality by ordinance, dated April 2, 1867, which repealed the original act of incorporation of 1862, and subsequently came under the provisions of the Municipality Act of 1872 on the 25th of June, 1873.
Its limits were extended October 22, 1861, and made subject to the provisions of the Municipality Act of 1872.
The General Municipal Act, under which it is governed, has been amended from time to time. /digitalyearbook/03/chap03sub2a.html   (202 words)

 GGA - HB 267 - Municipal corporations; distance requirements
A BILL to amend Chapter 31 of Title 36 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to incorporation of municipal corporations, so as to change the time in which certain minimum distance requirements apply; and for other purposes.
GGA - HB 267 - Municipal corporations; distance requirements /legis/2001_02/sum/hb267.htm   (202 words)

 Local Government in Asia and the Pacific - India
A municipality is a politic and corporate body constituted by the incorporation of the inhabitants of a city or town.
The Municipal Commissioner is the chief Executive Officer and head of the executive wing of the Municipal Corporation.
Although the Municipal Corporation is the legislative body laying down policies for civic governance of the city, it is the Commissioner who is responsible for execution of the policies. /huset/lgstudy/country/india/india.html   (202 words)

A certificate of incorporation must be executed by the archbishop or bishop, the vicar-general of the diocese, the rector of the congregation, and two laymen thereof, selected by such officials or a majority of them.
There were 47 municipalities in New York in 1900 having a population of more than 8000 people, and in them 68.5 per cent of the people dwelt.
It is unnecessary to sketch further here the history of Catholicism in New York State during the incumbency of the archiepiscopal office by Cardinal McCloskey, Archbishop Hughes's successor, and that of his successor Archbishop Corrigan, or of his Grace, John M. Farley, its present archbishop. /cathen/11029a.htm   (202 words)

 Gary Brand Astrology
Although subsequent incorporations in some states refer to the initial charter, in most states the only way to determine whether a particular incorporation is the earliest is by examining the laws of each legislative session of each territory, colony and state, a very time-consuming, but worthwhile and ongoing process.
Most laws that incorporated municipalities individually or in groups were legally effective and in force from and after their passage or approval by the Governor.
One reason for this general uniformity is that, as the country grew westward, the newer territories and states borrowed incorporation legislation from the older adjacent territories or states. /city/CitiesDatabank.html   (7707 words)

 1872 Municipal Incorporation Law
That the municipal authorities of such town or village shall be a mayor, a recorder and five councilmen, who together shall form a common council; but no person shall be eligible to either of said offices, unless, at the time of his election, he resides within the corporation.
The council shall cause to be kept, in a well bound book, an accurate record of all its proceedings, by-laws, acts, orders and resolutions, which shall be fully indexed and open to the inspection of any one who is required to pay taxes to such town or village.
That the mayor, recorder and marshal of the town or village shall each receive such compensation for their services as may be fixed by the council, which shall not be increased or diminished during their term of office. /Projects/gainfo/1872law.htm   (740 words)

 Plymouth, Local Government, Charter of Incorporation
Under the terms of the Charter of Incorporation, the merchants of Plymouth were allowed to form a merchant's guild.
Plymouth's was the first to be granted by Act of Parliament, making it the second municipal borough to be created in England.
The Priors made over the rights to hold markets and fairs in 1440 on payment of a yearly sum of Ł41, a rent finally discharged in 1545. /LG-Plymouth-Charter.htm   (740 words)

 Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 1996 - Introduction
The names of incorporated local and regional municipalities are taken from provincial gazettes, where official notification of acts of incorporation for new municipalities and changes to existing municipalities are published.
In Quebec, the boundary between Centre-du-Québec (ER 24 33) and Estrie (ER 24 30) was affected when the "municipalité" of Ulverton (CSD 24 49 010) was taken from the "municipalité régionale de comté" (MRC) of Drummond (CD 24 49) and annexed to the MRC of Le Val Saint-François (CD 24 42).
This is a general term applying to municipalities (as determined by provincial legislation) or their equivalents, e.g., Indian reserves, Indian settlements and unorganized territories. /english/Subjects/Standard/sgc/2001/2001-sgc-intro.htm   (740 words)

(g) "Management company" means an authority which in accordance with the express terms of the ordinance creating it is duly incorporated under the not-for-profit incorporation provisions of the Delaware General Incorporation Law.
(b) The ordinance required by this section shall, in addition to any other applicable public notice procedures, be advertised in a periodical which is generally circulated within the area designated as the district not less than 10 days prior to its introduction.
NOTICE: The Delaware Code appearing on this site was prepared by the Division of Research of Legislative Council of the General Assembly with the assistance of the Government Information Center, under the supervision of the Delaware Code Revisors and the editorial staff of LexisNexis, includes all acts up to and including 75 Del. Laws, c. /title22/c015   (1362 words)

 <><> Sai Technologies / About Us <><>
Since our incorporation we have grown in many fold, our turnover is doubling every year since last three years and we are committed to continue the same trend in the future also with our customer support and our well trained staff.
We are recognized among our clients as total solution providers, which has been accepted by customers like GWSSB, Tata Consulting Engrs., Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation and many more to list down.
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 Most Popular Names Directory. Daily updates.
Vaughan - Since its incorporation as a city in 1991, Vaughan has become one of Canada's fastest-growing municipalities.
Viki "G", hails from the City of Angels by way of Kansas City and Vieger spent her formative years honing her voice and eventually was discovered
The Palazzo Venier, built for the Venetian aristocracy centuries ago has been restored and made available for visitors to the city. /Starting17101.html   (6391 words)

The appropriate officers of this Township are authorized and directed to cause Notice of the substance of this Resolution, including the substance of the foregoing Articles of Incorporation, and of the proposed filing of such Articles of Incorporation, to be published as required by the Authorities Act.
The appropriate officers of this Township are authorized and directed to file such Articles of Incorporation and the necessary proofs of publication with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to do all other things necessary to effect the incorporation of such Authority, including payment of required filing fees.
56 (the “Authorities Act”), and pursuant to an Resolution duly adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Conewago, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, expressing the intention and desire of such municipal authorities to organize an Authority under provisions of said Authorities Act, as amended and supplemented, the incorporating municipality does certify: 1. /d/seweraut.doc   (441 words)

The Petitioners state that they are persons who, upon incorporation, would be liable to be assessed for Municipal rates in respect of property or household residence.
Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Excellency will be pleased to grant the incorporation of the above area in accordance with the provisions of the "Municipalities Act of 1867," and your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
genuine signatures of the persons whose signatures they purport to be ; and that such persons are persons liable to assessment for Municipal taxes in respect of property or household residence within the boundary of the proposed Municipal District, as set forth in this Petition. /history/PCChistory/PCCsmPET.htm   (441 words)

A cooperative may amend its articles of incorporation by complying with the following requirements: The proposed amendment shall be presented to a meeting of the members, the notice of which shall set forth or have attached thereto the proposed amendment.
"Cooperative" means any corporation organized under this chapter or which becomes subject to this chapter in the manner hereinafter provided, and "person" means any natural person, firm, association, limited liability company, corporation, municipal corporation, municipal utility, business trust or partnership.
Notwithstanding section 33-240, an electric cooperative organized under this chapter, one or more cooperators of which is a public service company, municipality, municipal utility or municipal electric energy cooperative, shall be subject to the tax imposed under chapter 212. /2005/pub/Chap597.htm   (2180 words)

 New Mexico Business Journal: Elephant Butte is the new city of the block - Community Profile - New Mexico
Residents voted for incorporation by about a 3-to-1 margin in January, municipal officials were elected in April, and Elephant Butte officially became a city on July 1.
The city will sign a joint powers agreement with Sierra County to provide law enforcement through the county sheriff's office, which will work closely with new municipal judge Roy Pack, who formerly served as police chief of Truth or Consequences.
In addition, incorporation will give Elephant Butte access to state and federal grants, Barnes said. /p/articles/mi_m5092/is_7_22/ai_54370071   (620 words)

NEW INCORPORATIONS Incorporations in 1992: 313 State Median: 68 Incorporation Rate: 148 State Median: 183 Incorporation Rate = incorporations per 100,000 population.
6/9 5 Buena Vista Twp 8/9 9 17 17 Frankenmuth 7 30 6 Municipal Saginaw 3 117 142 Municipal County Sheriff Officers: 88 Licensed Landfills in County: 5 Other communities in Saginaw County (1990 population for incorporated communities in parenthesis): Albee Twp.
Lake Buena Vista Twp Lake Frankenmuth Lake 33 19 125 72 50-70 Saginaw Lake 540 430 2044 1628 60 Capacity and maximum use in hundreds of thousands of gallons/liters per day. /county/saginaw/demo.html   (692 words)

In these states, and also in other states without such prohibitions, either the constitution of the state may prescribe the conditions under which a local area may become a municipality or else the general statutes applying to all conditions or classes of conditions prescribe the legal route to municipal incorporation.
Today, twenty-four states have constitutions that forbid special laws granting charters of incorporation to municipalities.
The issues of municipal politics in a council-manager city are more often relevant to city problems than are the issues in a mayor-council city because the manager, unlike the mayor, usually does not have direct connections with a political organization. /politics/PolOrganization/PO_C07.htm   (692 words)

7 13 14 Bay City 4 60 75 Municipal Essexville 7 9 18 9 Municipal Hampton Twp.
NEW INCORPORATIONS Incorporations in 1992: 181 State Median: 68 Incorporation Rate: 162 State Median: 183 Incorporation Rate = incorporations per 100,000 population.
Bay City 180 100 681 379 Essexville 18 10 68 36 Hampton Twp. /county/bay/demo.html   (711 words)

Hartbeespoort's residents have vigorously opposed the incorporation, claiming that one could not simply throw together an area known to attract tourists with Brits, which is known as an industrial town.
The former Hartbeespoort council's advocate, Mike Maritz, SC, argued on Wednesday that a decision by the board to enlarge the Hartbeespoort municipal area by some 150 percent should be set aside, because the board had not adhered to the procedural requirements prescribed by law.
Judgment was reserved on Wednesday the Hartbeespoort local council's Pretoria High Court application against the Demarcation Board to set aside the town's incorporation into the larger Brits area. /msp/pages/In_The_News/2001/June/reserved.htm   (346 words)

 City of Vancouver - Election Systems: Chapter 1. Vancouver government structure since 1886
This incorporation marked an early difference between Vancouver and all other municipalities in the province, which are created and governed under the Municipal Act.
1886 - April 6: City of Vancouver incorporated under a private bill in the legislature called the Vancouver Incorporation Act (revised and renamed the Vancouver Charter in 1953).
The first municipal election was held on May 3, 1886. /CTYCLERK/election_systems/chapter1.html   (2147 words)

 The Independent : Unified Government Legislation Signed into Law
Approval of the Unified Government concept at referendum would effectively eliminate the ability of any community - such as Corolla, Moyock, and Grandy - within the county to form a municipal government through incorporation.
County officials have expressed public opposition to Corolla's incorporation attempts, citing the potential of increased taxes, additional layers of government, and the potential of implementation of less restrictive ordinances in the new municipality.
State legislators, Senator Marc Basnight (D-Dare), and Representative Bill Owens, stated publicly last year, that they would support the county bid for a "Unified Government", rather than support Corolla's bid for incorporation. /news/2005-05-20-unified.htm   (645 words)

 Gabriola Sounder News
At this point it looks as if a form of governance beyond straight municipal incorporation might even be a possibility, which is what the Islands Trust's biggest fans have desired and, in fact, was called for by many in the Vote Rural - Vote No camp during the local municipal referendum in November.
Some Gabriolans are wondering if the development at Mid-Island Co-op - which conforms to local bylaws - is what elected trustees and Vote Rural -Vote No forces had in mind in their well-organized and financed campaign to defeat municipal status and to preserve and protect rural Gabriola.
The focus is on the largest Gulf Island, but discussions also include the Trust framework and has implications, Trust-wide, which could lead to a better understanding and consensus on what the problems really are. /fullstory/EEplAFuEkuxrPPtDfx.shtml   (645 words)

 Municipal Overveiw
The election was for the incorporation of the city and the vote was unanimous, 31-0 in favor of incorporation.
The articles of incorporation were officially filed on February 14, 1884 making every Valentine’s Day the City of West Burlington’s official birthday.
West Burlington is known for being a well-patrolled city. /history.htm   (645 words)

 International Law and the South African Constitution
Although this provision ensures that Parliament will continue to play an active role in treaty-making, it is unfortunate that the realities of the bureaucratic process compelled the Constitutional Assembly to require an Act of Parliament, in addition to the resolution of ratification, for the incorporation of treaties into municipal law.
The provisions of a treaty ratified by Parliament, but not incorporated into municipal law by Act of Parliament, that are `self-executing' become part of municipal law unless inconsistent with the Constitution or an Act of Parliament.
The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women were signed in 1993 and ratified in June 1995 and September 1995 respectively, but have not been incorporated into domestic law. /journal/Vol8/No1/art4-02.html   (1409 words)

 Weekly Legislative Report
H 3426 amends incorporation laws to establish a legislative committee to oversee municipal incorporations; it establishes minimum service standards for newly incorporated municipalities and changes the definition of contiguity.
H 3411 deletes the requirement in municipal elections that in the case of contested election, incumbents hold over until the contest is finally determined.
Municipal officials should be aware that this may have an impact on the Local Government Fund. /Legislative/weeklyreport020305.htm   (1377 words)

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