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Topic: Music technology

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  Stevens Institute - Art, Music & Technology
The Department of Art, Music and Technology (DAMT) at Stevens Institute of Technology is a newly formed area dedicated to the study and practice of art and music and its particular relationship to science and technology.
The Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art and Technology and Music and Technology prepare students to be well-versed in technical, critical, and conceptual skills, and provide the background necessary for pursuing further education and training, or professional placement in their respective fields.
The Department of Art, Music and Technology utilizes studios, classrooms, labs, galleries and performance spaces at Stevens Institute of Technology and in partnership with various institutions in New Jersey and New York City.
www.hum.stevens.edu /ArtMusicTechnology   (461 words)

  Kylemore College - Music Technology PLC Course   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The use of technology in music and music education is growing rapidly.
Music students at all levels are using technology in the classroom.
Music Technology is a hands-on, skills-based PLC course which equips students with a fundamental knowledge of the common applications of music technology in the recording, compositional and commercial music fields.
www.kylemorecollegemtc.ie /music_technology.html   (754 words)

 classical music - andante - music and technology: a roundtable discussion
Digital technology has also affected the compositional process in that it is relatively easy to produce an electronic track, even in an inexpensive home studio, which has the sound of a full orchestra.
They will have technology as a core aspect of their existence — as much as the languages we speak, the air we breathe and the food that we eat are all aspects of technology.
The technology has gotten pretty inexpensive and it is not beyond the means of many to have hands-on experience with it, and doing so will provide the most rewarding level of understanding.
www.andante.com /article/article.cfm?id=17375   (3051 words)

 Music Technology at Maryland - University of Maryland School of Music
The School's Music Technology Lab in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is equipped with professional-level hardware and software for music composition, music notation, music pedagogy, and support for the undergraduate music theory core curriculum.
Workshops and special class sessions for music majors are held throughout the year as part of many courses, including the undergraduate theory core curriculum and music education course in choral and instrumental arranging.
The Music Technology Lab (Room 1108) in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland is a state-of-the-art facility designed for the study and practice of applications in music technology.
www.music.umd.edu /special_programs/music_technology   (403 words)

 MIDI/Music Technology Lab
The SFA School of Music MIDI/Music Technology Lab is where music students learn current music technology skills that they will need as future music teachers or performers in the 21th century.
It is then vital for future music educators and professionals to have knowledge of music technology.
The MIDI/Music Technology Lab is maintained by Herbert Midgley, the Music Technology Coordinator, and student workers.
www.music.sfasu.edu /prospective_students/composition/midi_lab.html   (264 words)

 VT Music Technology Degree Option
The music technology program at Virginia Tech combines a traditional approach to the study of music with a concentration in the theories, techniques and technologies used for artistic expression in many forms.
It is the Department of Music's philosophy that the synergy between expression and technology requires a strong artistic foundation.
The music technology curriculum requires the demonstration of musical excellence through the performance of degree recitals and the production of a capstone work combining many tools and techniques used in artistic production.
www.music.vt.edu /curriculum/options/technology.html   (162 words)

 Music Technology Group - Home
PhD fellowships in music technology at the Pompeu Fabra University
The Music Technology Group (MTG) of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona is offering 4 Ph.D. fellowships to start in September 2007...
El MTG contribueix a la millora de les tecnologies d’interès musical duent a terme una recerca competitiva a nivell internacional i transferint els seus resultats a la societat.
www.iua.upf.es /mtg   (243 words)

 Studying Music Technology at University
Music Technology is a rapidly expanding area of study offering a multitude of career options for graduates interested in working in the music and media industry.
Music Technology now forms an integral part of most traditional Music degree courses, providing an introduction to the subject within the framework of an academic course covering aspects of music, history, performance and composition.
Other courses are moving towards the integration of music and video technologies, in accordance with developments in the industry, giving students the opportunity to explore the production of music and sound for film and television soundtracks as well as developing skills in aspects of camera operation, direction and production.
www.intstudy.com /articles/ec192a11.htm   (470 words)

 Programs of Study, School of Music, Northwestern University
Master of Music students in string performance who audition for and are accepted by the Civic Orchestra of Chicago (the training orchestra of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra) may be eligible for full-tuition scholarships for two years of study toward the MM degree in string performance.
Music for all recitals is subject to the prior approval of the DM Advisory Committee.
Music and the Academy (spring): The study of music as an academic discipline, professional resources and organizations that exist, and case studies of interdisciplinary work involving music.
www.music.northwestern.edu /programs   (2405 words)

 BGSU::CMA::Departments::MUCT::Music Technology Courses
Music Technology II (spring semester) Introduction to the principles of sound synthesis (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, sequencing, synthesizers, controllers).
Music Technology III (fall semester) Advanced concepts related to principles of sound, digital audio (sound editing, processing, mixing) and synthesis.
Music Technology IV (spring semester) Advanced concepts related to principles of sound, digital audio and synthesis relative to real time audio environments.
www.bgsu.edu /colleges/music/departments/MUCT/MT/tech.html   (247 words)

 American Music Conference
The potential of music technology is to allow exploration of new areas of music both in a mechanical and creative sense.
This process of building the tools of music technology is proceeding at a growing pace, so it is an opportunity for teachers to catch onto this wave and harness some of its creative power to ignite the spark of enthusiasm in their charges.
As an example, a music note played on a midi keyboard can be heard, shown visually on the computer screen in its correct notational view and also as a piano roll icon displaying relative length and pitch.
www.amc-music.com /musicmaking/technology/classroom.htm   (810 words)

 CSUN Music Technology
Music-related technology is an intregal part of instruction at the Department of Music, California State University, Northridge.
Currently, all music majors take at least one fundamental course in music technology which provides an basic overview of computer skills in notation, sequencing, multimedia and web research.
The Music Technology Lab is the principal computer lab for the Department of Music.
www.csun.edu /music/academic_programs/options/mutech/index.html   (482 words)

 Music Technology
Music Technology is situated in the early 19th-Century Clockhouse in a scenic part of the Campus.
Music Technology at Keele aims to provide musical and technical training, and to encourage critical thinking.
Music Technology has a programme of visiting speakers and performers, and there are opportunities for participation in workshops and concerts.
www.keele.ac.uk /undergraduate/prospectus/2007/courses/musictech.htm   (761 words)

 about Music Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
As computer music technology has evolved to a nearly ubiquitous state, minor options in computer science and web technology have been added.
With the constant evolution of technology, an appreciation of exploration, innovation, and discovery provides students with the necessary skills for continued success in the discipline, regardless of whether they choose to pursue composition as their primary professional activity after graduation.
As already indicated, composition is the central activity of the computer music sequence and Music Technology as a whole.
www.bsu.edu /musictech/about   (422 words)

 MIDI/Music Technology Lab: Music Technology Coordinator
Both of his music degrees are in music theory and composition.
He is an expert on Macintosh computers and music software, and has tutored many students in the use of computer technology in music, including both music notation, sequencing and CAI software.
Midgley has served as a music technology coordinator and instructor for younger children in the SFA Music Preparatory Division.
www.music.sfasu.edu /prospective_students/composition/hmidgley.html   (289 words)

 Music Technology: School of Music, Ball State University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Graduate students wishing to emphasize technology must be admitted to the composition or music theory program.
Music technology has always been viewed as an extension of composition.
The music technology program recently moved into a new facility with 11 studios dedicated to computer music, composition, and recording technology.
www.bsu.edu /music/technology   (256 words)

 Technology in the Classroom
Technology has revolutionized the way music is produced, and can revolutionize the way it is learned.
Music technology companies are developing increasingly powerful and easy-to-use tools.
We will also be spotlighting music technology of interest to educators in our Newsletter and Web News.
www.rimemusic.org /new_music_education/technology_in_the_classroom.asp   (141 words)

 Music Technology, Programs of Study, School of Music, Northwestern University
The music technology program at Northwestern brings together a broad range of computer applications within music, and emphasizes interdisciplinary study.
At many schools "music technology" is identified primarily with "recording engineering." While recording and mixing is taught at Northwestern (and there are many opportunities for working in Chicago studios), students also learn to be authors of multimedia/web-based projects, technological composers, and developers of software tools for industry and education.
Graduates can be found in the music and audio industries, in education and research, and in the multimedia and games industries.
music.northwestern.edu /areas_of_study/as_musictech.html   (173 words)

 Music Technology at the University of Oklahoma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The role of technology has become so important that the OU School of Music is now recognized as a national leader in music technology and the implementation of technology in the music curriculum.
Additionally, a number of technology courses are offered beginning with an introductory course in MIDI that covers computer set-up and basic skills, electronic music fundamentals, notation, and sequencing.
The OU School of Music now boasts world-class facilities for the study of music technology including two 21-station computer/MIDI labs, a digital recording studio, and two fully-equipped performance halls.
music.ou.edu /academics/technology   (392 words)

 Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Music Technology
CTI Music (encouraging the use of computers in music in higher education in the United Kingdom)
Music, Mind, Machine Project -- part of the Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information (project about computational modeling of music cognition with an emphasis on the temporal aspects of music perception and music performance such as rhythm timing and tempo)
This music resource list is offered as a service of the William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University.
www.music.indiana.edu /music_resources/technol.html   (232 words)

 Music Tech Teacher, Music WebQuest - Designing a Music Technology Lab
Our music technology lab was created in 1997 when I received 5 Casio keyboards from the Music Department at the Birmingham Board of Education.
The entire lab is housed in a room that is about 16' by 8 '.....not much room to move, but plenty of room for learning about music technology.
This is our own website, with the music technology lab that I created out of a storage room in 1997.
www.musictechteacher.com /music_tech_lesson015_webquest1.htm   (2203 words)

 Music Technology Handouts
These notes on Music Technology were originally written as handouts for students on examination courses at a further education college in England.
Music technology might be defined as any form of technology which helps a musician to make music.
Music technology predates the electric era but this course is limited to creating and reproducing music with the aid of electronic instruments such as synthesizers, sequencers and samplers.
www.users.globalnet.co.uk /~bunce   (3573 words)

 UTSA Music Technology Certificate
UTSA students in disciplines outside of music can also be accepted into the program subject to approval from the department’s music technology committee.
Upon graduation they receive with their diplomas the Music Technology Certificate as tangible evidence of their skills in addition to the department’s support in career placement.
No previous musical background or recording experience is required; however, an active interest in audio, recording techniques, and sound reinforcement is necessary.
music.utsa.edu /technology/survey.html   (879 words)

 Music Technology at OU - Internet2 Activities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In the fall of 1999, Dr. Brian Shepard, Chair of the Department of Music Technology at the University of Oklahoma School of Music, pioneered the use of Internet2 to conduct private music lessons as well as master classes and performances at a distance.
Through this technology, the OU School of Music can reach out to students, professionals and music aficionados of all types in virtually any geographic region of the United States and abroad.
The OU School of Music is now recognized as the world leader in the development and artistic implementation of this exciting technology and has been featured on CNN's "Technology Week In Review" and NPR's "Morning Edition," as well as in "Discover" and "Symphony" magazines.
music.ou.edu /academics/technology/internet2.html   (1525 words)

 University of Huddersfield - Music Technology
There are normally about 50-60 music technology students enrolled in a given year in the Music Department, and about 90-95 in the Engineering Department.
The purpose of the Institute is to provide a focus for Music Technology in the University, to bid jointly for new facilities and to oversee the portfolio of courses we offer.
Music Technology is one of the largest and fastest growing areas in the University.
www.hud.ac.uk /mh/new/music_technology/index.php   (326 words)

 Music Technology degree - Coventry University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The UK’s recorded music industry is a significant contributor to society both in terms of the economy and its culture.
The country’s reputation as a breeding ground for new talent is unparalleled and the UK is second only to the US in terms of international recorded music sales The music industry is not just about CDs, it also includes music for television and radio, music publishing, music for computer games and live performance.
The technical skills learnt are also of relevance to computing and electronics employment, and the musical skills applicable to a career in music.
www.coventry.ac.uk /undergraduate-study/part-time-courses-by-subject/music/a/1157   (545 words)

 Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Music Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
CTI Music (encouraging the use of computers in music in higher education in the United Kingdom)
Music, Mind, Machine Project -- part of the Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information (project about computational modeling of music cognition with an emphasis on the temporal aspects of music perception and music performance such as rhythm timing and tempo)
This music resource list is offered as a service of the William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University.
library.music.indiana.edu /music_resources/technol.html   (232 words)

 Music Technology
The Experimental Music Studio (R039) is an advanced research laboratory for computer music composition and performance.
The School of Music also has a Music Technology Center (MTC), featuring 10 music workstations, a scanning station and instructor station serves as computer lab for all music students.
All composers are encouraged to use some of their music technology electives to study recording.
www.music.sc.edu /ea/comp/technology.html   (191 words)

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