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Topic: Musnad

In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Glimpses of Shi'ism in the Musnad of Ibn Hanbal
The Musnad of Ibn Hanbal is probably the first of the six books of hadīth considered authentic by Sunni Muslims, since its author died 15 years before the death of the senior-most of the six hadīth compilers, Muhammad bin Ismā‘īl al-Bukhārī (d.
For instance, during the first half of the 9th century AH, Ibn Hanbal’s Musnad was recited in the presence of Shams al-Dīn Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Jazarī in the Masjid al-Harām of Mecca with the last session ending in the month of Rabī‘ al-Awwal 828 AH.
However, the most outstanding characteristic of the Musnad is that it contains several eyecatching hadīth on the merits of the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt (‘a), whereas most of the compilers of the other masānīd, sihāh and sunan, have either ignored these ahādīth or related only a few of them.
www.al-islam.org /mot/musnad/2.htm   (1912 words)

 Islam and Hadith (Sunnah of the Prophet) - The History of Hadith and the fifth stage of collection of Hadith
The Musnad was the earlier type and the Jami the later.
Musnad is derived from sanad meaning authority, and the isnad of a Hadith meant the tracing of it back through various transmitters to the Companion of the Holy Prophet on whose authority it rested.
The collection of Hadith known as Musnads were arranged, not according to subject matter of the Hadith, but under the name of the Companion on whose final authority the Hadith rests.
www.islamic-paths.org /Home/English/Hadith/History/Stage5.htm   (1105 words)

 Glimpses of Tashayyu‘ in Ibn Hanbal's Musnad   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Ahmad Shàkir, the annotator of the Musnad has considered the isnàd of this hadíth as sahíh (authoritative) and has said that Zayd bin Yuthay‘ was a trustworthy person of the first generation of Muslims after the Prophet and the name of his father has also been mentioned as Uthay‘.
Ahmad Shàkir the annotator of the Musnad has described as sahíh the isnàd of this hadíth and has said about Sa‘íd bin Wahab Khaywàní that he was among the trustworthy and experienced Muslims of the first generation after the Prophet.
Musnad (pl. Masàníd) is the name given to works where the hadíth are arranged in order of the names of the companions who after the Prophet are regarded as the prime source by the Sunnis.
www.ahl-ul-bayt.org /magazine/English/Thaqalayn2/ch1_1.htm   (6749 words)

 Glimpses of Shi'ism in the Musnad of Ibn Hanbal
One of the characteristics of this work is the wide space given to hadīth concerning the merits of the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt, most of which are confirmed from the viewpoint of Shi‘ite Muslims as well.
Compared to the other hadīth compendiums of the Sunnis, the Musnad’s emphasis on this subject is so pronounced that it has attracted the attention of orientalists and other researchers.
[2] Musnad (pl. Masānīd) is the name given to works where the hadith are arranged in order of the names of the companions who after the Prophet are regarded as the prime source by the Sunnis.
www.al-islam.org /mot/musnad/1.htm   (420 words)

 113. Al-Falaq
Musnad Ahmad and Tahavi contain this tradition from Talq bin Ali: "I was stung by a scorpion in the presence of the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace).
Imam Ahmad in his Musnad has related this tradition from Hafsah, mother of the Faithful: "One day the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) visited me in the house and a woman, named Shifa, was sitting with me. She used to blow on the people to cure them of blisters.
Musnad Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Hakim have related this tradition on the authority of Hadrat Umair, freed slave of Abi al-Laham: "In the pre-Islamic days I had a formula with which I used to blow over the people.
www.youngmuslims.ca /online_library/tafsir/chapter_introduction_of_Quran_Maududi/i113.htm   (5605 words)

 Ask-Imam.com [9573] 1. 15 th Nisfu Shabban, is it commemorated by our Prophet. 2. Please tell me the meaning of this ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
This narration is of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (Radhiallaahu Anhu) and is recorded by Imaam Bazzaar (RA) in his Musnad and Imaam Bayhaqi in Shu’ubul Imaan (vol.3 pgs.380-1 Hadith3827-3829).
(Musnad Ahmad vol.5 pg.140, 252; Sunan al-Tirmidhi Hadith762; Sahih ibn Khuzaymah Hadith2128).
As much as possible in the first half of the month of Sha’baan with no specification on condition that one is confident that this will not weaken him for the fast of Ramadhaan.
www.islam.tc /ask-imam/view.php?q=9573   (1015 words)

 30   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
But I found it proper to shed light upon Musnad Ahmad, which being the most famous of them, so as to reveal for the Muslims its real state and lay bare its position among books of hadith, to be a criterion by which all other Musnads should be measured.
Their compilers used to bring together in the Musnad of every Sahabi all of his traditions whether correct or defective, hence it is absolutely improper to use whatever recorded in them for argumentation.
Muqaddimat Musnad Ahamd, of al-Shaykh Ahmad Muhammad Shakir, vol.I, pp.30,31.
www.rafed.net /books/other-lang/adhwaa/30.html   (3540 words)

 Musnad's School
Musnad Asad was Schooling at Heaton Manor, Newcastle Upon Tyne.He is in 7SJB.
Musnad like to goes to library, he like to draw.
Musnad havin his pak lunch is not same everyday, but something is same.
www.expage.com /musnadschool   (152 words)

 Yemen Times Article Print Page
Concerning the face, eyes are in the form of small spots over which eyebrows are seen diverging upward and downward forming something like a gaping snake.
The nose bridge meets with the eyebrow and on the right-hand cheek, two letters are discernable in Musnad script: the letter “ya” the higher part of which touches the ear and in inverted “noon” in the center of the cheek.
When the coin is held and moved from left downwards, an animal with a lion head is seen on the left side of which a fox stands on a head facing the front.
www.yementimes.com /print_article.shtml?i=817&p=lastpage&a=1   (1608 words)

 islamfact.com - Studies in ibadhism
As for the first two parts of the Musnad, they contain Traditions on legal and religious matters, arranged in the same manner as the Sunni collections of Hadith.
Al-Salimi, in his commentary on the Musnad, pointed out the Traditions reported in a unique form not found in the Sunni collections, but there are still similar Traditions expressing the same views, technically called Shawahid.
On the other hand, the Ibadhi collection contained a number of Traditions, each reported with its sound Isnad of the Ibadhi authorities, which nevertheless were not accepted in the Sunni collections.
www.islamfact.com /books-htm/ibadi/39.htm   (891 words)

 Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
p407) in the Musnad of Imãm 'Ahmad he would extend his voice with the last one.
He also said that a report by way of Sa`eed bin `Abdirrahman bin 'Abzee said: "he would prolong it three times", and in another report found on page 407 of volume 3 of the Musnad of Imãm 'Ahmad he would extend his voice with the last one.
This book may be photocopied for personal non profit use; otherwise, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author.
www.muslimaccess.com /sunnah/duaa/52.html   (239 words)

 23   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Basmalah in the salàt is makruh (reprehensible) according to the Màlikis, obligatory according to the Shàfi‘is, mustahabb (recommendable) according to the Hanafis, while the Hanbalis hold that it should be read inaudibly even in the audible (jahri) prayers.
Al-Tirmidhi, Abu Dàwud and Ibn Màjah; Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Vol.
Al-Jam‘ bayn al-Sihàh al-Sittah; Sahih al-Nasà’i; Musnad Ahmad; al-Sawà‘iq al-muhriqah of Ibn Hajar, and it was reported too by Ibn Abi al-Hadid in Sharh Nahj al-balàghah.
www.rafed.net /books/other-lang/truthful/23.html   (2214 words)

 The IHSAN Network - Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Musnad Abu Hurayra, (may God be pleased with him), a section of the Musnad Ibn Hanbal, is a perfect model of diligent and scholarly work, and an example to others in the field.
It is praiseworthy both as an integral whole and in the most minute detail, and exhibits an admirable faithfulness to the Hadith as they were originally transmitted…I thank God for granting you success in this project, and I ask the Almighty to reward you with the best and most faithful reward concerning this great deed.
The variety of primary sources, and transmitters in the isnad and the utilization of the effort previously expended in the service of the Musnad in terms of narrator biographies and authentication of versions; all this has contributed to a perfect rendering of the Musnad, by the Sunna Project.
www.ihsanetwork.org /MusnadAhmedNews.asp   (588 words)

 Major Collections of Hadith
It is the most important and most exhaustive of the musnad (a collection of hadiths arranged on the first authority of its isnad) works.
His musnad was respectively transmitted by his sonAbdullah (d 290/903) and the latters student, Abu Bakr al Qati (d 368/979), both of whom added some hadiths.
The hadiths are arranged by names, beginning with the first four caliphs, then those who were at the battle of badr, the muhajiroon, the ansar, women, and the youngest companions.
members.cox.net /arshad/hadithcol.html   (1191 words)

 Traditions Relating to the Descent of Christ,
He will encamp at Rauha (a place situated at a distance of 35 miles from Medina) and from there, set out to perform Hajj or Umrah or both." (The reporter is in doubt as to which of these two had been mentioned by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
With reference to the episode of Dajjal, Hadrat 'Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reports that "Hadrat 'Isa (PBUH) will descend and slay Dajjal.
Safina, the freed slave of the Apostle of God (PBUH) reports (in connection with the episode of Dajjal) that "Hadrat 'Isa (PBUH) will descend and God shall put an end to the life of Dajjal near the slope of Afiq"[see footnote 10].
www.youngmuslims.ca /online_library/books/finality_of_prophethood/fop11.htm   (2312 words)

 190203   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
We do not claim to be experts on the history of the Arabic language, but what we were able to understand from some research is that apparently the script named Jazm was used during the times of Jahaliyyah, before Islam, and most probably partially derived from another script called Musnad.
The Musnad script is that which was used by Himyar and old Yemen and it differs from the known Arabic script in the shape of letters.
The Musnad script disappeared before the advent of Islam.
www.abouttajweed.com /190203.htm   (168 words)

 'Ilm of Hadith
Musnad of al-Imam al-A’zam Abu Hanifah (Radhi Allahu Anh), born 80 A.H., deceased 150 A.H., he was the only Imam from the Four Imams who met Sahabi and learned Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) and recorded them.
The Musnad of al-Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (Radhi Allahu Anh).
He was born in 164 A.H. and deceased 241 A.H. His musnad is in 6 volumes.
alafaq.iespana.es /ilm.htm   (1564 words)

 The classification of Hadeeth
The term musnad is also applied to those collections of ahadith which give the ahadith narrated by a particular Companion in one chapter, even though they may be varied in subject matter.
Among the early compilers of such a Musnad were Yahya b.
275) accepts the Mursal under two conditions: that no musnad hadith is found regarding that issue; or that if a musnad hadith is found, it is not contradicted by the mursal hadith.
universalfaith.tripod.com /Had-class.htm   (2394 words)

 Mustalah And Aqida Questions
Ibn Hajar in al-Qawl al-Musaddad fil-Dhabb `an Musnad al-Imam Ahmad (published by Shaykh Ahmad Shakir in his edition of the Musnad) lists 22 hadiths of the Musnad which Ibn al-Jawzi included among the forgeries in his great dictionary of forgeries, the Mawdu`at al-Kubra.
Ibn Hajar begins by stating that the latter book is as unreliable in its declaring the grade of "forged" as al-Hakim's Mustadrak is unreliable in its declaring the grade of "sound." Then he demonstrates that of the 22 claimed forgeries, exactly none can be conclusively said to be forged.
Thus it is no doubt an enduring karama for Imam Ahmad and his Musnad that we may rest assured that as long as what we quote is narrated therein, it is not forged.
www.livingislam.org /n/maq_e.html   (802 words)

 AhlulBayt Discussion Forum -> A companion adopted Christianity
Reporting such a hadith is verily a dubious thing, and that who reported it might not get acquainted with the story of his apostasy.
These were comments uttered by eminent leaders (imams) about Musnad Ahmad, which suffice for introducing it and manifesting its worth as it was actually not as was known about it.
It was one of the sources that were unreliable and unfit for argumentation, like all other Musnads.
www.shiachat.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=47313   (855 words)

 Noble beard of the Prophet (s)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Musnad, with three chains from Muhammad ibn ‘Ali from ‘Ali – Allah be well-pleased with him –:
This chain is merely acceptable due to the unknown Tabi‘i Salih ibn Su‘ayd or Sa‘id, but it is useful as a confirmation of the others.
Musnad, with another chain from ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Imran, from ‘Ali, with the same wording as no. 5.
www.mawlid.net /Prophets_beard.htm   (2648 words)

 Kinds of hadiths, and the savants of hadith.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
2- Hadith-i musnad: Those hadiths that are given together with the name of the Sahabi "radi-Allahu ta'ala anhum ajmain' who ascribes them to Rasulullah "sall-Allahu alaihi wa sallam'.
3- Hadith-i musnad-i muttasil: Those hadiths that are ascribed to Rasulullah "sall-Allahu alaihi wa sallam' by an unbroken chain of transmitters; that is, not one of their transmitters is lacking.
Of the famous and very precious hadith books, Musnad by Imam-i Ahmad bin Hanbal is signified with (HD), Abu Yala's Musnad is signified with (Yala), Abdullah Darimi's Musnad is signified with (DR), and Ahmad Bazzar's Musnad is signified with (Z).
www.hizmetbooks.org /Endless_Bliss_Second_Fascicle/bliss2-6.htm   (1516 words)

 Jokam 313   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
PENGARTIAN MANQUL, MUSNAD, MUTTASHIL DAN RO'YI Manqul itu bahasa arab berasal dari kata Naqola.
Musnad artinya ilmu yang diberikan itu mempunyai sanad/isnad yang sahih.
Muhammad bin As Syafie yang menyusun kitab Hadis Musnad Syafie beliau mempelajari kitab Hadis Muwatta' yang disusun oleh Imam Malik.
jokam354.blogspot.com   (14556 words)

 The Arabic & Islamic Inscriptions
We will here deal with some of the examples of Islamic inscriptions from early centuries of Hijra as well as those containing the Qur'anic verses.
Although the inscription is in the "old" Arabic or the classical Arabic, it was written in the Musnad script.
This is the earliest known Arabic inscription written in the Musnad script.
www.islamic-awareness.org /History/Islam/Inscriptions   (1489 words)

 b o t t o m
Suyuti, al-Fath al-Kabir, i, 315; ii, 185; iii, 9; al-Hawi li’l-Fatawa, ii, 217; Abu ‘Abdullah Daylami, Musnad al-Firdaws, i, 266.
Bukhari, Fitan, 25; Tafsir al-Sura, vi, 9; Riqaq, 40; Musnad, Tawba, 31; Iman, 248-9; Fitan, 39, 40, 118, 128-9; Abu Da’ud, Jihad, 2; Malahim, 11-2; Tirmidhi, Fitan, 21; Tafsir al-Sura, vi, 8-9; Ibn Maja, Fitan, 25, 28, 32; Darimi, Siyar, 69; Musnad, i, 192; ii, 164, 201; iii, 31; iv, 6-7.
Tirmidhi, Fitan, 57; Ibn Maja, Fitan, 33; Musnad, i, 4, 7; al-Albani, Silsilat al-Ahadith, iv, 122.
www.saidnur.com /foreign/en/risaleler/rays/r5d.htm   (1418 words)

 The Prophet in Barzakh
Even if al-Albani's grading were hypothetically accepted, then the weak musnad narration in conjunction with the sound mursal one - graded sahîh by al-Albani - would yield a final grading of hasan or sahîh, not da`îf.
Al-Shafi'i in his Musnad relates the first part only ("Invoke blessings upon me abundantly on Friday") mursal from Safwan ibn Salim.
Also narrated from Abu Hurayra by Ahmad with a sound chain according to al-Zayn in the Musnad (9:575 #10759) and al-Bayhaqi in al-Sunan al-Kubra (5:245 #1040) and Shu'ab al-Iman (2:217, 3:490-491); and al-Tabarani in al-Awsat (3:262) with a weak chain as indicated by al-Haythami (10:162).
www.abc.se /~m9783/o/prb_e.html   (4016 words)

 [No title]
In none of the other wordings of this narration from al-Bara’ – in the Sahihayn, the Sunan, and the Musnad of Ahmad including al-Nasa’i’s own three additional versions – are the words “kathth al-lihya” mentioned.
In Ahmad’s Musnad, with three chains from Muhammad ibn ‘Ali from ‘Ali – Allah be well-pleased with him –:
In Ahmad’s Musnad, with another chain from ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Imran, from ‘Ali, with the same wording as no. 5.
members.lycos.co.uk /oct2002/Religious/THENOBLEBEARDANDHAIROFTHEHOLYPROPHET.htm   (2431 words)

 Classification of Hadith - Islamic Center of Central Brevard
"the one who reports a musnad hadith leaves you with the names of the reporters for further investigation and scrutiny, whereas the one who narrates by way of Irsal, being a knowledgeable and trustworthy person himself, has already done so and found the hadith to be sound.
It is reported through Abu Ishaq, but as many as ten different opinions are held about this isnad: some report it as mursal, others as muttasil; some take it as musnad of Abu Bakr, others as musnad of Sa'd or 'A'ishah.
declaring a hadith musnad when it is in fact mursal, or marfu' when it is in fact mauquf;
www.brevardmasjid.com /quraan_hadeeths/h_classification.htm   (6953 words)

 Islam and Hadith (Sunnah of the Prophet) - The Science of Hadith - Section B - The Classification of Hadith - According ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The term musnad is also applied to those collections of ahadith which give the ahadith of each Companion separately.
Al-Khatib gives the following example, showing that a narrative which has been reported through both musnad and mursal isnads is acceptable, not because of the reliability of those who narrated it by way of Irsal but because of an uninterrupted isnad, even though it contains less reliable reporters:
He says, "There are some acceptable, others unacceptable, and some which require further investigation: if it is known that the reporter does so (i.e.
www.islamic-paths.org /Home/English/Hadith/Science/B_Classification02.htm   (2255 words)

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