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Topic: Mutations (album)

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Mutations - JAPAN TRACKS - Beck - Music Downloads
According to party line, neither Beck nor Geffen ever intended Mutations to be considered as the official follow-up to Odelay, his Grammy-winning breakthrough.
There's little question that with the blues, country, psych, bossa nova, and folk that comprise it, Mutations was never meant to be a commercial endeavor -- there's no floor-shaker like "Where It's At," and it doesn't trade in the junk culture that brought Odelay to life.
Recording with his touring band -- marking the first time he has entered the studio with a live band -- does result in a different sound, but it's not so much a departure as it is a side road that is going in the same direction.
www.mp3.com /albums/351384/downloads.html   (939 words)

 Jack Feeny reviews: Beck
It seems to me that, instead of being a mis-representative album, Mutations was simply a result of Beck concentrating on one side of his repertoire (and all the better for it).
Both are two of the weakest tracks on the album and it is somewhat a relief that Beck was able to sufficiently refine his ideas to prevent such mis-steps on his future (major label) releases.
Still, it doesn't hinder the album as such and if "Round the Bend" is a less than great song it is more because Beck sacrifices atmosphere for melody (as he sometimes does on his "serious" songs) than any similarities with the dearly departed singer-songwriter.
www.jackfeenyreviews.com /beck.htm   (5132 words)

 Mutations (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Though less successful on the charts than the preceding Odelay, Mutations established Beck as a progressive and innovative artist, for his mixture of far-ranging musical genres, including tropicalia, bossa nova, country and blues.
The album's title is most likely a nod to an influential tropicalia band of the 1970s, Os Mutantes.
The album was initially recorded by noted producer Nigel Godrich with the intention of having it released on Bong Load Custom Records, an indie label (as per Beck's agreement with his major label at the time, Geffen).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mutations_(album)   (296 words)

 Beck, Mutations
In between his major-label releases, he would be allowed to have less commercial works released on smaller labels (an example being his bluesy One Foot in the Grave carried by K records).
However, another of the stipulations of that contract was that Geffen have first listen to any new album and make their own decision as to commerciality.
Mutations is obviously just a step in the evolution of a great artist.
www.greenmanreview.com /cd/cd_Mutations.html   (403 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Mutations - Beck at Epinions.com
Mutations represented a sonic change for the usual “mainstream” Beck album.
Beck’s writing on Mutations is an interesting blend—it is clearly thought out, but he recorded the album in such a matter using instruments and vocalizations that make it seem like a spontaneous jam of sorts.
It on the whole works pretty well, although as much as I hate to admit it the album at times is bogged down in monotony and could have benefited marvelously from at least one wildly creative and unexpected Beck hit.
www.epinions.com /content_109020155524   (873 words)

 Beck - Sea Change - CD review
While this disc at first seems like an extension of his 1998 album Mutations - a collection of stripped-down, mostly, acoustic numbers - it soon becomes clear that this is something not only darker in tone, but also, oddly enough, more enduring.
The mood of the album is set immediately on the opening track "The Golden Age" where Beck croons "The sun don't shine, even when it's day." While the album prevails with an overpowering sense of hopelessness, it's the transformation of Beck as an artist that is so captivating.
The folkie front porch instrumentations throughout the album are sparse and harrowing.
www.concertlivewire.com /cdarchives/beckcd.htm   (232 words)

 The Free Information Society - Beck Hansen Biography
The album sold amazingly and established him as the representative of the slacker movement in alternative rock.
While on tour for the album, Beck collided on stage with his bass player and was slightly injured, but recovered after a short stay in the hospital.
The album was one of the top 10 selling albums in the United States on its release and received a great deal of critical acclaim.
www.freeinfosociety.com /site.php?postnum=651   (743 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
This album potrays the softer side of Beck and shows no resemblence to the mainstrem debut, "Mellow Gold," which fit in perfectly with the music of the time.
"Mutations" is mostly a far cry from either of the previous albums, because of the much smoother and softer sound.
Some of the other songs on the album might be confused with the songs played in the "Under the Sea Dance" that took place during the 50's in the hit movie "Back to the Future".
www.usmusicvault.com /beck.html   (176 words)

 The New Yorker: PRINTABLES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Then, two years after "Odelay," Beck released "Mutations." On the album's cover, he poses with a serious expression on his face, draped in a transparent plastic sheath that he seems poised to remove, like a butterfly emerging from his chrysalis.
The album itself was sober, sombre, and largely acoustic, drawing on psychedelic American and Brazilian folk-pop of the sixties.
Like "Mutations," the album is largely acoustic, filled in with a womblike warmth: supportive electric bass; ethereal slide guitars; atmospheric pianos, clavinets, and keyboards; gentle drums that melt away under layers and layers of mid- and low tones.
www.newyorker.com /printables/critics/021014crmu_music   (1264 words)

 Acoustic Guitar Central: Beck Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Depending on the album, the music might be more traditional or more fringy, softly melodic or pure rhythm and noise, sincere and reserved or smirky and warped.
Mutations is no one-shot unplugged album--the acoustic guitar has been one of Beck’s essential tools all along.
They know and honor their roots, and are strongly influenced by that fertile period in music, but they’re very much voices of their own time, responding in a new way to a new swirl of sounds and ideas.
www.acousticguitar.com /issues/ag74/CoverStory.shtml   (2315 words)

 Amazon.com: Mutations: Music: Beck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Mutations is equally attention-grabbing but not in the gangbusters-pimp-rock-meets-indie-geek style you might expect.
If that's the case, then "Mutations" was his rite of passage, a moment of maturation that moves beyond the playful tongue-in-cheek wittiness of his previous album.
Mutations may not be for the casual "Loser" or "Where it's at" fan, but if you find something else to Beck's music other than the surface and the singles, than MUTATIONS could be a valuable listen.
www.amazon.com /Mutations-Beck/dp/B00000DHYK   (1453 words)

 Amazon.ca: Mutations: Music: Beck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
On his 1996 breakthrough album Odelay, Beck Hansen surprised a sleepy music community by blending funk, rock, rap, alternative, and electronica in ways that were both startlingly innovative and irresistibly catchy.
Above all, this is an art album, Beck's forte, and Beck's typically off-the-wall imagery goes hand in hand with his pastiche of crazy sounds and styles.
I'd like to say for fans of..(insert genre), get Mutations, but this album destroys the concept of genre, and in it's absence, a wonderful mutation is born.
www.amazon.ca /Mutations-Beck/dp/B00000DHYK   (1211 words)

 Beck - Mutations | Album Review @ Music-Critic.com : the source for music reviews, interviews, articles, and news on ...
The new album is laden with folk/blues style, including a generous dosage of slide guitar and harmonica.
So, I suppose you are wondering why I still like the album after what I have all said.
What we have here is a more melancholic album, much the same way OK Computer is not an exciting work - but still musical genius.
www.music-critic.com /rock/beck_mutations.htm   (597 words)

 Mutations - Beck - Similar Albums
Not only is it the group's first full-length album, it's also the first recorded in a full-fledged studio -- Memphis' 24-track Easley Recordings -- as well as the first collection of songs penned almost entirely by Berman.
As always with Lida Husik, the title of this album seems accompanied by a slight tongue-in-cheek wink to her electronic-obsessed peers, but it also happens to be entirely appropriate.
The main difference between Faith In Space and many of the artists who make their music on machines is three-fold: one, Husik plays various instruments on each...
www.mp3.com /albums/328009/similar.html   (919 words)

 The Harvard Crimson :: Arts :: Beck's Post-Success Stress
Even onthe album's best tracks, like the outstanding"Tropicalia" which bounces with an up-tempoLatin-lounge groove, Beck doesn't expand anymusical horizons, but only refines a sound he hasalready brought to fruition.
Joyful juxtapositions arestrewn throughout the album: harmonicas andharpsichords, slide guitars and synthesizers,rural blues and robotic buzzes.
The musicalcanvas, as on Odelay, is rich and broad.Yet, the mellowness of the album dampens theclimate of carefree experimentation struggling toemerge.
www.thecrimson.com /article.aspx?ref=122999   (992 words)

 Free Midi Files: Beck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Also, at the time of the album's release Beck entered into a grueling tour schedule that kept him on the road with a full band, DJ, and horn section for two years - along the way gaining him a reputation as a formidable live performer.
In early, 1998, Beck helped put together November 1998 saw the release of Mutations, The album was recorded in Los Angeles over a two-week period in the spring of 1998, and the sound of the record harkened back to the folk sounds of One Foot in the Grave.
Mutations was originally inteded for release on Bongload Records, the independent label that released the 12" of "Loser," in 1993.
www.partnersinrhyme.com /midi/midiartists/beck.shtml   (621 words)

 Beck - a Review of The Phantom Tollbooth
The songs on the album are gruelingly slow and few vocal or musical hooks are present to add interest.
The album could use such an oasis from the acoustic sea on which Beck is sailing.
I think it's Beck's finest album and, as is so often the case, it comes out of a time of heartbreak and trouble.
www.tollbooth.org /2003/reviews/beck.html   (716 words)

 Beck Album Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
This is the album that Geffen went through great pains to proclaim “not the true follow-up to Odelay,” making me wonder if perhaps they were ashamed of their "product." They needn’t have been, and more likely they were simply trying to downplay grandiose expectations for what is a fairly modest record.
Though this hastily assembled album has more in common with Beck’s earlier indie release One Foot In The Grave than any of his other Geffen outings, it’s hardly a patched together affair, as producer Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Pavement, Travis) provides the album with a polished, professional sounding sheen.
They don’t break up the album’s atmospheric overall mood, however, and neither does less memorable songs such as “Round The Bend,” which coasts on atmosphere alone, and “Side Of The Road,” which ends the album on a nondescript note.
www.geocities.com /sfloman/beck.html   (2216 words)

 Mutations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The album was recorded with his full touring band in just two weeks with producer Nigel Godrich (known for producing Radiohead`s OK Computer).
Mutations is a great, laid-back album that is surprisingly melodic.
Mutations is an enjoyable, relaxed album that shows even more of Beck`s musical talents, with still more to come next year.
pages.prodigy.net /spiraling_shape/mutation.html   (363 words)

 Mutations by Beck CD
If you want to listen to a lazy album (take note this is not an insult or a downgrading of his work) then this is it.
Mutations was not meant to be the proper follow-up to Odelay and it's pretty easy to hear why.
This album is a bit less quirky both sonically and lyrically, without sacrificing any of Beck's trademark off-beat sensibilities.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/1158695/a/Mutations.htm   (632 words)

 2 Walls Webzine - music review - Beck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
"Sea Change" shows Beck in a somber mood, giving us the most honest and emotional lyrics of his career (this album comes on the heels of a break-up with a girlfriend.) Musically, this is Beck's lushest effort yet, bringing in a string section and Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck's own "Mutations" album) to produce.
"Mutations" hinted that an album like this might be on the way, with Beck sliding into a more relaxed role as a songwriter, but even that album had its roots in tropical music and had plenty of upbeat songs.
His next album could just as easily be an electronic-folk retro-hippie recording as it could be another album like "Sea Change".
www.2walls.com /REVIEWS/MUSIC/Beck.asp   (713 words)

 Mutations | The A.V. Club
Afraid that this departure from the Dust Brothers-produced collage sound of the best-selling Odelay might confuse and disappoint fans of Beck's most immediate previous work, the label has quietly released Mutations, treating it as a Beck album—it's got his name on the cover—but not a "Beck" album.
It's a testament to the inherent weirdness of conservative '90s marketing that an artist who found breakthrough success by doing something radically different would be treated with distrust when trying to follow that breakthrough with something that doesn't match the sound of what he did before.
A Beck album, and an excellent one at that, Mutations departs considerably from the Odelay formula.
www.avclub.com /content/node/9339/print   (319 words)

 Paul McCartney : Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
With that record, he shook off years of coyness and half-baked ideas and delivered an album that, for whatever its slight flaws, was both ambitious and cohesive, and it started a streak that continued through the driving rock & roll album Run Devil Run and its 2001 follow-up, Driving Rain.
Nigel Godrich certainly has a lot to be thanked for in his shaping of the album by not letting Paul getting it all his own way, and exercising a greater sense of quality control on the material than usually observed on previous albums.
I am often reminded of Beck's Mutations album when listening to this, which was also something of a departure from his usual style after the chaotic genius of Odelay.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,3336462,00.html   (1057 words)

 Beck - Mutations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
With the smash success of his last album Odelay, an album which surprisingly cross-stitched rap, hip-hop, rock, folk and country very effectively, it's no wonder record execs, hoping for Odelay (Part Deux), frowned after hearing his latest album, Mutations.
Beck's recording style on his first two albums, Mellow Gold and Odelay, was to go into the studio and create an album from scratch, with no concept or songs in mind.
Although there are no "hook" songs here, such as "Loser" from his breakthrough album Mellow Gold or "Where It's At" and "Devil's Haircut" from Odelay, there is one song, the hidden run-out track at the end of the disc, that slightly resembles the Beck of yore.
www.concertlivewire.com /cdarchives/becks.htm   (406 words)

 Beck successfully launches Mutations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
This album, save for the two hidden tracks, is a mellow folk album.
On Mutations, Beck sings "the skin of a robot vibrates with pleasure", and "You wear a mask", as well as "you wouldn’t know what to say to yourself." Beck has constant allusions to humans being something else, mutant if you will.
The end result is a rather interesting album that is hard to categorize.
webpage.pace.edu /newmorning/archive/nov1298/beck.html   (1017 words)

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