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Topic: My Big Fat Geek Wedding

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  The Escapist : My Big Fat Geek Wedding
The Wedding Planning Game, he said, is a never-ending fetch quest; a months-long hunt for vendors, reservations, orders and contracts, culminating either in a successful ceremony or your premature death.
The wedding industry is a $70 billion behemoth, predicated on superstition, ignorance and blatant emotional manipulation.
My poor DS, once the mainstay of my evening entertainment, is coated in thick, gauzy dust, and I can't remember the last time I touched Guitar Hero.
www.escapistmagazine.com /news/view/84639-My-Big-Fat-Geek-Wedding   (683 words)

 The Escapist : Forums : Featured Content : 155: My Big Fat Geek Wedding
My current campaign is over ten years old now, and my playmate and I have no intention of giving it up.
Weddings are meaningless to me, in religion, in ceremony, and in "public declaration" - but I know yours will be beautiful, because you have a beautiful love and a truly beautiful theme for it.
It turns out my sister thought the expansion was a sequel, and interestingly enough you don't need the original game in order to run it.
www.escapistmagazine.com /forums/read/6.62352   (2725 words)

 SeacoastNH.com - My Big Fat Geek Wedding
It’s a good thing, because I was on my way to becoming one of those strange bachelor types that people whisper about when he leaves the party.
And worse, according to my doctor, a few pounds piled onto a formerly skinny person, is more dangerous than the same flesh on normal bones.
My wife, a former cross-country runner, says the goal is not to love the running, but to love the afterglow.
www.seacoastnh.com /Today/Editor_at_Large/My_Big_Fat_Geek_Wedding   (1057 words)

 Offbeat Bride | Laurie’s Big Fat Geek Wedding!
I am Jewish, he is Catholic; we decided to have a secular wedding with elements of each tradition, with a hefty dose of science fiction/fantasy geekery thrown in.
My offbeat advice: DIY weddings are awesome if you can count on friends and family to help you pull it off.
So, my tip is to have amazing friends and family who are totally behind your vision.
offbeatbride.com /2007/10/lauries-big-fat-geek-wedding   (832 words)

 EI > Columns > What's the big fat deal about My Big Fat Greek Wedding?
After I screened "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" way back in May, I predicted it would become a big fat flop.
"Big Fat" says it's time for girls to take their turn in an impossible fantasy.
Every time I bring up the topic of "Big Fat" among friends I typically get the reaction, "My mom loved that movie!" Or, "My wife wants to go see that." And I reply, "That is one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen."
einsiders.com /features/columns/mbfgw.php   (512 words)

 My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance - Reality TV Calendar - What's On When - The authority for reality television schedules. ...
After months of ordinary TV weddings, the real fun is just beginning when FOX rings the wedding bells to sound off the ultimate practical joke on MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS FIANCÉ.
Over six episodes, Steve, the big fat obnoxious “Prince-not-so-Charming” and his obnoxious “family” will test the limits of his recently engaged girlfriend’s family and friends through shocking behavior.
MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS FIANCÉ is produced by Rocket Science Laboratories.
www.realitytvcalendar.com /shows/bigfat.html   (482 words)

  AtomFilms Blog: March 2005 Archives
But in the end my boss figured the "CEO" would be better for national TV, because he is "smarter" and "better looking" and "doesn't frighten small children." (I'm paraphrasing).
In addition to it being my stomping grounds, Hawaii is kind of the official headquarters for the hit animated series Ninjai.
My li'l comment set in motion a chain reaction of stress in Kristin forcing her to re-think paper choices just one day before the invites go to the printer.
blog.atomfilms.com /archives/2005/03/index.html   (4601 words)

 My Big Fat Cuban Family: A Cuban-American Blog
Meanwhile, I'm still struggling with my back trying to keep it in alignment and visiting my chiropractor and trying to bum codeine from anyone I happen to know who has recently had oral surgery...
I knew my dad was up and getting ready for work when the mingled scents of Vitalis, Bustelo, and H.Upmann Finos insinuated themselves into my dreams and yanked me out of my sound sleep.
The party was at the Lago by my house, it's a members only beach club/man-made lake, so you either have to have a key to get in or be let in or be on the list.
www.mybigfatcubanfamily.com   (2469 words)

 Digg - Wedding Cakes for Geeks [PICS]
What better way to celebrate at their wedding than with wedding cakes that reflect who they are.
Because most of the wedding is bride-centered, a cake can be made to reflect something the groom likes.
Wedding favors are simply a token of appreciation, a trinket that lets your friends and family know you appreciate their presence on the happiest day of your life.
digg.com /gaming_news/Wedding_Cakes_for_Geeks_PICS   (1430 words)

 Bride to Bride | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine
I was a geek who liked different things and, if other people didn't like or understand that, that was okay.
Much to my joy, when I was 21 years old, I met a guy who had been a closet nerd, too.
My parents were consistently unhappy with each other and her two loving moms were a constant source of small-town controversy.
www.bridalguide.com /community/blogs/bride-to-bride   (660 words)

 Fat Loss Secrets - Fat Burning Diet - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
My name is Tom Venuto and over the past 14 years, through a long and painstaking process of trial, error and experimentation, I've developed a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed system for losing body fat based on the little-known nutrition secrets of competitive natural bodybuilders and fitness models.
My library quickly grew to over 450 health and fitness books and I had read every word almost to the point of memorizing them.
My daughter got married this past weekend and I was amazed that I reached my goal of wearing a size 10 to her wedding.
www.burnthefat.com /?hop=dohfiddle   (8209 words)

 globeandmail.com: From a sleek fitness geek to one big fat deal
Life goes on after the wedding dress; life goes on after you have gotten into those skinny jeans that you worked so hard to get into.
Fitness wasn't even on my radar." But one day on his way home on a bus to his small apartment, he saw a gym called Exercise Plus.
He became a regular, and soon the owner of the studio asked him to be a trainer and part-time manager, prompting him to quit his job at the bank.
www.theglobeandmail.com /servlet/story/LAC.20080602.LHAMPSON02/TPStory/TPEntertainment/Television   (1344 words)

 Confab a big fat geek wedding - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety
Though one wag dubbed it the Geek Pride Parade, the crowd seemed evenly split between men and women, with the majority appearing to be in the 18-45 category.
One of this year's big winners is Warner Bros. with its 2006 "Superman Returns." A first look at footage drew a standing ovation and had to be played twice to sate fanboys, much to the pleasure of helmer Bryan Singer, visiting from the set in Australia.
One of the big events is the Saturday night costume contest, which this year featured prizes in various categories for the 60 entrants; these people wear elaborate costumes that must be kept away from the public's eye before the event.
www.variety.com /article/VR1117926096.html?categoryid=13&cs=1   (1010 words)

 Captain Comics - My Big Fat Geek Wedding
This is one of my favorite single issues of all time.
The cover was perfect, with the wedding invitation, the little note to Nightcrawler telling him to bring the beer and the knife letting you that this wedding wouldn’t go smoothly.
This is the classic wedding for my generation.
www.captaincomics.us /Fluit-Notes/My-Big-Fat-Geek-Wedding.html   (1422 words)

 ipedia.com: Star Trek cultural references Article   (Site not responding. Last check: )
My ship has run off course en route to sector 12." When Woody and Buzz fight at the gas station, Buzz says "You are a sad, strange, little man. You have my pity", quickly makes the vulcan salute and adds "Farewell!"
At the very beginning of this episode Dilbert is woken up by a Seven of Nine alarm clock with the voice of Jeri Ryan.
Sitting in a bus balancing on the edge of a cliff, a kid wearing a red shirt with a starfleet emblem decides to leave the bus and take his chances outside.
www.ipedia.com /star_trek_cultural_references.html   (2440 words)

 Talk About Comics :: View topic - My Big Fat Geek Wedding!
My hands are dry and seamed with scratches from winter farm work, and I have to clear up my complexion and get my teeth whitened, as well as decide on how I can best beat my hair into submission.
My mom's dress from 1964 is ugly, IMHO, and my grandmother's dress from 1939 was falling to pieces the last time I saw it.
I got my emails in one folder, my documents in another, and a little file case project planner case for the hard copy stuff, and my breautiful new Australia desk diary...
www.talkaboutcomics.com /phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=34241   (5084 words)

 The Sims Life Stories Review // PC /// Eurogamer
With an emphasis on wacky love triangles, fairytale weddings and quirky domestic bliss, Life Stories ditches any pretence of being gender neutral and is pitched directly at the same ladymarket that Hoovers up Jennifer Aniston comedies and those chick-lit novels you see advertised all over train stations, with their puce covers and bubbly fonts.
Using a rejigged Sims 2 engine to deliver a flighty story with Sims as the actors, it's an interactive playbox of wish fulfilment where you get to muck around as much as you like with the day-to-day stuff, but all the major plot developments are dictated by the game.
I realise I'll probably have to surrender my testicles for admitting as much, but I chuckled at most of the soapy plot twists and, come the end of the stories, even felt a small twinge of regret that the only way to carry things forward would be in the old freeform style.
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=72885   (1459 words)

 Digg - Geeky Weddings LMAO
My friend once went to a wedding where the couple walked down the aisle to the Legend of Zelda theme song.
I usually see it the opposite: Nerds are the hardcore basement-dwellers, geeks are more the hobbyists with a life outside of the obsession.
Arkz, on 10/25/2007, -0/+9i agree, i mean i know the ins and outs of all my hardware and iv modded and built various machines over the years, i make my own mods and im proficient with a soldering iron, and i watch start trek, but its all just a hobby really...
digg.com /odd_stuff/Geeky_Weddings_LMAO   (2453 words)

 My Big Fat Geek Wedding - Movie - SideReel
Be the first to add news to My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Be the first to review My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Be the first to discuss My Big Fat Geek Wedding
www.sidereel.com /My_Big_Fat_Geek_Wedding   (143 words)

 My Big, Fat, Expensive Life
In searching for the Chocolate Jesus sculpture (entitled "My Sweet Lord")I found more than just the art exhibit for which I was looking.
Much to my great dismay, they are sold out.
Not to be deterred, I woke up this morning to start my search again, which led to the funky Toronto based store Fresh Collective.
bigfatexpensive.blogspot.com   (1901 words)

 Star Wars: Message Boards: My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Date Posted: Mar 14, 2005 12:07 AM Kay, so I fanally got my Fiance to agree to a Star Wars wedding, in costume, on opening day.
Date Posted: Mar 15, 2005 02:41 PM First, congrats - not just on the wedding, but talking your fiancée into a SW theme - the most I could manage was using the Imperial March as the groom's theme...
So, unless you or your fiancée are already great at costuming, I would recommend getting on ebay and buying your costumes - or if you know what costumes you want to wear, there are often better resources for particular costumes - for example, leiasmetalbikini.com is the best place for the slave Leia outfit.
forums.starwars.com /thread.jspa?messageID=9944607   (465 words)

 Geek is chic. | geeksugar - Technology, Gadgets, & How Tos.
Personally, I'm attempting a library situation (that's a shot of my setup below) and pretending that they're as attractive as books, and OK enough to be put on display, but I worry I'm kidding myself.
I know that a lot of people are taking to Handbrake and ripping their DVDs so all that remains is an ephemeral digital copy, as I've done with my music collection, but I'm not ready for that.
This crazy week in geek has yet again come to an end.
geeksugar.com   (1051 words)

 Usmagazine.com | Carmen Electra: Not Dating A Lady
That is my main duty in life is to piss you off.
I hope that everyday for the rest of your life, you just happen to read everyone of my comments (cause im that damn interesting), and get to the point to where you are emotionally, physically, and mentally, pissed off to were you cannot take it anymore.
These courses are part of their church philosophy, these course bring you to a higher level in their church and if you do not move up the levels in a time frame that suits the higher ups, you can be kicked out of the church.
www.usmagazine.com /carmen_electra_not_a_lesbian   (1456 words)

 Billy and Kelly's big fat Greek wedding | Mail Online
Kelly Brook and Billy Zane revealed plans for their big fat Greek wedding ahead of the national opening of their new movie.
The former Big Breakfast presenter and host of Celebrity Love Island was recently voted the star with the body most women want.
Asked whether she fell for Zane of the first day of filming, Brook replied: "Probably deep down in my belly I did, but there was so much else to think about because I was concentrating on work.
www.dailymail.co.uk /tvshowbiz/article-384936/Billy-Kellys-big-fat-Greek-wedding.html   (1468 words)

 American Wedding (2003): Reviews
Spotty and uneven, Wedding shouldn't even have the embarrassed guffaws it has, and it probably wouldn't were it not for a robust cast.
That’s not to say there aren’t scads of chuckles scattered throughout – Dylan and his cast are nothing if not gluttons for the fast and cheap yuk (not to mention yuck) – but the howls of laughter that arose from Paul and Chris Weitz’s original slice of Pie just aren’t there.
The crass sentimentality of American Wedding increasingly fits Norman Mailer's definition: "the emotional promiscuity of the basically unemotional." The jokes are unemotional, uncouth and mostly unfunny.
www.metacritic.com /film/titles/americanwedding   (1109 words)

 Daily Eats - Food Lovers Unite!: Wedding Eats: Geeks Get Married
It was a lovely wedding ceremony at the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church.
You know it's a true Geek wedding when the ceremony was being webcast worldwide.
And the wedding cake is has Star Wars figurines on it.
www.dailyeats.com /2005/09/wedding-eats-geeks-get-married.html   (317 words)

 Out of Compliance - "Here, have some Plot" - by Marguerite Nightingale
Burton’s feat, and that not every hero of my childhood was capable of leaping from the printed page to the silver screen with the dark grace as Batman.
To my mind, that was a waste of an hour of my life, which I will never get back.
So view wisely, my friends, keeping in mind that a connection with the pen-and-ink character may not serve you as well at the drive-in.
www.heartlessbitches.com /ooc/May31_2004.shtml   (1734 words)

 Last Exit To Springfield :: Simpsons Sounds :: My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Does anyone present know any reason why these two should not be wed.
We were thinking of having children but that would have severely drained my power crystals.
Comic Book Guy: My beloved is napping blissfully in the many folds of my Spiderman t-shirt.
www.lardlad.com /assets/quotes/season15/FABF12.shtml   (755 words)

 Committed!: My Big Fat Cro-Magnon Wedding
This particular episode is about the evolutionary processes by which scientists believe we have developed the impressive minds that distinguish us from all other animal species.
Well, when planning a wedding, people often give careful consideration to traditions.
It's hard to be miserable in a wedding dress...
committedblog.blogspot.com /2008/04/yesterday-in-class-called-evolution-and.html   (579 words)

 The Simpsons Gallery
Lisa, Maggie and Bart in one of the Tracy Ullman shorts, appears on the big screen during the opening credits of the show.
Matt Groening at the Bi-Monthly Science Fiction Convention in the episode My Big Fat Geek Wedding.
Bender appears in the backseat of the car in the season 16 episode Future-Drama, saying "a'right you guys are my new best friends." Homer replies "you wish loser," and throws him out of the car.
www.duffzone.org /content.php?title=reffut   (520 words)

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