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Topic: My Generation

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  My Generation
When I was twenty, like all my friends, I didn’t think youthful vim, vigor, outrage, and passion, were a phase to be transcended.
Well, truth to tell, wise and prescient as we were at the time, it seems that my generation, thirty years older, was not much better at avoiding getting turned around than the generations that preceded us.
My generation—or the part I am addressing—was revolutionary for some very simple reasons.
www.zmag.org /my_generation1.htm   (1762 words)

  In My Own Words : Reflections of a Catholic Boyhood
I shared my thoughts on the knowledge that is missing in the education you we received in schools.
My name “Chukwurah” was taken away from me at infancy and that was a crime.
I was instructed to drop my “heathen” name, Chukwurah, to denounce my ancestor worship and to deny their contribution to my identity.
emeagwali.com /blogs/speeches/archives/2004/03/university_of_f.html   (1298 words)

 generation5 - At the forefront of Artificial Intelligence
My first article in a while looks at Modelling Bacteria Using the JDK, and includes a brand new Java applet to play with.
This article continues to be one of my favourite, looking at how to use SOMs to categorize and discover similar images.
My first article in a very long time is a look at simulating the fractal behaviour of bacteria using the Generation5 JDK - Java applet included!
www.generation5.org   (1331 words)

 Encyclopedia Obscura: EO Reader Mail Vol. 1
I've run a couple of sites in my time, and the average feedbacker is so far down in the intelligence charts it makes me think the statistics are skewed by dark figures caused by all those people who wanted to send an e-mail but never figured out how to.
This one has been gnawing on my conscience a bit, I never credited the guy I stole the pic from and the URL led me to a 404 the next week when I was going to track him down.
In case you haven't heard of Totally Rad/Magic John, it's a pretty generic platformer that was Bill'n'Teddified before it was released in the US.
www.encyclopedia-obscura.com /genemail1.html   (1987 words)

 Justin Pfister: November 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Goto the Google News Feed Generator In an effort to be more fair and balanced with my news reading, I realize it's not only important to scan Yahoo news but also Google news.
Today, for a moment, I closed my mind of all that it could possibly open too and focused all my thought on those American's who laid down their lives, whether they lost them or not, to bring us to where we are today.
In my eyes, a Veteran is someone who has fought for the existence of the Nation, because it is a constant life struggle keep alive something as wonderful as the vision of the United States of America.
blog.justinpfister.com /archiving/2004_11_01_justinpfister_Archive.cfm   (3041 words)

 My Generation - The UK 60's Music Page
From 19th August, it will now be added to the schedule of the My Generation internet radio stream.
Announcing that My Generation is now on FM radio!
Sunday afternoons 3pm-5pm is your time for a live sixties ahow on FM radio.
www.my-generation.org.uk   (437 words)

 HeatherWind Designs - Library: Books
This book was my introduction to the field of Celtic Art, Calligraphy and Illustration, and as such it will always hold a place in my heart.
Boris Vallejo has been an inspiration to many of my generation's artists, and is truly a bright star in the firmament.
My mother gifted me with this one as well, and it was one she recommended to all her students.
www.heatherwind.com /library_books.html   (1694 words)

 Apple - iPod
Otherwise, it’s hard to explain exactly how 30GB of storage
can fit into an iPod that’s over 30% thinner than the previous fourth generation.
Or how an 80GB iPod can be the same size as the 60GB model before it.
www.apple.com /ipod/ipod.html   (564 words)

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