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Topic: My War

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  The Questionable Authority : My war.
And I had the bottom bunk, and there was this gap between the head of my mattress and the wooden slats that formed the sides of the bed.
My brother helped calm my fears by offering to share the upper bunk with me a couple of nights, and then we switched spots, just for a couple of days, until I got over my fears.
My thoughts are with you daily, and with those Over There.
scienceblogs.com /authority/2006/11/my_war.php   (1471 words)

  War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
War is a state of widespread conflict between states, organisations, or relatively large groups of people, which is characterised by the use of lethal violence between combatants or upon civilians.
A war to liberate an occupied country is sometimes characterised as a "war of liberation", while a war between internal elements of the same state may constitute a civil war.
At the outbreak of World War I the writer Thomas Mann wrote, "Is not peace an element of civil corruption and war a purification, a liberation, an enormous hope?" This attitude was embraced by many societies from Sparta in Ancient Greece and the Ancient Romans to the fascist states of the 1930s.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/War   (3237 words)

 World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Resistance during World War II occurred in every occupied country by a variety of means, ranging from non-cooperation, disinformation and propaganda to hiding crashed pilots and even to outright warfare and the recapturing of towns.
During the war the Germans produced various Glide bomb weapons, which were the first smart bombs; the V-1 flying bomb, which was the first cruise missile weapon; and the V-2 rocket, the first ballistic missile weapon.
The early war bombers that caused such carnage would almost all have been shot down in 1945, many with one shot, by radar-aimed, proximity fuze detonated anti-aircraft fire, just as the 1941 "invincible fighter", the Zero, had by 1944 become the "turkey" of the "Marianas Turkey Shoot".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/World_War_II   (9084 words)

 Cold War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Cold War was the open yet restricted struggle that developed after World War II between the United States, the Soviet Union, and each of their respective allies.
The Cold War was waged by means of economic pressure, selective aid, intimidation, diplomatic maneuvering, propaganda, assassination, low-intensity military operations and full-scale proxy war from 1947 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
The Cold War is usually considered to have occurred approximately from the end of the strained alliance between the U.S. and the Soviet Union during World War II until the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cold_War   (3391 words)

 War - Wikiquote
All wars are wars among thieves who are too cowardly to fight and therefore induce the young manhood of the whole world to do the fighting for them.
War alone brings up to their highest tension all human energies and imposes the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to make it.
War is a natural condition of the State, which was organized in order to be an effective instrument of violence on behalf of society.
en.wikiquote.org /wiki/War   (2987 words)

 America's Wars - A Complete History
It was a war like no other, and covered all corners of the gobe.
The last war America took part in the 20th century took place when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq.
War came to America on September 11th 2001 with an attack on NY and Washington.
www.multied.com /wars.html   (324 words)

 War propaganda - SourceWatch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
War propaganda is that branch of public relations devoted to manipulating people's attitude toward a war or war in general, rather than engaging in open dialogue.
War propaganda is used to confuse and demoralize enemies and also to influence public opinions in friendly countries.
During a war, almost any unusual event can be exploited for positive publicity to "prove" how "bad" the enemy is, or how "uncertain" the situation was or is in the country (should one's own troops do something wrong) - thus the troops are brave and good.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=War_propaganda   (1019 words)

 The Unseen Gulf War by Peter Turnley - The Digital Journalist
This is not to communicate my point of view, but so viewers as citizens can be offered a better opportunity to consider the whole picture and consequences of that war and any war.
I feel that it is part of my role as a photojournalist to offer the viewer the opportunity to draw from as much information as possible, and develop his or her own judgment.
War is at best a necessary evil, and I am certain that anyone that feels differently has never experienced or been in it.
www.digitaljournalist.org /issue0212/pt_intro.html   (703 words)

The war "against Communism" was seen as a war against poor peasants in a tiny country half the world away.
And of dissident soldiers sick of a war that is not a war but a massacre --how else describe the mayhem caused by the most powerful military machine on earth raining thousands of bombs on a fifth-rate military power already reduced to poverty by two wars and ten years of economic sanctions?
If Bush starts a war, he will be responsible for the lives lost, the children crippled, the terrorizing of millions of ordinary people, the American GIs not returning to their families.
www.commondreams.org /views03/0227-12.htm   (1890 words)

 Modern History Sourcebook: A War Correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870
My coachman, a Swiss whom I had engaged when I bought the trap at Laon, told me that the drive from Sedan to Mouson would occupy about four hours, going at a comparatively slow pace which could not knock up the horses.
To my amazement, we had not gone more than a couple or three miles from Sedan when the carriage came to a sudden halt, and I heard more than one rough voice ordering the driver not to move, unless he wished to he shot then and there.
In a word, my lease of life seemed to be very near its termination, and I felt very certain that I had not more than the fifteen minutes the fellow named in which to live.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/mod/1870war1.html   (2676 words)

 President Discusses War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom
Before we went to war in Iraq we said there were three main reasons for going to war in Iraq: weapons of mass destruction, the claim that Iraq was sponsoring terrorists who had attacked us on 9/11, and that Iraq had purchased nuclear materials from Niger.
My view is, he was given the choice of whether or not he would face reprisal.
My question is, since 9/11, one of the key things that we need is immigration reform, including comprehensive immigration reform that is right now in front of Senator Specter's committee in the Judiciary.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2006/03/20060320-7.html   (11938 words)

 WAR - Funk/Jazz/Soul/Latin,
My parents had lived in California during my early years, so since War was a Cali band, it was all I heard.
War completed the tour without him to sell-out crowds, much to their delight.
War had a unique sound, a combination of funk, randb, gospel and latin jazz (not to mention the harmonica of Lee Oskar and saxophone of Charles Miller) that had wide appeal that crossed racial lines.
www.soul-patrol.com /funk/war.htm   (1141 words)

 Civil War Nurses, "The Angels of the Battlefield"
They were gentlewomen in every sense of the word, and though they might not have remembered that "noblesse oblige," they felt and acted up to the motto in every act of their lives.
My only wish was to live and die among them, growing each day better from contact with their gentle, kindly sympathies and heroic hearts.
After the war, she was instrumental in the creation of an American branch of the International Red Cross.
www.civilwarhome.com /civilwarnurses.htm   (665 words)

War is a phenomenon which occurs only between political communities, defined as those entities which either are states or intend to become states (in order to allow for civil war).
Clausewitz famously suggested that war is “the continuation of policy by other means.” Surely, as a description, this conception is both powerful and plausible: war is about governance, using violence instead of peaceful measures to resolve policy (which organizes life in a land).
War and Morality, are G.E.M. Anscombe's “War and Murder” and Jan Narveson's “Pacifism: A Philosophical Analysis”.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/war   (10663 words)

 MY WAR: Men In Black
My cousin, who is British and was in the RAF, thinks the US army is poorly trained and they lack sophistication when it comes to weapon use.
My brother-in-law who was with the 3rd ID and first into Baghdad said..."80% of what you hear is bullshit on the news." Fluffed up crap or not reporting the facts at all.
My father was in Korea - MIA for 3 months while walking to the 38th after being shot down 300 miles north of it.
cbftw.blogspot.com /2004/08/men-in-black.html   (10110 words)

 My Anti-War Essays by Robert Paul Reyes
This regrettable and inevitable accident is a lesson in the harsh realties of war and a warning of even worse to come as the war expands and intensifies, with the inevitable "collateral" deaths.
Americans watching the war from the comfort of their plush sofas are deluded into thinking that the dirty and bloody work of war can be effected from a sanitary, impersonal distance with cruise missiles fired from hundreds of miles away and bombs dropped at night from invisible and obscenely expensive planes thousands of feet high.
War was not meant to be sterile and clean, war is blood and guts.
members.aol.com /Alameda99/antiwar.html   (4333 words)

 What the world should have done after Sept. 12, 2002. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Just when opponents of the war were beginning to gloat, Hitchens said, "Not so fast." He's even admitted to a few misguided ideas of his own.
My last observation about our protagonist is that he often puts words in the mouth of the "phony pacifists" and "liberals" that he has such disdain for.
While he chides his imaginary liberal war critic for accusing the Bush administration for lying, he never bothers to acknowledge their changing justification for this war, their attempts to tie it to 9/11, and their divisive cries of 'traitor' to anyone who dares question them.
www.slate.com /id/2138332   (2266 words)

 President Declares "Freedom at War with Fear"
My fellow citizens, for the last nine days, the entire world has seen for itself the state of our Union -- and it is strong.
This war will not be like the war against Iraq a decade ago, with a decisive liberation of territory and a swift conclusion.
This is my reminder of lives that ended, and a task that does not end.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2001/09/20010920-8.html   (2925 words)

 The Ultimate War Sim
Speaking of innocents, I want a War Sim where native townsfolk stand shoulder-to shoulder on every inch of the map and not a single bomb can be dropped without blowing 200 of them into chunks.
I want to have to choose between 40 dead troops or 400 dead children, and be damned to Hell by chubby pundits from the safety of their studios regardless of which way I go.
In my Public Support display let me find out that the news media has run, in the same magazine, one story blasting us for going to war for minerals and another story blasting us for not acting on the continuing mineral shortage back home.
www.pointlesswasteoftime.com /games/wargames.html   (1577 words)

In my opinion, his finest moment was the legendary piece entitled "Keep Your F***ing S*** Off My Desk." In it, he he refers to his "stoopid-fresh three-hole punch," which I'm confident is only time in history that colorful phrase will ever be used.
My first thought was, hey, she shouldn't be smoking in her condition.
I was young, healthy, and my whole life was in front of me. If I wanted to start something big, I should start it now, while time is on my side.
blog.myspace.com /theeandrew   (2189 words)

 "The next war" by Daniel Ellsberg (Harper's Magazine)
My own failure to act, in time, to that effect in 1964 was pointed out to me by Wayne Morse thirty-five years ago.
My first reaction was that Morse had overestimated the significance of the Tonkin Gulf resolution and, therefore, the alleged consequences of my not blocking it in August.
Although I already knew the Vietnam War was a mistake and based on lies, my loyalties then were to the secretary of defense and the president (and to my promises of secrecy, on which my own career as a president’s man depended).
www.harpers.org /TheNextWar.html   (2647 words)

 My War On Terror
My wife resumed work on her home improvement projects today (translation: she wants to be left alone for several hours at a time).
My wife and I drove a big load of old household appliances to the dump this afternoon, which believe it or not, we both found kind of enjoyable.
My sin, according to Counterintel: several months ago, after briefing (at my management's direction) a number of state and local disaster response officials about what CIA is doing to provide useful information to them, I actually provided useful information to them.
www.covertcomic.com /mywaron.htm   (6363 words)

 Say no to war | Greenpeace International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Weapons of mass destruction, the alleged reason for the war in the first place, were never found.
The eight year war with Iran, the 1991 Gulf War and the subsequent 12 years of sanctions all took their toll on the nations infrastructure and its people.
Approximately 100,000 Iraqi soldiers and 40,000 to 80,000 Iraqi civilians were killed as a direct result of the war, and those who survived the initial attack have faced untold hardship.
www.greenpeace.org /international/campaigns/no-war   (1871 words)

 Drug Policy Alliance: What's Wrong With the Drug War?
Everyone has a stake in ending the "war on drugs." Whether you’re a parent concerned about protecting children from drug-related harm, a social justice advocate worried about racially disproportionate incarceration rates, an environmentalist seeking to protect the Amazon rainforest or a fiscally conservative taxpayer you have a stake in ending the drug war.
The war on drugs has become a war on families, a war on public health and a war on our constitutional rights.
Many of the problems the drug war purports to resolve are in fact caused by the drug war itself.
www.drugpolicy.org /drugwar   (299 words)

 Military Operations Other than War
The post-Cold War trend toward civil and occasionally local conflicts will probably be the pattern for the foreseeable future in many areas of the world.
Geographic limits of an ethnic war; Operational definition of winning; Credibility as a component of deterrence; Evaluation of a war if it is of national security concern for the United States.
Focuses on the relevance of the experience of the U.S. in the war in Somalia and in Afghanistan to the post-war reconstruction of Iraq.
www.au.af.mil /au/aul/bibs/mootw/mootw3.htm   (4213 words)

 Poets Against War
Poets Against War continues the tradition of socially engaged poetry by creating venues for poetry as a voice against war, tyranny and oppression.
My paternal grandfather, a West Virginian logger turned MD, and his wife, who shot squirrels in her Oakland Hills backyard with a shotgun until a neighbor called the ASPCA, were hesitant to visit us
Poets Against war is a volunteer organization dependent upon the financial contributions of friends and members.
www.poetsagainstthewar.org   (642 words)

 Amazon.com: My War: Music: Black Flag   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
From the me-vs.-the world "My War", to the lilting "Forever Time" and "Swinging Man" to the 2nd side which sounds as if the record slips from 78 rpm down to 32, Black Flag explode out of the box they had built and incinerate it behind them.
My War is the sound of a band realizing that they don't have to be pigeonholed into a genre of music that they all but invented.
My War is one of the most important albums in my collection, because it helped me get through some really tough times in my life.
www.amazon.com /My-War-Black-Flag/dp/B000000LZO   (1430 words)

 Amazon.com: My War: Killing Time in Iraq: Books: Colby Buzzell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
My War is a book that will challenge many of the most common assumptions about the Iraq War and the people fighting in it.
My War may be disappointing to readers looking for deeper introspections on the moral questions behind the war, but it is a pretty convincing case against the claim that everything in Iraq is going fine.
This is not some "view from the top" but a look at the war from someone who fought it as a young soldier with mixed feelings about the military establishment and with solid feelings for America and our purpose there.
www.amazon.com /My-War-Killing-Time-Iraq/dp/0399153276   (2125 words)

 4th & 5th Grade US History Sources - Civil War
VMI Archives Letters from cadets who were in the war.
Poetry and Music of the Civil War Be sure to click on the music icon to listen while you read the lyrics.
Official Records of the Civil War Navies They are from both sides.
www.geocities.com /EnchantedForest/Tower/1217/civwar.html   (528 words)

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