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Topic: MyWiki

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  Mywiki - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Start the Mywiki article or add a request for it.
Look for "Mywiki" in Wiktionary, our sister dictionary project.
Look for "Mywiki" in the Wikimedia Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/mywiki   (164 words)

 MyWiki - TheBestLinks.com - TheBestLinks.com:Find or fix a stub, TheBestLinks.com:Perfect stub article, Cocoa, GNUstep, ...
MyWiki - TheBestLinks.com - TheBestLinks.com:Find or fix a stub, TheBestLinks.com:Perfect stub article, Cocoa, GNUstep,...
MyWiki, TheBestLinks.com:Find or fix a stub, TheBestLinks.com:Perfect stub...
MyWiki is a server-less wiki for the GNUstep and Cocoa environment.
www.thebestlinks.com /MyWiki.html   (78 words)

 HelpOnConfiguration/FileAttachments - LinuxWiki.org - Linux Wiki und Freie Software
Using a different location may be more work and more risk, as all the existing attachments must be copied to the new location.
The following instructions are for Apache servers and assume you intend to leave the attachment files in their existing location and your original installation used the name "mywiki".
Alias statement above, replacing the /mywiki URI with /mywikiattach/ and replacing moin.cgi with data/pages/.
www.linuxwiki.de /HelpOnConfiguration/FileAttachments   (642 words)

 MyWiki, a wiki without server
MyWiki is a personal wiki on GNUstep or Cocoa environment.
You can use simple XML-like tag to link pages, format text, make hyperlink, etc. The MyWiki document (.mwk) is a file package.
You can drag-and-drop file into the file package so that moving MyWiki document around will not lose the connections between text and linked files.
www.people.virginia.edu /~yc2w/MyWiki   (166 words)

 HelpOnInstalling/ApacheOnWin32 - Geary Central
This will create a clone of the MoinMoin wiki in the mywiki folder.
folder will be used later for mywiki customization, such as logos and style sheets.
Alias /wiki/ "C:/Python/share/moin/htdocs/" Alias /wikidata/ "C:/Moin/wikidata" ScriptAlias /mywiki "C:/Moin/mywiki/moin.cgi"
www.geary.com /HelpOnInstalling=2FApacheOnWin32   (1758 words)

 debaday: mywiki - Personal wiki on GNUstep or Cocoa environment
debaday: mywiki - Personal wiki on GNUstep or Cocoa environment
mywiki - Personal wiki on GNUstep or Cocoa environment
All the pages are in a single non-standard XML document.
www.livejournal.com /users/debaday/13432.html   (99 words)

 An Introduction to JSPWiki LG #108
Installation was a simple matter of creating a directory called mywiki in the Tomcat webapps directory, unpacking JSPWiki.war and JSPWiki-samplepages.zip in that directory, editing the configuration file, and restarting Tomcat.
I later installed JSPWiki on a Debian machine, and found that, although installation with apt-get was very simple, it wouldn't run outside the default directory without more configuration.
To get it to work on Debian in a directory called mywiki, I had to create the file /var/lib/tomcat4/webapps/mywiki.xml, which was an edited copy of /var/lib/tomcat4/webapps/jspwiki.xml.
www.linuxgazette.net /108/youngman.html   (1434 words)

 Quicki Wiki Support
If I shut down MyWiki and look at the page, the changes took effect, software just can't seem to open it again.
This is how I launch it: I enter http://localhost/MyWiki/wiki.cgi in the address area of Internet Explorer.
Before that, I added in PWS to the list of Virtual Directories d:\MyWiki, with alias MyWiki, which contains the wiki software from the book.
www.c2.com /cgi/wiki?QuickiWikiSupport   (603 words)

 [No title]
Now you need to setup the 'mywiki' alias so that it will run Python to interpret
Right click on your new 'mywiki' alias and choose Properties.
On the first tab (Virtual Directory), click the Configuration button.
www.rdfweb.org /topic/HelpOnInstalling_2fInternetInformationServer?action=format&mimetype=text/xml   (740 words)

 HelpMiscellaneous - The CVSNT Wiki
ScriptAlias to moin.cgi, but you still need the alias to MoinMoin's htdocs folder:
Perhaps you want to use MyWiki in your wiki to refer to your wiki.
If a user clicks this link s/he should be transfered to the FrontPage, that is to the FrontPage of her/his language.
www.cvsnt.org /wiki/HelpMiscellaneous   (716 words)

 HelpOnInstalling/ApacheWithModPython - sharma wiki
If you run your wiki as cgi as we recommended before, remove or comment the ScriptAlias directive:
/mywiki> SetHandler python-program # Add the path of your wiki directory PythonPath "['/var/www/moin/mywiki'] + sys.path" PythonHandler MoinMoin.request::RequestModPy.run
If you have multiple MoinMoin instances then add one location directive for each one (changing the paths as appropriate).
www.sharma-home.net /wiki/HelpOnInstalling/ApacheWithModPython   (782 words)

 Working Configuration Sample   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Enter a topic name to show or a new topic name to create; then press Enter
[C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FlexWiki] [admin] [bin] [emoticons] [images] [WikiBases] [MyWiki] HomePage Test.wiki _ContentBaseDefinition.wiki AccessDenied.aspx blade.aspx default.aspx dosearch.aspx dump.aspx EditService.asmx Global.asax lastmodified.aspx Login.aspx Logoff.aspx lostAndFound.aspx NamespaceMap.xml Newsletter.aspx Presence.aspx preview.aspx print.aspx quicklink.aspx Rename.aspx rss.aspx rssFace.aspx SafeMode.aspx search.aspx ShowNewsletter.aspx UserProfile.aspx Versions.aspx Web.config wiki.css wikiedit.aspx
Title: MyWiki Description: Welcome to MyWiki Namespace: MyWiki
www.flexwiki.com /default.aspx/FlexWiki/WorkingConfigurationSample.html   (220 words)

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