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Topic: Myesis

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  The Great Gods and the Mysteries of Samothrace
In the southeastern corner of the building, originally a lustration rite took place, at a later period a libation was poured by the initiate, who, after the myesis, was led to the northern chamber, where he must have performed some ritual action and been shown some sacred symbols.
During the ceremony of myesis, after a purification bath, the initiate tied a purple sash around his abdomen and wore an iron ring, which represented the direct contact with the divine power.
It is possible that initiates were required to fast during the ceremonies of myesis and epopteia.
alex.eled.duth.gr /Samothrace/Samothracem/Ggods.htm   (841 words)

This structure consists of a square central section and two smaller sections to the N and S. It owes its conventional name to the lower slabs, orthostates, which were characteristic of its masonry.
Of the latter, built together with the Rotunda of Arsinoe II or immediately afterwards, only the lowest part of its west, a little to the west of the Anaktoron, and part of its south, upon which the western section of the Anaktoron’s SE wall rests, foundations are preserved.
The walls of this latest building for myesis are built in the polygonal system along their faces, with the space in between them being filled with rubble.
alex.eled.duth.gr /Samothrace/Samothracem/sggods.htm   (3751 words)

 Eleusinian Mysteries. Who is Eleusinian Mysteries? What is Eleusinian Mysteries? Where is Eleusinian Mysteries? ...
The Lesser Mysteries were held in Anthesterion (March) (the exact time was not always fixed and changed occasionally, unlike the Greater Mysteries).
The priests purified the candidates for initiation myesis.
They first sacrificed a pig to Demeter and then purified themselves.
www.knowledgerush.com /kr/encyclopedia/Eleusinian_Mysteries   (1321 words)

 ka13   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
There was a sacred enclosure with two altars, a bothros, or pit, and an eschara, or hearth altar.
The myesis, or initiation, went as follows: There was a declaration that those with unclean hands were forbidden to take part.
At Eleusis it took over a year to become an epoptes, or one who has seen the highest mysteries, but at Samothrace it could all be achieved in one night.
www.therealmidori.com /ka13.html   (4984 words)

 Sanctuary of The Great Gods - Travel Guide
Both ceremonies, in direct opposition to the elitism of Eleusis, were open to all, including women and slaves.
The lower level of initiation, or myesis, may, as is speculated at Eleusis, have involved a ritual simulation of the life, death and rebirth cycle; in any case, it's known that it ended with joyous feasting, and it can be conjectured, since so many clay torches have been found, that it took place at night.
The higher level of initiation, or epopteia, carried the unusual requirement of a moral standard (the connection of theology with morality, so strong in the later Judeo-Christian tradition, was rarely made by the early Greeks).
travel-guide.traveliseek.com /sanctuary-of-the-great-gods_avl_fi95989.html   (477 words)

 ZEUGMA Tarihçesi
But it could take place also at various times in Eleusis or at the Eleusinion in Athens.
The priests of the Mysteries prepared the candidates for receiving initiation (myesis).
The first act was the sacrifice of a young pig, after which a purification ceremony followed.
www.zeugmaweb.com /zeugma/english/dictionary-e.htm   (5109 words)

 The Bible - The Mystery Religions
These initiations into the various cults were not 'required' for all membership (like baptism was for Christians at this time), but was an 'optional' rite available for those who wished it:
“It should be noted that in most cases there exist forms of a ‘normal’ cult alongside the mysteries, that is, worship for the non-initiated, independent of possible candidacy for myesis or telete…In Rome, Mater Magna had her great festival in the spring, but the reported dates of taurobolia are unrelated to calendrical events.
In any case, mysteries are seen to be a special form of worship offered in the larger context of religious practice.
www.killdevilhill.com /biblechat/read.php?f=45&i=2176&t=2173   (6539 words)

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