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Topic: Myometrium

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Myometrium - WrongDiagnosis.com
Myometrium: The muscular outer layer of the uterus.
Myometrium: smooth muscle coat of the uterus, which forms the mass of the organ.
Myometrium: The smooth muscle coat of the uterus, which forms the main mass of the organ.
www.wrongdiagnosis.com /medical/myometrium.htm   (220 words)

 Immunolocalization of Proinflammatory Cytokines in Myometrium, Cervix, and Fetal Membranes During Human Parturition at ...
invade the myometrium, placenta, cervix, and fetal membranes
In the myometrium, IL-8 immunostaining was observed in infiltrating
Cell adhesion molecule expression in cervix and myometrium during pregnancy and parturition.
www.biolreprod.org /cgi/content/full/66/2/445   (3754 words)

 Human myometrial adaptation to pregnancy: cDNA microarray gene expression profiling of myometrium from non-pregnant and ...
The myometrium is the distinct muscular layer of the uterine
Chow, L. and Lye, S.J. (1994) Expression of the gap junction protein connexin-43 is increased in the human myometrium toward term and with the onset of labor.
Gene and protein expression in the myometrium in pregnancy and labor.
molehr.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/9/11/681   (5993 words)

 Differential distribution of ERalpha and ERbeta mRNA in intrauterine tissues of the pregnant rhesus monkey -- Wu et al. ...
of ER and ER was exhibited in the myometrium and amnion.
Increased expression of connexin-43 in the rat myometrium during labor is associated with an increase in the plasma estrogen:progesterone ratio.
Regulation of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase 1 and 2 by estradiol in nonpregnant ovine myometrium and endometrium (in vivo).
ajpcell.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/278/1/C190   (4421 words)

 Uterine Adenomyosis: Endovaginal US and MR Imaging Features with Histopathologic Correlation -- Reinhold et al. 19 ...
The subendometrial halo, which represents the innermost layer of the myometrium, is visualized subjacent to the endometrium (E) as a thin hypoechoic band (arrows).
The echogenicity of the ventral myometrium is decreased relative to that of the dorsal myometrium.
The borders of the endometrium are obscured at this level due to the increased echogenicity of the adjacent myometrium, thus resulting in pseudowidening of the endometrium.
radiographics.rsnajnls.org /cgi/content/full/19/suppl_1/S147?maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10&RESULTFORMAT=&fulltext=adenomyosis&andorexactfulltext=and&searchid=1&FIRSTINDEX=0&sortspec=relevance&resourcetype=HWCIT   (5387 words)

 Differential Regulation of Contractility and Nitric Oxide Sensitivity in Gravid and Nongravid Myometrium during Late ...
myometrium in vivo (7, 8, 9) and in vitro (10), and the sensitivity
was plucked from the underlying myometrium with forceps (36).
Nongravid myometrium remained relatively unresponsive to MT in late pregnancy, with a small increase in responsiveness occurring in postpartum tissue (B).
endo.endojournals.org /cgi/content/full/142/6/2244   (4761 words)

 Gynecologic & Obstetric: Proteomics of myometrium in pregnancy and labor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gynecologic and Obstetric: Proteomics of myometrium in pregnancy and labor
The remodelling and maturation processes that the myometrium undergoes in pregnancy appear clearly as phenomena which last during the full course of gestation.
Nevertheless, genomic studies constitute a necessary first step of orientation and help establishing new links between the generic signaling pathways that are activated during the normal or pathological gestation.
www.cprmap.com /gynecologic-obstetric/proteomics-myometrium-pregnancy-labor-16222.html   (265 words)

 EAGO Newsletter
Adenomyosis is a disease occurring at the interface between the endometrium and the myometrium.
Detecting such areas of heterogeneous echogenicity within the myometrium is often complicated by the presence of various artefactual echogenic shadows and the confusion is compounded by the presence of leiomyomata and vascular calcifications.
Brosens and co-workers recently suggested that the myoproliferative changes may not always occur in concert with endometrial penetration of the myometrium and that it may be more sensible to correlate the junctional zone widths with an objective assessment of the patient's symptoms (22).
www.obgyn.net /eago/art04.htm   (2362 words)

 Influence of Exogenous Estrogen Receptor Ligands on Uterine Leiomyoma: Evidence from an in Vitro/in Vivo Animal Model ...
Leiomyomas are morphologically similar at the cellular level to the normal myometrium from which they arise, except for their aberrant growth.
However, the impact of SERMs on the uterine myometrium or leiomyomas had not been previously evaluated; thus an analysis of the effects of the SERMs tamoxifen and raloxifene on these target tissues was undertaken in the Eker rat model.
In contrast to induction of PR, molecular agonism at the vitellogenin-ERE correlates with the capacity for estrogen agonism in uterine myometrium.
www.ehponline.org /members/2000/suppl-5/829-834hunter/hunter-full.html   (6292 words)

 British Journal of Pharmacology - Mechanism of trypsin-induced contraction in the rat myometrium: the possible ...
Aprotinin, an inhibitor of proteases such as kallikrein and trypsin, was shown to decrease the contractility of the uterus in the pregnant rat (Whalley and Riley, 1979).
The myometrium of the middle part of the horn was excised in a longitudinal direction, cut into strips measuring 1.5 mm in width and 4.5 mm in length.
PAR1 mRNA was slightly detected in the non-pregnant myometrium, and its level increased approximately 10 fold in the myometrium during both pregnancy and the post-parturition period compared to that in the non-pregnant myometrium (Figure 4).
www.nature.com /bjp/journal/v133/n8/full/0704206a.html   (6232 words)

 Women's Imaging Case Report 4
Bleeding is initiated by the effacement of the cervix and dilation of the cervical os, which disrupts the vascular bed of the placenta.
Failure of the placenta to completely separate from the myometrium during labor results in hemorrhage, with resultant maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality.
For evaluation of depth of placental invasion into the myometrium, images perpendicular to the boundary plane between the placenta and myometrium are most useful.
www.med.nyu.edu /mri/women/case04.html   (539 words)

 myometrium - definition and pronunciation
Home Page → Celebrity Talking Dictionary → m → myometrium
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Learn more about our commitment to providing complete, accurate, and private breast cancer information.
www.breastcancer.org /dictionary/m/myometrium_t.jsp   (115 words)

 Cell Adhesion Molecule Expression in the Cervix and Myometrium During Pregnancy and Parturition -- LEDINGHAM et al. 97 ...
Cell Adhesion Molecule Expression in the Cervix and Myometrium During Pregnancy and Parturition -- LEDINGHAM et al.
The expression of PE-CAM mRNA was upregulated in the myometrium during pregnancy.
Leukocytes infiltrate the myometrium during human parturition: Further evidence that labour is an inflammatory process.
www.greenjournal.org /cgi/content/full/97/2/235   (3260 words)

 Oxytocin increases the [Ca2+]i sensitivity of human myometrium during the falling phase of phasic contractions -- ...
Oxytocin increases the [Ca2+]i sensitivity of human myometrium during the falling phase of phasic contractions -- McKillen et al.
In the present study, myometrium taken before or after the onset of labor was loaded with fura 2, and the effects of oxytocin
The contractile sensitivity of pregnant human myometrium is greater to vasopressin than oxytocin in vitro (Abstract).
ajpendo.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/276/2/E345   (3323 words)

 Vaginal Bleeding Glossary of Terms with Definitions on MedicineNet.com
Adenomyosis: Pronounced a-den-o- mi-o-sis, this is a common benign condition of the uterus in which the endometrium (the mucous membrane lining the inside of the uterus) grows into the myometrium (the uterine musculature located just outside the endometrium).
The endometrium and myometrium under normal circumstances are adjacent to one another, discrete neighbors.
The myometrium may respond to this intrusion with muscular overgrowth.
www.medicinenet.com /vaginal_bleeding/glossary.htm   (3981 words)

 Complex Interactions Between Sex Steroids and Cytokines in the Human Pregnant Myometrium: Evidence for an Autocrine ...
the expression of its receptors increase in the myometrium at
to interfere with the pregnant myometrium in vivo.
Faber BM, Metz SA, Chegini N 1996 Immunolocalization of eicosanoid enzymes and growth factors in human myometrium and fetal placental tissues in failed labor inductions.
endo.endojournals.org /cgi/content/full/140/6/2533   (5565 words)

 {beta}3-Adrenoceptor Is the Predominant {beta}-Adrenoceptor Subtype in Human Myometrium and Its Expression Is ...
Larsen JJ 1979 ß-Adrenoceptors in the pregnant and non-pregnant myometrium of the goat and cow.
Crankshaw DJ, Ruzycky AL 1984 Characterization of putative ß-adrenoceptors in the myometrium of the pregnant ewe: correlation between the binding of [3H] dihydroalprenolol and the inhibition of myometrial contractility in vitro.
subunits in the pregnant human myometrium is mimicked by elevated smoothelin expression.
jcem.endojournals.org /cgi/content/full/90/3/1644   (3910 words)

 Gene and protein expression in the myometrium in pregnancy and labor -- Breuiller-Fouche and Germain 131 (5): 837 -- ...
Figure 1 Main KEGG pathways represented in the myometrium on the basis of the genes detected in genomic studies.
Figure 2 Main KEGG pathways represented in the myometrium on the basis of the genes detected in genomic studies.
Macphee DJ and Lye SJ 2000 Focal adhesion signaling in the rat myometrium is abruptly terminated with the onset of labor.
www.reproduction-online.org /cgi/content/full/131/5/837   (7405 words)

 An immunohistochemical analysis of fibroid vasculature -- Casey et al. 15 (7): 1469 -- Human Reproduction
The vascularity of fibroids and myometrium tissue was determined
dilation and congestion of the vasculature of myometrium was
Vollenhoven, B.J., Pearce, P., Herington, A.C. and Healy, D.L. (1994) Steroid receptor binding and messenger RNA expression in fibroids and myometrium from patients not treated and pre-treated with LHRH analogues.
humrep.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/15/7/1469   (3989 words)

 Voltage-gated K+ currents in freshly isolated myocytes of the pregnant human myometrium -- Knock et al. 518 (3): 769 -- ...
currents in human myometrium are not well characterized, and were therefore investigated, using the whole-cell patch clamp technique, in freshly isolated myometrial smooth muscle cells from pregnant women at term.
The muscle of the uterus, the myometrium, is a spontaneously active smooth muscle which remains largely quiescent throughout most of pregnancy, and then at term provides powerful rhythmic contractions in order to expel the fetus.
To our knowledge, all biopsies were taken from the same region of the myometrium from women at term who were not in active labour, and under light microscopy there were no obvious morphological differences between the two groups of cells.
jp.physoc.org /cgi/content/full/518/3/769   (7430 words)

 Sensitivity of myometrium to CGRP varies during mouse estrous cycle and in response to progesterone -- Naghashpour and ...
Sensitivity of myometrium to CGRP varies during mouse estrous cycle and in response to progesterone
Responsiveness of myometrium to CGRP was lowest during estrus, as indicated by diminished inhibitory capacity of CGRP on KCl-induced contractions.
Increased expression of nitric oxide synthase in the myometrium of the pregnant rat uterus.
ajpcell.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/278/3/C561   (5108 words)

 Fibroids display an anti-angiogenic gene expression profile when compared with adjacent myometrium -- Weston et al. 9 ...
The y-axis represents the log ratio, while the microarrays are shown individually along the x-axis, with the first 12 representing fibroid versus myometrium reference, and the last 10 representing individual myometrium specimens against a fibroid reference.
expression in the myometrium in the proliferative phase of the
the increased CTGF and CYR61 gene expression in myometrium is
molehr.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/9/9/541   (5026 words)

 Regulation of the Ca2+-sensitive Domains of the Maxi-K Channel in the Mouse Myometrium during Gestation -- Benkusky et ...
We report differential expression of alternatively spliced transcripts of the maxi-K channel that modulates Ca sensitivity in the mouse myometrium during gestation.
Maxi-K Channel Protein Expression in Mouse Myometrium Increases during Gestation-- To determine whether the decrease in maxi-K channel current at term pregnancy is due to a decrease in protein expression,
Total RNA from mouse myometrium at the five gestational stages was used for splice site-specific RT-PCR analyses of the
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/275/36/27712   (6336 words)

 Endometrial Carcinoma in Adenomyosis: Assessment of Myometrial Invasion on T2-Weighted Spin-Echo and ...
myometrium was smooth, or abnormal intensity of the tumor appeared
half of the myometrium and residual myometrium was thin or interrupted.
Abnormal signal intensity of tumor is confined to inner half of myometrium.
www.ajronline.org /cgi/content/full/182/2/399   (2721 words)

 Corticotropin-releasing hormone effects on human pregnant vs. nonpregnant myometrium explants estimated from a ...
Corticotropin-releasing hormone effects on human pregnant vs. nonpregnant myometrium explants estimated from a mathematical model of uterine contraction -- Mignot et al.
The average value of R for the complete set of SC was used to set a reference maximum at 100% arbitrary units.
Variations of the 4 parameters beta, theta, tau 1, and tau 2 in nonpregnant (green circles) or pregnant (red circles) myometrium according to increasing CRH concentrations.
jap.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/99/3/1157   (3675 words)

 Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Physician's Resource - Patient's Guide
With modern imaging techniques, adenomyosis can be diagnosed without surgery and thus we are able to begin to understand the natural history of the condition and to test the effectiveness of non-surgical therapies.
Adenomyosis is the presence of uterine lining tissue deep within the myometrium or muscular wall of the uterus (1) (see Figure 1).
The findings may include myometrial thickening with increased or decreased echogenicity of the myometrium, a poorly defined area of heterogeneous myometrium, or cysts.
www.fibroidoptions.com /adeno.htm   (1357 words)

 Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology | Full text | Important differences in nitric oxide synthase activity and ...
This is supported by the present data showing the effect of estrogen on rat myometrium and our previous data on rabbits showing a highly significant reduction of myometrial NOS activity by estrogen and estrogen and progesterone treatment [10].
In view of the very low NOS activity in the human myometrium as compared with rat shown here or rabbit reported previously [9,10], it is justified to importantly consider the possibility in human pregnancy of paracrine effects of fetal-placental NO in maintaining quiescence of the myometrium.
In pregnancy there appears to be a down-regulation of NOS activity in the human myometrium, which is probably due at least in part to hormonal influence, as substantiated with the data from rat and rabbit [9,10].
www.rbej.com /content/1/1/10   (4540 words)

 Leukocytes infiltrate the myometrium during human parturition: further evidence that labour is an inflammatory process ...
Leukocytes infiltrate the myometrium during human parturition: further evidence that labour is an inflammatory process -- Thomson et al.
Neutrophils are abundant in myometrium obtained during labour and sparse in myometrium obtained before the onset of labour (arrow).
myometrium to histamine and serotonin is upregulated at the
humrep.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/14/1/229   (4752 words)

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