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Topic: Mystery fiction

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Encyclopedia: Mystery fiction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mystery fiction is a distinct subgenre of detective fiction that entails the occurrence of an unknown event which requires the protagonist to make known (or solve).
Detective fiction is a branch of crime fiction that centres upon the investigation of a crime, usually murder, by a detective, either professional or amateur.
An import contribution to mystery fiction in the 1920's was the development of the juvenile mystery by Edward Stratemeyer.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Mystery-fiction   (1484 words)

 Learn more about Detective fiction in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A branch of crime fiction, detective fiction is the fictional genre centered around an investigation by a detective, usually in the form of the investigation of a murder.
The Mystery of Marie Roget is particularly interesting, as it is a scarcely fictionalized analysis of the circumstances around the real-life discovery of the body of a young woman named Mary Rogers, in which Poe expounds his theory of what actually happened.
A beginner to detective fiction, would generally be advised against reading anything about a piece of detective fiction (such as a blurb or an Introduction) before reading the text itself.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /d/de/detective_fiction.html   (1608 words)

 Read about Mystery fiction at WorldVillage Encyclopedia. Research Mystery fiction and learn about Mystery fiction here!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
detective fiction that entails the occurrence of an unknown event which requires the
An import contribution to mystery fiction in the 1920's was the development of the juvenile mystery by
Manfred B. Lee) is also credited with the continued interest in mystery fiction thanks to the namesake magazine which began in 1941.
encyclopedia.worldvillage.com /s/b/Mystery_fiction   (459 words)

 Classic Mystery Fiction
Israel Zangwill's contribution to mystery fiction is the first so-called locked room story where a crime is committed in a room locked from the inside thus it is impossible to work out how and who done it.
One must not expect this novel to be a prototype mystery since for Zangwill this was a one-off attempt that he did not repeat, but the book is very enjoyable and paved the way for a much used sub-genre.
He wanted to concentrate on historical fiction (as well as non fiction) and was particularly annoyed by the fact that he was more considered for what he thought was minor work compared to what he really enjoyed writing.
www.bastulli.com /classic.htm   (2732 words)

 NYPL, Detective, Mystery, and Suspense Fiction Research Guide
Sometimes elements of these various genres are combined, themes are often intermingled, and mystery aficionados--who usually tend to stick to what they like--can experience difficulty in locating stories or novels in a particular favorite genre.
The mystery or detective novel is well represented in the fiction collections of the Research Libraries.
Corpus delecti of mystery fiction: a guide to the body of the case (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1974) JFD 93-10434 Includes a chapter on definitions and terms for bibliomysteries, police procedurals and other sub-genres of mystery fiction.
www.nypl.org /research/chss/grd/resguides/detective/print.html   (2878 words)

Mysteries are also stories where a problem, crime, or puzzle must be solved.
You could submit your finished mystery to the Two Minute Mystery Writing Club (Grade 4-10), and see if your story is a 'stumper.' Another mystery writing contest can be found at Kids' Mystery Contest at Candlelight Stories; you can also examine past contest winners.
This organization for mystery writers and other professionals in the mystery field watches developments in legislation and tax law, sponsors symposia and mystery conferences, presents the Edgar Awards, and provides information for mystery writers.
www.42explore.com /mystery.htm   (1199 words)

 book reviews: mystery, fiction,non-fiction, fantasy
This is a classic mystery novel embroiled with mesmerizing plot twists relentlessly leading the reader to dead-end conclusions until the case is solved and explicated thoroughly at the end of the book.
His mysterious student abruptly stops her fencing lessons and is no longer part of the master's life.
She seeks to uncover the mystery surrounding her parent's murder by contacting their former employees, her estranged sister, the police, and shadowy figures in the Korean criminal underground.
www.booklist.org   (18256 words)

 ipedia.com: Mystery fiction Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mystery fiction is a distinct subgenre of detective fiction that entails the occurrence of an unknown event which requires the protagonist to make known.
It is similar to the whodunit in that the clue...
Similar stories were told in the middle ages, but the genre didn't really begin to develop until the detective stories of Edgar Allen Poe.
www.ipedia.com /mystery_fiction.html   (501 words)

 Mystery Fiction "Harm's Way" A Shocking Journey Of Aviation & Terrorism!
Mystery fiction, economic suspense, and a world of terror launched against unsuspecting airlines - a scenario waiting to happen.
Prepare yourself to taste mystery fiction online as you experience the shrill sound of terror rising from the frozen marshlands outside Salt Lake, travel to the shores of Lake Geneva, and fall desperately from the skies over western Montana.
Nothing in prior mystery fiction prepares you for the dimensions of global intrigue, unequaled terror, and frightening conflict as America is held hostage by La Libertad Occidental.
www.galaxymall.com /books/harmsway   (264 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Writers Resources: Fiction: Mystery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Mystery Writers' Forum - Mystery writers and aspiring mystery authors who are sharing our trial, tribulations, research problems and triumphs on a supportive threaded bulletin board system.
Mystery Writers of America - MWA helps negotiate contracts, watches developments in legislation and tax law, sponsors symposia and mystery conferences, and publishes books, including the Mystery Writer's Handbook.
Mystery Writers of America, Florida Chapter - Links to feature interviews and articles, members and their books, chapter activities, the annual Sleuth Fest conference in March, and favorite links.
dmoz.org /Arts/Writers_Resources/Fiction/Mystery   (582 words)

 Amazon.com: By a Woman's Hand: A Guide to Mystery Fiction by Women: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mysteries written by women have always been an important part of the genre and have constituted a growing trend over the past several years.
There are now so many reference works on mystery fiction available that a new one has to provide something unique.
Books are cross-indexed by locale of story, type of sleuth, etc. (E.G. if you like mysteries that take place, say, in the South, or if you like lawyer-sleuths, you can check the indexes in the back.)Also, the blurb on your favorite author gives suggestions as to similar authors you may not have read yet.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0425154726?v=glance   (997 words)

 Sensation Writers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It is this widespread use of The Mysterious in Romantic fiction, that is the true ancestor and source of the modern mystery novel.
It is not surprising that the whodunit murder mystery should emerge from this context, and form an important subgenre in the era.
Hoffmann's tale recalls nothing so much as the pulp fiction pieces of a hundred years later, in which several independent groups of people each get involved with a crime, and the reader is kept in the dark about the role each is playing, and how they all fit into the overall picture.
members.aol.com /MG4273/sensatio.htm   (10833 words)

 Mystery and Suspense Book reviews at MostlyFiction.com
But when he discovers, after his father's death, a packet of wartime letters to a former fiancée, and learns of his father's court-martial and imprisonment, he is plunged into the mystery of his family's secret history and driven to uncover the truth about this enigmatic, distant man who'd always refused to talk about his war.
But almost immediately, he’s tapped by the firm to replace her in the defense of a high-profile client.
As he retraces Natalie’s footsteps, Finn begins to unravel the awful mystery of her murder.
mostlyfiction.com /mystery.htm   (1749 words)

 Mystery Fiction Books eBooks Authors & Publishers. Christian Mystery, Archaeological Mystery Books, Legal Mystery, ...
It is a roadmap through their hearts and minds as they unwittingly become embroiled in mayhem that started decades before in England - all because of a mysteriously sad inscription one of them writes in a book and the other finds sixty-five years later.
A Matthew Alexander Mystery I. Hot Stones, Cold Death is an outstanding mystery novel featuring Matthew Alexander, a homicide detective who must follow the theft of a prized necklace from the Smithsonian's gem collection and identify a ruthless murderer.
The prosecution has an airtight case, and the solution to this legal mystery may depend upon the help of a 12-year-old computer whiz.
www.substancebooks.com /mystery.html   (810 words)

 Subject Guides - Mystery & Detective Fiction and Media
It was concocted by a group of women librarians at a July 1991 Washington, D.C. meeting of the Association of Research Libraries and named in honor of one of the great women mystery writers of the century.
Links and lists for authors of historical mystery fiction; historical mysteries divided by time period (Ancient World; Medieval; Renaissance; Regency/Georgian; Victorian; 1900-1919; 1920's; 1930's; 1940's; and Postwar); awards; webrings; fantasy/historical mysteries; historical go international; and historical mysteries for kids.
The MWA is an "organization for mystery writers and other professionals in the mystery field.
www.csulb.edu /library/subj/literature/mystery.html   (811 words)

 CVCO - Overbooked: Mystery Fiction
Links are sporadically updated, more time is spent on original content pages (new books, featured titles, booklists, and starred review lists and the crime fiction award nominees).
Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Crime Writers of Canada, Bouchercon, and many others.
I really appreciate all the e-mail I receive from avid readers and writers and regret that I may not be able to respond to all correspondents.
www.overbooked.org /genres/mystery   (557 words)

 Short Mystery Fiction Society Awards
The Derringer Award was created in 1997 by the Short Mystery Fiction Society to honor excellence in the creative artform of short mystery and crime stories.
Any English-language mystery or crime short story that appeared during the previous year in a publication which has an editor and an established procedure for submission, acceptance and rejection, is eligible for a Derringer.
The Short Mystery Fiction Society is now accepting 2006 DERRINGER AWARDS for Best Short Mystery Fiction published during the calendar year 2005.
www.shortmystery.net /awards.html   (382 words)

 Mystery Short Fiction
Mystery Short Fiction is a work in progress.
The goal is to list all mystery short fiction published in English since 1990.
This index, combined with Index to Crime and Mystery Anthologies (G.K. Hall 1990) and an index to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, is now available on CD-ROM as Mystery Short Fiction Miscellany: An Index from Locus Press.
contento.best.vwh.net /mags/0start.html   (333 words)

 Mystery & Detective Fiction Trivia and Quizzes -- Information / Questions / Answers
This quiz highlights the so-called "Golden Age" of the detective novel in English Literature by examining the fictional careers of some academic, gentlemanly and amateur sleuths created in the 1930s and beyond.
There's a tradition in mystery fiction of mean streets, pain, and violence, but there's another tradition that doesn't take itself quite so seriously....
This quiz is about identifying those recurring characters in some of my favorite works of mystery fiction.
www.funtrivia.com /dir/210.html   (683 words)

 Mystery Fiction by Anne K Edwards
Subscribe to her newsletter, The Voice In The Dark, for the latest news and excerpts from Anne K. Edwards, interviews with other authors, as well as resources for authors and readers alike.
When local society matron Jania Yewbanks dies of "natural causes," her sister contracts the services of Brom Investigations to look into the case and prove that Jania's husband, Ted, murdered her.
Hannah is certainly a character with her no-nonsense, practical, tough yet sensitive and compassionate approach to life and I look forward to reading more of her future adventures in the second book for these series.
www.mysteryfiction.net   (380 words)

 A Brief Outline of Mystery Fiction History
These writers are known as the American Renaissance, and many of them wrote mysteries, as well as other kinds of fiction, such as science fiction, adventure stories, sea stories, and realistic novels.
Their mystery plots tend to be extremely clever puzzles, with tricky, surprising solutions.
Its 1920's and early 1930's fiction was extremely tough, and is known as "hard-boiled".
members.aol.com /MG4273/outline.htm   (1146 words)

 Adult Booklists: CRIME NOVELS and MYSTERY FICTION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Suspense fiction that "involves doctors or nurses or is set in hospitals or other medical settings." Recommends 14 authors, then a list of about 60 more titles, along with authors, publication dates, and links to catalog data.
Mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, and crime novels in which relatively or usually harmless items are employed as effective murder weapons.
'Mysteries in which the detective is a member of a police force, and must work within the rules and procedures of the force.' Author, title, and Amazon link for over 400 titles (most in series), from Warren Adler's Fiona FitzGerald series to Thomas Zigal's Kurt Muller series.
www.waterborolibrary.org /bklistm.htm   (10382 words)

 UNBSJ Ward Chipman Library Mystery Fiction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mystery Short Fiction: 1990-2000, by William G. Contento, combining: Mystery Magazine Index: 1980-2000; An Index to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, and Other Magazines in the Mystery Genre; Index to Crime and Mystery Anthologies: 1990-2000; and Index to Crime and Mystery Collections: 1990-2000
The Trailor Murder Mystery, first appeared on the front page of the Quincy Whig on April 15, 1846, titled "Remarkable case of Arrest for Murder", reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 1952, vol.
Contemporary Detective Fiction and the Viet Nam War, Viet Nam Generation: A Journal of Recent History and Contemporary Issues, vol.
www.unbsj.ca /library/subject/mystery1.htm   (1665 words)

 Mystery Writers of America - Mystery Fiction Links
Crime Fiction Canada - includes databases of fiction and criticism, searchable by keyword, title, and author
A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection - book-length set of essays on the history of the period
Mystery Reader's Corner - e-zine with a cozy/women's/feminist slant
www.mysterywriters.org /pages/resources/links/mystery.htm   (341 words)

 Stories, Listed by Author
A Byzantine Mystery (with Mary Reed) [*John the Eunuch], (ss) The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits, ed.
A Mithraic Mystery (with Mary Reed) [*John the Eunuch], (ss) The Mammoth Book of Historical Detectives, ed.
The Obo Mystery (with Mary Reed), (ss) EQMM Jun '95
contento.best.vwh.net /mags/s70.html   (1199 words)

 Short Story, Art, Poetry, Cartoon, Mystery Magazine - Futures MYSTERY Anthology Magazine
We’ve always had almost all of our stories the very finest of mysteries around with a touch of this and that.
We want to publish the best mysteries written today, and if that means that the story has a subplot that is horror, romance, science fiction, or any sort of speculative fiction, even literary, well, so be it.
Tales of brave, strong women have been a mainstay of mystery fiction since the beginning of the genre.
www.fmam.biz /index.shtml   (790 words)

 NEFARIOUS - Tales Of Mystery | A Mystery Fiction Webzine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Out of the corner of my eye, I see them conspiring in whispers now, as if their argument was meant to conceal a more private conversation....
It's fiction that is told in 55 words or less, an art difficult to master.
To help us bring the best Mystery Fiction we can to you, our readers, please consider taking a few moments to contribute what you can to the financial support of this webzine.
www.thewindjammer.com /nefarious   (1144 words)

 Massillon Public Library - Readers' Advisory - Mystery/Suspense
Be sure to request Interlibrary Loan assistance to locate any materials that are not in our catalog.
This page links to sites about mystery, suspense and "thriller" fiction.
• Gaslight: For mystery, suspense, and popular literature of the period 1890-1914
www.massillonlibrary.org /ra/mystery.htm   (143 words)

 Encyclopedia article on Mystery fiction [EncycloZine]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mystery Guild Book Club, Murder Mystery Books, Detective Fiction, Thriller Books, True Crime Novels (http://www.mysteryguild.com) Mystery Guild Book Club offers discount mystery books including murder mysteries, detective fiction, thriller books, crime novels and true crime books from best selling mystery authors.
Products related to Mystery fiction: books, DVD, electronics, garden, kitchen, magazines, music, photo, posters, software, tools, toys, VHS, videogames
Visit Curious-Minds.co.UK for educational games and toys, and science kits.
encyclozine.com /Mystery_fiction   (574 words)

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