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In the News (Thu 21 Feb 19)

  NATO PA - Home
This was the overarching message that Serbian government officials and parliamentarians conveyed to NATO legislators and representatives of international organizations gathered in Belgrade for the NATO PA 67th Rose-Roth seminar, on 25-27 October.
On 24 October Jose’ LELLO, President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, met with Boris Tadic, President of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade.
NATO parliamentarians have ended their annual session in Reykjavik, Iceland with calls for renewed efforts to strengthen NATO´s role in Afghanistan and build a closer and more fruitful working relationship with Russia.
www.nato-pa.int   (433 words)

 NATO Central Home Page
As an integral part of NATO’s strategy to oppose the federal cigarette and tobacco tax increases, NATO has submitted several different commentary letters-to-the-editor which have been published in newspapers around the country.
Moreover, NATO representatives have been interviewed by USA Today for news articles on the SCHIP legislation and many NATO members have also sent in letters-to-the-editor for publication.
NATO maintains a chart on each tobacco-related bill that the association is monitoring and acting upon in the states and at the federal level.
www.natocentral.org   (558 words)

  Boeing: Products-NATO E-3 AWACS
The NATO E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) is a highly mobile, survivable surveillance system designed to strengthen and significantly improve air defense systems in Europe.
In the late 1960s, NATO commanders recognized the need to provide an improved early warning and detection capability against the emerging low-altitude penetration threat posed by the Warsaw Pact.
NATO then carried out a series of configuration, cost and performance studies that included the E-3 and its integration with the air-defense ground-environment systems.
www.boeing.com /defense-space/infoelect/awacs/natoe3.html   (1243 words)

  North Atlantic Treaty Organization - MSN Encarta
NATO’s purpose is to enhance the stability, well-being, and freedom of its members through a system of collective security.
The original purpose of NATO was to defend Western Europe against possible attack by Communist nations, led by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).
The highest authority within NATO is the North Atlantic Council, composed of permanent delegates from all members, headed by a secretary general.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761573186/North_Atlantic_Treaty_Organization.html   (874 words)

  NATO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NATO was founded early in the Cold War with the express aim of defending western Europe against a military invasion by the Soviet Union.
The unity of NATO was breached early on in its history, with a crisis occurring during Charles de Gaulle's presidency of France from 1958 onwards.
On 19 June 2003, a major restructuring of the NATO military commands began as the Headquarters of the Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic were abolished and a new command, Allied Command Transformation (ACT), was established in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, and the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) became the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/NATO   (5084 words)

 NATO: Tutte le informazioni su NATO su Encyclopedia.it
Questo fatto accelera il trasloco del quartier generale NATO da Parigi a Bruxelles, che avviene il 16 ottobre 1967.
Le nazioni invitate dovrebbero unirsi alla NATO nel 2004.
Il passaggio del controllo alla NATO avvenne l'11 agosto, e segnò la prima volta nella storia della NATO in cui si fece carico di una missione al di fuori dell'area Nord Atlantica.
www.encyclopedia.it /n/na/nato.html   (1085 words)

 CBC News Indepth: NATO   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NATO was heavily involved in the conflicts that consumed the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.
NATO is composed of a political and a military structure.
NATO leaders approve plans to set up a rapid response unit that could be deployed to deal with terrorist threats, natural or man-made disasters, or to be the first wave of a much larger NATO response in the early stages of a crisis.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/nato   (932 words)

 Nato's top brass accuse Pakistan over Taliban aid | International News | News | Telegraph
Commanders from five Nato countries whose troops have just fought the bloodiest battle with the Taliban in five years, are demanding their governments get tough with Pakistan over the support and sanctuary its security services provide to the Taliban.
Nato's report on Operation Medusa, an intense battle that lasted from September 4-17 in the Panjwai district, demonstrates the extent of the Taliban's military capability and states clearly that Pakistan's Interservices Intelligence (ISI) is involved in supplying it.
Nato and Afghan officers say two training camps for the Taliban are located just outside Quetta, while the group is using hundreds of madrassas where the fighters are housed and fired up ideologically before being sent to the front.
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/10/06/wafghan06.xml   (660 words)

 The Victims of Nato's Humanitarian War
On May 22, Nato was forced to admit that it had mistakenly bombed a KLA base in the border town of Kosare.
On April 29, Nato missiles attacked a bridge in Trstenik, killing a woman who was crossing the bridge on her bike and wounding 17 others.
Nato planes took out a bridge in this central Serbian city, killing 11 people who were crossing in their cars when the missiles hit.
www.counterpunch.org /dead.html   (2543 words)

 NATO News
A NATO aircraft crashed in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, but it was not immediately clear whether there were any casualties, a spokesman said.
NATO warned on Friday that it would not tolerate any resort to violence as a decision approaches on whether the U.N.-run province of Kosovo gets the independence from Serbia that its Albanian majority seeks.
Turkey, the only Muslim member of NATO and a country with close ties to both Israel and Arab states, moved closer Monday to agreeing to send troops to Lebanon, while Italy approved 2,500 troops in a boost to an...
www.topix.net /world/nato   (693 words)

 NATO phonetic alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although a NATO unclassified version of the document is provided to foreign, even hostile, militaries, even they are not allowed to make it publicly available.
The nickname "Charlie" used by US servicemen in the Vietnam War is derived from "Victor Charlie", the NATO phoneticism for the initials of the Viet Cong, the armed insurgents in the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).
The NATO phonetic alphabet is referred to repeatedly in Robert Ludlum's novel The Bourne Identity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/NATO_phonetic_alphabet   (3260 words)

 WarMuseum.ca - NATO
In NATO's early years, conventional forces acted merely as a 'trip-wire' to a possible nuclear response but, by the late 1960s, its 'flexible response' strategy envisaged more troops and equipment to fight a conventional war.
While relations between NATO troops and German civilians were generally good, it was impossible for NATO's frequent training exercises not to disrupt somewhat civilian traffic, commerce, and ordinary life.
With the Soviet military threat ended, NATO supported efforts by the United Nations to secure peace in the Balkans and accepted three former Warsaw Pact adversaries as members of the alliance.
www.civilization.ca /cwm/nato/nato01_e.html   (825 words)

 NATO:History of NATO:The North Atlantic Treaty Organization:Information about NATO
NATO was established not only to discourage Communist aggression but also to keep the peace among former enemies in Western Europe.
NATO's policy is known as deterrence because it is designed to deter (discourage) an attack.
NATO was formed as a result of the North Atlantic Treaty, which was signed by 12 countries on April 4, 1949, in Washington, D.C. The 12 countries were Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
members.tripod.com /more_tra/1e_nato_txt.htm   (887 words)

 North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Official Homepage
NATO Member and Partner Chiefs of Defence conclude meetings
I have asked NATO's Special Representative for the Caucasus, Ambassador Robert Simmons, to express to the Georgian Foreign Minister the Alliance's view that all parties must exercise restraint, avoid violence and act within the law. 
Quote on CFE by NATO Spokesman James Appathurai - 7 November 2007
www.nato.int   (335 words)

On September 11th we were hit; on September 12th NATO voted Article 5 for the first time in its history in response to an event nobody had foreseen on September 10th.
NATO is now in Afghanistan fighting its first extended land combat mission in its history.
In short, what NATO is becoming in practice -- although not yet in theory -- is an organization, an alliance which does not have geographic limits on its operations.
www.state.gov /p/eur/rt/nato   (331 words)

 NATO School Official Website   (Site not responding. Last check: )
General Smith, who was the NATO School Commandant from 1990 and 1992, said he was very impressed with the changes and improvements the NATO School had made since he left.
NATO School staff, subject matter experts and guest speakers familiarised approximately 190 students from the NATO and national organisations with NATO Expeditionary Operations conducted in a combined/joint environment.
During his address to the school’s staff the General mentioned how impressed he was with the continued growth of the NATO School and reemphasized the value of the school’s mission to the future of the Alliance.
www.natoschool.nato.int /index.htm   (891 words)

 Afghanistan Called 'Key Priority' for NATO - washingtonpost.com
RIGA, Latvia, Nov. 29 -- European NATO countries pledged Wednesday to remove some of the restrictions on combat by their troops in Afghanistan, officials here said, as the alliance sought to close ranks and bring new force to bear against a resurgent Taliban militia.
A statement from NATO indicated that the leaders had agreed to remove some of the "caveats" that countries had placed on the use of their troops, though exactly how much will change remained uncertain.
During a news conference, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said that about 26,000 of the troops in Afghanistan were now "more usable" in combat and noncombat operations and that all member countries had agreed their troops could be called on in a crisis by British Lt. Gen.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2006/11/29/AR2006112900435.html   (926 words)

 NATO Insists on Poking Russian Bear
Over the past several months, NATO has steadily crept into Russia’s backyard, romancing the former Soviet republics of Ukraine and Georgia with the prospect of membership in the alliance, and even hinting that NATO may attempt to intervene in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer told Ukrainian leaders in October that NATO’s door "was, is, and remains open" to Ukraine.
NATO boosters ought to close the door of expansion, take a deep breath, and explain what, exactly, NATO's mission is now.
www.cato.org /pub_display.php?pub_id=5421   (899 words)

 CNN In-Depth Specials - NATO at 50 - NATO's midlife crisis
After enduring the aggression of Adolf Hitler, Western countries formed NATO as a means to protect themselves from the aggressive expansionist policy of the postwar Soviet Union.
Schwarz-Schilling says that although NATO may still be sound and able to initiate physical power, it is the mental support that is crucial to keeping the alliance fit.
As highlighted by the recent NATO action against Yugoslavia, the relationship between NATO and Russia continues to be a sensitive one.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/1999/nato/nato.overview/index.html   (1109 words)

 The Costs of NATO Expansion: What Are the Administration and NATO Hiding?
They claimed -- contrary to the conclusions of leaked NATO documents and experts inside and outside the U.S. government -- that the three new member nations' militaries and their supporting infrastructure were in better shape than expected, thus reducing the improvements needed and the associated costs.
At the same time, NATO commanders suddenly claimed that the security threat to new members had declined during the brief period (less than one year) since the administration's cost estimate was completed.
NATO's bureaucracy states that the details behind that estimate are classified and will remain so indefinitely.
www.cato.org /dailys/2-03-98.html   (797 words)

 NATO Parliamentary Mediterranean Group Meeting----
Parliamentarians and members of consultative councils from NATO countries, the Mediterranean partner countries and the GCC states met in Doha from November 26-28 to explore the security situation and exchange views about the state of political and social reform in the region.
Mediterranean Dialogue seminar of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly aimed at confidence building and increasing cooperation in the context of NATO’s Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, to which four GCC states so far belong.
Complementary to this intergovernmental cooperation, Alliance parliamentarians sought to increase their understanding of the regional challenges, of a possible role for NATO in a new security architecture, and where the Assembly could be of help in encouraging engagement through parliamentary dialogue and cooperation.
www.nato-qatar.com /news12.html   (943 words)

 NATO Leaders To Discuss Global Missions at Riga Summit
When NATO leaders review military operations at the summit, he said, the most pressing concern will be ensuring that nations maintain their willingness to maintain troop strength.
For several months, NATO allies have been discussing the possibility of pooling their funds to purchase three or four U.S.-built C-17 cargo jets, which could be used for NATO and national missions.
Burns said NATO is seeking similar flexibility to maneuver forces in Afghanistan, where many contributing governments have placed geographic or mission “caveats” that make it difficult to reposition troops to respond to emergency.
usinfo.state.gov /xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2006&m=November&x=20061121164755mvyelwarc6.954372e-03   (966 words)

 NATO.0+55+3d modular, 02/14   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NATO classic (still available) could load and playback QuickTime media, edit it, display it, generate QuickDraw and capture video (from an external source, or as generated by NATO) to disk.
NATO classic did all of its processing `onscreen` -- basically, the display space was the workspace.
NATO modular does all of its work offscreen -- image data chugs invisibly through NATO objects until you `project` it onto a display object (sensibly called a screen, or `ekran`)].
www.bootsquad.com /nato/nato02.html   (962 words)

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