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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  NCS Technologies, Inc.
NCS Technologies manufactures and delivers turn-key computer systems for government, educational, and corporate entities worldwide.
Beyond our high-performance desktops, notebooks, servers, and Internet appliances, what makes our company truly exceptional is the support and attention to detail that we provide to each and every one of our customers.
18th, 2006 - NCS was recently awarded a ten-year contract from ADMC-2.
www.ncst.com   (276 words)

  NCS - For Total IT Solutions
NCS invests in training its human resources to enable us keep up with changes in technology and maintains a core team of international quality researchers who focus on networks and protocol.
NCS operates a turnover of 8.5 billion in 2000 and is growing at 89% per annum.
NCS differentiates itself by providing the latest and most advanced networking technologies, together with the knowledge and service to support the solutions.
www.ncs.com.gh /company.htm   (484 words)

NCS was conceived and planned by a group of concerned parents, community members, and educators that believe in public education and are confident that a well-designed and well-managed charter school will allow children from diverse communities such as ours to flourish.
NCS is run by a Governing Board that consists of parents, teachers, community members, a representative from Zoo Atlanta, and the principal of NCS.
NCS is located in the historic Slaton Elementary School building on Grant Street in the neighborhood of Grant Park, near downtown Atlanta.
www.neighborhoodcharter.com /faq.html   (635 words)

 ECom - NCS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NCS is the person charged with controlling the information flow during a net.
The NCS has authority over all traffic handled by the Net and determines the order in which other stations use the frequency and when they pass their traffic.
The net-name/function and the NCS callsign, should be announced several times at the beginning of the net and every eight to ten minutes during the net.
www.w0ipl.com /ECom/EComNCS.htm   (5783 words)

 NCS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The exact mechanisms of NCS are not completely understood, and several theories have been proposed.
The strong contractions of the ventricle walls are thought to cause a response in the mechanoreceptors, which misinterpret what is happening and send a message to the brain that the blood pressure is actually high.
Presumably, these agents exert their effects through their negative inotropic actions, which are felt to diminish the degree of cardiac mechano-receptor activation or by acting elsewhere to oppose the high levels of circulating epinephrine (Raviele, Themistoclakis and Gasparini, 1996, p.
potsplace.com /NCS/ncs.htm   (2188 words)

 NCS: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NCS is an acronym[For more, click on this link] with more than one meaning:
The natural color system (ncs) is a color system designed by the scandinavian colour institute (sic, "color" is spelled differently in the name of...
The newark city subway (ncs) in newark, new jersey is operated by new jersey transit....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/n/nc/ncs2.htm   (152 words)

 National Comorbidity Survey
The baseline NCS, fielded from the fall of 1990 to the spring of 1992, was the first nationally representative mental health survey in the U.S. to use a fully structured research diagnostic interview to assess the prevalences and correlates of DSM-III-R disorders.
The baseline NCS respondents were reinterviewed in 2001-02 (NCS-2) to study patterns and predictors of the course of mental and substance use disorders and to evaluate the effects of primary mental disorders in predicting the onset and course of secondary substance disorders.
The goal of NCS-A is to produce nationally representative data on the prevalences and correlates of mental disorders among youth.
www.hcp.med.harvard.edu /ncs   (399 words)

 NCS eNewsletter - Vol.2 Issue 6
NCS is pleased to announce a special July promotion for its Certification services.
NCS will only cross those coins that will meet or surpass their current details grade when certified by NCS.
NCS representatives will be attending the ANA's Baltimore show to accept submissions and provide informal opinions concerning conservation, authenticity and Details Grade.
www.ncscoin.com /news/enews/ncs_enews_0306june.htm   (572 words)

 Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS)
By Dr. Omar M. Amin, Ph.D. Abstract: Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) is a dental toxicity disorder causing various neurological and dermatological symptoms that are often confused by the lay patient as parasitological infections.
The predominance of females among NCS cases is not fully understood in cases of toxicity disorders.
The sealants incriminated in the 24 NCS cases studied (Table 1) included the zinc oxide/ ethyltoluene sulfonamide sealants Dycal, Life and Sealapex, among others, previously reported to be toxic (Amin, 2003, 2004).
www.myplanet.net /yeec60bp/ncs_diagnosis.htm   (2260 words)

 Forms Design Software: NCS DesignExpert
NCS DesignExpert forms design software is a versatile software tool that simplifies scannable forms design and lets you make modifications on the spot.
NCS DesignExpert software is equipped with all the tools you'd expect from a substantial, high-quality graphic package.
NCS DesignExpert's Merge Wizard database link allows you to use your laser printer to overprint Pearson Assessments standard and custom forms with personalized data, including pre-slugged OMR grids, machine-print OCR text, pre-printed write-in boxes, Litho-Codes, bar codes, serial numbers, record numbers, and address blocks.
www.pearsonncs.com /forms/d-expert.htm   (936 words)

 NCS: Spyware FAQs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NCS recommends a couple of desktop applications that can detect and remove most Spyware on your PC.
NCS is not responsible for lost data, lost time, resulting from any of the advice, programs, or processes listed herein.
NCS will continue to provide information via its website and resources for its customers via the NAL.
www.ncs.ncsu.edu /ncs/data/spyware/spyware_faq.html   (789 words)

 Oracle, IBM ready Network Computers - SunWorld - September 1996
NCs won't replace the PC, Ellison said, but will be popular in corporate settings and in the home as a communications device.
While some said they couldn't see using the NC in the short term, in the long term it piqued their interest.
Richard DiBello, president of The Automation Group in Brooklyn, New York, said he was interested in using the NC as a bonus feature in a luxury "cyber" apartment building that is under development in Manhattan.
sunsite.uakom.sk /sunworldonline/swol-09-1996/swol-09-nc.html   (1052 words)

 NCS | National Communications System | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The NCS expanded from its original six members to an interagency group of 24 Federal departments and agencies, and began coordinating and planning NS/EP telecommunications to support crises and disasters.
The NCS IMA Unit is based in Arlington, VA; however, the assigned personnel are geographically dispersed throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.
IMAs assigned to the NCS IMA Unit will attend an initial orientation at the NCS headquarters in Arlington, VA. The orientation will address the organization and mission of the NCS, and the priority telecommunications programs that are provided to ensure the availability of communications services during an emergency.
www.ncs.gov /faq.html   (6515 words)

 Comic strip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Reuben, named for cartoonist Rube Goldberg, is the most prestigious award for U.S. comic strip artists.
Reuben awards are presented annually by the National Cartoonists' Society (NCS).
Today's comic-strip artists, with the help of the NCS, enthusiastically promote the medium, which is considered to be in decline due to fewer markets and ever-shrinking newspaper space.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Comic_strip   (1886 words)

 NCS - Careers
At NCS, we see work as more than a career.
Whether you are an experienced professional, fresh graduate or intern with NCS, you will be part of our family.
Careers@NCS - Find out if you have what it takes to be an employee or intern with NCS family.
www.ncs.com.sg /careers   (141 words)

 Nittany Chemical Society
NCS is a student affiliate organization of the American Chemical Society.
Although all students with an interest in chemistry are encouraged and welcome to join NCS most of our members come from Chemistry, BMB, Chemical Engineering, General Science and other majors.
NCS members attend ACS Convention in San Diego: Members George, Joy, Emily, and John (I think) presented research and our club's amazing activities to an incredulous audience.
www.clubs.psu.edu /up/nittanychemsoc   (1021 words)

 Fulbright NCS Program: "Addressing Sectarian, Ethnic and Cultural Conflict within and across National Borders"
Clearly, the global problem of ethnic conflict challenging the current cohort of NCS Fellows is, this year in particular, in the very background of the world's preoccupation.
To fill this critical need, the NCS 2003 team of fellows aspires to become recognized as is an emergent expert system linking two major research fields: the comparative assessment of factors making for protracted ethnic violence and conflict, and conflict resolution and peace studies.
One of our NCS Fellows has aptly put the accent on the core problematic which integrates the three focus groups and the overall endeavor of the 2003 program: How do conflict processes interconnect with peace processes?
www.cies.org /NCS/NCS_II.htm   (531 words)

 Custody - NCS Custody Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NCS Custody is an award winning, SWIFTReady Gold Label certified, next-generation global and regional securities servicing product that supports Custody and Corporate Action related business requirements in scrip-less as well as scrip-based environments.
NCS covers both generic as well as market specific practices, in dematerialized, immobilized and physical environments.
NCS helps National Bank of Greece reach the pinnacle in the Greek custody market.
www.tcs.com /Banking/products/custody.aspx   (299 words)

 National Cockatiel Society
NCS has started a new mutations page with new cutting edge pictures of the NCS Standard.
NCS panelists have decades of experience and are waiting for you!
As a compliment to the NCS Journal and Talk About Tiels, NCS is reopening their YahooGroup "Tielchatters".
www.cockatiels.org   (352 words)

 NCS Pearson, Inc.
You have reached NCS Pearson, Inc., a legal entity of Pearson Education.
The companies that formally operated as NCS Pearson have adopted new names and brands.
The people sending the letters are attempting to trick the recipients into sending them money, allegedly to cover “international transaction fees.” The check that is included with the letter is also a fake.
www.ncspearson.com   (479 words)

 Network Characterization Service (NCS)
The network characterization service (NCS) provides the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot networks hop-by-hop in an easy and timely fashion.
Using NCS makes applications capable of fully using the high-speed networks, e.g., saturating 1 Gb/s local network from a single x86 platform.
The generic NCS functions should be able to compile and run on platforms that comply with IPv4 standard.
www-didc.lbl.gov /NCS   (311 words)

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