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Topic: NSAP address

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  NSAP address - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These are roughly comparable to IP addresses used in the IP protocol; they specify a piece of equipment connected to the ATM network.
NSAP addresses are allocated by the ISO, through a system of delegated authorities, which are generally national standards organizations.
Routing equipment must translate NSAP addresses to NSPAs (Network Service Point Addresses) to route OSI packets; VCI (Virtual Circuit Identifier) numbers are an example of a datalink layer NSPAs in ATM; when OSI packets are sent encapsulated in IP packets the IP address is considered an NSPA.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/NSAP_address   (235 words)

 RFC 982 (rfc982) - Guidelines for the specification of the structure of t   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
NSAP Address Administration Authorities are urged to use this format when the equipment comprising an addressing domain is of a heterogeneous nature.
Addressing Principles This section provides a summary of the major points contained in DIS 8348/DAD2, as they are relevant to this technical report.
An authority may either assign a complete address, or else may identify a subdomain of its own addressing domain within which addresses may be further assigned by an identified authority for the subdomain.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc982.html   (2548 words)

 MAC address - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The broadcast address, all one bits, is received by all stations on a local area network.
Multicast addresses, used with both Ethernet and FDDI, are received by stations on a LAN which have been configured to do so.
As a MAC address can be changed, it can be unwise to rely on this as a single method of authentication.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/MAC_address   (1352 words)

 [No title]
A small address prefix may be assigned to the regional, which then assigns slightly longer prefixes (based on the regional's prefix) to each of the routing domains that it interconnects.
Note that the relationship between routing and NSAP addressing described in other sections of this paper is concerned with problems in scaling caused by large, essentially public transit routing domains which interconnect a large number of routing domains.
Address resolution between the NSAP and the SNPA may be accomplished by an ES- IS protocol [13], locally administered tables, or mapping functions.
ftp.cerias.purdue.edu /pub/doc/rfc/rfc1237.txt   (13376 words)

 RFC 1348 (rfc1348) - DNS NSAP RRs
Background This section describes an experimental representation of NSAP addresses in the DNS.
The backward translation (from NSAP address to DNS name) is facilitated by definition of an associated resource record.
IN NSAP 21 47000580ffff000000321099991111222233334444 host.school.de IN NSAP 17 39276f3100111100002222333344449876 The RR data is the ASCII representation of the digits.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1348.html   (732 words)

 RFC 1706 (rfc1706)
Distributed administration permits subdelegated addressing authorities to, as allowed by the delegator, further structure the portion of the NSAP space under their delegated control.
It is left to the application retrieving the NSAP to determine the appropriate value to use in that instance of communication.
A domain name is generated from an NSAP by reversing the hex nibbles of the NSAP, treating each nibble as a separate subdomain, and appending the top-level subdomain name "NSAP.INT" to it.
www.cse.ohio-state.edu /cgi-bin/rfc/rfc1706.html   (2047 words)

 NOAA-Boulder's NSAP Address Space
For those cases outside of the address space, we are using a routing domain of c000 and an area set to the third octet of the network address.
Independent NSAP addresses are used in the ASN-9000s to associate a DLE server with an anycast address.
The service-id corresponds to bytes 10-13 in the NSAP address.
boulder.noaa.gov /noc/nsap.html   (359 words)

 RFC 1888   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
General recommendation on NSAP addressing plans This recommendation is addressed to network implementors who have already planned or deployed an OSI NSAP addressing plan for the usage of OSI CLNP [IS8473] according to the OSI network layer addressing plan [IS8348] using ES-IS and IS-IS routing [IS9542, IS10589].
The basic NSAP addressing scheme and current implementations are summarised in Annex A. [IS8348] specifies a maximum NSAPA (NSAP address) size of 20 bytes and some network implementors have designed address allocation schemes which make use of this 20 byte address space.
Thus network implementors should ensure that the address prefix used for all their subnets is the same, regardless of whether a particular subnet is using a pure IPv6 addressing scheme or one derived from a CLNP scheme as above.
www.freesoft.org /CIE/RFC/bynum.cgi?1888   (4277 words)

 Troubleshooting ISO CLNS
Addresses in the ISO network architecture are referred to as NSAP addresses and network entity titles (NETs).
The ISO-IGRP NSAP address is divided into three parts: a domain part, an area address, and a system ID. Domain routing is performed on the domain part of the address.
For example, in the multihomed area shown in Figure 12-3, to configure Area 1 and Area 2 as a multihomed area, both Router A and Router B must be configured to be in both areas.
www.cisco.com /univercd/cc/td/doc/cisintwk/itg_v1/tr1912.htm   (4700 words)

 RFC 1629
RFC 1629 NSAP Guidelines May 1994 of RDCs should be done in a manner consistent with the address assignment needed for route aggregation.
Address Transition Issues Allocation of NSAP addresses based on connectivity to providers is important to allow scaling of inter-domain routing to an internet containing millions of routing domains.
RFC 1629 NSAP Guidelines May 1994 However, the total number of such providers is expected to remain (for the foreseeable future) small enough to allow addressing of this set of providers via a flat address space.
www.ictp.trieste.it /~radionet/nuc1996/ref/rfc/rfc1629.htm   (15897 words)

 Zvon - RFC 941 [Addendum to the Network Service Definition Covering Network Layer Addressing : ISO/DP8348/DAD2 (also TC ...
In one context, the term "network address" may be used to refer to the point at which a real end system, real subnetwork, or interworking unit is attached to a real subnetwork, or to the point at which the subnetwork service is offered within an end or intermediate system.
The values of the called address, calling address, and responding address parameters in the N-CONNECT primitive, of the responding address parameter in the N_DISCONNECT primitive, and of the source address and destination address parameters in the N-UNIDATA primitive, are NSAP addresses.
An address shall not be allocated to identify a domain or NSAP if the address has previously been allocated to some other domain or NSAP, unless the authority can ensure that all use of the previous allocation has ceased.
www.zvon.org /tmRFC/RFC941/Output/chapter9.html   (958 words)

 RFC 1526 (rfc1526) - Assignment of System Identifiers for TUBA/CLNP Hosts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
When a globally assigned IEEE 802 address is used as a system identifier, the qualifier bit M, representing the multicast/unicast bit, must always be set to zero to denote a unicast address.
Embedded IP Address as System Identifier To distinguish 48-bit IEEE 802 addresses used as system identifiers from other forms of globally admininistered system identifiers, the qualifer bit M shall be set to 1.
It demonstrates how IP addresses may be encoded within the 48-bit system identifier field in a compatible fashion with IEEE 802 addresses, and offers guidelines for those who wish to use system identifiers other than those enumerated here.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1526.html   (1515 words)

 Zvon - RFC 1347 [TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (TUBA), A Simple Proposal for Internet Addressing and Routing] - ...
Also, the NSAP address used for running Internet applications (over TCP or UDP over CLNP) does not need to have any relationship with other NSAP addresses which may be assigned to the same host.
Such a host may have a single NSAP address assigned (which is used for both purposes), or may have separate NSAP addresses assigned for the two protocol stacks.
The "long-address" resource record, if present, may be assumed to contain the correct NSAP address for running Internet applications over CLNP, but may not be assumed to contain the correct NSAP address for any other purpose.
www.zvon.org /tmRFC/RFC1347/Output/chapter5.html   (618 words)

 NSAP address - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Network Service Access Point (NSAP) addresses, defined in ISO/IEC 8348, are identifying labels for network endpoints used in OSI networking.
NSAP addresses are used in the following OSI-based network technologies:
X.25 (see ITU-T X.121 for addressing in public data networks)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/NSAP_address   (235 words)

 Network Service Access Point - a Whatis.com definition - see also: NSAP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The Network Service Access Point (NSAP) is one of two types of hierarchical addresses (the other type is the network entity title) used to implement Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Network layer addressing.
The NSAP is the logical point between the network and Transport layers where network services are delivered to the transport layer; the location of this point is identified to the OSI network service provider by the NSAP address.
There are two NSAP address fields, Initial Domain Part (IDP) and the Domain-Specific Part (DSP).
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci549068,00.html   (233 words)

 RFC 1348 (rfc1348)
Manning [Page 1] RFC 1348 DNS NSAP RRs July 1992 The backward translation (from NSAP address to DNS name) is facilitated by definition of an associated resource record.
Its function is analogous to the PTR record used for IP addresses Manning [Page 2] RFC 1348 DNS NSAP RRs July 1992 [4,7].
Manning [Page 3] RFC 1348 DNS NSAP RRs July 1992 [6] Callon, R., "TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (TUBA), A Simple Proposal for Internet Addressing and Routing", Digital Equipment Corporation, RFC 1347, June 1992.
www.cse.ohio-state.edu /cgi-bin/rfc/rfc1348.html   (666 words)

 Setting the NSAP address on a 9500 chassis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Page 3 of the release notes for the 3.00.04 firmware states that you will have to set the NSAP address for the chassis after the upgrade.
This is where you will set the NSAP address.
Insure that the prefix you enter is the same as on the other ATM switches in your network.
www.enterasys.com /support/techtips/tk0683-9.html   (451 words)

 Zvon - RFC 941 [Addendum to the Network Service Definition Covering Network Layer Addressing : ISO/DP8348/DAD2 (also TC ...
This Annex is not an integral part of the Addendum.
The division of the global Network addressing domain according to the IDI formats described in clause may be illustrated by the following figure.
Figure B-1 - NSAP Address Allocation on attached page.
www.zvon.org /tmRFC/RFC941/Output/chapter15.html   (137 words)

 NSAP address : NSAP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
NSAP address : NSAP
NSAP address : NSAP
article at Free Euro Online Encyclopedia
It uses material from the wikipedia article NSAP address : NSAP.
www.eurofreehost.com /ns/NSAP.html   (134 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
3.5 Creating an IP to NSAP Address Mapping
This command allows you to create an ATM ARP cache entry mapping a particular IP address to its corresponding NSAP address.
The Classical IP interface that should be used to open connections to this NSAP address: qaa0, qaa1, qaa2, or qaa3.
boulder.noaa.gov /noc/fore/lib/techpubs/docs/manuals/switch/amicon1/atmarp5.htm   (58 words)

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