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Topic: NaCl

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology - Growth and total-N content of Prosopis juliflora (SW) D. C. are stimulated by ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In addition, DM accumulation of NaCl treated plants was low in the root compared with the shoot (figure 1B); furthermore shoot/root ratios increased by increasing external NaCl (figure 1C).
NaCl (figure 2A) the plants never became subjected to water stress; in both cases, the WC of shoot (80%) and root (70%) did not differ from those of the respective controls (figure 2B).
NaCl while in the shoot it increased linearly at all salt concentrations (figure 3B).
www.scielo.br /scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1677-04202004000100009&lng=en&nrm=iso&tlng=en   (1874 words)

 Norfolk Association for Communtiy Living
The words "Community Living" reflect the growing understanding that the right to live a fully integrated life within the community - to live, to go to school, to work, to enjoy recreation and to be active in retirement - belongs to all.
Incorporated as a not-for-profit agency in 1953, NACL is one of 400 local agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities across the province of Ontario.
NACL is proud to be one of the original five Associations of this nature in Ontario.
www.nacl.ca   (108 words)

 NaCl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Offers two one-week intensive retreats in June, 2002 for performers who are interested in exploring in-depth ensemble performer training and theatre creation.
Salt (MRBloch Archive) A collection of material relating to salt [NaCl] and its influence on civilization.
Gemessen wird die Abwitterungsmenge einer Oberfläche durch eine Anzahl von definierten Frost-Tau-Wechseln in Gegenwart von Taumitteln (in der Regel NaCl-Lösung).
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-NaCl.html   (257 words)

 Materials Research - Composite coatings of titanium-aluminum nitride for steel against corrosion induced by solid NaCl ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
NaCl is one of the major components of salt deposits which, accumulated on the material surface in the field.
For both B1 NaCl phase and wurtzite phase, the peaks of XRD pattern gradually shifted to higher diffraction angle in proportion to the x value, signifying that the lattice parameter decreased with the addition of Al.
For which the reason may be the preferential oxidation of Al during the very beginning stage of the corrosion, it was which seals pinholes or defects in the coating to prevent the occurrence of any localized nodules-like corrosion as shown in Fig.
www.scielo.br /scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1516-14392004000100005&lng=en&nrm=iso&tlng=en   (2142 words)

 Can Salt Be Used Beneficially on Asparagus by Wade H. Elmer, Ph.D., CT Ag Experiment Station
Yields of asparagus plots that were dressed with NaCl were greater than control plots in 6 out of 8 years (Figure 4 The effect of NaCl concentration in the initial irrigation on the percentage of greenhouse grown asparagus roots with rot).
We found that all rates of the NaCl were equal in their ability to suppress the root rot (Figure 5 The effect of NaCl on the marketable yield of asparagus from 1991-1999).
The NaCl also reduced the number of colonies of the fungal pathogen that grew from the roots.
www.saltinstitute.org /asparagus.html   (622 words)

 Nacl 0,65%/ 0,9% of GL/ zt ?
NaCl 0,9% wordt voornamelijk gegeven bij mensen met een te laag natrium, bij diabeten als waakinfuus en wanneer mensen bijvoorbeeld niet genoeg plassen (ipv gelofusine).
NaCl 0,65% gebruiken wij op afdeling niet, het is bij ons ook niet op afdeling in voorraad aanwezig.
Het liefst zou ik een naald verwijderen zodra deze niet meer nodig is, en niet te verwachten is dat hij binnen afzienbare tijd opnieuw nodig is. Zodra de intraveneuze toegang nog wel nodig is zou ik zeggen, doorspuiten met NaCl en een beetje heparine.
www.ziekenhuisforum.nl /forum/index.php?topic=1125.0   (665 words)

 Salt on Io
At the same time, on the basis of thermochemical equilibrium calculations, NaCl was proposed to be an important compound of Io's volcanic magmas, with an abudance relative to SO as high as several percent.
The spectral lines of the salt molecule NaCl at frequencies of 143 and 234 GHz detected with the 30m telescope of IRAM on 15-17 january 2002.
Based on these discoveries and predictions, an observing campaign was conducted by E. Lellouch, from Paris Observatory, and several French and American colleagues at the IRAM 30-m radiotelescope in January 2002.
www.obspm.fr /actual/nouvelle/jan03/io-nacl.en.shtml   (720 words)

NACL assembles a group of 8 actors and begins daily morning training and rehearsal for the troupe's new ensemble show, Arca Nova at Washington Square Church.
NACL collaborates with NY-based playwright and poet, Henry Israeli and sound artist, John Sullivan on ASPHYXIA and Other Promises which premieres at La MaMa E.T.C. in April.
NACL works with guest Canadian and American actresses for four months on a performance, A Canon for the Blue Moon.
www.nacl.org /history.htm   (831 words)

 Growing epitaxial films when the misfit between film and substrate is large - Patent 4174422
The technique has been fully investigated for the growth of Ag (and then Au) films on NaCl, a substantial improvement in the quality of the overgrown film being obtained when an intermediate layer of Ni islands is deposited on the NaCl prior to the deposition of the Ag.
Further in accordance with the invention, an epitaxial film of a fourth material is deposited upon the upper layer in the form of a single crystal of the fourth material.
During this investigation we noted that for a given coverage the silver had a higher defect densityin regions where the islands were larger and had tended to lose their hemispherical shape to become more cuboidally faceted.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4174422.html   (2824 words)

 wer-weiss-was | "NaCl Ersatz" | aus Forum Biologie und Chemie
NaCl Ersatz (R a l p h P a c z k o w s k i, 28.9.2003 18:11)
Re: NaCl Ersatz (R a l p h P a c z k o w s k i, 29.9.2003 20:32)
Chemisch reines NaCl ist nämlich eigentlich nicht hygroskopisch, Kochsalz dagegen enthält auch MgCl2 - und das wird feucht.
www.wer-weiss-was.de /theme51/article1731957.html   (416 words)

 Characterization of in vitro salt-tolerant embryogenic cultures
A curve of sensitivity to NaCl drawn on non-selected embryogenic somaclone no. 10 (SC10) and the correspondent STSC10 tolerant to 85mM NaCl, showed that the STSC could easily tolerate higher doses of salt, the relative growth being reduced to 50% of the control at 230mM for STSC10 against 90mM NaCl for SC10.
As reported before, some STSC tolerant to 85mM NaCl also resulted in derivatives spontaneously tolerant to higher dosages of NaCl, and three clones, STSC10-II, STSC20-II and STSC21-II, are currently maintained on 128mM NaCl; their embryogeny and capability of plant regeneration remained intact.
Indeed, STSC20-II and STSC21-II grew better on NaCl-devoid medium, suggesting their independence from NaCl in the culture medium; in addition the curve relative to their growth on 128mM NaCl and on salt after a period on non-salt medium was practically identical, confirming the stability in vitro of the acquired trait.
www.maizegdb.org /mnl/63/51lupotto.html   (699 words)

 Angiotensin II inhibits NaCl absorption in the rat medullary thick ascending limb -- Lerolle et al. 287 (3): F404 -- ...
Angiotensin II inhibits NaCl absorption in the rat medullary thick ascending limb -- Lerolle et al.
NaCl reabsorption in the medullary thick ascending limb of Henle
II on NaCl reabsorption in MTALH and, furthermore, on angiotensin
ajprenal.physiology.org /cgi/content/abstract/287/3/F404   (315 words)

 Sodium Chloride-NaCl-Salt of the Earth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Sodium chloride, regular table salt, is also known as the mineral halite.
NaCl is the chemical short-hand (or formula) for sodium chloride.
Electricity is the tool used to electro-chemically split NaCl, releasing Cl for its many chemical uses.
www.science-education.org /classroom_activities/chlorine_compound/nacl.html   (535 words)

 Mycorrhiza Literature Exchange
After 11 d, the intact pairs of filters were recovered, left undisturbed, or transferred into and further incubated in soil watered with one of the three solutions.
Spores of A. laevis were incubated between filters in sand without NaCl and after 20 d were either left undisturbed or transferred to soil with 0, 50, 150, or 300 mmol/L NaCl in the soil solution for a further 11 d.
The filter sandwiches were stained and opened, and determinations of spore germination, number of auxiliary cells, and length of hyphae on each were made.
mycorrhiza.ag.utk.edu /latest/latest04/04_10junip1.htm   (305 words)

 Frictional and atomic-scale study of C thin films by scanning force ...
on NaCl cleavage faces and nanotribological properties of this solid lubricant are investigated.
NaCl was chosen as a substrate because we found previously that {100} surfaces of NaCl are effective in reducing friction [].
Taking the surface lattice of NaCl as a basis, the drift can be corrected and the overgrowth relationship is determinedable.
monet.physik.unibas.ch /~luethi2/c60/c60.html   (1082 words)

 10 Molar Nacl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The molar solubility of PbCl2 in 0.10 M NaCl is 1.7 x 10-3 moles in...
A 100% (W/W) NaCl solution is made by weighing 100 g NaCL and dissolving...
you had 23.5 grams of NaCl and you dissolved it in 2.00...
www.best-in-dental-care.com /OPG/10-molar-nacl.html   (566 words)

 nacl data mining software
When you are on the lookout for high-class information on nacl data mining software, you will find it hard sorting out the best information from ill-equiped nacl data mining software suggestions and directions so it is imperative to know ways of judging the information you are offered.
A great tip to pursue when you're presented with help and advice regarding a nacl data mining software webpage would be to confirm the sites ownership.
This may show you the people behind the site nacl data mining software credentials The easiest way to find out who is behind the nacl data mining software web site is to look on the 'about' page or the sites 'contact' page.
www.security-for-all.com /data-mining/nacl-data-mining-software.htm   (368 words)

 OutdoorsBest Forums: Profile for nacl h2o fishin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
nacl h2o fishin has been a member for 1456 days.
nacl h2o fishin has a user rating of 100%.
User ratings begin at 100% and points may be subtracted by administrators and moderators.
outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com /zerouser?cmd=viewprofile&id=10188   (71 words)

HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.9% NACL: HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.9% NACL is administered by a health care professional either as an injection or infused slowly into a vein over a period time.
HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.9% NACL is an anticoagulant which prevents the blood from clotting.
HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.9% NACL is usually administered initially in the hospital where your condition can be monitored closely.
www.pharmacyhealth.net /d/heparin-sodium-in-0-9-nacl-5021.htm   (536 words)

 Sal de cozinha - NaCl ou o quê? - QuiProcura
Uma solução de NaCl puro, ou melhor, de NaCl utilizado como reagente em laboratórios químicos é transparente, pois não apresenta anti-umectantes.
O NaCl, constituinte principal do sal de cozinha, pode ser obtido de minas naturais de sal, a céu aberto, nas quais ele é chamado de halita, um mineral.
O cloreto de sódio, NaCl, é um compostos iônico formado pela união de um metal alcalino altamente reativo e um halogênio, também reativo.
www.quiprocura.net /sal.htm   (911 words)

 HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.45% NACL Side Effects, HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.45% NACL Drug Information, HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.45% NACL ...
HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.45% NACL: HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.45% NACL is administered by a health care professional either as an injection or infused slowly into a vein over a period time.
HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.45% NACL is an anticoagulant which prevents the blood from clotting.
HEPARIN SODIUM IN 0.45% NACL is usually administered initially in the hospital where your condition can be monitored closely.
www.pharmacyhealth.net /d/heparin-sodium-in-0-45-nacl-5022.htm   (536 words)

 The structure of NaCl (100) and KCl (100) single crystal surfaces
For the first time, relaxation and rumpling of the (100) surfaces of NaCl and KCl single crystals were quantitatively investigated by means of low energy electron diffraction (LEED).
From the sequence of diffraction patterns measured in the interval between about 60 and 300eV, intensity versus electron energy curves (I(V)curves) were obtained for several diffraction peaks (fl lines), and analysed with the tensor LEED approach (dotted red curves).
The distance between first and second layer of the NaCl was found to be contracted by 1.4% of the bulk values, whereas on the KCl the spacing is identical to the bulk values.
www.omicron.de /rom/the_structure_of_nacl_100_and_kcl_100_single_crystal_surfaces   (523 words)

 NDI Article Translation: 358   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In an attempt to determine how the concentration of solutes in the inner medulla interstitium (inner tissue) surrounding the medullary section of the nephron is generated, several researchers have examined the inner medullary collecting duct (IMCD).
They matched their simulations, all of which were based on different assumptions of the rate of NaCl absorption in the outer and inner medullary collecting duct, against experimental data from the experiments with studies on the urine concentration process in live rabbits.
The authors also conclude that active NaCl transport from the IMCD is important chiefly for efficient conservation of NaCl rather than for concentration of solute in the kidney's inner medulla.
www.ndif.org /Translation/jtran-358.html   (433 words)

 Amber Archive Apr 2002: NaCl concentration
I would like to run a DNA at 1 M NaCl and I am trying to decide how many Na+ and Cl- to add.
I have taken the seemingly simple minded approach - I want 1 M NaCl, water is roughly 55.5 M, and my system has 2100 waters.
But, since 10 Na+ are needed for the DNA phosphates, I've added 28 NaCl.
amber.ch.ic.ac.uk /archive/200204/0142.html   (144 words)

 Aqueous Reactions: Sodium Chloride
Here, sodium chloride (NaCl) is added to mercury(I) nitrate (Hg The result is a small amount of precipitate.
Here, sodium chloride (NaCl) is added to sodium carbonate (Na The result is no visible reaction.
Here, sodium chloride (NaCl) is added to lead(II) nitrate (Pb(NO The result is a small amount of suspended white solid.
jchemed.chem.wisc.edu /JCESoft/CCA/CCA4/MAIN/NACL/PAGE1.HTM   (580 words)

 Bochnianin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Jednak wybór NaCl na symbol bocheńskiego szlaku jest fatalnym pudłem...
Cząsteczka NaCl składa się z atomu sodu, który jest metalem oraz atomu chloru – reszty kwasu solnego.
W porównaniu z historią tego słowa, NaCl to zaledwie „neologizm”.
www.portal.bochnia.pl /felietony/2005.03/31-03-05_chybione_nacl.htm   (776 words)

 Chapter 6.1
As the temperature is lowered, the weight percent of NaCl doesn't change until the thick line is reached.
For freezing biological systems, this left side of the phase diagram is the most important as it describes the osmolality of the solution in which the cells exist.
Although the binary phase diagram for sodium chloride in water is useful for understanding injury to cells, most cryopreservation protocols use at least one cryoprotective additive to reduce the freeze-thaw injury.
www.ucalgary.ca /~kmuldrew/cryo_course/cryo_chap6_1.html   (841 words)

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