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NABU Burgdorf, Uetze und Umgebung Der NABU setzt sich für den Erhalt und Schutz einer intakten Natur und einer lebenswerten Umwelt ein.
Naturschutzbund (NABU) Weil der Stadt Informationen zum Programm und den Zielen der NABU-Ortsgruppe Weil der Stadt. /encyclopedia/article-Nabu-rimanni.html   (749 words)

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Nabu's symbols were the clay tablet and the stylus, the instruments held to be proper to him who inscribed the fates assigned to men by the gods.
Goddesses associated with Nabu were Nana, a Sumerian deity; the Assyrian Nissaba; and the Akkadian Tashmetum, queen of Borsippa, stepdaughter of Marduk, and, as her abstract Akkadian name indicates, Lady of Hearing and of Favour.
But in popular devotion it was Nabu, the son, who knows all and sees all, who was chief, especially during the centuries immediately preceding the fall of Babylon. /ebc/article-9054608   (636 words)

Two of the mathematicians from Babylonia are Nabu - rimanni and Kidinu.
All historians know about them is that Nabu - rimanni was from around 490 B.C. and Kidinu was from around 480 B.C.
They understood such things as fractions, squares, and square roots. /il2/babylonianmath/coma.html   (104 words)

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