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Topic: Nada Surf

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  Nada Surf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nada Surf recorded The Proximity Effect in 1998 with Fred Maher (Luna, Lou Reed, Matthew Sweet).
It was produced by Chris Walla of the band Death Cab for Cutie, Louie Lino, and Nada Surf.
Nada Surf recorded a cover of the classic 80s song "If You Leave" by OMD for the television program The O.C. The song played during a prominent scene in which Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) shares an emotional goodbye with Anna Stern (Samaire Armstrong).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nada_Surf   (762 words)

 purevolume™ | Nada Surf
New York, NY Nada Surf begin where all good things outside of Seattle do in NYC.
Nada Surf toured a bunch and in 1998 recorded The Proximity Effect, the release of which was delayed due to a protracted rights battle with Elektra.
Time passed during which the band continued to enjoy a rabid fan base in Europe, while stateside many believed Nada Surf had dwindled off into relative obscurity.
www.purevolume.com /nadasurf   (251 words)

 Nada Surf – Music at Last.fm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Nada Surf is an American alternative rock group formed in 1992.
nada surf has different stuff for different people, they give their listeners somethings new all the time.
Nada Surf is Nada Surf and nothing else, I love them because they're not sounding like any other band.
www.last.fm /music/Nada+Surf   (321 words)

 Amazon.ca: Let Go: Music: Nada Surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Again, Nada Surf has put out an inspiring, smooth sounding, and mellow album, for which is in constant rotation in my cd player (in home, car, and mp3 player).
Nada Surf, for those of you who are fool and don't know had this one really big hit Popular that was funny, witty, and one of the few good songs on the albums.
It'd be nice to see Nada Surf take a smart, witty approach to their music as shown in the song Popular, but until then stay far, far away from the band.
www.amazon.ca /Let-Go-Nada-Surf/dp/B000089CKH   (929 words)

 Music | Nada Surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
LET GO When the NYC pop band Nada Surf first emerged with the snotty ’96 hit loser anthem "Popular," they looked like the second coming of Weezer — cute video, Ric Ocasek—produced debut album, nerd glasses, and all.
Weezer have since parlayed their taste for cheap thrills into a lucrative comeback, but Nada Surf have chosen to follow fellow alt-rock survivors the Flaming Lips and Superdrag into the less-commercial realm of highbrow art-pop.
Nada Surf might not be as fun as they used to be, but there’s plenty of beauty in their sophistication — and everyone has to grow up eventually.
www.bostonphoenix.com /boston/music/otr/documents/02692348.htm   (228 words)

 Nada Surf / Barsuk Records
Nada Surf have just released a new digital EP, featuring 5 tracks recorded by KEXP Radio Seattle at the Triple Door in February, 2006.
Network Live captured a great performance of Nada Surf doing blankest year (from their most recent album, the weight is a gift), in which a bunch of fans jump up on stage and dance around with the band.
Network LIVE has coordinated the broadcast of a Nada Surf show, live from the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.
www.barsuk.com /bands/nadasurf   (509 words)

 Amazon.com: The Weight Is a Gift: Music: Nada Surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Just as that 2003 recording put Nada Surf back on the map, after several years stuck in post-major label limbo, their fourth full-length proves its success was no fluke.
The latest album from Nada Surf is a great follow-up to what will most likely be they're finest album of the band's career in 2002's "Let Go." The new album is stock full of the wonderful pop songcraft that Matthew Caws is becoming even better at as he ages along with his bandmates.
The last Nada Surf record I listened to was their first with the funny song 'Popular', the rest of the album I dismissed for being too much like Weezer.
www.amazon.com /Weight-Gift-Nada-Surf/dp/B000AMJD9W   (1539 words)

 Nada Surf News
March 14, 2006 Ten years ago, Nada Surf was simply another one-hit wonder that breezed onto the airwaves just before the door slammed shut on the alt-rock boom of the early 1990s.
New York pop rockers Nada Surf are a living testament to the fact that it isn't easy to outlive your past.
Nada Surf continues to back last year's "The Weight is a Gift" during a late-winter run through North America.
www.topix.net /who/nada-surf   (737 words)

 Nada Surf - dublin - music
Nada Surf, melodic American indie band, play Whelans on Sunday, the 30th of April.
Nada Surf showcase songs from their critically acclaimed album, The Weight is a Gift with a rocking concert in the capitol in April.
Decamped back in the studio, Nada Surf began working on their second album, The Proximity Effect but the band began to experience difficulties with Elektra and were dropped.
www.dublinks.com /index.cfm/loc/16/pt/0/spid/D97D17DA-0C5A-8C3B-432A32CF02BC94BE.htm   (304 words)

 Amazon.com: Let Go: Music: Nada Surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Nada surf shake off it's one-time buzz bin MTV wonder award to join the rest of us on earth and release an album with heart, soul, and unavoidable catchiness.
Nada Surf even tip their hat to former folky great Bob Dylan on "Blonde on Blonde." "Let Go" takes the listener to blistering hights of food storage, bilingual splendor, to a run-in with a pair of LDS missionaries (and the meaning of life), and almost shapes up to be a classic in the meantime.
Let's face it...if you mention Nada Surf to someone, they are either going to bring up the song "Popular" or say "Nada who?" But you won't find a more consistently good pop album by a group with "Nada" in the name...or any group for that matter.
www.amazon.com /Let-Go-Nada-Surf/dp/B000089CKH   (1435 words)

 Nada Surf - Music Downloads - Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Bio: Alternative rockers Nada Surf teamed singer/guitarist Matthew Caws and bassist Daniel Lorca, longtime school friends who played together in various bands throughout their formative years.
After Lorca spent a year in Spain, he returned to New York in 1988, where he and Caws eventually formed Because Because Because; by 1993 the group had mutated into Nada Surf, issuing an indie label single which won them a contract with a European label.
Nada Surf returned in 1998 with their second full-length, The Proximity Effect.
musicstore.connect.com /artist/074/Nada-Surf/1027851.html   (203 words)

 MTV News | Nada Surf 'Popular' Again With Death Cab For Cutie's Help
UNIVERSAL CITY, California — When Nada Surf hit the airwaves with "Popular" in 1996, they were a one-hit-wonder waiting to happen: the kitschy name, the silly single, the even sillier video.
Ten years after their ubiquitous, Weezer-esque single came and went, Nada Surf have returned to the radio and are, well, popular — again.
Whether or not it was intended, Nada Surf are back on the radio with "Always Love," currently one of the most popular tracks on KROQ and Los Angeles' competing Indie 103.
www.mtv.com /news/articles/1519490/20051229/nada_surf.jhtml?headlines=true   (964 words)

Nada Surf has been a band for 10 years — longer than most of their living peers have been out of a car seat.
Finally, after enjoying much critical acclaim overseas, the album came out stateside and was received by a throng of late-century cynics, skeptical of a band known primarily for a novelty single.
The band came out of nowhere and shocked everyone with 2003.s critically-lauded masterpiece, Let Go ("...an excellent rainy-afternoon album, full of gentle and melancholic beauty — Nada Surf show enough panache to leave most of their Nineties-rock peers eating hot dust." — Rolling Stone).
www.nadasurf.com /bio.shtml   (658 words)

 nada surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
NADA SURF High Speed Soul -- (UK 4 track CD new single)...
NADA SURF Let Go -- (UK 4 track promo CDR album sampler inc The Way You Wear Your Head)...
NADA SURF The Proximitry Effect -- (UK CD album inc bonus tracks + enhanced)...
www.opalmusic.com /a_to_z/nadasurf.htm   (82 words)

 NPR : 'Weight Is a Gift' from Nada Surf
Nada Surf: Matthew Caws, Ira Elliot and Daniel Lorca.
World Cafe, November 9, 2005 ·; The alternative rock trio Nada Surf has just released their fourth album to great critical acclaim.
Nada Surf has maintained a steady pace of putting out sturdy, catchy pop songs.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4997657   (247 words)

 Metroactive Music | Nada Surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Surf's Up: Daniel Lorca (left), Matthew Caws (center) and Ira Elliot of Nada Surf are a friendless teen's best friends.
Prior to founding Nada Surf (which also includes bassist Daniel Lorca and ex-Fuzztone drummer Ira Elliot), he was a desk jockey at Guitar World magazine.
Nada Surf and Tuscadero play Saturday (Oct. 12) at the Cactus Club, 417 S. First St., San Jose.
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/10.10.96/nada-surf-9641.html   (247 words)

 So Much Silence: Nada Surf actually played "Popular"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
This isn't so much of a review of Monday's Nada Surf/Rogue Wave/The King of France show in Tempe, Ariz., as it is a quasi-examination of a trend that Nada Surf – for better or worse – seems to somehow epitomize.
That was my first experience with Nada Surf live, and I'm really impressed at how seemingly innocuous pop songs translate into these powerful anthems on stage.
I think it's to Nada Surf's credit that the band has created such a great catalog of songs since Popular that anyone who actually thinks of Nada as a one-hit wonder is missing out entirely on what the group has to offer.
somuchsilence.blogspot.com /2006/02/nada-surf-actually-played-popular.html   (680 words)

 Lazy-i: Nada Surf goes indie...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
I like Nada Surf and I like their new record.
Stuff that didn't make it into the story: When it came time to release the follow-up single to the hugely popular "Popular," Nada Surf got the first glimpse at what they were in for at Elektra.
Nada Surf has a song included on Music from The OC: Mix 2 called "If You Leave." Some might consider that a subject of ridicule, unless they glanced at who else is on the album: Eels, Death Cab for Cutie, Interpol, Dios Malos, The Walkman, to name a few.
www.timmcmahan.com /2006/02/nada-surf-goes-indie.html   (590 words)

 Amazon.com: High/Low: Music: Nada Surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
With few exceptions, this album sloshes through with pretty mechanical inclanations..Nada Surf were obviously just starting out, and by no means is it a bad debut rock alternative album, but it is definitly the wrong place to start, hardly hinting at their greatness to come..
i'm a huge weezer fan too, and though they are similar to weezer in some ways, such as making catchy pop-rock and quirky lyrics, nada surf has NO interest whatsoever in being weezer, and prove it even more with their follow-up to this, the proximity effect.
Nada Surf is more reminiscient of Nirvana(although still very different overall) in that way because the songs dont really have clear cut meanings, you can interpret them in different ways, unlike a song like "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam that although a superb song, is immediately understandable and specific in its meaning.
www.amazon.com /High-Low-Nada-Surf/dp/B000002HM6   (1689 words)

 nadasurfan.com :: audio
Nada Surf:Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ) - with Louie Lino on the keyboard - june 4th - 2003
Nada Surf:2 Meter Session, NL - feb 11th - 1997
Nada Surf:2 Meter Session, NL - dec 19th - 2002
www.nadasurfan.com /mp3.php   (845 words)

 Cokemachineglow.com : Nada Surf: The Weight is a Gift
As the group behind high school irony anthem “Popular,” Nada Surf used to be one of these bands.
Nada Surf is ready to pick up the pace this time around, and it works in their favor, at least for a while.
Enough life is breathed into the style to warrant attention (guitar pop being the forgivingly likeable genre that it is), but the band is better than this.
www.cokemachineglow.com /reviews/nadasurf_weight2005.html   (456 words)

 Gothamist: Ira Elliot, Drummer, Nada Surf
And technically speaking, there was another drummer in Nada Surf before me, there was a guy named Aaron.
So Aaron leaves the band and it’s this weird thing because within ten shows of when I joined the band Nada Surf is signed and within a year we’re on Elektra Records and we had our first record out.
Nada Surf is all about the number three.
www.gothamist.com /archives/2005/06/15/ira_elliot_drummer_nada_surf.php   (2362 words)

 HitSession Review: Nada Surf
Nada Surf - Let Go Way back in the 90's, Nada Surf emerged as a new band that purposely avoided the grunge tag while embracing a power-pop ethic that was in many ways similar to Weezer.
While the '95 album featured the college radio hit "Popular," it was the follow-up, Proximity Effect, that revealed a harder-edge, especially with the angry, powerful track "Mother's Day." Proximity Effect suffered from legal issues with the band's label, but was eventually re-issued in `'99.
But for the fan of highly personal, emotional music, Nada Surf have created a masterpiece of the early 21st century.
www.hitsession.com /cdreviews/nadasurf.html   (410 words)

 Nada Surf - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
You probably remember Nada Surf for "Popular," their clever send-up of high school social rules that earned them heavy MTV airplay in the late '90s.
But the alterna-rockers have actually been recording their best stuff in the last couple years on Seattle's Barsuk label, and their new LP, "The Weight Is a Gift," offers more dark guitar melodies and pensive vocals.
Pensive faces and dozens of old TVs surround Nada Surf as the band plays the endearingly catchy "Always Love" in the woods.
music.download.com /nadasurf/3600-8573_32-100046571.html   (886 words)

 Amazon.fr : High/Low: Musique: Nada Surf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
C'est à l'image de tout l'album sauf qu'il y a encore le chant à la Nada Surf, l'audace et la subtilité qui font de Nada Surf un groupe indiscutablement au sommet du rock des années 90, tout comme Weezer, mais malheureusement trop sous estimé.
Pour qui a découvert Nada Surf par l'album The proximity effect, High/low déçoit un peu.
A l'instar de Placebo ou Radiohead, Nada surf a énormément progressé entre son premier opus et les suivants.
www.amazon.fr /High-Low-Nada-Surf/dp/B000002HM6   (864 words)

 SPIN.com: Nada Surf
But Nada Surf took the road more traveled by, and it made all the difference.
That kind of marked us for the up-and-down," Nada Surf's guitarist/vocalist Matthew Caws explains from the band's adopted hometown of Paris, arguably the place where their fame is still cresting.
From that point on, Nada Surf was no longer the band with "that song," and were able to start the long and arduous trek towards the long-term success they had craved from the beginning.
www.spin.com /features/exclusives/2003/05/nada_surf   (829 words)

Nada Surf has been a band for 10 years longer than most of their living peers have been out of a car seat.
Now, even after touring behind Let Go for almost two years with no further releases, they can still fill a room and a mighty big one at that in many countries, securing their place in the canon alongside folks like Spoon, The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie.
Nada Surf recorded what theyd already arranged, and then fell into writing on the spot.
www.myspace.com /nadasurf   (1343 words)

 Nada Surf
nada surf : kexp acoustic session live at the triple door (2006) : digital release
An iTunes exclusive digital release, featuring five live tracks taken from a KEXP acoustic session (produced by KEXP Radio Seattle and the Triple Door on February 26, 2006).
nada surf : star : t-shirt : $14
www.barsuk.com /shop/nadasurf   (106 words)

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