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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

 Nancy Christy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nancy Christy was the first woman (May 2003) to win the top ($1,000,000) prize on the United States game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Christy is a middle-school teacher from Tulsa, OK. Her final question asked who painter Grant Wood used as the model for the farmer in his painting American Gothic.
Knowing that it was Wood's dentist made Christy the first woman in history to win $1,000,000 on a TV game show. /wiki/Nancy_Christy   (205 words)

 Toeth's Game Show Insights
Nancy: All I could think was, "I just won a million dollars!" The questions on Millionaire are so random and varied, and every one of us has gaps in our knowledge.
Nancy: My mom and I were visiting friends in California in 1986 and thought it would be fun to try out for Wheel of Fortune.
Nancy: Most of the money will be invested and provide an income for the rest of my life. /tx5/imander/gameshows/nancychristy.html   (1346 words)

 FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code
Petitioner Nancy Cruzan is incompetent, having sustained severe injuries in an automobile accident, and now lies in a Missouri state hospital in what is referred to as a persistent vegetative state: generally, a condition in which a person exhibits motor reflexes but evinces no indications of significant cognitive function.
Suppose that Nancy Cruzan were in precisely the condition she is in today, except that she could be fed and digest food and water without artificial assistance.
Nancy Cruzan's parents would surely be qualified to exercise such a right of "substituted judgment" were it required by the Constitution. /scripts/   (14971 words) Nancy Christy Named 2003 Player of the Year
When Nancy Christy of Tulsa, Ok., received that magic postcard telling her she would be heading to New York for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, she hoped to come away with and felt she would be satisfied with a $32,000 run.
Christy worked three jobs while she raised her two children---a daughter who is now a college freshman and a high school sophomore son.
Christy taped her winning episode of Millionaire in late 2002 but was sworn to secrecy for an excruciatingly extended period. /poty03.htm   (1223 words)

 Recognizing Right: The 1999 Restaurant Neighbor Award Winners (Restaurants USA, November 1999) Restaurants USA National Restaurant Association
Nancy Christy and Andrea Craig, owners of the Wilson Street Grill, and Resnick have had a tremendous impact on their communities—Christy and Craig on the disabled individuals who work in their restaurant and Resnick on the students who take part in his “M.R. Bucks” program, says Teixido.
In 1987, when co-owners Nancy Christy and Andrea Craig decided to open a restaurant in downtown Madison, Christy knew she wanted to incorporate something that was dear to her heart—a diverse staff.
Christy says she has created the environment she hoped to for all of her staff members—one where dishonesty is rare, shortcomings are tolerated, learning is encouraged and turnover is low. /rusa/magArticle.cfm?ArticleID=455   (1797 words)

 3/16 recap: "Chickens in the Burbs and Nuts in the Trees" - Fans Of Reality TV
Christy says she feels like the kids aren’t going to be prepared for college if they choose to go, which Nancy hears as, “your kids must go to college or they’re worthless.” She says that if her kid wanted to be a gay garbageman, that would be fine with her.
As usual, Nancy and Christy are predictably surprised by the way the other lives her life; Nancy hates that Christy’s 15-month-old is in daycare, while Christy is not thrilled at the idea of roughing it with no contact with other people.
Nancy is thankful for realizing she’s happy in her life and doesn’t want the big house and all the things Mike has. /forums/showthread.php?t=42996   (2848 words)

Nancy and Jeff LeSourd with Ingrid at the wrap party for "A Change of Seasons". /nancy-ingrid-jeffphoto.html   (15 words)

 Descendants of Robert Christy 1800-1864
Her mother Samantha Christy died from the measles, when she was just 24 years old, leaving 3 young children for Robert to care for.
The Christy's were some of the earliest to settle in Ohio.
Pheobe Christy-Elliott, was the only daughter of Captain Robert L Christy that was born on April 22, 1840, and Samantha Sullinger. /christy.htm   (1350 words)

 FRONTLINE: programs: transcripts: the death of nancy cruzan PBS
Nancy was with her and she was telling this girl that she liked to walk at night and that's what she did.
CHRISTY: Nan was moved over to a hospice portion of the hospital and I remember we went kind of a back way to avoid the media and a lot of the people there in the hospital.
CHRISTY: Sometimes I think she worked to embarrass me and that was her main goal in life when we were younger, was to give me a hard time. /wgbh/pages/frontline/programs/transcripts/1014.html   (7431 words)

Her sister, Christy, remembers "Nancy could always roll with the punches." Her friend, Athena Comer, says: "She was an up person." Nancy is now 32 years of age.
Nancy's family say she would prefer death to whatever it is she now has.
Nancy was without oxygen for an estimated 20 minutes. /~murphy/10-30-89.htm   (613 words)

 The Art of Nancy Christy-Moore
The Horse Series is especially meaningful to Nancy because the paintings provide her with a unique and special medium through which to share her love of horses with others.
Nancy begins each painting by moving color across the paper and adding mixed media and sometimes rice paper collage to generate texture and movement.
Then, with no pre-sketching, Nancy dips a twig into India ink and draws the image as she perceives it.   (326 words) Inside the Games with Nancy Christy of Millionaire
Christy is an energetic, vivacious woman whose life story is secondary to her personality.
The 49-year-old Christy gave up a business career for the world of teaching and put herself through school in her forties as a single mom while raising two children.
TVGS: Nancy, I know it’s been a while since you taped….but you had to be as close to the textbook game show contestant any coordinator would love to find. /nancychristy.htm   (2229 words)

 Lafayette College - Howard Chandler Christy Papers - Scope and Content Note
Other topics of interest throughout the papers include the social lives of Christy and his second wife, Nancy Palmer Christy; their travels across the United States and abroad; and their patriotic, humanitarian, and philanthropic efforts for various organizations.
While a photograph of Christy’s birthplace dating 1873 is the earliest item found in the papers, the bulk of the material dates from ca.
Topics of note include Christy’s work as an advertisement artist, the many clubs and organizations he held membership in throughout his career, articles written about him, biographical manuscripts for unpublished works on his life, and exhibitions featuring his works. /~library/special/Christy/Christyonline/scopecontent.html   (888 words)

 Answering the Call: Nancy Palmer Christy
Christy's wife and model, Nancy Palmer Christy, poses for the poster "I Want You for the Navy." She wears a man's sailor uniform and challenges the notion of a woman's place in society while at the same time luring men into service for the war.
“30:2 Nancy Palmer Christy, modeling for the artist's 1917 Navy recruitment poster.” Howard Chandler Christy Papers, 1873-2001. /history/HIS530/answeringthecall/html/postersgallery/nancypalmerchristy.htm   (62 words)

 Carnegie Mellon student participates in Arts Festival
Nancy Christy was thrilled by her son's success, but it didn't come as a shock.
However, 21-year-old Altoona native Ross Christy, a wire sculptor, must have beginners luck, as he was not only accepted into the national division on his first try but also made the Arts Festival his debut festival.
Christy was not completely sure what to make of his first festival experience. /archive/2001/07/07-16-01tdc/07-16-01darts-2.asp   (625 words)

Nancy CHRISTY was born in 1795 in Hagerstown, MD.
Abraham CHRISTY was born on 8 Jan 1780 in Lanacaster, PA. He died on 13 Oct 1831 in Crawford Twp, Wyandot Co, OH.
Henry CHRISTY was born in 1790 in Hagerstown, MD. He died on 30 Mar 1835 in Fairfield, OH. /~snye/family/nye_rob/d230.htm   (101 words)

 Lafayette College - Howard Chandler Christy Papers - Series Descriptions
Christy’s humanitarian and philanthropic work prior to and during WWII, her place in the New York City social scene, and her position as secretary/manager in Christy’s career.
Handling Christy’s correspondence was most likely one of her duties and many letters have been preserved thanks to her efforts.
Christy’s correspondence from prominent political, entertainment industry, and social figures of the time is quite rich, including Calvin and Grace Coolidge, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Douglas MacArthur, Eddie Rickenbacker, John D. Rockefeller, Amelia Earhart, Gene Autry, Jack Dempsey, W. and Millicent Hearst, Helen Astor, and Fannie Hurst. /~library/special/Christy/Christyonline/seriesdescriptions.html   (3814 words)

 ANG: Wire Finishing Process
We noticed unique finishing on some of the dimensional projects and found they were the work of Nancy Christy of Roswell.
Nancy graciously agreed to share with us her innovative ideas on finishing free-standing designs, ornaments and dimensional needlepoint.
The hanging angel and the free-standing figure from Nancy's Nativity set were both worked on 18-mesh canvas with many different threads. /~needlepoint/Archives/03-08/Finishing.html   (556 words)

 Nancy Christy: Millionaire [Archive] - Toon Zone Forum
About 3 months after the daytime version of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" gave away its first jackpot, more history was made on today's show when Tulsa, Oklahoma teacher Nancy Christy became the first female in either the night-time or 5-day a week format to win the big money.
Toon Zone Forum > Entertainment > The Entertainment Board > Nancy Christy: Millionaire
Nancy becomes the 11th big winner since the show began a primetime run on ABC in August of 1999. /archive/index.php/t-75315   (161 words)

 Fictionwise eBooks: Nancy Pirri
Nancy has been a member of Romance Writers of America and her local chapter, Midwest Fiction Writers, for seven years.
Born and raised in Minnesota, Nancy hasn't traveled much, but that hasn't prevented her from penning her debut historical romance, THE MACAULAY BRIDE, set in late 19th century Scotland.
Some moms escape domesticity by locking themselves in the bathroom, but Nancy found peace and solitude in her basement office. /eBooks/NancyPirrieBooks.htm   (329 words)

 Madison Magazine - the magazine of lifestyle and business
Nancy Christy is the former owner of the Wilson Street Grill.
Neil Heinen, among other things, is her hungry husband.
We welcome your help in finding them, and we look forward to writing about them. /article.php?section_id=918&xstate=view_story&story_id=131347   (667 words)

 Exclusive Online Profile: Nancy Christy-Moore
Nancy Christy-Moore's "Horse Series" is the latest expression of her exploration of drawing her art from within.
Christy Moor begins by creating an abstract work using watercolors, acrylics, inks, and a variety of mixed media.
She then steps back and looks deep at what she has wrought. /section/archive/story/43454   (562 words)

 Obituaries for Jan. 7, 2004
Christy died Sunday, Dec. 28, 2003 at Horizon Medical Center in Dickson.
Larry R. Christy, 48, of Dickson, Tenn., were 10 a.m.
Survivors include wife, Patsy Wesson; sons, Gregory Wayne Wesson and his wife, Jeannie, Ashley David Wesson; daughter, Christy Amanda Taylor and her husband, Charles; mother, Annie Belle Wesson; sister, Linda Mason; brother, Steven Wesson; grandchildren, Caleb Wesson, Cheyenne Wesson, Patrick Wesson, Collin Wesson and Reagan Taylor. /news/stories/20040107/107_obituaries.shtml   (1258 words)

 February 2003 Meeting Minutes: Staff Council, School of Education, Indiana University at Bloomington
Nancy Boatner, Christy Borders, Michelle Machek, Debbie O'Leary (for Jane Kaho), Cheryl Oldfield, Susan Schaefer, Paul Smith, Ruth Teh, Lara Zabawa, Martha Zuppann; Ex-officio: Amy Sutley; Guests Julie Campbell and Rob Scanlon.
Christy Borders suggested using graduate students to help with the final formatting, suggesting the use of as a possible vehicle for the survey.
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Nancy Boatner paid $23.26 for the "Information Booth" signs. /~edstaff/febminutes03.html   (944 words)

 Christy Family Genealogy Forum
Re: Jesse Christy of Londonderry, NH - Lewis Gregory Jr.
Christy ~ Iowa - Deborah Brownfield - Stanley 2/27/05
Re: Jesse Christy of Londonderry, NH and McFARLAND - Joanne A. Mello 2/04/05 /christy   (1061 words)

Thank you so much Evelyn and Mike for opening up their home to a wacky bunch and big thanks to Christy and Nancy for planning such a fun event.
Christy has really gone above and beyond the call of duty cutting ribbon and getting her employer to be a pick up site for the ribbons.
Nancy and I are re-introducing member of the month. /chjwc_Aug_2002_newsletter_web.htm   (1671 words)

 Art Methods & Materials 2005 - Instructor Biographies
Urania Christy Tarbet is a member of the IAPS Master Circle and a PSA Signature/Life Member.
The book will feature paintings by Timothy R. Thies, as well a few works by Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik.
Kristen is currently completing a new book based onher and her husband's journey in the art world in which they will offer advice on achieving success and fulfillment in the arts. /instructors.cfm   (3238 words)

 My Family History - Person Page 19
[S1839] Andrew Christy and Nancy Burch family group sheets, a collection with complete documentation compiled and supplied by Polly A. (Ooley) Jean, Apr 1996, She is listed as Catherine in sister's obit.
This material was probably from interviews with the author Wyatt Boger's uncle, John Christy Brown, who would have been able to identify his aunts and uncles and their families.
Bride; Groom: Alfred A. Christy; Greene Co, IN Married Name /~winwood/SS/p19.htm   (6976 words)

 "Teaching With the Web"
Welcome to our presentation on "Teaching With the Web." Christy Desmet is an Associate Professor and Nancy Chick and Shannon Yentzer are Ph.D. candidates and Teaching Assistants in the English Department at the University of Georgia.
We will be followi ng an on-line version of the presentation, with links for each topic to illustrative pages of our class web sites. /cdesmet/tapresen/home.html   (86 words)

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