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Topic: Naomi Campbell

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Naomi Campbell News & Pictures | Hollyscoop
Naomi Campbell has graced the cover of Vogue on several occasions and now she is criticizing the mag for not having enough fl faces on there.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell matched her short fl Versace dress with a white fluffy coat at the Dreamgirls after party in London a few months back, while Kelly Osbourne matched the same Versace dress with her outrageous pink hair at an event in NYC.
One supermodel that was notably absent was Kate Moss.
www.hollyscoop.com /naomi-campbell/136.aspx   (943 words)

  Naomi Campbell Phone Rage Bust - March 31, 2006
The confrontation at Campbell's $4 million Park Avenue condominium left Scolavino, 42, with a laceration in the back of her head that was later closed with surgical staples.
Campbell, who faces a maximum of seven years in jail if convicted of the attack, has twice previously been accused of striking aides with telephones (a former assistant filed this lawsuit over one of the beanings).
Last June, actor Russell Crowe was also busted in Manhattan for a phone assault and subsequently pleaded to a reduced count and settled out of court with the victim, a hotel clerk.
www.thesmokinggun.com /archive/0331062naomi1.html   (179 words)

 Naomi Campbell admits assault. 17/01/2007. ABC News Online
Supermodel Naomi Campbell has admitted in a Manhattan court to throwing a mobile phone at her housekeeper and has been sentenced to five days of community service for third degree assault.
He said the judge recommended Campbell serve her community service indoors, in a bid to avoid the throngs of photographers that surrounded singer Boy George as he attempted to sweep streets in lower Manhattan in August as part of a court ordered community service.
Campbell, 36, is no stranger to controversy and at least three employees have accused her of hitting or otherwise assaulting them.
www.abc.net.au /news/newsitems/200701/s1828154.htm   (492 words)

  Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell was "discovered" in a London shopping mall at age 15 and become one of the A-list models of the 1990s.
Her reputation as a prima donna was enhanced over the years when a string of personal assistants accused her of abusive behavior, several of them saying she had struck them with telephones.
Naomi Campbell - Naomi Campbell model Born: 5/22/1970 Birthplace: London, England International supermodel who was...
www.factmonster.com /biography/var/naomicampbell.html   (243 words)

 Naomi Campbell Biog
Born in 1970 in Streatham, South London, Naomi Campbell has been described as the "first fl supermodel" and was arguably the biggest name on the catwalks at the end of the Nineties.
Previously noted for her fiery nature, Naomi attended an anger management course in Arizona in the autumn of 1999, in an effort to rescue her relationship with F1 boss Flavio Briatore.
In her time, Naomi has inspired many compliments - among them to be named on 1998's list of Cool Britannia's most influential denizen's, ahead of Sir David Spedding, head of MI6, and William Hague, then leader of the Opposition, as well as Kate Moss.
www.vogue.co.uk /whos_who/Naomi_Campbell/default.html   (586 words)

 An in-depth look at your favourite celebrity personalities - hellomagazine.com, HELLO!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Naomi Campbell is not only one of the world's most omnipresent and enduring supermodels, she's also a marketing maestro.
Born on May 22, 1970, to fashion designer and sometime model Valerie Campbell, Naomi was discovered at the age of 15 by Elite agent Beth Boldt as she strolled near London's Covent Garden.
In 2002 Naomi was again making headlines when she lost to a London newspaper in an appeal case fought over her right to privacy.
www.hellomagazine.com /profiles/naomicampbell   (567 words)

 Naomi Campbell Cops a Plea - TMZ.com
Campbell was charged with wreckless assualt in the third degree for throwing a BlackBerry at her maid last March after accusing the maid of stealing a coveted pair of jeans.
Naomi was arrested in March 2006 after Ana Scolavino claimed she was the target of the supermodel's flying crystal-covered BlackBerry phone over an allegedly stolen pair of jeans.
Naomi needs a run-of-the-mill ass whooping...not hair pulling and face scratching type of ass whooping...I mean vasoline and bloody knuckles type of ass whooping to knock some sense in that old hoe.
www.tmz.com /2007/01/16/naomi-campbell-pleads-guilty   (1013 words)

 Naomi Campbell Cleared of Attacking Counselor at Hollywood.com
Naomi Campbell insists she is a "target" of people hoping to make money off of her, after a string of assault lawsuits have been filed against her.
Former maid Gaby Gibson claims Campbell beat and racially abused her earlier this year, while housekeeper Ana Scolavino alleges she threw a cell phone at her head in January.
Campbell's former friend Yvonne Scio says the supermodel punched her in the face at a Rome hotel in July 2005, and her former assistant Amanda Brack is also suing the beauty for verbal and physical abuse.
www.hollywood.com /news/Campbell_Cleared_of_Attacking_Counselor/3598652   (595 words)

 NAOMI CAMPBELL :-) parfémy sleva 30-62% - Parfém Naomi Campbell - Parfumerie Naomi Campbell
Svůdná vůně Naomi Campbell je stejně neodolatelná jako nositelka toho jména.
Parfém Naomi Campbell vystihuje hypnotickou sílu ženské přitažlivosti.
Elegantní, záhadná, divoká – to je Naomi Campbell.
naomi-campbell.buyonline.cz /parfemy/Naomi-Campbell   (95 words)

 Naomi Campbell, biografia de Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell debutó en 1995 como cantante con "Babywoman", trabajo publicado por Epic Records.
Naomi fue co-autora del best-seller "Swan", publicado por Heinemann/ Mandarin, que iba acompañado de un álbum de fotos titulado "Naomi".
Naomi Campbell no se contenta con formar parte del top-cinco del modelaje internacional, además publica discos, libros y gestiona su propia empresa.
naomicampbell.publispain.com /biografia.htm   (410 words)

 Naomi Campbell assistant recalls BlackBerry assault trauma | The Register
Brack also claimed that Campbell's international litany of abuse included the launching of a friend's mobile phone at her head (New York); spitting in her face (Morocco); and cutting up her passport and chucking it in a swimming pool (also Morocco).
Campbell's other alleged escapades encompass: throwing a cell phone at the head of housekeeper Ana Scolavino (New York); causing £30,000 worth of damage to former lover Badr Jafar's yacht (Tuscan Riviera); and going mental outside the aformentioned ex-squeeze's flat at 3.30am (London).
Campbell is still awaiting trial in New York on the Ana Scolavino second degree assault rap.
www.theregister.co.uk /2006/09/22/campbell_assistant_interview   (566 words)

 Naomi Campbell - kosmetyki i perfumy marki Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell Exult Woda toaletowa 30ml spray »
Naomi Campbell Naomagic Dezodorant perfumowany 150ml spray »
Naomi Campbell Naomagic Woda toaletowa 30ml spray »
naomi-campbell.perfumy.atlas.pl   (97 words)

V době, kdy Naomi Campbell zazářila na světových módních přehlídkách, slovo „topmodelka" ještě neexistovalo.
Naomi je neustále elegantní, záhadná, divoká a pořád sexy...
Vůně svůdné a neodolatelné jako je sama Naomi Campbell.
www.hodinky-parfemy.cz /p-naomi-campbell   (175 words)

 AskMen.com - Naomi Campbell
Naomi's staying power has been proven time and time again as a supermodel of choice for world renowned fashion designers and stylish magazines.
Although Naomi Campbell has been in the modeling scene since the mid-‘80s, she continues to mesmerize us with her beauty as much as ever.
By her early 20s, the Jamaican-Chinese, British born Naomi Campbell had already conquered the fashion world.
www.askmen.com /women/models/17_naomi_campbell.html   (441 words)

 naomi campbell italian fan,Naomi Campbell top model
Naomi, whose sultry Cleopatra appearance has graced the pages of nearly every major magazine and fashion runway in the country, is considered one of the top four models in the world.
Recently she appeared in the movie "Girl 6." Before Girl 6, she appeared in such movies as "Cool as Ice" and "Miami Rhapsode." Naomi, who frequently moves between homes in New York and Strathan of the U.K., is currently in pursuit of a Singing career.
This page is in no way linked to Naomi Campbell or any of her representation.
www.geocities.com /FashionAvenue/6809   (197 words)

 cbs2chicago.com - Naomi Campbell: 'I'm A Target'
Campbell has paid multiple visits to Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City this year, accused of assault against two employees in separate cases.
In October, a woman who reportedly is Campbell's drug counselor told London police that she had also been assaulted by the supermodel.
Naomi Campbell has paid multiple visits to Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City this year, accused of assault against two employees in separate cases.
cbs2chicago.com /entertainment/entertainment_story_347081845.html   (250 words)

 Naomi Campbell (I)
Naomi Campbell (I) Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases IMDbTV Message Boards Showtimes and Tickets IMDbPro IMDb Resume
Naomi Campbell (I) has 1 in-development credit available on IMDbPro.com.
Schönsten Frauen der Welt - Naomi Campbell, Die (1996) (TV)....
www.imdb.com /name/nm0001984   (482 words)

 NETZEITUNG PEOPLE: Naomi Campbell schon wieder verklagt
Naomi Campbell dürfte in Zukunft Probleme haben, Personal zu finden.
Campbell, so Brack, habe sie daraufhin ohne Geld und mit unbezahlter Hotelrechnung zurückgelassen — nicht ohne ihr vorher noch den Pass abgenommen und in den Hotelpool geworfen zu haben.
Anzeigen von Angestellten gehören für Naomi Campbell fast schon zum Alltag: Derzeit sind noch die Klagen zweier weiterer Frauen gegen sie anhängig, die sie ebenfalls beschuldigen, handgreiflich geworden zu sein.
www.netzeitung.de /entertainment/people/423066.html   (327 words)

 Naomi Campbell - Photos, Bio and News for Naomi Campbell | TVGuide.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Naomi Campbell's arrest on charges of assaulting her maid may have kept her out of the reality-TV...
Yesterday, her longtime rival, Naomi Campbell, was busted by...
Enjoy Great Collection of Naomi Campbell Photos, Pictures, Images, Biography, Filmogaphy and Send Free Ecards to Your Dearest One.
www.tvguide.com /celebrities/naomi-campbell/167532   (275 words)

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