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Topic: Nassau agreement

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  Nassau agreement - KnowledgeIsFun.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Nassau Agreement was a treaty negotiated between President John F. Kennedy for the United States and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan for the United Kingdom.
Under the agreement the USA was to provide the UK with nuclear-armed Polaris missiles (under the terms of the Polaris Sales Agreement), in return for which the UK was to lease the Americans a nuclear submarine base in the Holy Loch, near Glasgow.
The agreement followed the collapse of the Skybolt programme, which was an air-launched missile developed jointly by the two nations.
www.knowledgeisfun.com /N/Na/Nassau-agreement.php   (368 words)

 [No title]
Nassau admits and I find that it is an employer en- gaged in commerce within the meaning of Section 2(6) and (7) of the Act, and that Local 917, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America is a labor organization within the meaning of Section 2(5) of the Act.
Nassau argues that the Union was pursuing extra-legal remedies through picket line misconduct and had so little regard for pursuing Board processes that it even failed to file an answer to the Board's complaint alleging violations of Section 8(b)(1)(A).
NASSAU INSURANCE CO. 895 to escort her to work after she was chased by some strikers, yelled to Seegobin that she was a fool and that Cohen would follow her home when the officers were not there to protect her.
www.nlrb.gov /nlrb/shared_files/decisions/280/280-878.txt   (15073 words)

 United States v. Nassau County Sherriff's Department, Settlement Agreement
The parties acknowledge that the Nassau University Medical Center ("NUMC") provides medical care to inmates at the NCCC and that such care is provided pursuant to a contract with the NUMC which sets forth the terms and conditions of the relationship between the County of Nassau and its agencies and NUMC.
Nassau County shall be responsible for ensuring that NUMC complies with the terms of this agreement.
This Agreement shall be binding on all successors, assignees, employees, and all those working for or on behalf of the defendants to this action.
www.usdoj.gov /crt/split/documents/Nassa_sher_agreem.htm   (7234 words)

 Nassau Home
It is the commercial and cultural centre of the Bahamas, and with a population of 180,000, its largest city.
Nassau was founded by the British in the mid-17th century as Charles Towne, but it was renamed to Nassau after William III of Orange-Nassau in 1695.
Nassau was subjected to numerous attempted invasions by the Spanish during the late 18th century, and in 1776 it was captured and briefly held by American revolutionaries.
www.artistbooking.com /trips/143/nassau-home.html   (336 words)

 Nassau County Bar Association
The high court explained that a spouse seeking to contest a pre-nuptial agreement has the threshold burden of proving, by a fair preponderance of the evidence, a fact-based inequality between the parties to the agreement “that demonstrates probable undue influence and unfair advantage”.
Apparently, one of the most important factors to prove is that the spouse seeking to uphold the agreement evinced an “overmastering influence” on the proponent...
He concluded that the burden never shifted to Fred’s estate to prove the agreement was absent of fraud, deception or undue influence.
www.nassaubar.org /newsletter_article.cfm?ArticleID=23   (619 words)

 Nassau County Bar Association
The agreement further provides that Attorney "B" or his or her designee has the right to notify the governmental entity responsible for payment that the receivables have been assigned, and that Attorney "B" has a security interest in them.
First, the agreement merely provides that the factor has the right to notify the County of the assignment, although as previously noted, full disclosure is required.
Rather, the agreement should provide for a "charge back," or reimbursement by Attorney "A" to Attorney "B" of the disputed amount, with the ultimate decision as to settlements or discounts to the County to remain with Attorney "A".
www.nassaubar.org /ethic_opinions_details.cfm?OpinionID=45   (1420 words)

 Key 103 - Frederick's Continuous Soft Rock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Nassau Broadcasting is not liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your password or account, either with or without your knowledge.
Nassau Broadcasting will not be a party to or in any way responsible for monitoring any transaction between you and third-party providers of such products, services, or information, or for ensuring the confidentiality of your credit card information.
Nassau Broadcasting is not responsible or liable for damages of any kind arising from any postings even when Nassau Broadcasting is advised of the possibility of such damages, or from Nassau Broadcasting's alteration or deletion of any posting.
www.wafy.com /terms_of_use.shtml   (5779 words)

 The Association of the Bar of the City of New York
It is advisable, therefore, to include in the escrow agreement carefully drafted provisions making clear that the non-client party agrees that, in the event of a dispute between the parties with respect to the escrow or the underlying transaction, the lawyer may represent his client in the dispute.
Such a provision clarifies the scope of the non-client's consent and therefore lessens the likelihood of confusion and delay that might be caused by the lawyer's attempting to obtain such consent after a dispute occurs, or having to resign as escrow agent or being disqualified from representing his client.
For example, the escrow agreement may provide that a portion of the escrowed funds is to be paid to the lawyer as legal fees.
www.abcny.org /Ethics/eth1986-5.htm   (2950 words)

 Suozzi and police union may soon have peace (The Nassau County PBA)
The Nassau legislature approved an agreement yesterday that could be the beginning of the end of a four-year war between County Executive Thomas Suozzi and Nassau Police Benevolent Association President Gary DelaRaba.
The agreement calls for an arbitration panel of five when labor negotiations are at an impasse, increases the possible length of a contract from two years to six, and says that a final decision must be announced by June 15.
The agreement is for the proposed redevelopment of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and the surrounding area.
www.nassaupba.org /public/PBA_in_the_news/in_the_news/suozzi-and-police-union-m.shtml   (533 words)

 car loan nassau
An employee car loan nassau receiving this benefit must sign a car loan nassau service car loan nassau agreement after receiving, in repayment is..
The lender can explain the forms car loan nassau and can car loan nassau be consolidated, locking in to a formula established by the car loan nassau thrifts to be especially true if you want to consolidate, there has been so designated.
The minimum car loan nassau payment requirements, a consolidation to repay will increase the amount car loan nassau you can borrow, per car loan nassau year use your home minus the forgiveness amount is used to analyze whether the individual makes payments when scheduled.
www.webspawner.com /users/lcarloannassau   (1305 words)

 Floral Park Dispatch; December 08, 2000 Edition
After much negotiation, Nassau officials ultimately agreed on a budget for 2001 as well as a four-year plan, which was mandated by the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA).
As a result, Nassau County residents can expect a 9 percent property tax increase for 2001, which amounts to $95 a year per average household.
Because of the agreement, Nassau lawmakers have averted for now a takeover by a NIFA control board.
www.antonnews.com /floralparkdispatch/2000/12/08   (148 words)

 Realtor » Blog Archive » Realtor nassau   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Amended standard of prospects whose properties realtor nassau are trademarks of realtor nassau the realtor nassau national realtor nassau association in preparing realtor nassau themselves.
Planet realtor nassau realtor realtor nassau is realtor nassau authorized, realtor nassau realtors of their lives realtor nassau were.
Your realtor nassau realtor, realtor nassau title company realtor nassau or realtor nassau subsequent realtor nassau claims to realtor nassau be realtor nassau set realtor nassau forth.
realtor.tuningbazar.com /2006/6/6/realtor-nassau   (791 words)

 The Nassau Guardian - www.thenassauguardian.com.com
A Heads of Agreement for the development of Crooked Island was finalised Wednesday, including construction of the resort, Propeller, which will be located in Pittstown, Crooked Island.
At a time when many proposals for development of this sort are being approved to take place primarily in Nassau, the agreement represents the first of its kind for Pittstown.
Prime Minister, Perry Christie, in attendance to sign the agreement on behalf of the government said, "It reflects a tremendous commitment by the developers to join the government in contributing to the improvement to some public infrastructure, and certainly the delivery of some public services.
www.thenassauguardian.com /business/283178689698201.php   (588 words)

 Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas - Privacy Statement
The Nassau / Paradise Island Promotion Board reserves the right to expel Users and prevent their further access to the Web Site for violating this Agreement or any law and the right to remove communications which are abusive, illegal, or disruptive.
The Nassau / Paradise Island Promotion Board may use the information it obtains relating to you, including without limitation your IP address, name, mailing address, email address and use of the Web Site, for its internal business and marketing purposes only and will not disclose the information to third parties for such purposes.
If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.
www.nassauparadiseisland.com /privacy-statement   (1311 words)

 Nassau Broadcasting Partners, L.P.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Nassau, a privately held firm based in Princeton, New Jersey lead by chairman Louis F. Mercatanti, Jr., is a leading radio broadcasting company that acquires, owns and operates radio stations primarily in the mid-sized affluent suburban markets of the northeastern United States.
Post-closing, Nassau will own and/or operate 26 radio stations in suburban New York, Philadelphia, eastern Pennsylvania and Maine, including WOJZ-FM (formerly WEMG-FM) licensed to Egg Harbor City NJ, which Nassau is in the process of acquiring from Mega Communications.
We welcome the staff and management of all 11 stations to the Nassau family and we will provide the resources for them to be the most respected and successful radio broadcasters in Maine.
www.nassaubroadcasting.com /pr_121103.htm   (484 words)

 Discretionary Courtesy Payment Policy
Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union may, as a discretionary policy and not a right or obligation guaranteed to you, approve your reasonable check or ACH item overdrafts up to $500, including any applicable fees, when your account is in good standing.
Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union reserves the right to revoke this discretionary policy at any time if your account is not in good standing, as defined above.
This agreement controls the duties, obligations and rights of the Depositor, the Authorized Signatories, and the Financial Institution with regard to your checking account.
www.nassaued.org /onlineserv/courtesy.html   (495 words)

 Long Island Press: Long Island Newspaper, News, Entertainment, Real Estate, Classifieds, Automotive, Weddings, Business ...
County Executive Tom Suozzi is expected to present the agreement to the Legislature at the next meeting on April 4.
Jane D'Amico, president of Nassau County CSEA Local 830, blames most of the current disarray in the parks on the continued dismantling of the parks system.
Either way, it seems as though the approval of the agreement transferring the running of the parks to the town is a shoe-in.
www.longislandpress.com /?cp=38&show=article&a_id=1594   (1081 words)

 Nassau Candy
You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.
All other trademarks not owned by NASSAU CANDY or its subsidiaries that appear on this site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by NASSAU CANDY.
NASSAU CANDY MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR By visiting NASSAU CANDY, you agree that the laws of the state of New York, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and NASSAU CANDY.
www.nassaucandy.com /terms.aspx   (790 words)

 News & Events
American Red Cross in Nassau County reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the American Red Cross in Nassau County Web Site is offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the American Red Cross in Nassau County Web Site.
American Red Cross in Nassau County is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by American Red Cross in Nassau County of the site or any association with its operators.
A printed version of this agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement to the same extent an d subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.
www.nassauredcross.org /NewsEvents/tabid/54/ctl/Terms/Default.aspx   (1531 words)

 Newsday.com - Long Island News - Nassau County and Suffolk County
It is wishfully called the Nassau Hub: acre after unloved acre of fallow asphalt built according to some long forgotten logic, waiting to be redeemed.
Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi has named the team of billionaire businessman Charles Wang and Reckson Associates to renovate the aging Nassau Coliseum and develop the surrounding 77 acres of prime county land.
As Charles Wang explores moving his Islanders from Nassau to Suffolk, his motives are probably a mix of business prudence, alarm at the Nassau County Legislature's lunacy, sly pressure on Nassau and plain old tantrum.
www.newsday.com /news/local/longisland/ny-coliseum-gallery,0,76429.storygallery?coll=ny-main-tabheads1   (649 words)

 Terms of Use - Nassau Radiologic Group - Radiology, Radiologists, Radiography, Radiographers, Long Island, Queens
You are accordingly advised to consult the Terms of Use Agreement each time you view and use the Website.
Because each of these places has laws that may differ from those of New York, by accessing this Website you agree that the statutes and laws of the State of New York, without regard to conflicts of law principles thereof, will apply to all matters arising from or relating to the use of this Website.
You also agree and hereby submit to the exclusive legal jurisdiction and venues of the Courts of Nassau County, New York and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York with respect to such matters.
www.nassau-radiologic.com /terms_of_use.htm   (616 words)

 Nassau Institute
Three years later, licensed banks and trust companies are under 300; and, of those 300, many are still in the painful throes of extremely costly compliance catch-up (KYC) with many not expected to meet the extended deadline of December 31, 2003.
CFP advances the notion that these high-tax nations have no other real world alternatives but to reduce taxation to minimize flight capital by their own citizenry, instead of demanding other countries to become their vassal tax collectors.
This would be especially evident should there not be either public consultation or the case where the Minister simply refuses to listen, reason or accede to the Committee's advice and recommendations.
www.nassauinstitute.org /wmview.php?ArtID=385   (2158 words)

 The Guardian's National News
The rights to the lease of Crystal Cay, a part of the initial agreement, were reportedly the bargaining chip for Ruffin in the new deal and will now reportedly be retained by him with the Baha Mar having an option to purchase in two years at market value.
The new agreement puts the proposed $1 billion-plus redevelopment of Cable Beach back on track after Baha Mar's failure to consummate the initial 120-day purchase option caused negotiations to sour on February 16.
Baha Mar is also reported to have reached a sales agreement in principle with the Hotel Corporation for the purchase of the Radisson hotel, which is the third property sought in the planned redevelopment.
www.thenassauguardian.net /national_local/282962028754141.php   (332 words)

 Communiqué of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Review Meeting
We had looked at Nassau for the initiation by Pretoria of a process of dialogue in the context of a suspension of violence on all sides.
We renew the call we made at Nassau on the authorities in Pretoria to initiate, in the context of a suspension of violence on all sides, a process of dialogue across lines of colour, politics and religion with a view to establishing a non-racial and representative government in a united and non-fragmented South Africa.
Regretting the absence of full agreement but recognising that the potential for united Commonwealth action still exists, we agree that the seven Governments will keep the situation under review with the view to advising whether any further collective Commonwealth action, including a full Heads of Government Meeting, is desirable.
www.anc.org.za /ancdocs/history/commonwealth/communique.html   (1466 words)

 Nassau IDA - Projects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
  Under the agreement tax exempt bonds in an aggregate principal amount of $15,000,000 were issued to finance and refinance a portion of the cost of the acquisition and renovation of an existing one-story building of approximately 45,048 square feet and a related parcel of land located at 307 Hicksville Road in Massapequa.
In February 12, 2004, 100 Inip Drive Associated, LLC a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of New York entered into an agreement with the Agency.
   The agreement provides for (a) financing/refinancing of all or a portion of the costs of the renovation of an existing building of approximately 52,656 square feet located at 115 East Bethpage Road, Plainview to be used as administrative offices.
www.nassauida.org /exec/content/111-index.htm   (997 words)

 Transfer Agreement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Nassau Community College students who complete the total program as outlined in these arrays will be awarded full transfer credit and be afforded the opportunity to complete the bachelor's degree program in four additional semesters of study.
Those students admitted to Nassau Community College through the Joint Admissions Program and who meet all conditions described in that agreement will be assured entry into the University at Albany.
Nassau students pursuing programs which do not conform to those specified will continue to be considered for admission on an individual basis.
www.albany.edu /transfer/nassau/transfer_agreement.html   (142 words)

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