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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

Nation (album) Arise was the eighth LP by Roadrunner Records.
Daydream Nation Daydream Nation is one of the most highly regarded albums by Billboard Music Charts in the US, and it pe...
Ghost Nation Ghost Nation is an album released by Australian band Hunters & Collectors; in 1989. /topics/nation.html   (1254 words)

 Nation (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nation was the eighth LP by Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura released in 2001 (2001 in music) through Roadrunner Records.
It was their 2nd album with singer/guiatrist Derrick Green, and their first where he had a hand in writing and recording.
Nation featured guest appearances from such notable artists as Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta, Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, and "string-metal" band Apocalyptica. /wiki/Nation_(album)   (151 words)

 Daydream Nation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Daydream Nation is one of the most highly regarded albums by alternative rock band Sonic Youth.
It was voted the best album of the 1980s by Pitchfork Media, and has subsequently been regarded as a classic.
Distancing itself from most of the album's rock sensibilities is the highly unusual "Providence", which displays some of the band's more experimental tendencies. /wiki/Daydream_Nation   (218 words)

 Rhythm Nation 1814 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rhythm Nation 1814, Jackson's 6x Platinum follow up to her 1986 hit album, Control, was an unprecedented success, with seven hit singles all from the same album.
The album was released by AandM Records on LP, chrome cassette and compact disc, which at the time demonstrated an expectation of broad appeal for the album on behalf of the record company.
The album was the first in history to generate seven top-five Billboard hits. /wiki/Rhythm_Nation_1814   (982 words)

 Janet Jackson Janet's Journey
In March 2004, Janet's new album "Damita Jo" was released at the end of the mouth world wide, with first week America sales of 381,000 putting the album at number 2 on the billboard top album charts.
The album was aggressive, in tone and melody.
If some of the tracks on Control and Rhythm Nation 1814 were hard for mother Katherine to take, janet, the 1993 follow up, should, as Michael Odell put it, "turn her to the bottle... /~jsjourney/bio2.html   (2160 words)

 Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation sputnikmusic
This album is an essential hardcore/metalcore album for any fan of such music and as clicheic as that may sound, I honestly believe that almost all fans of said music will enjoy this band and more specifically this album.
Previous album's by Darkest Hour are good in their own, but in no way compare to an album such as this.
Only once in a while does one hear an album, that leaves his jaw dropped in amazement and his hand searching for the repeat button. /sputnik/album.php?reviewid=2898&genreid=22&styleid=18   (799 words)

 Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation sputnikmusic
Daydream Nation is more like a sarcastic slap to the head of pop culture and urban cool, and is a sprawling piece of work that no album will ever rival.
Harmonics are used widely throughout the album to provide a clear sense of melody, and both Thurston and Lee use their guitars for a droning effect, often.
I didn't necessarily think that this album was so great when I first listened to it, and I couldn't sit thruogh the over one minute intro to "Teen Age Riot", but it grew on me and it is also my favorite album. /sputnik/album.php?reviewid=2506&genreid=1&styleid=18   (962 words)

 VNV Nation: album reviews and ratings
Instead, the album opens and closes well with a 40 minute intermission in between, give visitors of the VNV Nation 'Matter + Form' exhibition an opportunity to chatter about the artwork, lyrics and new influences.
The album is excellently produced, the liner notes are aesthetic and contain all the necessary information and lyrics.
The songs are diverse, from the grating clashes and noises of 'Fragments,' to the steady, solemn procession of 'Rubicon,' to the instrumental single, 'Saviour.' Despite its diversity, the album retains a thematic coherency throughout. /modernrock/vnvnation.html   (1487 words)

 DAMNED NATIONBy Nicky Baldrian
Sweden's Damned Nation have had their fair share of up's and downs, but finally almost a year to the day, the bands brand new album "The Grand Design" which was produced by themselves with some help from technican Tomas Banestal is finally due for release at the end of April.
Damned Nation release their new album "The Grand Design" at the end of April and hope to set up a series of live dates across Europe starting off with Z ROCK in England.
Damned Nation was founded in the late eighties by Robert Warnqvist, Magnus Johnsson and their former drummer Leif Erixon under the name of "EASY STREET". /strutterzine/DAMNEDNATIONINTERVIEW.htm   (1344 words)

 Diesel Nation: The Album Review is Dead?
The wonderfully witty Devon Powers of reasons that reviews for full length albums will soon disappear because people are choosing the digital single more and more over the complete album.
But now there's a big increase in ways we can listen to what an artist has to offer before we buy through means legal (album samplers, official web downloads, radio) and less legal (file sharing, mixtapes, Google's keychain).
In the past we relied on journalists to tell us if an album was good or not because we couldn't preview it ourselves. /hiphop/2004/01/the_album_revie.html   (615 words)

This is not dark or moody as previous VNV Nation albums...
I normally find VNV Nation mild compared to Wumpscut and Ultraviolence, however this album does contain (although it is more synthy) some excellent hardcore trance dance tracks, the epitomy being "Structure" and "Epicenter".
Carbon is my favorite track on this album. /vexen/cd.asp?CDID=197   (197 words)

 Cowboy Nation : Cowboy Nation - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Of their new material, "Cowboy Nation," a theme song of sorts, is satisfying, as is "Way Out West" and "Cowboy Way." For listeners who have never been exposed to cowboy music, this is a tremendous opportunity to learn all about it at the feet of a trio of fine players.
Just as important is the fact that Cowboy Nation knows the history of cowboy music and can talk about it just as intelligently as the band plays it.
A wonderful blend of old-time cowboy songs, country classics, and new tunes, this debut from L.A.'s top cowboy band is exceptional and highlights the talented Kinman brothers. /store/artist/album/0,,278550,00.html   (231 words)

 VSU Spectator
Fitehouse's album, "Released," is not produced by any record label, but rather sold over the Internet and at shows by the band itself, who produced the album themselves.
There are few tracks on the album that you can't bob your head to, but the problem comes when vocalist Gabe Gilligan begins to sing.
Baltimore, a song that the band is trying to get voted as the rock anthem for the city of the same name, has a great sound to it, but is absolutely destroyed by the vocals. /spec/20030501/features4.shtml   (257 words) Face the Nation: Music
As an album, this is one of 4Him's better ones.
"Face the Nation", the title track, is somewhat of a chore to listen to, and its lyrics seem to have an almost political feel.
I haven't heard this album in years, and it still sounds as good (if 90's-ish) as it ever did. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000005DI?v=glance   (1261 words)

 Sonic Youth Site Menu
This was their last album recorded for an "independent" label (though "The Whitey Album" was released afterwards, it was ready to go prior to Daydream's conception), and was arguably the record that drew the strongest major label attention.
A preview of the album was released in September, a 7" single featuring a live version of "Silver Rocket" from one of the June shows, along with a noisy clip of a Beatles tape played thru a squealing amplifier & an instrumental re-titled version of "Eliminator Jr".
The album was reissued on CD by Blast First in 1992, with a subsequent DGC reissue in late '93, featuring liner notes by Jutta Koether. /mustang/lp/lp6.html   (2197 words)

 The Nation Album
Captain William H. Nation was an ardent photographer using his 8-mm movie camera in a wide variety of situations.
Unfortunately, Captain Nation was killed on January 31, 1945 when a German.88 shell hit the building he was in.
His films made it home, however, and his namesake nephew, Bill Nation, has supplied us with many still frame shots extracted from that unique film library. /photogallery/album_nation/album_nation.htm   (159 words)

 The Official Nation Of One Website
Nation Of One has finished the recording phase of thier first album and are now involved in the post production work.
You will be able to listen to every song on the upcoming album by providing a ranking for that song from 1 to 10.
Richard was interview about the Nation Of One benefit concert on September 10th.   (179 words)

 Album: navajo nation
Album created by album script a Marginal Hack by Dave on Mon May 2 14:05:42 2005 /Album/navajo_nation   (16 words)
With this album, VNV Nation has moved into new electronic territories without sacrificing the energy and emotion that have become the hallmarks of their sound.
Produced by the renowned Gerrit Frerichs (aka Humate) and VNV Nation’s Ronan Harris, the album features an amazing array of tone and sound - from the raw, punchy tracks "Chrome" and "Entropy" to the ethereal, soulful sounds of "Endless Skies" and "Homeward".
Their eagerly awaited new album, “Matter and Form”, is being hailed by critics as their strongest and most comprehensive release to date. /vnvnation   (1205 words)

 New VNV Nation album.. anyone else interested? - Gaming - ALL - Discussion Forum /// Eurogamer
April 4th 2005 sees the truimphant return of future-pop giants VNV Nation delivering their fifth album proper "Matter and Form".
While "Matter and Form" delivers an evolution of the emotive, soulfull and humanist elements that define VNV Nation's music, it also retains, and in some ways accentuates, their classic sound, moving forward conceptually with possibly the best and most comprehensive VNV Nation release to date...
Praise the Fallen and Empires are two of my favourite EBM albums but I gave Future Perfect a miss due to a generally poor reception (plus future pop = bleh). /forum_thread_posts.php?thread_id=26475&forum_id=1   (238 words)

 Train - My Private Nation Album Review @ : the source for music reviews, interviews, articles, and news on the internet
It is a personal album, and a nice refreshment from the line-up of discs that want to be political in what is really an individual art form.
Train, now into their third album, made a giant splash with their last album's title song "Drops of Jupiter." The record went double-platinum and the song still echoes throughout dentist lobbies and barber shops.
Train's newest album is the perfect sidekick to such a trip. /rock/train_myprivatenation.htm   (607 words)

 World Music Central - The Mighty Zulu Nation Album Ready for Action September 2004
London, England - Nation Records, who have fronted the Global Fusion scene for years have always wanted to create a focused African album with something that was created rather than sampled.
Often dubbed ‘the young LadysmithÂ…’, The Mighty Zulu Nation, are the new youth-voice of post-apartheid South Africa, highlighting the pleasure and yet the pain many still endure.
The album, Abantu — In coalition with Aki Nawaz enters what the label believes to be un-chartered waters (apart from the last Fun-da-Mental album, There Shall be Love) - raw and athletic Zulu vocals flowingly engaged with Indo-Pak musicality courtesy of Aki Nawaz at the production helm. /article.php?story=20040611100915550   (409 words)

 Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth CD
DAYDREAM NATION, with its sleepy single candle flickering silently on the gatefold cover, harnessed their reckless live favourite, "Teenage Riot," while they ran gloriously roughshod over "Rain King" and "Silver Rocket," and offered the overtly camp glee of "Trilogy," which came with parts a, b and c.
The double album that brought Sonic Youth to the attention of a wider audience and prompted the eager interest of a handful of major labels.
Daydream Nation is a long, rambling, noisy, distorted, whispered, screamed exploration of all that is good and bad about contemporary music. /search/xx/music/pid/1158639/a/Daydream+Nation.htm   (708 words)

 M O V E M E N T  M A G A Z I N E
VNV Nation’s eagerly awaited new album, "Matter and Form", is already being hailed by critics as their strongest and most comprehensive album yet.
With this album VNV Nation have moved into new electronic territories while still focusing and retaining the energy and emotion that have become the hallmarks of the VNV Nation sound.
Here is what we learned is in store for the fans, when VNV Nation returns later in the year with a full blown US tour with a new (as yet unknown) opening act and other cool tidbits from the world of Ronin Harris. /0405/MUSIC_VNV.htm   (4542 words) Rhythm Nation 1814 [Import]: Music
On September 18th 1989, Janet Jackson released her second major album, "Rhythm Nation 1814." It was perhaps the most eagerly anticipated female record of the year, and it didn't disappoint.
Rhythm Nation 1814 opens with the first of eight Interludes, "Pledge." This 47 second interlude begins with the tolling of a bell and the opening of a creaky door before Janet delivers her message, "We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs.
The highlights of the album have to be (in my opinion) are "The knowledge", which is a song encouraging the path of education and effective it is, very inspiring. /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000002GFN   (1879 words)

 Diesel Nation: Rakim's Album to Drop Soon
MTV reports that Rakim says his album will drop soon.
The hip-hop audience has been spoiled with the DMX's and the Jay-z's dropping a complete album every year.
"Me and Dre, we about to do full-steam on it, [and] hopefully we should have a single out towards the end of the summer and the album will follow shortly after that," Rakim said two weeks ago at the BET Awards. /hiphop/2003/07/rakims_album_to.html   (153 words)

 Excite - Radio 4 - Stealing Of A Nation - Album Review
The inclusion of John Foxx style electro beats in 'Dismiss The Sound' towards the end of the album, sees the nifty New Yorkers incorporating a frenetic and catchy number that will ignite spark of hope for the faltering electro genre.
Angry and thoughtful lyrics are delivered with deft precision to help produce funky tunes that dispel an old myth by proving that you can learn and have fun, as it is impossible not to sway and think at the same time to tracks like ‘Nation’, ‘State Of Alert’ and “(Give Me All Your) Money.
The rasping Radio 4 have taken up the mantle from fellow New Yorkers The Rapture and, are set buzz into the mind of listeners seeking some jive friendly garage punk. /new/home.nsf/webpages/radio4x23x08x04   (202 words)

 Julian Cope : My Nation Underground - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Recruiting another key sideman, percussionist Rooster Cosby, Cope approached an album that, by the end of recording, he was on the verge of disowning.
Inspired moments aside, one can understand why: My Nation Underground has just about everything going for it (good sound, neat cover, some sharp songs) except for Cope's own vision.
"Charlotte Anne," meanwhile, manages the odd trick of sounding like a snaky Peter Gabriel track circa his third album plus just enough fillips and touches to make it a Cope song, especially with his mid-song spoken word bit. /nad/store/artist/album/0,,69075,00.html   (441 words)

 Scribble Nation: Album Updates
A blog dedicated to Scribble Nation, a nation dedicated to scribbles, scribbles dedicated to their nation...
By the by they are also in the crafty album.
Fernando is one of many new Scriblandics recently added to the album. /scribble_monster/album_updates/index.html   (395 words)

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