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 Syria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In May 1964, President Amin Hafiz of the NCRC promulgated a provisional constitution providing for a National Council of the Revolution (NCR), an appointed legislature composed of representatives of mass organizations —labor, peasant, and professional unions—, a presidential council, in which executive power was vested, and a cabinet.
In March 1972, to broaden the base of his government, Asad formed the National Progressive Front, a coalition of parties led by the Ba'ath Party, and elections were held to establish local councils in each of Syria's 14 governorates.
The National Progressive Front also acts as a forum in which economic policies are debated and the country's political orientation is determined. /wiki/Syria

The National Action Plan has been designed for implementation of the moral and political commitments undertaken by the Republic of Bulgaria at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, September 1995, Beijing, China.
The Government - for development and implementation of: the National Action Plan, inclusive of strategies, bills and other regulative acts, programmes and projects.
Submission to the National Assembly of a Bill on support to families and children, governing the universalization and uniform state financing of family allowances for all women, regardless of their insurance status. /documents/ga/conf177/natrep/nap1996-bulgaria.htm

 EPA > Wetlands > Laws > Scientific Documents > The National Action Plan To Implement the Hydrogeomorphic Approach To Assessing Wetland Functions
The goal of the National Action Plan is to implement, through the development of regional guidebooks, sufficient assessment models to address 80 percent of the section 404 permit workload requiring wetland function assessments.
Phase I of the Action Plan was initiated in 1995 and is focused on developing regional guidebooks for regional wetland subclasses of national priority as identified by a survey sent to Corps Districts.
The National Action Plan was developed by a National Interagency Implementation Team. /owow/wetlands/science/hgm.html

 NAPincl: National Action Plans on Social Inclusion 2001
All Member States submitted their National Action Plans against poverty and social inclusion (NAPs/incl) during June 2001 in response to the common objectives on poverty and social exclusion agreed by the EU at Nice in December 2000.
All Member States are due to submit their second National Action Plans against poverty and social exclusion (NAPs/inclusion) in July 2003 in response to the common objectives on poverty and social exclusion which were revised in December 2002.
The ten new Member States submitted their first National Action Plans against poverty and social exclusion (NAPs/inclusion) in July 2004 in response to the common objectives that have been agreed by Member States for the Union's social inclusion process. /comm/employment_social/news/2001/jun/napsincl2001_en.html

 Love in Action: The National Alliance
National Vanguard magazine is a publication of the highest quality in every sense of the word, one that you will be proud to show to your friends and associates.
This week I'll be talking about the outstanding activism of National Alliance members in raising White racial awareness, some of our recent victories in the courts -- and I'll be answering a letter from a White man who says he doesn't love his race.
The wire services are almost burning up with reports of the National Alliance's 'Love Your Race' flyer-handout campaign. /adv/2005/02-19-05.html

 National Alcohol Strategy: A Plan for Action 2001 to 2003-04
The National Alcohol Strategy A Plan for Action 2001 to 03-04 was endorsed by Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy in July 2001 to provide a national framework for action to reduce alcohol related harm in Australia and is structured on 11 key strategy areas.
The National Alcohol Strategy is accompanied by a background paper, "Alcohol in Australia: Issues and Strategies", which sets out detailed information on each of these key strategy areas together with an overview of the extent of alcohol related harm in Australia.
The National Alcohol Strategy is an initiative of National Drug Strategy and was developed by the National Expert Advisory Committee on Alcohol. /pdf/alcohol_strategy.htm

 Canada's National Plan of Action for Children
A Canada Fit for Children is consistent with Canada's National Children's Agenda, which continues to be the framework under which governments, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders work together on behalf of children.
In particular, A Canada Fit for Children re-affirms the Government's commitment to making children and families a national priority and to continue to work with governments, stakeholders and the public.
As a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Canada is committed to ensuring that the best interests of its children are considered in all its programs and policies. /lpearson/specialsession/index.htm / News / News:Kosovo - Forum On Gender Issues Discusses The National Action Plan for Gender Equality
National Action Plan for achievement of gender equality presents the possible ways to solve the problems in the specific circumstances emphasizing the gender discrimination in Kosova.
The adoption of the National Action Plan would serve as a guide with the goal to achieve the equal participation of men and women in the development of Kosova’s future".
Forum On Gender Issues Discusses The National Action Plan for Gender Equality /article/view/83418/1

 National Action Party (Mexico) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Action Party (Spanish: Partido Acción Nacional), known by the acronym PAN, is a conservative party and one of the three main political parties in Mexico.
The party is led by Manuel Espino Barrientos (2005).
The PAN officially claims to be a non-confessional party in a country that is 90% Catholic; however, while on the campaign trail in 2000, Vicente Fox appeared holding a banner emblazoned with the revered icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe – and was fined MXN $20,000 for mixing religion and politics. /wiki/National_Action_Party_(Mexico)   (676 words) - Mexico - National Action Party - Democratic Revolutionary Party Mexican Information Resource
The PAN emerged as a conservative reaction against the nationalizations and land confiscations undertaken by the Cárdenas government during the 1930s.
Founded in 1939 by Manuel Gómez Morán, the National Action Party (Partido de Acción Nacional--PAN) was the first genuine opposition party to develop in Mexico. - Mexico - National Action Party - Democratic Revolutionary Party /country-guide-study/mexico/mexico92.html   (676 words)

 American Association for Affirmative Action
King, a nationally acclaimed orator, is the youngest daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Shirley Wilcher is an attorney with over 20 years experience with affirmative action while involved: in community groups, in the U.S. Congress, in the Clinton administration, and in the private sector.
GenderPAC is the national organization working to end discrimination and violence caused by gender stereotypes.   (676 words)

 NCR-197 Agricultural Safety and Health Research and Extension
National land grant research and extension agenda for agricultural safety and health.
For the past 10 years, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has been providing approximately $20 million in annual appropriations primarily for surveillance and epidemiological research of farm injuries and illnesses.
According to a recent survey funded by NIOSH and conducted by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, about 200,000 work-related injuries occurred on U.S. farms in 1993. /NCR197   (676 words)

 People for Action
Welcome to People for Action, the national network of housing and regeneration organisations which is committed to sharing knowledge and practice to build strong communities.
People for Action (PfA) is the network for housing and regeneration organisations throughout England and Wales which put power and influence into the hands of local people.
People for Action is supported by the Housing Corporation, whose role is to fund and regulate housing associations in England.   (676 words)

It is a community committed to social justice, equality, anti-authoritarianism, autonomous action, collective processes, and to nurturing alternative structures and institutions operating on such principles.
Nationally, AFSC focuses on creating positive change in four areas: Social Justice, Economic Justice, Peace and Demilitarization, and Youth.
> It is the aim of the Bergen Action Network to recognize and develop the vast potential inherent among the young towards the creation of a broad, grassroots, youth-based network capable of serving as an outlet for political expression and a catalyst for radical social change. /action.php   (676 words)

 national lawyers guild
The National Lawyers Guild endorses a National Week of Action: July 2-8, 2005, called for by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.
It is time for a national call to action to defend the Bill of Rights and restore our lost liberties.
The National Lawyers Guild Condemns Actions of Police at the Protests Against the Organization of American States(OAS)   (676 words)

 Peace Action: Practical, Positive Alternatives for Peace
With the Capitol as a backdrop, dozens of “UNdiplomats” stood holding oversized head shots/masks of John Bolton marked “UNdiplomatic” and a 11 by 2 foot banner exclaiming “Bolton: UNdiplomatic.” The action was designed to highlight Bolton's record before the upcoming Senate confirmation vote on his nomination for the position of United Nations Ambassador.
The work of Peace Action and the Peace Action Education Fund is made possible thanks to the generous support of our members and the following foundations:
We're asking people to join at four central US nuclear weapons sites in major actions calling for an end to the development and production of nuclear warheads.   (676 words)

 Feminist Majority Foundation
National Organization for Women director of government relations and public policy Jan Erikson urged the FDA's approval of mifepristone at a July 19, 1996 hearing.
The National Abortion Federation¹s site provides information on clinic violence, as well as links to special reports, statistics on anti- abortion violence, anti-choice violence in the news, the impact of anti- abortion law, the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance (F.A.C.E.) law, and other Internet resources.
This site is administered by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) in an effort to "educate and instruct health care the safe and effective administration of mifepristone/misoprostol for early medical abortion." The site also contains information for women considering medical abortion. /rrights/abrights_links.html   (676 words)

 NAP - National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality Home Page
The National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality ( NAP) is the first of its kind.
The Administration of the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality
The NAP is jointly administered by the Australian Government departments of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the Environment and Heritage   (676 words)

 National Tobacco strategy 1999 to 2002-03: A Framework for National Action
It represents the first of the National Drug Action Plans to be developed under the National Drug Strategic Framework which outlines policy principles and priority areas to be covered by the National Drug Action Plans.
The National Tobacco Strategy 1999 to 2002-03: a framework for national action which outlines the goal, objectives, principle strategies and action issues agreed by Commonwealth, States and Territories for national tobacco control activity (PDF file 160Kb);
National Tobacco strategy 1999 to 2002-03: A Framework for National Action /pubhlth/publicat/document/metadata/tobccstrat.htm   (676 words)

 SEE Portal - Homepage / News / News:Serbia and Montenegro - National Action Plan for Gender Equality to be Prepared in Montenegro
The goal of the campaign is to inform the citizens about the activities of the League related to the preparation of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality.
These proposals and suggestions should find their place in the national action plan for gender equality", states the release by the League.
As informed, the National Action Plan will present functional policies designed to solve the problem of inequality of men and women. /article/view/100949/1   (676 words) -- Political Empowerment Resources
The ACLU, in response to significant police misconduct, and in the hopes of preventing future similar police misconduct, filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the protesters in July.
Protests also occurred at the Democratic National Convention from Aug. 14-18.
My main concern here is that the government avoids this type of action in the future. /page8.html   (676 words) > News > Features -- National Action Plan takes steps to help prevent falls
The National Council on Aging, with support from the Archstone Foundation and the Home Safety Council, launched a National Action Plan this year to educate the public, service providers and health/social service professionals.
To read more about the NCOA National Action Plan, see
If you're a 75-year-old (or older) female living alone, you have a great probability of having a fall. /news/features/20050528-9999-1c28nelesen.html   (676 words)

 Democracy in Action's P2004: The 2004 Presidential Campaign
There has been a minor amount of speculation that Dick Cheney might not be on the ticket in 2004; among those who have been mentioned as possible replacements are National Security Advisor Dr.
Copyright © 2001, 2002 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action
Democracy in Action's P2004: The 2004 Presidential Campaign /~action/2004/P2004.html   (676 words)

Community Action Partnership • National Community Action Foundation • Strafford Network
Community Action Agencies reach out to low-income people in their communities, address their multiple needs through a comprehensive approach, develop partnerships with other community organizations, involve low-income clients in the agency's operations, and administer a full range of coordinated programs designed to have a measurable impact on poverty.
Strafford County Community Action Committee, Inc. (SCCAC) is committed to ensuring that the basic needs of low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families are met, while promoting personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.   (676 words)

 Encyclopedia: National Action Party (Mexico)
The National Action Party ( Spanish: Partido Acción Nacional), known by the acronym PAN, is a conservative party and one of the three main political parties in Mexico.
Updated 50 days 11 hours 20 minutes ago. /encyclopedia/National-Action-Party-(Mexico)   (676 words)

 About National e-Governance Action Plan ( 2003-07)-Department of Information Technology
The National E-Governance Action Plan was presented to the Hon'ble Prime Minister on 6th November, 2003.
The Government of India has approved the National E-Governance Action Plan for implementation during the year 2003-2007.
The plan seeks to create the right governance and institutional mechanisms, set up the core infrastructure and policies and implement a number of Mission Mode Projects at the center, state and integrated service levels to create a citizen-centric and business-centric environment for governance. /actionplan/about.asp   (676 words)

 National Families in Action
National Families in Action does not collect information for commercial marketing.
The information will not be shared with anyone who is not on the staff of National Families in Action.
All text materials on National Families in Action's website are copyrighted. /privacy.html   (676 words)

 National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
The working out of the National Biodiversity Startegy and Action Plan has been finished and it will be accepted by the Parliament in 2000.
The Action Plan specifies necessary actions, along with time frames, responsible institutions and financing for implementation of the Biodiversity Strategy.
It provides the economical branches must work out and introduce the action programms of biological and landscape diversity conservation and sustainable use of resources. /enrin/biodiv/biodiv/national/latvia/legislat/plan.htm   (676 words)

 Implementing the Biodiversity Service - National Strategies and Action Plans
The table below lists National Strategies and Action Plans and First and Second National Reports to the CBD of the 27 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the NIS, together with the availability of Sectoral Action Plans (taken from NBSAPs and FNR of each country, where available).
National Strategy for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity English ( html), Russian ( html)
National Report on Conservation and sustainable use of the Biological Diversity ( pdf) /bioserve/implemen/natrepbs.html   (676 words)

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