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 National Assembly of Quebec - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Assembly of Quebec (French: Assemblée nationale du Québec) is the name for the legislative body of the province of Quebec, Canada which was defined in the Canadian constitution as the Legislative Assembly of Quebec (l'assemblée législative de Québec).
The Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada was thus restored as the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Quebec.
Cabinet Ministers are in Bold, Leaders are in Italics and the President of the National Assembly has a Dagger next to his name. /wiki/National_Assembly_of_Quebec   (929 words)

 National Assembly - LearnThis.Info Enclyclopedia
The National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
The National Assembly is the name of either a legislature, or the lower house of a bicameral legislature in some countries.
Vietnam: The National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Úốc huy nước Cộng hoà xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam) /n/na/national_assembly.html   (201 words)

 Quebec - Free net encyclopedia
The head of government is the Premier (called premier ministre in French) who leads the largest party in the unicameral National Assembly or Assemblée Nationale, from which the Council of Ministers is appointed.
Quebec is located in eastern Canada, bordered by Ontario and Hudson Bay to the west, Atlantic Canada to the east, the United States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York) to the south and the Arctic Ocean to the north.
The avian emblem of Quebec is the snowy owl. /index.php/Quebec   (3412 words)

 Quebec's Linguistic Situation @
Whereas the National Assembly intends to pursue this objective in a spirit of fairness and open-mindedness, respectful of the institutions of the English-speaking community of Québec, and respectful of the ethnic minorities, whose valuable contribution to the development of Québec it readily acknowledges;
Quebec's linguistic situation, while the subject of countless discussions, is still strikingly misunderstood outside the province.
In 1951, native speakers of French represented approximately 83%* of Quebec's population, native speakers of English, approximately 14%*, with 3% of allophones. /Quebec_ling.htm   (3530 words)

 President of the National Assembly of Quebec - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The President of the National Assembly of Quebec is the presiding officer of the National Assembly of Quebec, Canada, which is modeled after the Westminster parliamentary system.
The President of the National Assembly is the fourth person in importance of the protocolary order of the Quebec State, after the Lieutenant Governor, the Premier and the Deputy Premier.
The current President of the Assembly is the Liberal MNA Michel Bissonnet. /wiki/President_of_the_National_Assembly_of_Quebec   (613 words)

 Daniel Turp on the Future of Quebec
The National Assembly may not approve a treaty that is declared to be unconstitutional and the President of Quebec may not express the consent of Quebec to be bound by a treaty that is declared to be unconstitutional.
Where the President of Quebec is temporarily or definitively unable to perform the duties of the office, the functions of the President shall be performed temporarily by the speaker of the National Assembly or, if he or she is prevented from doing so, by the person replacing the speaker.
Quebec shall participate in the international community and conduct its international relations in accordance with the principles of national sovereignty, respect for the rules of international law, the sovereign equality of states, co-operation with international institutions and the peaceful settlement of international disputes. /turp/eng/Future/Works11.htm   (6573 words)

 An Act respecting the National Assembly
The National Assembly is composed of the Members elected for each of the electoral divisions established in accordance with the Election Act (chapter E-3.3) and whose names have been transmitted to the Secretary General by the chief electoral officer in accordance with section 380 of the said Act.
Every member of the personnel of the Assembly, except a casual employee, is a member of the personnel of the civil service, whether appointed under the Public Service Act (chapter F-3.1.1) or by derogation by virtue of the second paragraph of section 110, unless, in the latter case, the Office excludes him therefrom.
The President of the Assembly may exempt a member of the personnel of the Assembly from appearing as a witness in court, or before any body or person empowered to summon witnesses where he considers his presence required for the proper functioning of the Assembly and its services. /dynamicSearch/telecharge.php?type=2&file=/A_23_1/A23_1_A.html   (6107 words)

 Thomson Nelson - Political Science -Canadian Politics on the Web/Quebec Sovereignty and Canadian National Unity
Quebec separation is not the only challenge to national unity in Canada, as there are groups dedicated to the independence of he Western provinces as well.
In 1998 Quebec's Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Joseph Facal, published a document on Quebec Sovereignty and the Rule of Law in which he asserts that the Supreme Court recognized the separatists' claims.
Nine provinces that signed the Calgary Declaration in 1997 undertook a process of public consultation on national unity. /quebec.html   (601 words)

 National Assembly debates at 92 Mbps RISQ
Quebec’s National Assembly is connected to the RISQ network primarily to meet its own communication needs, but the connection also makes it possible for the Assembly to provide multimedia content of interest to teachers, students and the general public.
For Denis Goulet, the National Assembly’s participation in the research and education community is now well-established; the most important remaining question is how to serve Quebecers even better with this exceptional public infrastructure.
With some 400 local offices scattered across the province, Members of the National Assembly and their staff use the RISQ network daily as the conduit for thousands of emails and documents, as well as for point-to-point videoconferencing using the MSN Messenger server located in the provincial Parliament Building. /nouvelles/nouvelle_item.php?LANG=EN&ART=1428   (468 words)

 President of Concordia University honored by the National Assembly of Quebec - Mediafax - Concordia University Public Affairs Department
In a ceremony today at the National Assembly of Quebec, the President and Vice-Chancellor of Concordia University, Dr. Frederick Lowy, was honored for the broad range of his accomplishments and for his generous contributions to the field of higher education.
President of Concordia University honored by the National Assembly of Quebec
Leaving Concordia with a healthy financial picture, state-of-the-art construction projects and internationally respected researchers, the citizens of Quebec, through their elected representatives in the National Assembly, collectively recognize the impressive accomplishments of Frederick Lowy. /mediaroom/mediafax/2005/05/004344.shtml   (354 words)

 Communiqué - The President of COPA on mission to Toronto, Ottawa and Québec City
Laura Pavón Jaramillo, Representative of the National Congress of Mexico, took part in a mission to parliamentarians of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada, and the National Assembly of Québec from May 30 to June 4.
Launched in 1997, the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas was an initiative of the National Assembly of Québec.
On the occasion of its first General Assembly in Quebec City, COPA brought together more than 400 parliamentarians from 28 countries of the Americas. /Anglais/Communiques/C020605a.html   (340 words)

 Parliament and Government : Québec Portal : official Web site of the government of Québec
The role of the National Assembly is to pass legislation, in other words to lay down compulsory standards in the areas recognized as coming under provincial jurisdiction in the Canadian constitution.
The Parliament of Québec consists of the Lieutenant-Governor and the National Assembly.
The National Assembly meets for two sessions a year, from the second Tuesday in March until June 23, at the latest, and from the third Tuesday in October until December 21, at the latest. /wps/portal/pgs/commun/gouv?lang=en   (660 words)

 Intergovernmental resolutions of the Québec National Assembly
Resolution of the Québec National Assembly to authorize an amendment to the Canadian Constitution in accordance with the Meech Lake Accord, June 23, 1987
Resolution of the Québec National Assembly regarding the unilateral patriation of the Canadian Constitution, November 21, 1980
Unanimous resolution of the Québec National Assembly authorizing the amendment of section 93 of the Constitution Act, 1867, April 15, 1997 /institutionnelles_constitutionnelles/resolutions_assemblee_nationale_en.htm   (614 words)

 CBC News: Quebec students march on National Assembly
MONTREAL- Thousands of Quebec students demonstrated in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City on Thursday, lobbying the government to reinstate $103 million in bursaries that were cut to save money.
CBC News: Quebec students march on National Assembly
Quebec students, who pay the lowest tuition fees in the country, have been striking and demonstrating for weeks to back their demand for the reinstatement of the money. /story/canada/national/2005/03/24/quebec-students050324.html   (332 words)

 SSRN-Comparative Assessments of the Position of Indigenous Peoples in Quebec, Canada and Abroad by Bradford Morse
It was prepared at the request of the National Assembly of Quebec's Committee to Examine Matters Relating to the Accession of Quebec to Sovereignty, at a time of major constitutional and social debate and controversy.
The National Assembly then enacted the Act respecting the process for determining the political and constitutional future of Quebec on June 21, 1991.
The Province of Quebec was, of course, not a bystander in the aftermath of the collapse of the Meech Lake constitutional amendments. /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=312401   (798 words)

 Islamic Centre of Quebec [ ICQ ]
The Islamic Centre of Quebec, established in 1965 by virtue of an act (Bill 194) of the National Assembly of Quebec, is the first and foremost Islamic organization in Quebec.
Islamic Centre of Quebec is arranging an Eid-ul-Adha dinner on Saturday, February 4th 2006,@ Lucien Page School, 6:00 PM sharp.
Located in St-Laurent (Montreal) and serving a Muslim population of more than 75,000, the Centre is dedicated to meeting the spiritual, social and educational needs of Muslims in Quebec, and committed to promoting better understanding of Islam to non-Muslims.   (186 words)

 Quebec Legislature. Legislative Assembly. Debats (Quebec, Quebec: 1862) & Documents de la Session, Serie "C"
This collection provides information on the construction of railroads, the development of manufacturing industries, the broad stages on the development of education and social welfare, the nationalizing of electricity, the protection of the environment, etc., and the history of the Province of Quebec.
In addition, it includes correspondence to members of the National Assembly and all the other documents labled in the House but not printed.
The Legislature of the Province of Quebec continued the tradition of the parliamentary government of United Canada and published Documents de la Session and the Sessional Papers. /robarts/microtext/collection/pages/quebeclg.html   (524 words)

 Parti 51 -
The party had no success in winning election to the National Assembly of Quebec, and in the spring of 1990, asked the Direction of Elections of Quebec to dissolve the party because it no longer had enough members to form an executive committee.
In the 1989 Quebec provincial election, the only election in which it nominated candidates, the party nominated 11 candidates, who won 3,846 votes, or 0.11% of the popular vote in the province.
The party proposed the separation of Quebec from Canada in order to seek admission to the United States as the 51st state of that union. /psypsych/Parti_51   (184 words)

 CNN - Quebec divided on independence - Oct. 26, 1995
In hopes of preventing Quebec, with a quarter of Canada's population, from seceding, Prime Minister Jean Chretien demanded national television time Wednesday to plead against separation.
Separatist leader Lucien Bouchard, who appeared on national television after Chretien, also scoffed at the prime minister's promises, calling them too little, too late.
Quebec, he said, would then negotiate an economic and political partnership with Canada. /WORLD/9510/canada   (210 words) - Canada's Portal - Quick Guide
He had to resign his first cabinet post, minister of state for fitness and amateur sport, in 1990, after inexplicably calling a Quebec superior court judge inquiring on the case of a coach suing for reinstatement to the national team.
He was acclaimed Quebec Liberal leader in March, 1998, after being pressured to replace Daniel Johnson, but lost the provincial election that year to Bouchard, the then-PQ premier.
Before he "chose Quebec", Charest was the face of the federal Progressive Conservative party. /en_html/guide/provinc_elections/quebec_elec.html   (783 words)

 National Assembly of Quebec
THAT, on the occasion of the 89th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the National Assembly of Québec commemorate with respect the memory of the Armenian citizens who were lost in the events of 1915 and extend its deepest sympathy and compassion to our fellow countrymen of Armenian origin.
"THAT, on the occasion of the 89th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the National Assembly of Québec commemorate with respect the memory of the Armenian citizens who were lost in the events of 1915 and extend its deepest sympathy and compassion to our fellow countrymen of Armenian origin."
Home > International Affirmation > States and Provinces > Canada > Quebec /Affirmation.289/current_category.18/affirmation_detail.html   (140 words)

 NATIONAL POST ONLINE Search Results Story
What angered him about the Boulerice-Bergman resolution was that it struck him as "Parliamentary omerta." It was only the third time in the history of the Quebec National Assembly that members condemned an individual by name (even Jacques Parizeau did not receive censure for his 1995 comment about "money and the ethnic vote").
He is also petitioning Quebec's National Assembly, demanding it repair the damage done to his reputation by a Dec. 14 censure resolution.
Moreover, it is an avowedly federalist Jewish organization whose Quebec director once led a small political party that categorically opposes Bill 101 and who regularly attacks the memory of Lionel Groulx, one of Quebec's most revered icons, for whom the province has named schools, streets, mountains and even a major Montreal Métro station. /jon/orwell/Michaud/Michaud.htm   (1818 words)

 L'avenir du Québec vu par Daniel Turp
And as far as decentralization is concerned, only a massive real and constitutional transfer of cultural, social, and econornic powers to the Quebec National Assembly will be acceptable to Quebeckers, who are, as shown in poll after poll, including one taken after the October 30 referendum, repeatedly claiming such a transfer.
By contrast with the 1980 referendum question, which would have given no such mandate to the government of Quebec, the vote of October 30 is a clear indication that Quebeckers seriously considered the option of sovereignty and almost gave it a majority in 1995.
By contraste the anglophones of Quebec voted almost unanimously for the No side (95 percent), whereas the allophone population of Quebec also voted overwhelming against the sovereignty proposal (92 percent). /turp/avenir/Works4.htm   (1631 words)

 McCarthy Tétrault LLP - Publications - The Québec National Assembly Adopts an Act Respecting Semi-Public Companies in the Municipal Sector
On June 19, 1997, the Québec National Assembly adopted "An Act respecting semi-public companies in the municipal sector" (S.Q. 1997, chapter 41).
The Québec National Assembly Adopts an Act Respecting Semi-Public Companies in the Municipal Sector
McCarthy Tétrault LLP - Publications - The Québec National Assembly Adopts an Act Respecting Semi-Public Companies in the Municipal Sector /pubs/publication.asp?pub_code=921   (518 words)

 The Militant - December 29, 2003 -- Unionists in Quebec mobilize to oppose antilabor legislation
The CSN had held a November 29 demonstration of 20,000 in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City.
Since the beginning of the fall, with the enthusiastic support of Quebec bosses, the Charest government has introduced a series of bills aimed at weakening union power and cutting social services under the code word of “reengineering” the provincial state.
In the flurry of anti-labor legislation, Quebec’s Minister of Labor announced the abolition of Law 46, which had extended many of the guaranteed wage minimums and working standards of unionized workers in the garment industry to workers in nonunion shops. /2003/6746/674603.html   (779 words)

The bill changes the definition of de-facto couples in 28 Quebec laws to include same-sex couples, automatically allowing homosexual couples to receive tax deductions and spousal benefits paid to common-law partners from insurance policies and public pension plans.
KEY VOTES GRADE PQ...Parti Quebecois +...Pro-Gay Vote A+..Extremely Pro-Gay QL...Quebec Liberal Party -...Anti-Gay Vote A...Very Pro-Gay AD..Action democratique ?...Did Not Vote B...Pro-Gay du Quebec I...Ineligible Voter C...Average +...Outspokenly Pro-Gay D...Anti-Gay -...Outspokenly Anti-Gay F...Very Anti-Gay F-..Extremely Anti-Gay ?...No Votes Yet PARTI QUEBECOIS: 68 QUEBEC LIBERAL PARTY: 51 ACTION DEMOCRATIQUE DU QUEBEC: 2 VACANT: 3
Quebec couples who opt for civil unions may divorce simply by signing an agreement before a notary public, provided there are no children involved. /eatonohio/gay/quebec.html   (913 words)

 Qué Political History of Quebec
It is henceforth forbidden to be member of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec and of the Federal House of Commons at the same moment.
November 29, 1968: The Legislative Assembly of Quebec adopts the "Loi abolissant le Conseil législatif", which abolishes the Upper House of the Parliament of Quebec, the Legislative Council.
This assembly is considered as the the founding event of the second version of Honoré Mercier's Parti national. /histoirepolitique-nov-en.html   (3610 words)

 Mockler congratulates members of Quebec National Assembly (04/10/13)
FREDERICTON (CNB) - Intergovernmental and International Relations Minister Percy Mockler, who is also Minister responsible for the Francophonie, said he was pleased by the initiative of Quebec parliamentarians to organize a ceremony at the National Assembly on Tuesday, Oct. 19, to highlight the federal Royal Proclamation on the Deportation of the Acadians.
On that occasion, an official ceremony will be held in the Red Room of the National Assembly to mark the Royal Proclamation of Dec. 10, 2003, which recognized the deportation and designated a Day of Commemoration.
"This is an excellent initiative on the part of the Québec National Assembly, and I want to congratulate them personally and on behalf of the members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick," Mockler said. /cnb/news/iga/2004e1133ig.htm   (270 words)

 QUEBEC: Cops and Students Battle At National Assembly (w/ pics) : Thunderbay IMC
Riot police fired tear gas at rebellious students in front of the Quebec National Assembly (provincial legislature) yesterday.
QUEBEC: Cops and Students Battle At National Assembly (w/ pics) : Thunderbay IMC
QUEBEC: Cops and Students Battle At National Assembly (w/ pics) /mail.php?id=21428   (123 words)

 Proposed Resolution to amend the Constitution Act, 1867
WHEREAS in so doing the National Assembly of Quebec reaffirms the established rights of the English-speaking community of Quebec.
That the National Assembly authorizes the amendment to the Constitution of Canada by proclamation of his Excellency the Governor Canada under the Great Seal of Canada in accordance with the following text:
WHEREAS such amendment in no way constitutes recognition by the National Assembly of the Constitution Act, 1982, which was adopted without its consent; /Constitutions/Canada/English/Proposals/ca_1867-s93-quebec-1997.html   (239 words)

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