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 Palestinian National Covenant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Palestinian National Covenant or Palestinian National Charter (Arabic: al-Mithaq al-Watani al-Filastini) is the charter or constitution of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
The text of the Palestinian National Covenant remains as it was and no changes whatsoever were made to it.
The Palestine National Council's resolution, in accordance with Article 33 of the Covenant, is a comprehensive amendment of the Covenant. /wiki/Palestinian_National_Covenant   (1853 words)

 National Covenants -NRA
As Israel's national covenant was contracted by the people through their rulers in a public ceremony of covenant ratification, so today a national covenant should be established by the same means, and the nation's covenant with God should be written into the political constitutions that govern the nation.
Their national covenant was not based on a general, private consensus that God is king, but upon a specific, public recognition of that fact by the people and their leaders.
The Abrahamic covenant is the foundational covenant of "the covenants of promise" (Eph. /statesman/98/natcov.html   (2099 words)

 Palestine-Related Documents
Article 33: This covenant cannot be amended except by a two-thirds majority of all the members of the National Assembly of the Palestine Liberation Organization in a special session called for this purpose.
"This covenant will be called The Palestinian National Covenant (al- mithaq al-watani al-filastini).
Article 32: To this covenant is attached a law known as the fundamental law of the Palestine Liberation Organization, in which is determined the manner of the organization's formation, its committees, institutions, the special function of every one of them and all the requisite duties associated with them in accordance with this covenant. /politics/pnc.html   (1607 words)

 The Evangelical Covenant Church
As the denominational magazine of The Evangelical Covenant Church it informs, stimulates thought, and encourages dialogue on issues that impact the church and its members.
The Evangelical Covenant Church is a rapidly growing multi-ethnic denomination of more than 750 congregations in the United States and Canada with ministries on five continents of the world.
WALTHAM, MA (November 10) - The Covenant Congregational Church recently sold $9,000 in pumpkins and gourds as a fundraiser for the church, but also benefited Navajo Native Americans in Arizona at the same....   (364 words)

 The National Packaging Covenant (NPC)
The revised Covenant commits signatories to a national recycling target of 65% for packaging and no further increases in packaging waste disposed to landfill by the end of 2010.
Click here to view presentations that have been given on the new National Packaging Covenant.
Following are the key documents relating to the National Packaging Covenant: /covt.html   (372 words)

 Palestinian National Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After the signing of the Oslo Accords, the PNC met in Gaza in April 1996 and voted 504 to 54 to void parts of the Palestinian National Covenant that denied Israel's right to exist, but the charter itself was not been formally changed or re-drafted.
As of 2003, the PNC is chaired by Salim Zanoun and has 669 members; 88 are from the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), 98 represent the Palestinian population living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and 483 represent the Palestinian diaspora.
In December 1998, the PNC met in Gaza at the insistence of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called it a condition on the continuation of the peace process. /wiki/Palestinian_National_Council   (420 words)

 The Covenanters by Brian Orr Part One
The National Covenant was not anti-government nor did it refer to the bishops but King Charles over-reacted and regarded them as rebels.
It is easy to say that they were the Presbyterians who signed the National Covenant to uphold the Presbyterian religion in 1638.
The strongest and most extreme forms of Covenanting were to be found in Ayrshire and the south west in Dumfries and Galloway where dissenting ministers had substantial congregations. /articles/cov1.html   (1798 words)

 Scottish National Covenant
In February 1638, at a ceremony in Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh, large numbers of Scottish noblemen, clergy, gentry and burghers signed a National Covenant committing themselves under God to preserving the purity of the Kirk.
The Scots responded by appointing the veteran Alexander Leslie to organise the Army of the Covenant.
After the execution of Charles I, his son Charles II promised to take the Covenant under the terms of the Treaty of Breda (1650), and to impose Presbyterianism in England as well as Scotland in return for Scottish help in regaining the English throne. /glossary/scots-national-covenant.htm   (523 words)

 Covenant Marriage
In a day when our nation is fighting to maintain the institution of marriage as God designed it, we offer your congregation a way to publicly affirm your belief in marriage as a covenant relationship between a man and a woman.
Considering the struggles we face as a nation, it is time for the Bride of Christ to join together in affirming God's greatest gift of love in and through human relationships-the gift of covenant marriage.
Our goal this year is to have thousands of congregations across our nation and around the world corporately celebrating marriage as a covenant relationship. /congregational_support/2005_promo.htm   (731 words)

 National Covenant --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
The National Covenant was composed of the King's Confession (1581), additional...
E-text of this covenant, which was ratified by several nations in 1976 to become international law.
More results on "National Covenant" when you join. /eb/article-9054972?tocId=9054972   (698 words)

 The Palestine National Covenant
The Palestine National Covenant, passed by the Palestine National Council in July 1968, blatantly displays the imperialist-fascist nature of the Palestinian-Arab movement.
The covenant defines Palestinians as "Arab nationals who normally resided in Palestine regardless of whether they were evicted from it or have stayed there.
At the same time, the covenant refers to Palestinians as "an integral part of the Arab nation." This is the basis by which Arab nations have kept their fellow Arabs in refugee camps, which are actually internment or even concentration camps. /focus/f-news/807499/posts   (572 words)

 The National Covenant: Life Blood of Scotland An Overview of Scottish Presbyterian History -- Part Four
In response to D'Aubigny's actions, the General Assembly instructed John Craig, a colleague of John Knox, to draft a Protestant confession of faith, which would later serve as the basis for the National Covenant.
This covenant bound the parties to uphold the King and the true religion against all usurpation.
This group, the "Ruthven Raiders," received their designation from the Ruthven Covenant of 1582, to which they had bound themselves. /webfiles/antithesis/v1n4/ant_v1n4_covenant.html   (1795 words)

The appendices touch on the relationship of covenanting to immoral and unscriptural civil governments, the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, the British constitution and the apostasy of the Revolution settlement.
No nation is covenanted with Christ (as a nation), but instead, "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us" (Ps.
He deals with the manner, duty and nature of covenanting (including personal and social covenanting), the obligation covenanting confers, how covenanting is provided for in the everlasting covenant, how it is adapted to the moral constitution of man and how it is according to the purposes of God. /newslett/actualNLs/natcov.htm   (4637 words)

 The Palestine National Charter Table of Contents
Declaration by the Palestinian National Council in Cairo (3/22/77) /jsource/Peace/charttoc.html   (9 words)

 National Packaging Covenant
The Ai Group is an inaugural signatory to the National Packaging Covenant and is a member of the Covenant Council.
Ai Group is encouraging industry to seriously consider becoming a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant.
The goals of the Covenant are to minimise the environmental impacts of consumer packaging waste throughout the entire life cycle of the packaging product, close the recycling loop, develop economically viable and sustainable recycling collection systems and ensure that the voluntary process continues. /scripts/cgiip.exe/ccms.r?pageID=565   (605 words)

 Covenant Network of Presbyterians
he Covenant Network of Presbyterians is a broad-based, national group of clergy and lay leaders working for a church that is simultaneously faithful, just, and whole.
Response from the Executive Committee of The Covenant Network Of Presbyterians to the Final Report of the Theological Task Force on Peace, Unity and Purity of the Church
The video will be available for sale at the 2005 Covenant Network Conference and on-line through the Covenant Network e-store for $10 each. /home.htm   (688 words)

 Israel Resource Review
Thus the conflicts among the Palestinian national forces are secondary, and should be ended for the sake of the basic conflict that exists between the forces of Zionism and of imperialism on the one hand, and the Palestinian Arab people on the other.
Accordingly, the Palestinian people, desirous as they are of the friendship of all people, look to freedom-loving, justice-loving and peace-loving states for support in order to restore their legitimate rights in Palestine, to re-establish peace and security in the country, and to enable its people to exercise national sovereignty and freedom.
Proponents of the second approach felt it was necessary to fulfill the Palestinian commitment to amend the Covenant without conditioning it on Israeli fulfillment of its obligations, and therefore favored immediate amendment. /BehindTheNews/Apr-21.htm   (5415 words)

This and all other grievances against the King resulted in the renewal of the National Covenant.This was signed by the noblemen and senior churchmen in Greyfriars Churchyard on 28 February, 1638.
Right: Memorial stone in Greyfriars Churchyard commemorating many who died in defence of the National Covenant.
Site of the Signing of the National Covenant on the 28th Feb 1638 /livvyboy/Return_To_Scotland.html   (644 words)

 The Covenanters by Brian Orr Part 9
The ancient Greyfriar's Kirk in Edinburgh is dear to the memory of the Covenanters and the Reformation of the Church in Scotland because it was within the Kirk itself that "The National Covenant" was first read and signed on Wednesday, February 28, 1638.
1840 - that the Covenant was taken outside for signature by the common people gathered there, but truth is that the flat gravestones did not then exist and it was not taken outside.
Ironically, nearby the "Prison" stands the mausoleum of Sir George MacKenzie who, as Kings Advocate, was responsible for the zealous prosecution of the Covenanters and gained for himself the title "Bluidy" MacKenzie. /articles/cov9.html   (847 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Still calling for Israel's destruction
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's foreign minister has acknowledged that the PLO National Covenant, with its many clauses calling for violence and the destruction of Israel, has never been changed, reports Dubai newspaper Al Bayan.
The 1993 Oslo accords required Arafat to remove those clauses from the National Covenant.
On Dec. 14, 1998, Arafat and President Bill Clinton presided over a meeting in Gaza of Palestinian Arab notables – although it was not a meeting of the PNC – at which the audience raised their hands to signal approval of a statement by Arafat claiming that the Covenant had already been changed in 1996." /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=29242   (475 words)

 Covenant Deadline Unmet (Jerusalem Post Editorial) - November, 1996
Indeed, the repeal of the Covenant was the main thing Arafat promised Israel in exchange for diplomatic recognition and the opening of negotiations aimed at transferring control of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza to the PLO.
The promise to amend the Covenant was first made as part of thefamous exchange of letters between PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat and prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in September 1993.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu correctly made the Covenant a central issue of his campaign, promising that his government would not continue giving land and power to the PA unless this document were finally amended. /m_online/nov96/jpost.htm   (901 words)

Covenant House Re-Opens Doors For Homeless In New Orleans
    There were 47 young people in all -- confused, scared, and all alone in the world except for Covenant House.
    The children spilled out of the cars of our heroic New Orleans staff at 5:30 a.m., entered our Covenant House Texas shelter and fell exhausted onto the mats we had prepared for them.   (239 words)

 Table of contents for Revolutionary England and the national covenant
Table of contents for Revolutionary England and the national covenant : state oaths, Protestantism, and the political nation, 1553-1682 / Edward Vallance.
168 Chapter Six: 'A Covenant for Liberty of Conscience', The Levellers, the Diggers and the National Covenant p.
Table of contents for Revolutionary England and the national covenant /catdir/toc/ecip0422/2004019947.html   (291 words)

 National Covenant
The new National Pact or National Covenant had four principles.
Home Page | Timeline of Events | History Prior to National Covenant | Diversity | National Covenant | Civil War | Decentralization of Power | Pros/Cons and Personal Accounts | References | More Pictures
The first was that Lebanon was to remain an independent state. /ccapps2/page5.html   (379 words)

 PML-N plans drive on democratic covenant -DAWN - National; 16 September, 2004
ISLAMABAD, Sept 15: Pakistan Muslim League-N has decided to launch a national campaign for developing consensus among the democratic forces and parties in the country on "Meesaq-i- Jamhuriat" (a national democratic covenant) for constitutional and democratic governance in Pakistan.
PML-N plans drive on democratic covenant -DAWN - National; 16 September, 2004
This covenant will soon be presented before an All Parties Conference, said PML-N Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq after a meeting of the party's manifesto committee here on Wednesday. /2004/09/16/nat4.htm   (97 words)

 Welcome to the Covenant of the Goddess Home Page
CoGWeb, the WWW home page of the Covenant of the Goddess, an international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solitary practitioners.
The Covenant of the Goddess takes the responsibility for protecting the security and, when appropriate, the confidentiality, of data very seriously.
The Covenant of the Goddess will not store, aggregate, reproduce, duplicate, disseminate, extract, reutilize, copy, sell, resell, rent, lease or exploit any personal information collected about our visitors, members or donors except for non-commercial, internal purposes.   (375 words)

 Waste Management
Examples of recent approaches include product stewardship in the oil industry (Product Stewardship (Oil) Act 2000), shared responsibility supported by regulation (National Packaging Covenant), and voluntary agreements for action (plastics).
These industries have been identified as priority areas in which the Australian Government is able to develop a national approach to achieve reduction of environmental impacts.
We are initially addressing issues in the following broad sectors: automotive waste (including tyres), oil recycling, the plastics industry, the electrical industry, and all industries within the packaging chain. /settlements/waste   (302 words)

 Special Report
Thanks to the PNC vote, the Palestinian representatives now are fully empowered to negotiate a settlement to their half-century-old dispute.
For those who saw the entire Oslo process as a trap to scuttle the cause of Palestinian independence and blame the Palestinians themselves for its failure, there was much initial evidence to vindicate their suspicions.
Still on the same day the Palestinians adopted their resolution, a committee from Peres’ Labor party completed drafting the platform upon which the Labor party intends to run in the May 29 election. /backissues/0596/9605040.htm   (977 words)

 Wye and the Palestinian Covenant: New Demands from Israel?
Media reports on implementation of the Wye River Memorandum have incorrectly characterized as a "new demand" Israel's position that the Palestinian Covenant must be revised by a full meeting of the Palestinian National Council.
And these agreements are quite clear on the question of revising the Palestinian National Covenant; in particular, Oslo 2 states:
While the PNC did meet on April 24, 1996, rather than voting on specific changes to the Covenant (as required by the Covenant itself), it merely approved a resolution referring the matter to a legal committee which was to suggest a draft of a revised covenant. /isreport/wyedemand.html   (725 words)

 The Palestine National Covenant
The Palestine National Covenant, passed by the Palestine National Council, July 1968, blatantly displays the imperialist-fascist nature of the Palestinian-Arab movement.
The covenant defines Palestinians as "Arab nationals who normally resided in Palestine regardless of whether they were evicted from it or have stayed there.
At the same time, the covenant refers to Palestinians as "an integral part of the Arab nation." This is the basis by which Arab nations have kept their fellow Arabs in refugee camps, which are actually internment or even concentration camps. /focus/f-news/739059/posts   (556 words)

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