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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

 icLiverpool - Don't bring the eisteddfod here, say Liverpool Welsh
Urging National Eisteddfod Council members to consider fairly all aspects of bringing the Eisteddfod to Liverpool, Mr Owen added: "I expect them too to have their fingers on the pulse of the Welsh nation when weighing up their decisions, bearing in mind that the National Eisteddfod is the nation's festival.
National Eisteddfod officials are being urged to reject the official invitation from Liverpool City Council to hold the 2007 festival in Liverpool.
With Archdruid Dr Robyn Lewis also putting forward a proposal that the National Eisteddfod should not be held outside Wales in the future, the Daily Post has received a copy of a letter from the president of the Welsh Society in Liverpool, Roderick Owen. /0100news/0100regionalnews/tm_objectid=15363972%26method=full%26siteid=50061%26headline=don%2dt%2dbring%2dthe%2deisteddfod%2dhere%2d%2dsay%2dliverpool%2dwelsh-name_page.html

 Amnesty Wales at the National Eisteddfod
Eisteddfod visitors descended upon the popular Amnesty International Wales and Oxfam Cymru shared tent, where they could relax in comfortable seats with a Fair Trade coffee, attend one of the programmed activities, or sign up to the Stop Violence Against Women campaign and add their voice to Amnesty’s wall of 'Imaginings'.
The National Eisteddfod of Wales is a traditional festival celebrating Welsh language and culture.
The first Eisteddfod can be traced back to 1176 when a chair was awarded to the best poet and musician. /wales/events/eisteddfod.shtml

 National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales - News - Twenty-first century partnership between two of Wales' most traditional establishments
The National Library of Wales is home to a huge range of material relating to The National Eisteddfod of Wales, in fact, there are even crowned and chaired 'Prifeirdd' on the NLW payroll.
2004 has been an important period of change and modernisation for The National Eisteddfod of Wales and for the Library, which has undergone a dramatic facelift, climaxing in the opening of the DRWM auditorium in June.
In the spirit of the Eisteddfod, tea or coffee and a delicious welsh-cake is available to everyone in the Pen Dinas restaurant and is included in the entry price of £3.50. /news_019.htm

 icWales - Local venues feel left out as Eisteddfod ups fees to keep youth on camp site
THE National Eisteddfod will charge over the odds for camping pitches this year to subsidise its ailing evening entertainment programme, it has been claimed.
Eisteddfod organisers were unavailable for comment last night but have publicly admitted that the festival needs to raise more funds to combat a financial crisis.
Ioan Thomas, chairman of the Caernarfon Fundraising Committee for the Eisteddfod and managing director of Cofi Roc, said the policy was a slap in the face for local people who have worked hard to raise money to host the festival. /0100news/0200wales/tm_objectid=15413655%26method=full%26siteid=50082%26headline=local%2dvenues%2dfeel%2dleft%2dout%2das%2deisteddfod%2dups%2dfees%2dto%2dkeep%2dyouth%2don%2dcamp%2dsite-name_page.html

 The Eisteddfed
The month of October, 1930, proved to be a big month in the history of Jackson for new and exciting entertainment as it was the weekend before the National Eisteddfod that the Markay Theatre opened for the first time, having as its initial attraction "Playboy In Paris" with Maurice Chevalier.
At the National Eisteddfod in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. in the fall of 1928, John Jones of Jackson, who was an officer in the national organization, suggested that the 1930 National Eisteddfod beheld in Jackson.
One of the reasons for the selection of Jackson was the Eisteddfod Auditorium, believed to be the only building in the world devoted to the practice of the Eisteddfod. /eisteddfod.htm

 Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod
He was advised to travel to Llangollen to talk to W.S. Gwynn Williams, a leading music figure in Wales, and in the National Eisteddfod in particular, who was also a music publisher.
Here was at least one European choir which, if it did nothing else, would justify the term International Musical Eisteddfod in a truly comprehensive sense and not, as had been feared, in the narrow sense that choirs would be limited to the nationalities which lay within the confines of the British Isles.
During this period he became involved from time to time with representatives of exiled governments, some of whom visited the National Eisteddfod of Wales gatherings. /eist3.html

 GWYBODIADUR: The Eisteddfod
Eisteddfod is one of the few Welsh words to have entered the English language – though English dictionaries disagree on exactly what it means – and it has been used all over the world to refer to a competitive cultural festival or celebration of the performing arts.
The first recorded eisteddfod is thought to have taken place in Cardigan in 1176, though the word itself is not recorded until 1523, when the event became properly regulated as a sort of competitive test of professional aptitude for bards.
The Eisteddfod is also a big event, culturally and financially, for the host area: it spills over into the surrounding towns in the form of evening events such as concerts and plays. /eisteddfod/eisteddfod.htm

 MSN Encarta - Eisteddfod
Eisteddfod (Welsh, “a sitting of learned men”), national music and literary festival held each summer in Wales to promote Welsh language, literature,...
Become a subscriber today and gain access to: /encyclopedia_761568315/Eisteddfod.html

 National Eisteddfod of Wales Accommodation
Wales has other Eisteddfodau, including the Urdd National Eisteddfod (for the youth of Wales) and the International Musical Eisteddfod - which is held each July in the town of Llangollen in North Wales.
Various attempts to change the way the Eisteddfod was organised and run took place from the 10th century to 1880 when the National Eisteddfod Association was formed with a responsibility for staging an annual festival, held alternately in North and South Wales.
The first National Eisteddfod as we recognise it today was held at Aberdare in Mid Glamorgan in 1861. /eisteddfod.htm

 BBC News Wales National Eisteddfod gets extra day
The eisteddfod is also taking on an international air with choirs from America and South Africa performing later in the week.
People from all over Wales are enjoying the National Eisteddfod for the first time on a Sunday.
The use of Welsh language in business is to be celebrated on the second day of the National Eisteddfod. /1/hi/special_report/regions/wales/408716.stm

 Press Release - Datganiad i'r Wasg
The National Eisteddfod and the Gorsedd are an important and integral part of Wales' national life and admission to the Gorsedd is one of the greatest honours which Wales can bestow on her citizens.
Most Rev Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Wales, was today (Monday, 5th August 2002) honoured by being admitted to "Gorsedd y Beirdd" at the National Eisteddfod currently being held at St Davids in Pembrokeshire.
The Gorsedd hold ceremonies on three days during Eisteddfod week and admission to the Gorsedd is a great honour in Wales. /press/0131e.html

It is quite probable that the National Eisteddfod of Wales might have to curtail its activities and lay off staff.
The Eisteddfod officials reject this and consultants who prepared a report on its future say that the Welsh-only rule is essential that this is what makes it unique.
This means that the Eisteddfod has difficulty in paying its debts, and it is possible that it might have to sell its assets, estimated at £250,000 mostly in stocks and shares. /news.asp?id=4770

 Cwmbach Male Choir Competitions
Later the same year the Choir competed at the Miners' Eisteddfod at Porthcawl, only to be placed fourth out of 24 choirs, but in the years to follow Cwmbach's record must be the envy of many choirs in Wales, but despite it's many successes it was unsuccessful at Llangollen International Eisteddfod in 1949,1950 and 1951.
Miners' Eisteddfod, Porthcawl £60, and becoming the first choir to be awarded the Handsome 200 guineas Challenge Cup.
Winners of Chief Male Voice Competition £200, and Second Male Voice Competition £80, plus the 200 guineas Challenge Cup at the Miners' Eisteddfod, Porthcawl, to become the first choir to achieve the 'double' at this Eisteddfod and to win the Challenge Cup for the fourth time. /compertitions.htm

This year's National Eisteddfod in the heart of Ynys Mon was not best placed to take advantage of public transport availability.
While recognising the importance of the Eisteddfod to encompass the whole of Wales in its choice of venues, we strongly urge that proximity to a railhead should be considered a key factor in the site selection process.
The Eisteddfod's planning timescales are similar to those for rail, so it ought to be possible to start discussions now over serving the 2001 Eisteddfod in or near Denbigh. /rdsw/aut99p7.htm

 Report - National Eisteddfod Llanelli 2000
The Caravan site for the Eisteddfod will be approximately 1 mile to the west on a landscaped are overlooking the Burry Estuary and linked to nearby Burry Port and Pembrey Country Park with a network of cycleways and footpaths recently constructed as part of the MCP.
The Eisteddfod represents a unique `shop window' for Carmarthenshire and a core group of officers has been selected to ensure that full advantage is taken to promote the county in the period leading up to and during the event.
The Rock Venue is linked to the Eisteddfod Maes, to the north by a landscaped corridor, whilst on the adjacent seashore, the Millennium Promenade, a key project of the Millennium Coastal Park connects the Rock Tent with the foreshore camp sites. /agendas/eng/RATC20000503/REP15.htm

 Untitled Document
The first is the National Eisteddfod which is held in North Wales and South Wales in alternate years at the beginning of August.
The International Eisteddfod takes place in Llangollen where dancers, singers and choirs from every part of the world converge to take part in this global festival of music.
The medieval meeting of the bards, called an eisteddfod, was revived as a means of attracting patronage for Welsh cultural activity. /pages/emblems.html

 Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 4 Hansard (21 June) Page 1052
The Eisteddfod Society is a good body and it is one we did treasure, even though we were cutting its funding.
What happened, simply, was that the eisteddfod committee got off its butt, got out there, generated some activity, did some good work, and put on some performances.
Specifically, Mr Berry suggested that business confidence was down and that this was reflected in the falling job advertisements and an unemployment trend in the ACT that runs against the national trend. /hansard/1995/week04/1052.htm

 Guardian A yw hyn yn arwydd o'r amseroedd?*
The national eisteddfod, held in north and south Wales in alternate years, is a celebration of Welsh identity, with many competitions for singers and poets who use complex meters and structures.
In a statement, the organisation said: "This is the first step towards a bilingual national eisteddfod and a fatal blow to the event's role as the only remaining significant national event entirely in Welsh."
Plan by Wales's national eisteddfod for notices in English lambasted for displaying lack of pride /print/0,3858,4871385-103639,00.html

 National Eisteddfod Newport 2004 - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Casnewydd 2004
GWENT Police are urging visitors to the National Eisteddfod to use public transport ahead of tonight's opening ceremony as up to 150,000 people descend on Tredegar House for the week-long festival.
THE latest findings and research from Newport's medieval ship are to be showcased at the National Eisteddfod.
THE big clean-up was under way today after 155,000 people passed through the gates of this year's National Eisteddfod. /gwent/eisteddfod

 Pembrokeshire Eisteddfod Sir Benfro
It may surprise you to discover that this is not an account of some druid ceremony of ancient times, but a brief description of one of the events that takes place during the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales.
It made it's first appearance at an Eisteddfod in Carmarthen in 1819, and from the time that the National was born in 1860-61 it's close association with the festival has remained.
The Gorsedd of Bards is an association whose members consist of poets, writers, musicians, artists and individuals who have made a distinguished contribution to the Welsh nation, language and culture. /eisteddfod/pr_bard.htm
National confederation of Wiccan covens of various traditions (Gardnerian, Dianic, Celtic, Eclectic, Kingstone, NROOGD, Tanic, etc.); COG has Local Councils in various prts of the country...
"CoG, a loosely organized national federation of covens, is one avanue through which information is spread within the Neo-Pagan community.
*LINK* web site: National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.; web page: news release represents a modest edit of the wrap-up prepared by the World Council of Churches (1998). /Na/Na_252.html

 Welsh Conservatives - News Story - Welsh government urged to aid National Eisteddfod
Ms Francis, the Conservatives' spokeswoman on culture and the Welsh language in the National Assembly, said: "The Welsh Labour Government should give a one-off payment of £100,000 this year to help the Eisteddfod alleviate this funding crisis.
The Eisteddfod, which is scheduled to go ahead as planned in Newport in August, is currently facing a funding crisis.
"I warmly welcome the steps already taken by the Eisteddfod's board to improve their marketing strategy, but more needs to be done to promote the event and broaden its appeal. /wales/story.cfm?obj_id=109236

 BBC - Mid Wales Bus - National Eisteddfod
The BBC Wales Bus was at the National Eisteddfod held at Mathrafal Farm, near the small village of Meifod in Mid Wales between August 2nd - 9th, 2003.
Radio Cymru was broadcasting from the Eisteddfod throughout the week with DJs such as Dylan Wyn and Owain Gwilym on the maes and Dafydd Du and Bethan Elfyn on Maes B (the popular youth field).
Temperatures soared, the sun cream and hats were out in full force and tens of thousands of visitors came onto the field each day to taste a flavour of the event. /wales/mid/sites/bus/galleries/eisteddfod_2003.shtml

 GO BRITANNIA! Wales: Wales History Timeline - 1849-1869 AD
The Aberdare Eisteddfod attracted a great deal of interest throughout Wales: qualifying as the first truly "National Eisteddfod," its success led to the institution remaining an integral and much-loved part of Welsh culture ever since.
In 1977, the format of the newspaper became that of a magazine -- one of the two national weekly journals in the Welsh language (the other is "Y Cymro").
The first eisteddfod took place in 1876 at Beti Huws' farm; it became firmly established as a much-loved tradition at Trelew in 1900. /celtic/wales/timeline/tl13.html

 Brendan Stuart Burns, Artist
National Museum and Gallery of Wales, Derek Williams Collection, New Purchases showcase at National Eisteddfod of Wales, Bala.
Artist, Brendan Stuart Burns, Cardiff based and twice Gold Medal winner of the National Eisteddfod is exhibiting his most recent work at the West Wales Arts Centre, Fishguard.
National Eisteddfod of Wales, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales. /WEST-WALES-ARTS/BURNS.HTM

 NMGW The Eisteddfod and the Welsh Language
These early National eisteddfodau under the auspices of the Eisteddfod and its Council are quite amazing and have left their mark on the Eisteddfod to this day.
It's very important that we should realise this, because in fact, down to the year 1950 when the Welsh rule, or as the Archdruid Cynan called it, the Welsh principle, came into operation in Caerphilly, the English language was more prominent, really, on the stage of the National Eisteddfod than the Welsh language.
The early National Eisteddfod was colonised by the English language and by the culture of the concert hall. /www.php/341

 National Assembly for Wales: News: Public Information
Visitors to this year’s National Eisteddfod at Meifod, near Welshpool can find out more about the National Assembly — and have their say about what the Assembly should be doing in its second term.
Visitors can contribute to an "online charter" on a PC at the Assembly’s Eisteddfod stand, in just one of a series of activities designed to help people find out more about the Assembly.
Visitors to the stand can key in statements along the lines of "during the second term of the National Assembly, I would like to see AMs concentrating on…….", and read other people’s comments. /scripts/viewnews.asp?NewsID=197

 Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS): Links
Its aims is to promote a high standard of music teaching and enjoys close liaison with examination bodies, tertiary institutions and other similar Associations nationally and internationally.
A national, non-government, non-profit organisation representing the interests of record labels (licensors) and Australian recording artists recorded music.
A comprehensive list and the details of Eisteddfod Societies in Australia and New Zealand /links.htm

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