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Topic: National Emblem of Pakistan

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 National Emblem of Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Emblem of Pakistan was adopted in 1954 upon approval by the government.
In the center of the emblem is a shield that represents agriculture through a portrayal of the four major crops of Pakistan at the time of its adoption: cotton, jute, tea, and wheat.
The emblem is usually colored green, and that with the addition of the crescent and star at the top represent the Islamic majority religion of Pakistan. /wiki/National_Emblem_of_Pakistan   (167 words)

 National emblem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National emblems may appear on such items as the national flag, coat of arms, or other patriotic materials.
The national emblems of nations of the world in alphabetical order:
One should not confuse a formal national emblem with less formal symbols potentially associated with tourism or clichés, for example windmills in the Netherlands. /wiki/National_emblem   (204 words)

 Tours in Pakistan - Pakistan - General country information.
Pakistan National’s flag is dark green with a white vertical bar, a white crescent and a five-pointed star in the middle.
Pakistan has one of the largest irrigation systems in the world and the major crops being grown are cotton, wheat, rice and sugarcane.
However, the real head of executive power is Prime Minister, elected to a five-year term by the National Assembly and commonly he/she is the representative of political party who has more seats in the National Assembly. /pakistan/general.html   (2984 words)

 IMRAN-NET: Introduction to Pakistan
Pakistan lies within an area of 796,098,66 square kilometers (307,374 square miles) with a population of about 130 million (now reaching 150+) peace-loving people (who do not believe in family planning it seems) but who take their national security very seriously.
Pakistan is a land of immense natural beauty and is the cradle of some of the oldest civilizations of the world.
Unfortunately the biggest threat to Pakistan (besides some Indian threats) is the mullahs and fanatic fundamentalists who cannot win elections but bully a whole nation, while malign the religion of Islam. /pakistan/info/Pakistan_Profile.html   (289 words)

Pakistan's ideological foundation, cultural heritage, guiding principles and basis of its economic strength.   (13 words)

 Pakistan Air Force
This fringed version of the ensign is carried by Pakistan Air Force colour parties to the left of the national standard of the Pakistan Air Force.
The fin flash given for the Pakistan Air Force was changed in 1998, I believe, and the planes have since carried the national flag on their tails.
According to The Story of the Pakistan Air Force (1988), these flags were introduced in 1970 as a means of recognizing operationally outstanding squadrons. /fotw/flags/pk^af.html   (953 words)

 RBC RADIO - India - Pakistan National Symbols
The national emblem of Pakistan was approved by the Central Government in 1954..There is a crescent and star crest at the top of the emblem, this is the traditional symbol if Islam.
Blessed be the sacred land, Happy be the bounteous realm, Symbol of high resolve, Land of Pakistan.
In the centre is a shield divided into four parts showing cotton, wheat, tea and jute which are the main crops of Pakistan. /knowpakistan.html   (192 words)

 Pakistan - naval ensigns
The emblem is circular, bearing the name of the Agency in a blue ring encircling a vertically divided disk of blue, red and white.
The civil ensign of Pakistan from establishment of the republic in 1956 until October 22, 1958 when the current Red Ensign was adopted.
The National Flag is as we have it, the Naval Ensign is given as 91.5 wide with the white panel at 45.5 and the green at 137. /fotw/flags/pk~.html   (680 words)

 Pakistan Christian Post
The United Nations has failed to prevent several wars because it recognizes the sovereign rights of national governments and resist interference in their domestic matters.
Mushtaq Victor, an adopted Christian MNA of ruling Pakistan Muslim League says “Minorities in Pakistan enjoy unprecedented rights” Do you believe Christians enjoy equal rights?
His Gospel Songs are part of prayers in India and Pakistan. /newsdetails.php?newsid=544   (7533 words)

The national emblem of Pakistan was approved by the Central Government in 1954.
The scroll beneath the shield has the words faith, unity and discipline written on it in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan.
The shield signifies the strong agriculture based economy of Pakistan. /hsbaart/flagandemblem.html   (108 words)

 National Emblem Of Argentina on Almondnet
Table of Alciato's Emblems: A table of the incidence of Alciato's Emblems in key early editions...
Domed emblem and decal badge manufacturer.suppliers of computer case badges,lapel pins and keyrings.
Keyfactors are manufacturers of domed emblems,supplying both the UK domestic. /packaging/national_emblem_of_argentina.html   (431 words)

 Category:Government of Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Federal Bureau of Statistics of the Government of Pakistan
Ministry of Finance of the Government of Pakistan
This page was last modified 21:58, 17 September 2004. /wiki/Category:Government_of_Pakistan   (61 words)

 Pakistan Post
It is the premier national postal communication service holding together a vast country with a large population.
Pakistan Post office is a state enterprise dedicated to providing wide range of postal products and public services.
A true emblem of federation, it is committed to Serving every one,   (68 words)

 Pakistan Times Special Report: Pakistan-Romania: Monumental Affinity (exclusive Chat with Romanian Ambassador in Pakistan, Dr. Emil Ghitulescu)
A few nations are blessed by sanctified spirits — like Iqbal n’ Pakistan can pragmatically — feel proud of having Iqbal — as its great asset — as an atypical cerebral, who is loved n’ adored all-around the world — as a luminous icon of the global galaxy of intellectuals.
A MAGNIFICENT n’ marvellous monument — a fabulous emblem of an inspiring n’ alluring tribute by Romania—befitting the illustrious eminence of the mystic Poet of the East, Allama Iqbal is being hoisted in Islamabad and the task on the enormous project would be over by the end of next year.
He hoped a measure would be taken by Pakistan to introduce Mihai Eminescu in their syllabus as the most loved poet of Romania. /2003/11/23/special.htm   (1418 words)

 NADRA - National Database & Registration Authority, Pakistan
The MRP system developed by NADRA for Pakistan is the first of its kind in the world, in terms of the features and components it encompasses.
It also saves prominent attributes of travelers as well as other information regarding their destination, port of origin and nationality which is then used by immigration authorities and security agencies in case the need arises.
Government of Pakistan has introduced a new registration system in Pakistan under which Machine Readable Passports are being issued to citizens of Pakistan, which will be duly backed by computerized citizens’ database. /mrp.html   (1703 words)

 Soomro advises patience on scientists' issue -DAWN - National; 21 January, 2004
Mr Soomro supported the suggestion for a national emblem for the uniforms of schools students.
He said that the importance of youth for the reconstruction of Pakistan could not be ignored.
Only a negligible number of people were against Pakistan. /2004/01/21/nat10.htm   (780 words)

 Ehson's My Pakistan Page
President,General Pervaiz Musharraf : The modern leader of modern Pakistan and a strong regional force for the international fight against terrorism.
For Pakistan, it was absolutely essential to restore this balance and in the supreme national interest, invoking Pakistan's right to self-defence.
It started threatening Pakistan by extreme firing at line of control in Jammu and Kashmir, irresponsible statements for conquering Azad Kashmir and demanding Pakistan for withdrawing its support to Kashmir and the right of self determination of kashmiri people. /id/Ehson/Mypakistan6.html   (464 words)

 RBC RADIO - India - Know National Symbols
The National Emblem of India is a replica of the Lion of Sarnath, near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.
The National Emblem is thus symbolic of contemporary India's reaffirmation of its ancient commitment to world peace.
The National Animal of India is the magnificent creature called the Bengal Tiger. /know.html   (968 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Special reports Taliban build base inside Pakistan
Pakistan's military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, has discarded his country's alliance with the Taliban in favour of cosying up to Washington and the army and intelligence services appear to toe the new line.
Three white flags, an Islamic emblem, flutter over the 18ft brick walls ringing a compound at No 21-8, and several times a day the pink corrugated doors swing open for a small fleet of Hiace vans to go about their business.
In an ominous development for the allies, two US helicopters came under fire in Pakistan earlier this week as they tried to retrieve the wreckage of another helicopter which crashed during a raid. /waronterror/story/0,1361,580345,00.html   (646 words)

 World flags with national flag art and emblem information
National flags especially represent or identify the existence, presence, origin, authority, possession, loyalty, glory, beliefs, objectives, and status of an entire country.
The state flag is flown over government buildings and embassies in foreign countries; while the national flag is usually one of the flags flown by private citizens.
Some countries have more than one “national flag”; a few countries have as many as four or five different flag designs serving as a national flag under different circumstances.   (605 words)

Parks' adopted city is an emblem of strides and pitfalls In July, the National Fair Housing Alliance released an undercover study that showed real estate agents in metro Detroit.
Csrds -- The Tango of the East' showcasing the national dance of Hungary Csrds 'symbolized the national cultural identity of its people, became the emblem of the revolution.
A bird flies past the Chinese national emblem outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, October 25, 2005. /National_emblem   (843 words)

 National Cadet Corps
The National Cadet Corps can be considered as a successor of the University Officers Training Corps which was established by the British in 1942.
During the 1965 and 1971 wars with Pakistan, NCC cadets were the second line of defence.
The National Cadet Corps Act was accepted by the Governor General and on 16th July 1948 the National Cadet Corps came into existence. /LAND-FORCES/NCC   (2992 words)

 National Emblem, Incorporated, your source for embroidered emblems, baseball caps, key rings and woven labels.
National Emblem, Incorporated, your source for embroidered emblems, baseball caps, key rings and woven labels.
Copyright © 2003 National Emblem / osCommerce : Harald Ponce de Leon
Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. /create_account.php   (37 words)

 Camels: Of Service and Survival - National Zoo FONZ
The use of wheels is widely considered an emblem of cultural progress.
Camels: Of Service and Survival - National Zoo
On the other hand, camels have become increasingly important in semi-arid areas, such as northern Kenya and Pakistan, where they are more efficient milk and meat producers than cattle and cause less environmental degradation. /Publications/ZooGoer/1999/5/camelservicesurvival.cfm   (2664 words)

 Reuters AlertNet - Homepage
Official toll in Pakistan quake rises to 73,276
Pakistan's government dramatically raises quake toll and warns it could go higher.
Quake kills 17,000 children in Pakistan schools -UN /thenews/newsdesk/IRIN/f45a8f00f4d7e3756171a1f7f37ea045...   (549 words) :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Dramatic developments in Pakistan?
The Bush administration, deeply concerned about recent assassination attempts against Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf and a resurgence of Taliban forces in neighboring Afghanistan, is preparing a U.S. military offensive that would reach inside Pakistan with the goal of destroying Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network, military sources said.
Pakistan has a large, experienced army and has no need of foreign forces on Pakistani territory, he said.
A way of lighting a fire under Musharraf's reluctant butt, while also indicating to his opponents (Pakistani and Arab) that we are NOT too preoccupied with Iraq to take them on, and that should they succeed in bumping off Musharraf we will not hesitate to come after them. /archives/001053.html   (11423 words)

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 — President Bush's national security adviser said on Thursday that the Clinton and other past administrations had ignored evidence of growing terrorist threats and that despite repeated attacks on American interests, "until Sept. 11, the terrorists faced no sustained, systematic and global response" from the United States.
The five Republicans and five Democrats said they were offended "and believe you are being ill-served by your National Security Council staff." A copy of the 5 1/2-page letter, dated Thursday, was obtained by The Associated Press.
The letter said the National Security Council had "irresponsibly fabricated, with malicious intent, a rumor" that the May delegation had passed a 30-page document to North Korean officials, presenting it as "some type of sinister leak of information." /2003_10_26_atrios_archive.html   (9975 words)

 Scoop: Time to stop dogs killing kiwi
The Department of Conservation is not doing enough to prevent kiwi from being killed by dogs on the loose in national parks in spite of legislation banning dogs from national parks.
"Forest and Bird is dismayed by ongoing kiwi deaths from dogs on the loose in national parks," said Forest and Bird President Dr. Gerry McSweeney.
At Forest and Bird's Annual Conference this weekend, representatives of Forest and Bird's 55 branches called on the Department of Conservation to enforce the Conservation and National Park's Acts and keep dogs out of national parks. /stories/PO0406/S00266.htm   (609 words)

 The Hindu : dated September 24, 1953: Pakistan's Emblem
Pakistan Minister for the Interior, M.A. Gurmani, presented on the 22nd to the Constituent Assembly in Karachi the design of a new crest for adoption by the Government.
The Hindu : dated September 24, 1953: Pakistan's Emblem
The design showed, against a background of green, Crescent and Star, flanked by symbolic representation of jute, cotton and wheat, the main produce of the country. /2003/09/24/stories/2003092400010902.htm   (130 words)

National Jamboree) Jamboree logo printed blue on 350x235mm white paper bag.
Maroon twill with yellow emblem with stars in leaves + "BOY SCOUTS" scroll and "SENIOR SCOUTS" under.
Green twill with yellow emblem with "R""S" in leaves + "BOY SCOUTS" scroll. /182-memo.htm   (1115 words)

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